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Watch Robots Work at Amazon Warehouse Where Cyber Monday Deals Are Packaged

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Cyber Monday central is a gigantic Amazon fulfillment center where online purchases from across America are stacked, packed and shipped. The Amazon fulfillment center in Riverside, California is one-million square feet which is equivalent to the s...
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Text Comments (7)
Dean Winchester (1 month ago)
Amazon lady is super fine.
fd11fd33fd99 (1 year ago)
Wow, that consumer expert lady is really hot. Just wow!.
lucy Joy (1 year ago)
Nice job
Contane 21 (1 year ago)
i cant wait for this year :D
clingy koala (1 year ago)
Jason's Journeys (2 years ago)
Amazon will always be on top #1 bc they sell everything. Kohls and Wal-Mart are up there too on black friday and cyber Monday for sales.
purple sassy (2 years ago)
Right? they just sold out of a forever21 item i was going to buy smh