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Five Amazing Facts About The Boeing 767

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Text Comments (72)
Green Yoshi (4 months ago)
What's the music?
tabaks (6 months ago)
Fuck this noise!
SiameseCreeperTH (8 months ago)
Do you can to make Five amazing facts about Thai Airways?
robertsd247 (9 months ago)
#3 I would thought United would have changed their mind when they realized they could double the price, add three more rows of seats, and stop caring about their passengers.
planes spotter and railfanner (4 months ago)
robertsd247 yes, and not caring about there passengers is something they do a lot of now lol.
Oscar KI-43-3 (9 months ago)
The most famous Kamikaze planes in history. Even more famous than Tonys, Zeros, Oscars, Judys and Okha Cherry Blossoms.
Corrox X (9 months ago)
Also, the 767 was designed to have similar controls as the 757 so Airlines could buy both and only have to train a pilot for one of the aircraft.
Boffis123 (9 months ago)
Too bad the Boeing 767-400 is only flown by Delta and United, and a VIP from Bahrain.
ToyGTone (8 months ago)
I remember spotting that Bahraini VIP 767 that was about to land in...well the home country.
Wilmer Loja (9 months ago)
Allec, where is PSA Flight 1771? Shouldn’t it have been uploaded already?
Master Cristoles (9 months ago)
I think the next Air Disaster video is FS2004 - I'm The Problem (Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 1771)
Avia Dream 03 (9 months ago)
Nice allec, make More Air disaster.
SupaEMT134 (9 months ago)
That's it?? I ain't subscribing for less info I could just look up on Wikipedia myself
Roy Burns (9 months ago)
Can you do flight 9 and flight 243 pls?
Haura Bazila Mulya (9 months ago)
Is 767 still produce?
planes spotter and railfanner (4 months ago)
Haura Bazila Mulya no... fro. either 1981 or 1982 to 2016. but the cargo version is still in production
Eric Lozen (9 months ago)
The very first photo I took of a 767 was in 1984 @ KDTW Airport. It was operated by Delta Airlines. This also was the same year that I was given a cockpit tour of the 767. I was 16 years old.
Fermain Jackson (9 months ago)
You didn't even mention the 767-400 series.....
kramden (9 months ago)
Cool, a trijet and double decker 767?  Too bad they don't make the 757-767s any more, they are very good airplanes for sure....
dispatchnig vomitory (9 months ago)
kramden MD-11 looks like a 767 with a third engine
Loco Joe (9 months ago)
Having a flight engineer would cost the airline more money!! Because they don’t give a rats ass about your comfort OR safety. Just the dollar.
DarknessWolf987 (9 months ago)
wtf. Is this B767-X
Aldi's Aviation & mapping (9 months ago)
767-200,and 300 are my favurites.
Baixado e Parafusado (9 months ago)
Why do you like FS2004?
FerTitanRBLX (9 months ago)
Do you can make a video called Five or Ten Amazing Facts about Japan Airlines?
Deivids Ficajs (9 months ago)
Please do flyDubai 981
King Brute (9 months ago)
I like this airplane now
Shinesis (9 months ago)
1. It is the best plane ever
Captain Nahdin (9 months ago)
https://youtu.be/-3EyK0NHKI8 Please check out my video on Air India 855.Pls Pls
Woah the song
Vedant Gaikwad (9 months ago)
Make a video on Airbus A380,Airbus Beluga or the Boeing Dreamlifter
Vedant Gaikwad (9 months ago)
Martyn H (9 months ago)
Vedant Gaikwad Boeing “Dreamlifter”. Good one Vedant 👍
Vedant Gaikwad (9 months ago)
Amazing Video.
MrCapi55 (9 months ago)
Not at all a bad Claim (Not "cry" as despectively called. It is obvious that you don' t fly), because of the main pilot error accidents, were due to overloaded pilots by the complexity of the systems. Also remember : " Six eyes and two brains, look & think better than four & two. Always".
S1l9o9a0n (9 months ago)
planes spotter and railfanner (4 months ago)
S1l9o9a0n exactly what this guy fucked soviet union said, im annoyed by your fucking stupid pointless "*comment*"
Deutsches Kaiserreich (9 months ago)
S1l9o9a0n he is not jealous, he is annoyed.
S1l9o9a0n (9 months ago)
planes spotter and railfanner you care enough to reply. You jealous you weren't first brah? It's ok. You'll be first next time....not
Deutsches Kaiserreich (9 months ago)
You said this shit in this channel many times. As Allec doesn't really care about this first game, you accidently makes yourself looks like a dumb.
planes spotter and railfanner (9 months ago)
nobody cares bitch
David 7X7 (9 months ago)
Yay one of my favourite planes!!
Gracio Boyjoel (9 months ago)
Five Amazing Facts about Boeing 757? Pls add new
Derpsii (9 months ago)
*I have a joke...* *What did the teacher say to the student?* Read More
Derpsii (9 months ago)
*Very well. Just don't trip over your nonexistent argument while you move away.*
Deutsches Kaiserreich (9 months ago)
Disliked and I am trying to move away from this comment.
Derpsii (9 months ago)
So? Why are you being so serious? If you don't like the joke, you might as well dislike it and move on.
Deutsches Kaiserreich (9 months ago)
I already see this troll, and its an old troll now.
Derpsii (9 months ago)
Llewell and Chelsia Tan It's not disrespectful, it's clearly a joke.
Lolbitg Love fox 990 (9 months ago)
Make a crash plane Delta Airlines flight 1141 pls.
B747 Ultimate (9 months ago)
Link: https://youtu.be/4XxMrjD9TMU
Allec Joshua Ibay (9 months ago)
Already done.
Exciter (9 months ago)
777 or 767?
David 7X7 (7 months ago)
Exciter 767
Jaive 75 (9 months ago)
767 is a lovely aircraft and she is my one of the favourite, But why in the hell is it underrated?
NightwingTQFTCC (9 months ago)
Man the 767 is so underrated. I like the 767 a little more than the 787. It’s so beautiful and majestic. Ah I just love the 767.
VibroSteve (9 months ago)
You do good work!
WNDW ST IDN (9 months ago)
For cockpit crew, It initially wants to 3 crew for 767. But when Airbus delivered A300B4 FFCC to Garuda Indonesia in 1982 & Introduce A310 in 1983, Airbus was leader for 2 man crew cockpit on that time for wide body. Boeing keep to made 767 with 3 crews but since #61 aircraft, it using 2 crew.
dispatchnig vomitory (9 months ago)
WNDW ST IDN interesting, any of those 3 crew 767 still in service?
DeanMC61 Channel (9 months ago)
Nadif Indoflyer (9 months ago)
And now, the 767 is been succeeded by the 787 which has the same capacity
farmerboy777 (9 months ago)
Well hints the name "successor"
Emily Gutierrez (9 months ago)
planes spotter and railfanner (4 months ago)
Emily Gutierrez nobody cares, not to mention you are probably not and want attention drawn to your smelly butthe, not to mention allec with good reason hates these 'comments' himself...
Alwin (9 months ago)
can you get x-plane or p3d thx nice vid
Mario Mario (9 months ago)
6. That i went in it 3 years a row