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Why UPS trucks never turn left

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Senior VP Bob Stoffel explains how a policy of only making right turns saves the company both time and money.
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xc5647321 xc5647321 (1 month ago)
Its funny they came to this conclusion, because I started always making right turns and clockwise circles to get anywhere in my town and it was all due to the theory that i was safer and less trouble than trying to turn left with signals that never gave enough time or where there are no left signals at all.
Dan Carroll (3 months ago)
lEFT -RIGHT lEFT- rIGHT You do get the big picture ....lol
Jonathan (3 months ago)
Engineers. What a job.
J.R. White (4 months ago)
I see them make left turns everyday. Lol
Hernan Cortez (7 months ago)
Such a stupid theory they wouldn’t leave the block if that was true they would just be doing circles all day.
Vince Chongy (9 months ago)
I turned left whenever the f I wanted to.
Jason Krause (1 year ago)
I see them making left turns everyday. What a joke.
TheDay Cometh (1 year ago)
They always turn left.
Jonas Martin (1 year ago)
In Washington DC area ups drivers turn left all the time
Lex Beltran (1 year ago)
That is such a false statement.
Marty Marsh (1 year ago)
So you always turn on the drivers blind side, it seems to me that can have consequences in it's self.
Russ Aman (1 year ago)
meanwhile in amazon logistics they tell their drivers to pass by stops 5 times just to come back to it and deliver. take your time if your working to fast that's a no go. if you can't get access to a building you call customer twice if they don't answer you call support/ customer service and they will provide a code or call the customer if there's no code. so they literally will spend 5-10 mins of your time doing what you just did and just to tell you to mark the package ACCESS PROBLEM and move on with your route. i once had a ride along from corporate. he was to see what they can improve on our navigation system. lol i pointed the thing towards him and started driving. the thing was like turn left and i turned right. he asked why did you turn right when it told you to turn left. i told him well because that thing don't know that i won't have any parking if i was to go where it wanted me to go. this way i will have a spot to park and it's on the side of the street where i need to deliver so i won't have to cross the road just safer for me.
Carlos Gonzalez (1 year ago)
I Did A Whole 360 Before I Made A Left Turn
Atomic_Sheep (1 year ago)
I reckon this was one of those news reports on April 1st.
YoBroGaming (2 years ago)
Right is right.
Voan Siam (2 years ago)
I saw one making a left turn the other day, I know this cause I too was making that same left turn.
William Delaney (2 years ago)
They don't do this anymore. Routes got too big and the amount of time to get them done slimmed down. They use the fastest route possible.
Richard Closure (2 years ago)
When did UPS start not doing left turns?
Alberto Valdes (2 years ago)
can this guy brong us beer? for all this bullshit he tryin to feed us!
Alberto Valdes (2 years ago)
+Tony Stark true i didnt think about that damn it
Tony Stark (2 years ago)
Alberto Valdes it would take 3 to 7 days before the beer arrived.
saucysoviet (2 years ago)
that's why my shit take so long... you don't like your guys taking left turns? i get the idea but practically it's a bit ridiculous
paula long (2 years ago)
Ryan Billingsley (2 years ago)
Transportation industry has gone to complete shit
dave miller (2 years ago)
let the engineers go out and deliver take your no left turns and shove em
Sam Sitar (2 years ago)
police do not enforce corporate policy. a left turn may made on the job where that saves time.
tachikoma747 (2 years ago)
The rule would be a lot better if they allowed you to shift gears through said intersection. UPS- upgrade the fleet to automatics so we don't have to drive these prehistoric Spicer manuals that shift like a World War I British Mk. V tank.
J.R. White (4 months ago)
tachikoma747 some buildings still have the 5 speed diesel spicers. Remember when they were considered “Cadillacs”. Lol
Mike Auger (7 months ago)
ummmm already done dude...........
War Zone (1 year ago)
Manuals are more reliable and cheaper to work on or replace.
Nighthunter47 (2 years ago)
tachikoma747 lol but every center now days have very few manuals
Hk420 (3 years ago)
opposite of nascar!
bryan1282 (3 years ago)
I like packages. Big brown packages handed to Me near my face
Mo (3 years ago)
So, I Suppose You Are Gay?
bryan1282 (3 years ago)
+Muhammed Kordi you know what I mean! Wink wink....
Mo (3 years ago)
+bryan1282 What do you mean?
Second Thought (3 years ago)
Ignorance in management, I seen a UPS driver doing a very quick U turn and almost hit 3 children crossing the street walking home from the local elementary school!! I wonder how many people have died from this messed up rule?
Space Gunslinger Cade (3 years ago)
Yeah ummmmm no the only way to get on my street is to turn left and they always deliver my package
SuperBigblue19 (3 years ago)
+edubble He said commercial delivering not residential . Now put your cap back on and stand in the corner
Justin Galante (3 years ago)
So that's why the UPS guy never turns left on the highway..
RealityHurts923 (3 years ago)
How much is starting pay for UPS drivers? Yes I know you usually have to work years in a warehouse before you get this job. Just asking.
Yahawashi Yahweh77 (2 years ago)
RealityHurts923 30 an hour in Dallas tx
Feysal Mohamed (2 years ago)
+TheVideoGametuts Man! That sucks. I think ours is small. Anyways, thanks for your help man.
TheVideoGametuts (2 years ago)
+Feysal Mohamed Yeah, you basically have the job. At least at my hub we're always desperate for more workers and I've never heard of anybody being turned down. Just act normally during your interview and don't overdress and you got the job. Wear a Polo and nice khaki shorts, no suit or tie. For some reason they look at you badly if you overdress for the interview. I work twilight shift so I don't know about night shift, but for me they told us at the beginning during orientation that we'd work 3-4 hours a day, for a total of around 17 hours a week. Man was that bullshit. Just tonight I worked 6 hours and 15 minutes. I guess it all depends on the hub you work at (I work at the 4th largest/busiest hub in the country) but I like to call ups an "in between" part time and full time job. It's not quite full time, but 6 hours sure as hell isn't part time either. If your hub is anything like mine, be prepared to work a good 28-30 hours a week. If your hub is smaller, you may get off earlier. A guy who transferred from a very small hub to my hub said he used to start at 5 and be out by 730-8. I guess it all depends on how busy/big the hub is
Feysal Mohamed (2 years ago)
We had like an orientation class/tour today, where basically the HR was explaining the basic things about the job. We were about 15 people and we have to go back on Monday for an interview, does this necessarily mean I'll definitely get the job? And also, I noticed for example in the night shift work it says "from 11pm to 4 am" which means 5 1/2 hours. However, for the part time it says I only have to work 3.5 to 4 hours. Is the 1 1/2 hr extra like a "just in case thingy" ?
Feysal Mohamed (2 years ago)
+TheVideoGametuts Thanks a bunch. That really helped.
hackerism1 (3 years ago)
universal penis suckers
War Zone (1 year ago)
United Pot Smokers Unfair Production Standards Under Paid Slaves
AP 562-503 (2 years ago)
who make a hell of a lot more money than you guy.
BigBoysClimbOnBigRing (3 years ago)
Something a simple as a tablet with a map showing delivery points would cut miles AND hours. And would make being a cover driver or utility driver much less of a ball busting job. If I could visually see my deliveries on a map, that would send my sporh (stops per on road hours) way up. And customers would get their packages at a reasonable time.
BigBoysClimbOnBigRing (3 years ago)
This is total bullshit. Their billion dollar Orion algorithm not only asks you to make left turns at intersections without a traffic light, but it does this all day long. It also forces you to make U turns on narrow residential streets. Ups has the knowledge to improve their system in seasoned drivers, but UPS only wants them to "work as directed". Never asks them for input, or allow them adjust their own delivery trace. Only supervisors who've never been on his/her route are allowed to do that. Ups is a certifiably stupid as fuck company. 1 billion dollars down the drain, more stress and longer hours for its drivers. Nice going ups. *clap* *clap*
War Zone (1 year ago)
It's the management at UPS that is stupid as fuck, not the real employees (hourly employees.)
Cricket Cricket (2 years ago)
BigBoysClimbOnBigRing Thank you! If the ceo's had to follow orion all day they'd trash it immediately
sailfish (4 years ago)
And thanks to ORION, it's only left turns now.
Jeffery Sauter (4 years ago)
I am going to make a road extension so they HAVE to go left to deliver my package... :P
Newdals (4 years ago)
UPS driver here. As of 2013. We make left turns. I dont know where this bullshit is coming from
kalef1234 (4 years ago)
well this must be why my package isn't here yet...what a stupid idea. you have to make a left turn to get where I am! ;laskdjfoaisdfhg
Iman Axbert (4 years ago)
Yeah, you go right ahead & love those stupid ass engineers, who know absolutely nothing about delivering a package. Yet you take their ignorant advice on how we drivers, who are the backbone of UPS, are to do our jobs. Orion is a miserable failure. I flat out refuse to run around in circles all day following Morion. Old school driver input has gotten this company to where it is today. 107 years- don't fu** with what got you here.
Iman Axbert (3 years ago)
+What The I have been driving a package car for UPS for 15 years & I flat out refuse to run Orion.
What The (3 years ago)
+Iman Axbert - It's becoming a trend in all industries. The best heads of company's and policy makers started at the bottom, there's no other way to properly understand how the job is actually done unless you spend years doing it yourself.
Jae Keys (4 years ago)
As a delivery driver I see many ups drivers and they are always turning left. Unless their right  is the other left.
Joshua Ellifritt (4 years ago)
Some people just have the inability to understand what all goes into a huge operation like UPS until they strap on a pair of boots and go to work. But they never will because they're too lazy. They would rather just sit around and criticize everyone else.
inversion_knight (4 years ago)
Agreed, being a upser I know dat statement well
Iman Axbert (4 years ago)
Two points here: This is no longer proper protocol, just ask Orion. Out with the old & in with the new, no matter how stupid it is. Also, what the f*** was that? A UPS driver with a full beard? I don't think so.
Oats (4 years ago)
Fuck Orion. That POS they're trying to make us follow. Zig-Zaggin through resident stops, when my second next stop is two houses over. 
jbonecamero13 (5 years ago)
U always end up having to make a left eventually. This is bs
Snarf Squared (5 years ago)
I drive for UPS and I bet I turned left atleat 50 times today. ( :
blessedwithoutmeasur (2 months ago)
you drivers work hard , we think highly of our drivers
hemp oil hemp oil (9 months ago)
Snarf Squared how hardis it to get driving job
UPSer Livin' The Dream (1 year ago)
I was thinking the same thing!!! The first turn I make is a left out of the HUB. 😂😂 But the majority of my 100+ other stops, are right turns. Be safe!
Fancy Name (1 year ago)
Snarf Squared Did you not have gps then? Att watches our every move! We almost had to abide by the no left turn rule because of ups. Now it is just a precautionary rule.
BigNick (2 years ago)
Looks like they were delivering in a major city
itscork (5 years ago)
Ignorant people commenting. Hilarious.
eign (5 years ago)
Ups should go out of business their a crap courier anyway
Mike Auger (7 months ago)
WOW now THAT is constructive criticism right there. . . GTFO little boy. . . leave the real discussions for men ok kid? . . runn along now, and get mommy to wipe your nose too /facepalm
Kaiden farstad (4 years ago)
Oviously not
partyboyrocks69 (4 years ago)
you've obviously never ordered anything online 
vKilling Corpes's Mom (5 years ago)
You literally have no idea what you're talking about.
TOAB17 (5 years ago)
This is complete bullshit! They cut routs out at the last second and send drivers off making zig zags all over 2 zip codes
Snarf Squared (5 years ago)
HAHAHAHA I'm so glad to hear it come from somebody else. Glad to know it's not just our tiny little bunch of simple minded dispatchers that suck.
M Rubio (5 years ago)
False, Falso.
strker99 (5 years ago)
@Mnzu Ris Commercial area's not residential, learn to listen and comprehend things next time. There is a set route for the UPS trucks to follow so they don't have to waste time making left turns in commercial areas only. Obviously UPS truck's can turn left in residential communities. Some people are just hillariously stupid these days lol.
airmax90kid (5 years ago)
This is why american blows at listening to what he is saying...he said they dont make left hand turns in commercial areas they make lefts in residential..I swear ^^^^ all u idiots suck!!!!
Kacy Sellers (5 years ago)
i've seen them make left turns... it's a lie
chinchillawrangler (5 years ago)
damn, i almost wish i could work for ups so i can get in on this shit talking....
holland luce (5 years ago)
The guy useto turn left to deliver my stuff
Michel Risasi (5 years ago)
Funny, I see them making LEFT TURNS in front of my house EVERY DAY.
Peter F. (5 years ago)
this is bullshit. They make lefts in front of me oh I see. ONLY commercial drivers I see. Because in my Rural AZ town lol
YellowMach1 (5 years ago)
Yeah I've seen UPS drivers turn left all the time, but they haul ass when they do.
welderboy14 (5 years ago)
Talk about uneven tire wear.
carultch (5 years ago)
Why would it matter whether or not the UPS man has a beard?
bradless04 (5 years ago)
You are wrong
Dwight Lollar (5 years ago)
I am a Driver. The system doesn't work. The EDD system was implemented at the exact same time. EDD showed us how many packages were on truck and helped us out so we wouldn't miss a stop and drive back This alone saved me about 30 miles a day on a route that averaged about 140 miles
r bull (5 years ago)
I see them turning Left all the time
Dopey Cuhz (5 years ago)
i saw a ups driver take a left turn today though...
Libibear 010 (5 years ago)
their new delivery system [orion] doesn't know the difference between left and right. so all of the news and about 'no left turns' and any money being saved is all gone!
TheVeR01 (5 years ago)
I think they handled the packages from mythbusters the way they usually do
Gabriel Black (5 years ago)
these drivers will be making almost 40$ an hour soon...lol
Gabriel Black (5 years ago)
these drivers will be making almost 40$ an hour soon...lol
Zach Gray (5 years ago)
He said it doesn't apply to "residential" areas. Obviously they will have to make left turns in some places.
Andromeda (5 years ago)
They pretty much have to turn left on my street.
ProjectP (5 years ago)
just saw a UPS truck turn left through the neighborhood 5 minutes ago.
Jamal Abdul-Mubdi (5 years ago)
me to
Link Knight (5 years ago)
you don't turn left unless you're in london. or australia. or NZ. or quite a few other RHD places.
Saw Mine (6 years ago)
i saw them turning left come on now
SimplyCraig (6 years ago)
hahaha, This comment made my day... I know it was a year a go but good job. haha
emdec55 (6 years ago)
Right, because package delivery companies make money when their package deliverers are dead and not delivering packages. What a great business model!
LifeIsGood (6 years ago)
Uhhh i saw a ups truck make a left turn yesterday...and he almost caused an accident..
Johnjohn (6 years ago)
I watched UPS hire fat women and men and when they couldn't make it as a loader/unloader, they would get put to small sorts (letters and such) When they would hire a true hard worker (like myself) they would stack on the work more and more till either they quit or till their performance suffered and they would get fired.
Johnjohn (6 years ago)
I used to work for UPS 8 years ago. I started as a loader/unloader and thought I got a promotion when I became a supervisor, nope! Firstly, upper management was a joke and treated supervisors like their little bitch. I got 'talked to' by the district manager for going to get my loaders gatorade from the vending machine while they were working. All they look for is to hit 'the numbers' and the safety and customer service is really a ruse.
Leroy Hogwash (6 years ago)
What do you say to logic like this?
LEONARDO17507 (6 years ago)
I heard a woman drives and she avoids making left turns, weird........
760BANGIN (6 years ago)
Millions and millions of drivers could've broken this shit down for you, not a fucking television show debunking myths, Bob...You dumbass lookin doofus.
Samwich Man (6 years ago)
i just saw one take a left turn this morning
MrDutch2009 (6 years ago)
The company doesn't want to loose money from an accident from turning left.
cantcurecancer (6 years ago)
They save money on gas, but they lose money to workers wages who have turn an 8 hour route into a 9-10 hour route.
IronheadOfScroteus (6 years ago)
I see these guys turn left all tha friggin time!
Leland G. (6 years ago)
I'm pretty sure they don't make exclusively right turns; that's logistically impossible. I suppose they take rights as often as they can and avoid no right turn intersections.
sapher2020 (6 years ago)
I make lefts all the time!!!
SEVENZEROTWO (6 years ago)
Ha! When they reach my culdesac, they HAVE to make a left turn!! Culdesac: 1 UPS: 0
shannonrenee4 (6 years ago)
Well C'mon, it's MA. Where yield signs are laughed at; stop signs optional; speed limits are just suggestions. He could've been a good driver, but it's a matter of survival on these mean streets. Pretty hard to avoid all left turns when you're surrounded by people who just want you out of their goddamn way. (And don't care all that much about "driving laws")
25Putnam (6 years ago)
I saw a Ups truck go left in MA.
pmgodfrey (7 years ago)
There would be thousands of UPS trucks piled up at the end of my street if they didn't turn left.
DigitalPraise7 (7 years ago)
@g1attie They always spin it to make it seem like they are doing you a favor or they care about you.
initial A.W.D. (7 years ago)
1:04 to 1:06 is that a training vid?? look at is face
snoebay88 (7 years ago)
@joepro62 So your saying my package goes to India first and then comes back to me in the US ? Stupid fuck !
snoebay88 (7 years ago)
UPS always turns left when they leave my driveway !
chris levangie (7 years ago)
@joepro62 yeah because I saw lots Of People from New Delhi in my neighborhood around Xmas time delivering packages...
ShittyMcPoopyBalls (7 years ago)
They are the Zoolander of deliveries.
HTSGOSU (7 years ago)
@g1attie insurance is a huge expense in logistics (shipping) companies...safe driving means more profit.
Matthew Herman (7 years ago)
@g1attie well safety means money. I work for UPS and they are willing to buy all 500 employees from one shift, a steak dinner if they work safe for 3 months. my building alone spent 750,000 dollars in injuries last year alone. so if no one gets hurt, we dont lose money.
sanitydotorg (7 years ago)
another free market solution to compensate for shitty monopolized government roads
jim schwitters (7 years ago)
Bs... Let this guy get in a truck the way they map out routes make no sense, ask them to change it, to make it more effective,, is like asking a stone to roll on its own. Manager's and vp's alike don''t have a clue.
aeptacon (7 years ago)
he sort of looks like matthew perry