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Skechers Shape-Ups Instructional Video

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Shape Up Shoes mimic the effects of barefoot walking, optimising the way we walk to utilise more muscles in the feet, legs, buttocks, back and abdominals to develop strength, posture and providing a fast toning effect which can reduce cellulite -all leading to a stronger, healthier you. Shape Ups key benefits include: Improved posture Improved blood circulation Firms buttock muscles Strengthens back muscles Tightens abdominal muscles Reduces cellulite Tones muscles With the interest in health and fitness on the rise, Shape Ups are essential for summer, especially for women who will want to tone up their legs, reduce cellulite and quickly achieve that perfect bikini figure for when the skies clear and the temperatures rise.
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Text Comments (79)
radical.loser /// (21 days ago)
These are actually cut besides the lawsuit #qUirKy
air max (1 month ago)
the most comfortable sneaker i've experienced. skechers could've marketed this as adding height not losing weight. contact me skechers
Mina Gu (8 months ago)
Talvez su publicidad fue engañosa, ese talvez fue su peor error, pero a mi me encantaron y ahora que quiero otro par descubro que los han sacado del merado :(
Carmen Jiménez (5 months ago)
Los use porque padesco de varices y me ayudaron y ahora ya ni encuentro en ningun lado. Si alguien sabe donde vendan porfavor avisenme. Soy de la cd. de México.
Incoming Anarchy (11 months ago)
dspsblyuth (1 year ago)
Lol an instructional video of how to walk
Chu (1 year ago)
Miriam Ordaz (1 year ago)
Where can I buy them?
Danol (1 year ago)
everyone in this video is white.
AverageJamie (1 year ago) False. But seriously it seems like they hid the scene -_-
Hevin Amber (1 year ago)
these shoes are SO comfortable! but i can't find them anywhere!!!
Mina Gu (8 months ago)
@Hevin Amber I'm also looking for them, due to the only pair I've had, but they've been my favorites of all time
Izabela Banach (10 months ago)
I bought them online from private person, they look like new and I paid sth like 12$
Hevin Amber (1 year ago)
hi john. perhaps i didnt clarify. i had 3 pairs of these sketchers that i used for work and playing tennis in. now that i have worn them out, i wanted to buy new ones but i cant find them anywhere anymore. i know about the lawsuits but they are the ONLY shoes that are soooo comfortable to walk in and stand for hours. i want those shoes! where can i get them?
John Carbonell (1 year ago)
Hevin Amber so you haven’t worn them or even found one and you think they’re comfortable. Sketchers faced a 35 million dollar lawsuit because of these claims. Do your research before you buy some scam.
Love Is Better (1 year ago)
To[: everyone ..who says " it works"... My question to: you ,' Do you do similar exercises ..demonstrated in this video?.. Im wondering..If the results are due to workong out? When I first saw an ad about these shoes..ot gave the impression that you wouldnt need to work out..simply buy " skechers" and your benind will improve....
I like turtles! (1 year ago)
WHAT ARE THOSE?!!!???!?!?!??!
Russell (2 years ago)
Um I don't think these will make you happier.
Buster The Cow (2 years ago)
stop at 2:34 it looks like she is tickling a brick with her shoe
Leonardo Miranda (2 years ago)
Gracias alguien me podría decir dónde los consigo en Medellín gracias
Armando Colon (8 months ago)
son una mentira. estan siendo demandados por eso
Damien Nguyen (2 years ago)
ew so ugly get some nikes
Kelsey Kan (1 year ago)
Skechers are old people shoes
daniel mellet (2 years ago)
skechers are crap, get some adidas' or nikes to be honest
Damien Nguyen (2 years ago)
Kyzer Kicks nike is better skechers suck.
Kyzer Kicks (2 years ago)
I'm 10 years old and I don't care if it's ugly,but is good,I recommend it
theultimaterom (2 years ago)
What the fuck are those god forsaken shoes?
jones (2 years ago)
if you want a natural way to walk walk barefooted u losers
jones (2 years ago)
@Easyandy100 i walk around my house and the floor is flat it is carpet and tile is that ok
jones (2 years ago)
@Easyandy100 hmmm. ur right
Ernesto Landeros (2 years ago)
what the fuck is that ugly ass shoes?! ugly ass boat looking shoes smh $30 shoes wtf
David Ryokan Greenman (3 years ago)
LOLOLO this block of cement will ruin your gate. It will also weaken the musculature as well as all the connective structures causing impact trauma and residual structural damage. And just in case those who actually believe the media pr hype/advertising and marketing lies, the stupidly thick soles and massive heal counter causes massive heal striking/jarring and pounding which is registered throughout the foot leg chain to the spinal column. All shoes like these are deadly. They cause injury. If you want strong feet and legs then begin to go barefoot. Our feet alone are the perfect "running shoe" bar none, not some massive piece of rubber that lifts the heel and body off the ground. The jarring and forces are still being absorbed by the body whether they are felt by the wearer or not. Don't be fooled by these companies and all the crap they sell. All they want are high revenue.
Haley (3 years ago)
+David Greenman yeah ! :D
David Ryokan Greenman (3 years ago)
Ok I understand what you are saying. I am up and about and then sitting again fairly constantly. I began going to minimal then barefoot in July of 2012. There had been "mistakes" and much mileage on the learning curve for sure. I used to run and do everything in heavy stability running shoes and the issues had been fairly constant . I began running in the 5th grade and when I went to almost nothing then to nothing the issues began to evaporate plus I (finally) learned and utilized proper form. We have to do what feels right for us, intuitively and physically.    
Haley (3 years ago)
+David Greenman I work in a kitchen constantly on my feet in a hospital. sometimes I'm doing more than one job. the floors here are hard, not grassy. I do enjoy being barefeet however. but constantly being in pain in shoes without comfort sucks! and I've had these pair before as advertised and they are nice and squishy and perfect. not cement
David Ryokan Greenman (3 years ago)
I live and run and work and garden and landscape my property barefoot. When I have to wear shoes I wear either Luna Mono sandals or Merrell barefoot trail gloves. No one should ever wear blocks of cement on their feet. Those foot coffins in the video are the result of marketing and advertising. The shoe companies that sell that crap bank on the masses always following what the media says to do like good little robotic imprisoned consumers who never question or examine what truth is but simply follow the rest of the herd.   
Haley (3 years ago)
yeah I suppose u work 12 hours a day barefoot
Elaine Cochrane (3 years ago)
Been wearing them for two whole shape has changed BUT I changed my diet too obviously.I've no problem with them.
Elaine Cochrane (3 years ago)
Don't care what you call it but I toned up.everytime I walked I felt it in the backs of my legs.I'm sure I'm not the only one.I'm sorry they never worked for some but I don't blame the shoes.
ISIS gaming الله أكبر (3 years ago)
They worked for you? Probably a placebo... XD
Elaine Cochrane (3 years ago)
Yeah I do know but they worked for me.
ISIS gaming الله أكبر (3 years ago)
You know that skechers got sued for deceptive marketing of this product, right? Look it up!
SuperBamaslim (3 years ago)
These shoes will make me happier? You've got to be joking.
Eric Paige (4 years ago)
"stylish" they seriously want people to think that tank shaped shoes are stylish. 
J T Akinola (1 month ago)
Buffalo Wrists literally was about to say this lmao, shoes like this are in right now
Buffalo Wrists (1 month ago)
aah this didnt age well
Incoming Anarchy (11 months ago)
Russians love tanks so they might like these
RBD (4 years ago)
why the fuck am i watching this shit
Golden State Warriors fan since 2015 (3 years ago)
+ARandomYoutuber that's what I did
The Mouse In Your Room (4 years ago)
well simply because you typed "sketchers shape ups" into the search bar, then clicked on this video.
JuulFiend (5 years ago)
Your not supposed to land on your heal, but the ball of your feet. These people are teaching you the wrong way to walk!
Square Peg (5 years ago)
Wow, all of this effort and it all comes crashing down when the lawsuit came against them.
Juliette lovessinging (5 years ago)
i got the pink-black one :) it really works!
araci morelli de melo (5 years ago)
Lindos , confortáveis , beleza !!!
Miller3492 (6 years ago)
they lost lost a law suit for false claims the product makes
Quindecillion (6 years ago)
haha those are fucking ugly.
christ Sable (6 years ago)
jordans doe
araci morelli de melo (6 years ago)
lindos e confortaveis !!!
Yassar Albarakat (6 years ago)
now viewed as a lie and comedy
Dennis Lopez (6 years ago)
School? I use to rip on a girl for having them lmaoo
araci morelli de melo (6 years ago)
Preciso entra em contato sem falta
araci morelli de melo (6 years ago)
Gostaria de por entrar em contato , preciso comunica-lhes
araci morelli de melo (6 years ago)
preciso de telefone ,para poder comunicar !! aguardo !!
Danni Sal (6 years ago)
or you can get your fat fucking lazy ass to the gym and get in shape. fuck shape ups.
jailson fonseca amador (6 years ago)
Gostei são bons ...
Skeletonwitharaygun (6 years ago)
Go fuck yourself.
asyilah west (6 years ago)
I've been suffering from left ankle tendonitis....but it feels better after I bought shape up sketchers.thanx.
Akram Hussain (6 years ago)
طلبتها بس خايف اني ماراح اتعود عليها.. هل هي مناسبة للجري او لا؟؟
ابومشاري (6 years ago)
مجربهااا ابداع بصراحة
rtdse suiteueu (6 years ago)
Worlds ugliest shoes
KoshkaNaLadoshke (6 years ago)
"-Why don't they wear socks? That's kind of disgusting." Where did you get that they don't wear socks? Nowadays there're special sport socks that are VERY low - lower than your ankle level so you just will not be able to see them when wearing sport shoes. I wear them all the time! Verynice with shorts - like that your legs can actually get some suntan on a sunny day. And that kind of socks are just comfy. Think before commenting... No sport shoes should be worn without socks and THEY know it.
KoshkaNaLadoshke (6 years ago)
Great invention. Bought mine three days ago. Yes. First day I felt sore! My tights were aching like after a good excercise. But nest day I felt great. Would really like to thank Skechers specialists for the idea. I've heard that the first to bring it up was MBT brand, but I wers skechers for many years, I trust this brandand I love my new shape ups. they do make you walk with your back straight and they're extreamly comfy!
John Carbonell (1 year ago)
KoshkaNaLadoshke lol lies stop getting placebo’d. The lawsuit fucked this claim over
KoshkaNaLadoshke (6 years ago)
Did you actually bother to BUY a pair and WEAR it at least for a couple of days? If yes then you should make your comment more specific. If no - then I feel sorry for you. Sad to see stupid comments like this ...
Stephen Karol Riñon (7 years ago)
..they wear socks of course.i do have pairs of those (i just dont what they are called) that are unnoticeable.
Ele Elecktra (7 years ago)
Love mine! They truly work and I lost 80 pounds using them!
Danol (1 year ago)
my ass x2
John Carbonell (1 year ago)
Ele Elecktra my ass
lost619 (7 years ago)
I just brought a pair, I'm going to wear them around the garden a bit first because I could just about stand in them . When I try walking in them my feet go to the side...I never have this rifle,with regular shoes. Notice how all the people in this video when stopping ding still are actually wobbling their feet lol very hard to balance on. I'll let u know if it gets better. I can safely say standing still they are comfy but walking around not so sure about