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No Bregrets: Sunderland after the vote to leave the European Union

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Sunderland’s surprise vote for Brexit was seen by remain supporters as turkeys voting for Christmas. But now that Nissan, the car maker that employs 7,000 people directly and a further 40,000 in the supply chain, has announced that it is staying in its Sunderland plant, Helen Pidd speaks to north-east voters and asks how they feel now about leaving the European Union Subscribe to The Guardian ► http://is.gd/subscribeguardian The Guardian ► https://www.theguardian.com Suggested videos: Desert Fire ► http://bit.ly/DesertFire ► ► 6x9: experience solitary confinement ► http://bit.ly/6x9gdn Gun Nation ► http://bit.ly/GunNationDoc We Walk Together ► http://bit.ly/WeWalkTogetherFilm The last job on Earth ► http://bit.ly/LastJobOnEarth Patrick Stewart: the ECHR and us ► http://bit.ly/PatrickStewartS The epic journey of a refugee cat ► http://bit.ly/KunkuzCat Guardian playlists: Guardian Bertha Documentaries ► http://bit.ly/GuardianBertha In my opinion ► http://bit.ly/InMyOpinion Owen Jones meets ► http://bit.ly/CorbynJones US elections 2016 ► http://bit.ly/elections2016gdn Guardian Animations & Explanations ►http://is.gd/explainers Guardian Investigations ► http://is.gd/guardianinvestigations The Guardian's YouTube channels: Owen Jones talks ► http://bit.ly/subsowenjones Guardian Football ► http://is.gd/guardianfootball Guardian Science and Tech ► http://is.gd/guardiantech Guardian Culture ► http://is.gd/guardianculture Guardian Wires ► http://is.gd/guardianwires
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Text Comments (417)
Bernhard Schornak (17 days ago)
Best wishes for your EU-free future - hope the UK will survive in our globalised world. I really loved to transport Nissan parts produced in Augsburg to Sunderland, but I guess that's history now.
Glen Quinn (1 month ago)
Two new model's and the nasty eu put restricshions on diesels engines .i wonder why .trying to,get Nissan stopet becous thay wher overtaking German cars in the uk
JxqyDesigns (2 months ago)
Years later WE have been betrayed
jack ryder (4 months ago)
Insult to Turkeys, they are more intelligent
Jim Taylor (4 months ago)
Not gone well for these mackem halfwits has it 😆
catrapesco (7 months ago)
Turkey's voting for Christmas, just perfect....
Mike1 (7 months ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂 How do you feel now, suckers?
Mike1 (7 months ago)
Dogsense Foru Ok, I admit I was wrong, and I am sorry. I’ve voted Labour in every GE so far, but I am considering voting LD in the next one. I would NEVER vote for the elitist Tories.
Mike1 (7 months ago)
Dogsense Foru I voted remain so that they keep their jobs
D Carbs (8 months ago)
The problem with Sunderland isn't the EU, it's the utter dependence on a single major employer. The same is true with most ex-mining towns that are now full of warehouses and manufacturers. Towns and cities need a diverse range of employers - both in terms of size and industries.
Zapps Videos (8 months ago)
The reason the UK is in such a mess is because conservative MPs keep awarding foreign countries contracts for UK infrastructure projects, like using cheap inferior iron and steel from China, etc etc the list is endless !
fuck anime (4 months ago)
Just like every other country in the world
frankie cullen (8 months ago)
goodbye Nissan goodbye british steel was it not all project fear well you voted to be poor and unemployed lol you can go abroad to work oh that's rite you cant lol deluded racists
trident3b (10 months ago)
2:27 deluded **nker. And pray where does he get that from?
D Carbs (8 months ago)
Workshop of the world. The best still is made in England, although much more niche and high end than the mainstream it used to be. And Nissan ain't it, but I have heard this from economists as to why non-EU companies choose the UK in preference to other EU states. Although at the other end of the spectrum we did have British Leyland but that was a socialist failure waiting to happen anyway.
trident3b (10 months ago)
allll looks veeery different now huh? So what did May "promise" Nissan back then? Remember that they WOULD NOT TELL YOU! Anyone with more than half a brain would see that as suspicious... and nooooowwww it's all coming back to roost.
Peter Brown (10 months ago)
So much for free speech in this country of ours, my last comment that I put on here a few minutes ago about Nissan and the blackmailing back hander they got off our Government had been taken off, I just wonder how soon this comment will also be taken off, so the truth really does hurt.
Snotty Blunderbuss (10 months ago)
Car manufacturers only build in country,s where it is economically viable through tax subsidies or cheap labour the x trail is diesel and as diesel is now proscribed in Europe that is why it will be built in Japan or elsewhere nothing to do with Brexit I wonder what B M W will do now as they mostly are diesel ,no doubt there will be special dispensation in Germany’s case to carry on despite their green credentials.What a farce as with the emissions cheating .I also remember the white wines from Germany years ago were adulterated with anti freeze on a large scale ,so much for German quality
Snotty Blunderbuss (10 months ago)
Why do we have elections when we are ruled by the E U
Snotty Blunderbuss (10 months ago)
The E U is knackered cos too many people are pissed off with it
David W (10 months ago)
What most people who have never been to these areas do not understand and will continue to ignore, when you have nothing, you have nothing to loose. The fear of losing is only relevant if you have something to lose. Once this Greek tragedy is over, maybe the country will come together to prove what we are all capable of doing and delivering to make a success of a our freedom from EU and hopefully changing Westminster to represent the people and business for the betterment of the UK.
Adam Novak (10 months ago)
Today News March 2019: “So if the person has paid into the system all their lives and retired to an EU country in good faith, with all the reciprocal arrangements in place, they could be left high and dry if they, say, get cancer after 29 March,” said Kate Husband, whose parents, both 80, a teacher and an architect, moved from Cornwall to join her and her husband in Brittany 25 years ago. Pensioners will be eligible to return to the UK and get treatment on the NHS under the contingency plans, the health minister, Stephen Hammond, revealed in a statementon Tuesday. “How can pensioners with cancer, cardiac problems or other major issues be expected to make or even afford repeated visits to the UK for regular vital treatment?” asked Dave Spokes, coordinator at Expat Citizens Rights in the EU (Ecreu), an organisation with 11,000 members across the EU
tony sales (10 months ago)
no more Nissan plant - no more car builds in sunderland - Nissan moving back to japan. because of Brexit. im,e sure sunderland regret their decision to leave now all those jobs are going.
gloin10 (11 months ago)
Oh dear, that really did NOT age well....
Michael Knight (11 months ago)
You guys voted to lose your jobs!!
spaliverpool71 (10 months ago)
Clever these low life pissheads !!!
Driver2616 (11 months ago)
Oh sorry, Britons aren’t called foreigners or immigrants. They’re known as “expats”!
spaliverpool71 (10 months ago)
They're not old age parasites sucking resources from the local NHS abroad. Strange !!!
Driver2616 (11 months ago)
Absolutely terrible for Sunderland and surrounding area that Nissan is scaling back on production there. Realistically this is only the beginning of the end. In about five years they’ll be gone altogether. That’ll mean that lots of those workers might have to emigrate to make a life for themselves. Imagine that, Britons emigrating and becoming foreigners or immigrants in another country!
Driver2616 (10 months ago)
spaliverpool71 : 👍🤣🤣🤣
spaliverpool71 (10 months ago)
@Driver2616 Not really, most of them can already speak 3 or 4 languages anyway: Scouse Geordie Cockney Brummie Ha Ha
Driver2616 (10 months ago)
spaliverpool71 : it’s going to be a foreign concept to them, having to emigrate to find work.
spaliverpool71 (10 months ago)
Self-opinionated and backward toothless grumpy old pissheads in high demand across the World
Dorian Grey (11 months ago)
Nissan is japanese, isn´t it? Global world......Next fabric of Nissan is in China or in Vietnam....this is what the conservatives are so proud of...cheap labour.
Eire here (11 months ago)
Funny the girl who said that if Nissan left Sunderland would be devastated.... But she knew they wouldn't...... Please go back.... I think the line today is they knew what would happen but they don't care
wattlesong (11 months ago)
Hey Sunderland Say a big Johnson-Farage "HELLO" to MASS UNEMPLOYMENT. Fcking idiots.
A M (11 months ago)
Turkeys voted for Christmas. Go figure
CellGames2006 (5 months ago)
Seeing as christmas gets extension after extension and never arrives, it's perfectly safe, right?
TheYorkie21 (11 months ago)
Ha ha.😂
Global Relief (1 year ago)
Everybody expect a deal, incl. NISSAN. PM May is simply lying to comp. 😂. There will be NO DEAL! (OR NO BREXIT) BUT.... Like you.... What do I know! Car manufacturers will not tell their imployes that they are fired in 6 months.....
Jimmy Pimps (1 year ago)
40 year is not even a blink of an eye this union would not exist if it were not for our kin fighting but we need to pay them 40 billion what a joke
michael green (1 year ago)
The deal with Japan would happen leave or remain it makes no difference Nissan will move back to Japan because of the eu deal . It just shows the eu dont care about working people .
Kay Em (10 months ago)
What miracle do they really think might happen being out of the EU?
spaliverpool71 (10 months ago)
@Kay Em But not if the GP is a Welsh immigrant. They would leave the surgery in a stampede and rather bleed themselves dry Ha Ha Ha
Kay Em (10 months ago)
@spaliverpool71 But if any of them got a hemorrhoid, would rush to an expert.
spaliverpool71 (10 months ago)
All inhabitants in Sunderland are Financial Xperts, innit?
Davy Tornado (1 year ago)
Nissan are moving production to Japan cause their own people need the work, pure and simple. If it was due to Brexit they would move production to France to keep access to EU sales. After all Nissan and Renault are major shareholders in each other.....but to the cowardly remainers that fact isn't convenient.
Quantum Computation (1 year ago)
Are you really that uninformed? The EU and Japan's Economic Partnership Agreement entered into force on 1 February 2019 so Japan now has access to tariff free car sales to the EU! On the other hand, overall investment in the UK car industry has halved in 2018 (according to new figures from the SMMT) and has dropped 80% in the last 3 years as the British are possibly about to lose their free-trade access to the EU...
Nicholas Pine (1 year ago)
I am a remainer and live in London, and this proves beyond doubt that Governments past and presant have never helped communities such like these, just left them to slowly decay. These people are angry and fed-up, Not suprised!!!
v2Drake (1 year ago)
This aged well
Old Seadog (1 year ago)
As Nissan decides to not build the new X-Trail in Sunderland, I wonder how many new models they will commit to in the future? My guess is probably none. This means that as existing models are phased out, the Nissan plant will be wound down until it closes. But don't worry brexiteers, your job is just one of Gove's _"little bumps in the road"_ and after all _"Britain's had enough of experts"_ hasn't it? It looks like _Project Fear_ was more like Project Fact, but you've made your beds, now it's time to lie in them.
James Bird (1 year ago)
Project fear scared all the Business away, nothing to do with Brexit!
Tarsius bancanus (1 year ago)
@Quantum Computation I try not to look at comments too much anymore since it's such a wreckfest but the habit is hard to shrug off..
Quantum Computation (1 year ago)
@Tarsius bancanus Possibly, but the sheer idiocy of many Bexiteers comments now renders them impossible to differentiate from genuine sarcasm.
Tarsius bancanus (1 year ago)
@Quantum Computation pretty sure James is being sarcastic
Quantum Computation (1 year ago)
You sound like an idiot.
Hawtin Clarke (1 year ago)
Slap that Nissan decision right up you
foppo leeuwerke (1 year ago)
Turkeys voting for Christmas unbelievable naivety by people who really haven't got a clue how business works.
pauljm white (1 year ago)
Bet they regret it now... fitting somehow....doin a sunderland..
Marty Celestialteapot (1 year ago)
Hope Mackems are enjoying yesterdays news. So Nissan starts scaling back on investment there. This is so unexpected. I haven't been so surprised since someone told me that Julian Clary is gay.
ByronRaver (1 year ago)
Universal Credit incoming..
wymsic (1 year ago)
Im glad those that voted for Brexit are going to be the worst hit
bbbf09 (1 year ago)
Pause for reflection and some regrets now Sunderland ? Nissan just announced now reversed the decision to build X-Trail in Sunderland. In 5 to 10 years they will be gone taking 7,000 quality jobs with it. That's just the start.
zivkovicable (1 year ago)
Sunderland, so racist they'd rather starve.
anthony perkins (10 months ago)
Fuckoff merseyside eu supporting turdsey
spaliverpool71 (10 months ago)
Gladly shooting their own feet
west brit (1 year ago)
Lets hope they do starve  , my concern is that people in the decent parts of the country will be asked to pay for these horrible scumbag  northerners have vote themselves out of employment
anthony perkins (1 year ago)
You EE migrants love arguing with Brexiteers
zivkovicable (1 year ago)
@anthony perkins So explain how a major manufacturer ending production, & others threatening to follow is best for the country?
greg evans (1 year ago)
think u should go have another look
onezerooneseven (1 year ago)
oops two years later - Project Fear becomes Project Reality. Maybe re-interview those people now?
Walter Khayyam (22 days ago)
@onezerooneseven Unsure what your point is, the Nissan plant is still running in Sunderland and has just announced a contract with Uber.
Vendemmia (1 year ago)
can someone go back there now to do some funny interview?
peter kelly (4 months ago)
@Alcathous Turkeys voting for christmas ! You coudn`t make it up .
Alcathous (4 months ago)
They haven't changed their minds yet. They won't even after they lost their jobs.
spaliverpool71 (10 months ago)
I have been conducting the same interview and the results are: Some in Hospice. Some in the Bingo. Some sleeping rough. Some doing alcohol rehab. The lucky ones in the Graveyard, so they will have no need to see the ill-effects of their actions . . .
Sematary (1 year ago)
Hah how is that working out for you now dickheads!
20quid (1 year ago)
This hasn't aged well.
asdsdjf asdjxajiosdqw (1 year ago)
I will cry tears of joy when these people lose their jobs. Pro union and socialist my whole life but no way that I will defend their interests when they're losing their jobs. Get fucked.
anthony perkins (1 year ago)
And I prefer to believe Brexiteers than listen to pro-EU migrants like you
zivkovicable (1 year ago)
@anthony perkins No, you like the do-badders telling their sweet comforting lies.
BeefBacon (1 year ago)
@anthony perkins Do-gooders? Also, gloom? This is reality. Revelling in their misfortune is one thing, but a little bit of "I told you so" is pretty much obligatory at this point.
anthony perkins (1 year ago)
Well I dont like do-gooders trying to bring gloom on people
Ken Morgan (1 year ago)
Ahahahahhahaahhha Nissan is not putting new production in Sunderland. 7000 more on the dole! Oh wait! They intentionally made themselves unemployed!!! No dole you fucks!!!
anthony perkins (1 year ago)
Yes I did vote leave because i'am fed up of uncontrolled and unrestricted migration ruiining our country
bbbf09 (1 year ago)
@anthony perkins I don't appreciate the nasty vitriole and 'we told you so' coming to Sunderland - but I detect you are a brexiteer. How do you justify this end of Nissan? Or don't you? I have spoken with some brexstremists who don't appear to even care if project fear becomes project reality . they are so certain a that no matter how extensive the pain of brexit it it is worth it. Thats why I call them brexstremists. they are similar to islamic extremists in their fanatical belief in their cause they are will to entertain any level of violence, death and destruction to achieve their aim of exiting EU. If you talk with them they seem to accept that even the entire destruction of the United Kingdom, its way of life, its culture is somehow OK ...even if we are entirely decimated and finished then that too will be worth it. They are every bit as bad as Islamic state it seems to me. What's you stance?
anthony perkins (1 year ago)
piss off
Brad Pott (1 year ago)
Washington uk Washington USA. Both dumb Lol.
Brad Pott (1 year ago)
Carlos was bribed by the uk and Japan aren't too happy.
DrOneOneOne (1 year ago)
Oh, this bit of film hasn't aged well, has it pet ?
Erik J. (1 year ago)
Well, this coming Monday 04/02/2019 "Project Fear " will become "Project Reality", when Nissan officially announces that it will cancel UK X-Trail manufacture plans.
Blue Meanie (1 year ago)
Nissan shelves plans to build X Trail in Sunderland because of Brexit....This is the just the beginning....... To all those idiots that thought they were going to have a better life out of the EU........Serves you right.
anthony perkins (10 months ago)
Funny how merseybastard EU supporters are thick like spaliverpool71 ARE
spaliverpool71 (10 months ago)
Funny how Brexiteers are an Enlightened Species
Davy Tornado (1 year ago)
Bugger all to do with Brexit, if that were the case why are'nt they moving production to EU loving France after all Renault and Nissan are major shareholders in each other. They're going back to Japan because demand world wide is falling and their own populace need the work. However that inconvenient fact dose'nt fit in for all you EU drones.
95winston (1 year ago)
not so cocky now Nissan shelving plans to build new X-Trail in UK
Jim Taylor (4 months ago)
Sunderlands always been the shittest place in the North east
Mighty Marouane Fellaini (7 months ago)
95winston you do realise they left because of the uncertainty of Brexit. Not because we left the EU.
Manuel García Barbero (10 months ago)
@tonyweston9 and what about the new trade agreement signed speedily by japan with the EU just in time before the UK leaves? That combined with brexit fully eliminates any chance for the UK. Well done!!!
Roberto Ramirez (1 year ago)
I'm from the future and Carlos Ghosn is going to jail and May has gotten no deal. Hahaha
Roberto Ramirez (1 year ago)
I come from the future and Brexit is a mess.
Danny Mullins (1 year ago)
The North East and Midlands were fucked economically when sterling became a petro currency and nothing was done to soften its rise. Manufacturing was overpriced plus skills and entrepreneurship atrophied - cars, motorcycles etc.
Danny Mullins (1 year ago)
Gullible lady saying she listened to both sides of the argument. The Leave side was a complete repudiation of reality while the Remain side was not forceful enough. Wait while the Nissan factory shrinks its production. With regards to Northern Ireland and Wales the wing production for Airbus will be transferred to Toulouse.
Michael Flynn (1 year ago)
These people are deluded.
Adny (1 year ago)
Misguided opinions that investment in the North East may now increase - you can't invest using money you don't have (when you're economy is growing less).
noddy lpd (1 year ago)
Haven't got a clue!
anthony perkins (1 year ago)
Eastern Europeans are non integrating non English speaking FILTH who take the UK for a ride and take the pi$$ out of this country
spaliverpool71 (10 months ago)
@anthony perkins Off with your head then, Kaffir Infidel
anthony perkins (10 months ago)
Better Patel than Piotr Pawel and Ewa
spaliverpool71 (10 months ago)
Tony: You prefer a Pakistani Sharia Court in your hood?
Ray Piper (1 year ago)
Behind it all is the real issue in England ,the class divide. This is just the beginning of a push back by white working class indigenous Englishmen. Argue and sneer all you want ,it's coming .
john rawlins (1 year ago)
I'm from the south Thank God for the north
bbbf09 (1 year ago)
In fact the north is general is remain in vote intentions. Very much so in the time since 2016. Biggest cities in the north -Manchester and Liverpool voted remain for example. So thanks for your patronising brexit smugness. But no thanks
Crixy M (1 year ago)
People of sunderland , the imbeciles of the UK
spaliverpool71 (10 months ago)
Low life by the ugly cold sea
MrArgenta120 (1 year ago)
Poor morons.
905lina (1 year ago)
Latest update on Japanese owned Nissan: Japanese Ambassador Koji Tsuruoka advised that firm would likely leave the UK if bad Brexit deals left them unprofitable.
James Schofield (1 year ago)
nissan is japanese. not eu. the poor young girl looks a joke, ffs guardian
Fa Ra (1 year ago)
Nissan is 44% controlled by Renault... not quite japanese, is it? Companies don't have citizens, they have shareholders
Dazed & Confused (1 year ago)
As a fellow North Easterner, this made me dispair. So many people I know voted out. None of them see that they were completely misled. Brexit will set us back 30 years!
spaliverpool71 (10 months ago)
Old toothless pissheads
wattlesong (11 months ago)
Yell them Australia is not going to rescue them as we did in the 50s and 80s. No more dumb useless Brits.
Khasab (1 year ago)
2 years ago. Not the same story now, pet. Google what Nissan are likely to do after brexit...
John C (1 year ago)
Watch Brexit push away many huge companies and banks. The uk is doomed. The uk is celebrating scuppering their own ship. Lol.
Deo A (1 year ago)
No major companies have left and none have stated their intentions to leave. Funnily enough the airline Ryanair, who threatened to leave the UK and ground flights, have now announced they are investing in the UK and creating thousands of new jobs. lol.
Juan Pablo García Martínez (1 year ago)
I am afraid that you need to update the video.
George Newham (1 year ago)
Looking back I remember hating the media after the referendum, of course the pound would drop in the short term. Leaving the EU is a long term investment, you can’t judge the outcome before we’ve even left!
spaliverpool71 (10 months ago)
You call 3 years a short term? Ludicrous !!!
Darkwintre (1 year ago)
@zivkovicable sigh reread my reply you missed the point I was making. That's ok not everyone is so single focused on money that they forget it was a Tory bus meaning why would the party intent on destroying the NHS fund them at all... Yes it's a long term investment because our MPs are so far up the EU's backside even the EU are complaining...
zivkovicable (1 year ago)
@Darkwintre No it doesn't. Even pro Brexit campaign leaders have now conceded (after lying for years) that the economy will take a hit if we leave. An even bigger one if we crash out with no deal. This will be the case whoever is in charge.
Darkwintre (1 year ago)
@zivkovicable that depends on whose in charge not just Brexit now doesn't it...
zivkovicable (1 year ago)
@Darkwintre At the moment the NHS is suffering a staff shortage. EU citizens in the UK are less likely to use the NHS, & more likely to work for it than natives.. \ The question us will we be economically worse or better off if we leave the most successful trading block in the world? That's easy. Worse off, with less money for the NHS.
Contalei (1 year ago)
Lets find out what secret deal Nissan got from the PM
McQuade 1 (1 year ago)
Contalei typical bs and lie, what you can expect from tm?
Contalei (1 year ago)
Tired of sending money to Europe
spaliverpool71 (10 months ago)
Congrats !!! Foreign investment into the U.K. has fallen by 19 percent since the Brexit vote in 2016.
Contalei (1 year ago)
Lets get out now
spaliverpool71 (10 months ago)
Anomalous way of thinking
Eugene Maggi (1 year ago)
This programme proves the main thing lacking in Sunderland and surrounding areas is education.If there is a hard Brexit it is quite simply adios Nissan.The negative impact seen by some locals of investment etc. is Westminster's fault and NOT THE EU !! Being in the EU brought the Nissan jobs to the N.E.The rest of the UK watched in disbelief when they bit off the hand that feeds them,incredulous.
EdgyNumber1 (1 year ago)
The EU didn't restrict infrastructure growth in the North East. Successive British governments did. And if you think Brexit will change that, then you are in for a shock. Nothing will change in the North East.
Godehard Brysch (8 months ago)
Dear TheSaintST1, you're very courageous. As a German I wish the North East all the best but there are dark clouds. The latest Nissan model will not be built in Sunderland though the UK Government tried to fund Nissan with PB 60,000,000. It's no speculation to say that this is a sign of moving away one day as Honda is definitely doing in Swindon. This is based on the new EU - Japan trading deal. But Brexit has become an obsession, the Brexiteers believe in that what they want to believe in.
EdgyNumber1 (1 year ago)
cr4yv3n Good luck with that fella... UK going down....
cr4yv3n (1 year ago)
TheSaintST1 well now it's MUKGA time ^^
Robert Pavey (1 year ago)
Aye Phones.
Wayne Diffin (1 year ago)
30 k people in the grand scheme of things is a small drop in a giant pond.. 67 million people in the uk,, 30k is insignificant. that meany people lose their jobs every day and that many people find jobs every day....
yourview (1 year ago)
again its the most affected and hardest hit thats willing to bear the brunt for the greater good of the country........ now being sold out to keep the privaledged few happy
yourview (1 year ago)
Actually !!! only 15% of sales from nissan are actually sold to european buyers......... many more sales go through europe to far away countries..... ( mainland europeans are extremely protectionist and only buy ... bmw, audi, v.w . renualt etc ) .......... nissan dont keep all the eggs in one basket !!
Mar doce (1 year ago)
humm sorry but the oldish guy with a younger asian  girl and kid...typical  older tourist guy with thai Young gal...voted for brexit when his gal is immigrant herself...just an observation...
Josh Kusiak (11 months ago)
They aren’t racist
Michael Flynn (1 year ago)
Antoine Eric (1 year ago)
Let me guess: May promised that UK will compensate any negative financial impact of Brexit on Nissan.
McQuade 1 (1 year ago)
Antoine Eric money tree?
Claudio Dio (1 year ago)
Nissan has stop investement in Nissan Sunderland and Nissan Sunderland is likely to close down if a deal is not reached next year well that escalated quickly ! Hahahahaha
michael green (1 year ago)
Nissan will go back to Japan anyway
Outdoors Lifestyle (1 year ago)
@DrOneOneOne is this Brexit related though? Or is it more a fact of diesels being taxed and phased out, a drop in worldwide demand for cars, France banning the combustion engine by 2030. This is not solely Brexit as if they seen a future in the car they would manufacture it at Sunderland due to its efficiencies however i suspect they just want produce the xtrail as cheaply as possibly. Ultimately it will hit Nissan, oh and for the record the xtrail would have only taking production priority over another vehicle so theres no less production just different models hence the reason no change in jobs.
DrOneOneOne (1 year ago)
@Outdoors Lifestyle Not anymore, eh ? This comment coming to you from February 2019. Sunderland is fucked now, but it's what they say they wanted.
Outdoors Lifestyle (1 year ago)
Oh and government support, zero union based workforce also makes it a winner to retain business in Sunderland.
m k (1 year ago)
If you want to get top quality...go to England? Dear god....
CellGames2006 (5 months ago)
Brexit seems a lot like Trump's tariffs... steel and manufacturing companies getting the benefits while farmers getting scrooged.
Kilgore Trout (7 months ago)
They employee 30,000 people... they wouldnt just *leave*
Jake Fabian (9 months ago)
Lmaooo this country hardly makes anything and he’s talking about top quality 😕
ionutz car (10 months ago)
forgive him, he is young
pleaseyourselfsir (1 year ago)
What an absolute and utter trash for a video ! Especially from the Guardian ! As of today after seeing this I will cancel my membership . This is disgusting you mean over 50% of the country are racist or Nazi’s , fascists or scum ? ! ? Are you [Guardian , and the viewers that ‘liked this video ] completely stupid ? This is deeply worrying and greatly offensive , newspapers like these need to change your attitude and fast . 😡😡😡🤮🤮🤮😓😓😓👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿 ... You made the far right look like they’re a bunch of murderers when you sneakily and indirectly pointed out that they have no power in elections but they have the power to kill an [ Labour ] electorate , where is your mentality ? ? ? if you continue to say stuff like this in mainstream news in real life this may actually happen ! ! ! Guardian writers , For gods sake think of the humanity and think before you start typing recklessly !
K M (1 year ago)
😂😂😂😂😂 stupid, uneducated fucks - enjoy 👍
michael green (1 year ago)
Are you uneducated Nissan would go back to Japan anyway leave or remain .. take a look what Toyota are doing in the UK to get a true picture
Alison Brown (1 year ago)
Is that because we are unable to get funding for our children as the money goes on translators.
Brown Jenkin (1 year ago)
Lord Soup - I’m working class, or at least I was originally. There’s nothing admirable about being ignorant or “knowing your place”. British society is ultimately fucked up with its class system and each layer’s self interests/pretentions harm the whole. What’s needed is some of that continental system of educated citizens - then things would be much better managed and equitable.
Les Scott (1 year ago)
Sounds more like fatalism rather than optimism. I love this argument that the negatives never materialised. WE HAVE NOT LEFT YET!!
Oscar (1 year ago)
this pro-brexit old worker will not be so happy when he will need a tourist visa each time he will want to enjoy his retirement years in the sunny europe or paying more money for imported EU commodities or a shortage of qualified nurses or doctors in hospitals and no more free EU hospital treatments.
Mad Drivers101 (1 year ago)
Why can't people see UK not coming out of EU. it's keep paying
Ben Clark (1 year ago)
Not hard to see why... Washington Sunderland Education Statistics: No Qualifications: 29.1% Level 1: 15.5% Level 2: 16.2% Apprenticeship: 5% Level 3: 12% Level 4: 18.2% Other: 4% Sources: Office for National Statistics & Department for Work & Pensions.
Bluebell 01 (1 year ago)
Sunderland is a city that can only offer low skilled, low paid jobs. Well educated, skilled people are leaving in droves.
P C (1 year ago)
British are racist isolationist morons I sadly was born in UK but most of my ancestors aren’t from UK screw the place!
imoldgreg (1 year ago)
please explain how we are racist ?
Mark Atkins (1 year ago)
The decision by Nissan to produce two new models was probably taken long before the referendum was ever announced. Investment decisions in the automotive industry go in 5-10 year cycles, so once these models reach the end of their life then the next generation will be built at their plant in Spain.
Paul Nolan (1 year ago)
They're going to be cancelled.
anthony perkins (1 year ago)
That Eastern European busker in the vid wants a punch
HardWarUK (1 year ago)
Older people are happy with a hard Brexit and pretend they think everything will be fine, but in reality they know only the young will actually be affected from Brexit - not them and they don't care about the young, regardless what they say!
spaliverpool71 (10 months ago)
Grumpy old pissheads' opinion matters