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The real kings of logistics

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The real kings of logistics
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Text Comments (5)
indri hapsari (5 years ago)
hahaha..it's funny..and the end of the movie make me shocking! :D
Tua Fua (6 years ago)
Nice shots. I'm a Logistic Certified and these shots made me appreciate how we live today.. I had to share this video on my blog. "START YOUR DAY WITH A GOOD LAUGH"..Thanks
Sicktor (8 years ago)
@danderson8127 you should do something about it
John Norris (8 years ago)
Has anyone in the USA seen this kind of individual industry? If the Chinese can do this with bicycles, then we are screwed
svengali46 (8 years ago)
Desperation or pure optimism are the mothers of invention!!!!