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How NOT to Build in Minecraft (Common Building Mistakes)

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How NOT to Build in Minecraft (Common Building Mistakes) So here i have compiled a bunch of common mistakes i've seen people do with minecraft building. Hopefully these will help you if you are struggling! Let me know what you think of the new style too! Thank you so much to https://twitter.com/CFlolia for the art :3 I use the Replay Mod for most of my videos, please support the developers: Replaymod.com Follow me! - Twitter: https://twitter.com/GrianMC - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GrianMC - Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/Grianmc - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/grianmc/ -Powered by Chillblast: Chillblast.com
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Text Comments (49052)
Rafi Pro Standoff 2 (9 hours ago)
Who else builded house with no cell and no floor? XD
Gale Anderson (13 hours ago)
As long as you're building SOMETHING, you're doin a good job. That said, go by the rule of threes if you want to make more visually pleasing designs. By that, I mean use at least 3 different types of blocks. You should try not to go over 5 tho, at least at first. Much higher and you risk making the design too busy. Be consistent to create a theme, if you use oak trapdoors on the first floor, make sure any other trapdoors you're using are also oak. For overhangs, if you want to get fancy or go gothic, use a butress or a flying butress. For simpler stuff or medieval styles, do jettying. Basically....look up real world architecture techniques if you want realistic looking architecture. That said, this is a pretty good video, it's just that I think you could get better technical details from looking up real world architecture vids instead. Cuz for people who need specifics this vid could feel a bit vague.
Blue Dragon (15 hours ago)
Jolantyn (19 hours ago)
This is art style 🙃🙃🙃
RaptorGabriel (22 hours ago)
2:50 who else thought this looked like texas
SPG 1 (22 hours ago)
So? Those just builds
just something you see online (23 hours ago)
Me: I'm gonna recreate a minecraft village/desert village Grain: no no no Me after what grain said: *WAKE ME UP INSIDE*
hired goon (23 hours ago)
pretentious but informative
Gabi Klos (1 day ago)
You bc st judge people on what they like
Mike Snyder (1 day ago)
Great video! one about inside decorations would be cool
Kinan Amen (1 day ago)
But come on in survival mode I will build any thing to live in with some details🌚🌚🌚🌚💙
Kaeva & rohan (1 day ago)
I’ve done it all correct..
Codedetected (1 day ago)
I know this vid is 3 years old but framing can sometimes make houses worse
Shadow Hunter (1 day ago)
I might be repeating people by saying "I can barely make a box house in Survival!" But that's just it, the starter house aren't for building, they are for survival. When you got more things, enough stuff, you can build whatever you want.
YourComrade Stalin (1 day ago)
I don't get why you put random blocks on the roof, you're building it out of wood not fucking thatch
Maxwell Silin (1 day ago)
Nice However, not everyone is a builder. Some people just want a simple square from which to live and thrive.
androidgamer 1807 (1 day ago)
minecraft is a game where no one can tell you what you can or cannot do and with no rules to follow the only limit is your imagination
furiousflyer09 jdjdh (1 day ago)
I dont care how you build. the detail doesn't mean anything. It is just a house. There is no need for good detail or structure. A house is just a house it is perfect the way it is.☺☺
Sbeve Sbeve (1 day ago)
Mal te (1 day ago)
Honest opinipn: I think the square base house looks better then the complex one....
Aaraf Zahan (2 days ago)
The Over Detailing When Looks Dumb
Awsome Avez (2 days ago)
Grian: Never use two high blocks because then you won’t have fun I like to jump around in my house and NOT hit my head Me: **WHO DID THAT MISTAKE???**
harshbarj (2 days ago)
Problem with a LOT of your roofs is they give space for spawning. I consider this a minecraft fopaux. Nothing ruins a build like a creeper explosion. It's ok for creative mode, but never survival.
Lyra125 (2 days ago)
Hardstyle Raver (2 days ago)
Wow, this really helped me a lot. I became a better builder by avoiding these mistakes.
D3str0y3r- - (2 days ago)
Grian: don’t make it from one block. Me: THE DOOR IS UNEVEN ADD ANOTHER DOOR TO THE LEFT.
TIZZY850 (2 days ago)
Mincraft Build School but its a Gordon Ramsey style roast of horrible builds.
Amika Tat (2 days ago)
Some people don’t watch your videos :(
Random Scp SHorts (2 days ago)
Lets just say don't build your home out Precious material or it will be torn down in Multplayer
John Walker (2 days ago)
There have been times when I’ve left water flowing, but it’s for strategic reasons. If you make a moat and leave the water flowing out, then it becomes impossible for any ground-based mobs to get across and reach your house. Even drowned that spawn in the moat itself are trapped at the bottom. Plus, it gives me a sort of xp farm
JamsyBoi (2 days ago)
0:13 When someone puts a trick question in a maths test and you are the only one to get it right
Kohmi 2.0 (3 days ago)
the minecraft competitive scene has evolved quite a bit huh
riley thor (3 days ago)
Anyone 2019
Daber FriendsYT (3 days ago)
Grian: Don’t do this Me in creative: i use terracoata and spruce! Me in survival builds a box beacuse i just started
Samplayer11 (3 days ago)
Ok i give up. I just cant build.
the galaxy wolf (3 days ago)
You have made me such more of better build grian first i did 1 block houses
Mighty Oshy (3 days ago)
Here is a building tip ive adopted for myself and helped me: Try to think how you would make the building more logic, even before you build it. Plan ahead and be sure what youre doing. Like, putting down a ladder on a large oak tree, trough all the leaves and branches just to build a stone box ontop. Not very logic and not good looking. Now, i think that a stone walls pillar surrounded bt wooden stairs leading to a wooden box that a large trunk of thr tree is holding, is more logic and good looking. I came up with the stairs thing cus you cant hang ladders on air in regular survival.
Mighty Oshy (3 days ago)
Ive watched your video, and a while later, ive decided to build a castle. Your advice is gold. Like, gold is my favorite block. Its beautiful. At first, ive built a rectangular base it it. I really felt something is wrong, so i tried to make it rectangular (shaping). It looked better. Then i got to a height that i wanted to start building walls by that lead to smaller watchtowers. Cobblestone from top to bottom didnt look that good, so instead ive put upside down stairs facing away from the wall, and behind them i built the wall (depth). Even better. I also planned ahead, and wanted to give the castle a steeple-ish look (roof decoration). And inside the walls, there was a grass area, since ive built on savanna and plains. So i decided to make from the main stucture tilted grass paths to the wall's towers, and by the paths, ive made a garden. Bushes, plants, flowers,a pond, even ive addes animals including a beehive hanging on a large tree i built. There you go, Grian. My mission here is accomplished. I am the medival king now, sitting on my golden throne, watching trough the coloured window on my beautiful village ive built.
amy heather (4 days ago)
Thank you
Tylor Rhoads (4 days ago)
Build a redstone elevator
Christopher Duston (4 days ago)
This is just the very worst video I have ever watched. #1 mistakes? Judging designs? The whole point of the game is to create, not replicate what you have arbitrarily decided is "good". This video is Anti-minecraft if it is anything at all.
Ahasanul FAHIM (4 days ago)
Who make a house by dirt ,He will be super dum but I make my house by dirt I am trying to upgrade my house
pro_ofthefuture (4 days ago)
this is the ibxtoycat of architecture
Nano Games (5 days ago)
Grian: "How NOT to Build in Minecraft" Me: *builds a house in sky*
ChrisDaSpeedster (5 days ago)
Fay Robinson (5 days ago)
If you don't like him then don't wach the video's
ChrisDaSpeedster (5 days ago)
If you're late then probably dont comment Jk Jk Jk Relax dont get triggered
Nikhil Raj Mehrotra (5 days ago)
Ha! I live in a pilliger outpost
Weston Welch (5 days ago)
I dont care about making my house look good, I care about building a house where zombies cant attack me when I'm inside
piper keairns (5 days ago)
i tried all of ur tricks, and my world looks AWWWWWSSSSSOOOOOMMMMEEEE ( im 11 btw )
Minecrafter liker (5 days ago)
Im make 2 blocks high home to make enderman won't teleport in my house when rain or im attack it.
Elijah Beltran (5 days ago)
mistakes are proof you are trying
[REDACTED] (5 days ago)
I know why the thumbnail is wrong. They forgot to add the fences on the roof :o
IrishBabySpud.Septiplier (5 days ago)
4:04 is it just me or does this look like Texas?
IrishBabySpud.Septiplier (5 days ago)
with all due respect grian, that's just how you prefer how to build. there is no right or wrong way
YONT (5 days ago)
Why is this video still so insanely popular?
Diskofyre (5 days ago)
"I don't like over detailed houses" says the man who liked the look of the vanilla tree
Whisper Wolf (5 days ago)
Comments: Who even bothers or wants to build a house? The people that only play minecraft because they enjoy building houses in creative mode?
BentleyWilkinson (5 days ago)
How to gatekeep in Minecraft (Common gatekeeping mistakes)
game cuber life (6 days ago)
How do you make that house 3:54
小鑽石small diamond (6 days ago)
yeaaa boiii I know these things already! IMA PRO BUILDER honestly,yes I've build houses that people pays me. :)
Pēteris Imaks (6 days ago)
Am i the only one that sees texas in 2:48
Eric Huls (6 days ago)
how about not telling people how to build?
Pixelcraftian (6 days ago)
Me: *building a dirt house* what does he know
Robert Koval (6 days ago)
It is not a very good idea to add overhangs to your house because if zombies or skeletons get under your overhang, the moment you come outside you will have zombies and skeletons chasing you!
Red Pig (6 days ago)
Let us live our own way
Jack Diamond (6 days ago)
Dude its just game and who are are you to judge what you see. Yes your human. but other humans have there own way of doing things. I dont judge people unless they start messing with my life. But this is a simple minded video of what you want to see. No one person should change who they are on what you want.
Tom Current (6 days ago)
why is he so authoritarian lol. who cares
PeRSoNAnoNyMoUS (6 days ago)
Dont tell me how I should build my house.
Clinton Laundrie (6 days ago)
"Don't use a box" Ok I'll use a dodecahedron. Stupid.
The Animal Boi (6 days ago)
Me: sure you can build your own house My friend: makes house out of emeralds Me: >:(
OXAR (6 days ago)
Real name of the video: How to satisfy Grian when he looks at ur House
ѵεησʍ (6 days ago)
Of at 4:52 u can see he used trapdoors near the windows and fence posts which he never got on the plate
Andre Vielstich (6 days ago)
Make a tree yourself, uses blocks only available trugh commands
Amira Elmi (7 days ago)
how not to build in minecraft- What he means- roast your house with cold blood
Animation Day (7 days ago)
I use oak wood wall and floors and roof nothing blew it up
Stone G. (7 days ago)
woo now im not a noob at minecraft and i can bild better
Akio Kuro (7 days ago)
....I'm good living in a hole thanks
Mvcery YT (7 days ago)
Grian: Ive been making videos for awhile About:Joined 2009
Sajmon_DK (7 days ago)
I fail to understand WHY these are mistakes and why i would want to comply to these "basic building rules"... Is it just for the visual pleasure or is there a functional reason for this?
Tom May (3 days ago)
Visual pleasure
Uncommon Entity (7 days ago)
When you try to tell someone their build is bad so you just say... "We'll just compensate for this so called 'minimalist' style with a slightly *more* minimalist style.
o thats epic (7 days ago)
my house is a cave me and my neanderthal headass
Robin Fox (7 days ago)
"People like to build these overhangs... they look horrible!" Keep away from modernist architecture, friend.
Yawyna124 (4 days ago)
Or medieval architecture. Absolutely full of (admittedly smaller) overhangs that do not go towards the ground (called jettying): https://i.imgur.com/xAubeiq.jpg
Dinocorns (8 days ago)
Mincraft pros : This house needs to be perfect Noobs : * digs hole * A MOLE HOLE !!!
Ethan Goldsmith (2 days ago)
Lucas Kang (8 days ago)
Grian, everyone has their ideas for their house. Don’t try to judge them like racial discrimination
MrInvictus332 ! (8 days ago)
8:40 Fun fact about those "overhangs" Grian is that they are called 'cantilevers', these are used in modern builds and tudor houses to make more room on top - even though they do seem to be physics defying at first, they do look pretty cool tbh (if done right).
yassine moulay (8 days ago)
My houses style is the village houses.
Dann Sanchez (8 days ago)
Grian was so quiet this isn’t the hermitcraft Grian i knkw
applina chan (8 days ago)
I understand the last one but I can't make roofs 😣
too shook (8 days ago)
OMG my friend she would build rooms made of diamonds and gold blocks and I always think they were bad
doge of omen (8 days ago)
I do all of these mistakes and grian will be like B A K A Y A R O U
LÙÑÅÇÎ (8 days ago)
Ginally somebody feels the same way as me. lol I actually was laying down mining tracks and i came up with an unseen and un-heard of design. Which i'll post soon when i'm finish building 1 of 5 worlds that i made.
Katie Dyer (8 days ago)
So what your saying is we are all trash at building and you are the only one doing it right? R00d
anisan newa (8 days ago)
you are the great builder
Clorox Disinfecting Wipes (8 days ago)
Experience builders: Grian: I dOn'T liKE iT
olmocap el ESCAPEITOR (8 days ago)
grian: "people loves to build theese flat ceilings" me: sahara
Tom May (3 days ago)
olmocap el ESCAPEITOR (4 days ago)
Grian: people loves to build these big boxy buildings Me : concrete factory
Lily The Unknown (9 days ago)
I use different ways of builds I use a platform so the house itself looks more realistic, and this causes the house to be HUGE
GameDude Redd (9 days ago)
5:31 That's what she said!
Sarah Forsythe (9 days ago)
Don’t tell groan I’ve been making box houses😔
mini kumo (9 days ago)
I mean @Grian
mini kumo (9 days ago)
@grian I don't know how to make a roof please teach me
Vendeduh (9 days ago)
2:09 My sister makes houses like that and you're calling it horrible?In Minecraft,you can build whatever you want