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UPS Most Humbling Day Of My Life 11/04/18

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suprajean1978 (5 months ago)
What happen to Tyler?
Knowledge S.O.G. (6 months ago)
What did he email you to tell you he shot his self because of what they're doing to the union and the company that sounds about right graphic that company f*** their retirement f*** their pension f*** everything about em. they can keep that corrupt as s*** I switched jobs when they passed a new contract was the best move I ever made Workforce has gotten a lot better and a lot less abusive then UPS
M S (6 months ago)
Ya I agree I needed a teamsters help they didn’t do shit and on top of that robbed me out of 380 of my hard earned money
B C22 (7 months ago)
What happened to you dude. No info in 3 months
Joshua Fredrickson (9 months ago)
That’s powerful man, I’m a flat bed semi driver buy I’d like to be a package car driver.
Giap Nguyen (10 months ago)
Great video, keep up the good work,prayers for the brother, I’m a 33 years upsers also, they just fucking greedy, they stop keeping out turkey for xmas, that was really pitty of them, you know dividends going up every quarter, who is making that happen? We are the drivers making that happen, so the drivers should get rewarded, just give us a fair contract and stop harassing us ... local 177
Shane Rowan (10 months ago)
I am a new hire seasonal package delivery driver and I walk into the unknown every morning. No direction, no guidance, no friendly co-workers. Just fellow drivers watching me walk around aimlessly. It’s very frustrating because I really want to do a good job. It goes on and on but I won’t bore you with the details. I appreciate your video/s, great message!
Cody Summers (10 months ago)
Hear, hear Tyler. This is the first video you have ever posted I can agree with the vast majority of. Thank you for this video and send my regards to our Brother and his family. 174 strong always and forever
K Kiss Productions (10 months ago)
Local 705 driver here...agree 100% with you that’s it our own fault...almost no union pride going on in my center it’s terrible
Nick T. (10 months ago)
Hypnoticboichico (10 months ago)
I wish everything you said was like that today. Everyday you see the morale decline, loads get crappy, and new hires are gone by their 2nd week. And I’m sure it’s because of the lack of the Golden Days: support for each other, sticking together, and staying united.
Steve Morelli (10 months ago)
Did 15 years in the teamsters back in the late 80s all the way through the 90s for LTL Trucking and now all that's gone and the ones that are left or making like $7 an hour less than they were 8 years ago it's sad to see what's going on
Steve Morelli (10 months ago)
Like you said it used to be the biggest Union
Gordon Gamble (10 months ago)
I still have a few of those myself Tyler, Thank you for honoring this service provider and to this person please know that GOD is still in the healing business. Keep up the fight.
Rules For Rebels (10 months ago)
Ups fired my girlfriend while going through cancer treatment and recovering from a knee surgery that happenned at work in the warehouse. Fuck ups
Tyler Binder (10 months ago)
Rules For Rebels 😥
fixit mike (10 months ago)
I like the message. If you have a problem in life, look inward for the solution to that problem.
Tyler Binder (10 months ago)
fixit mike 💪
Paul Grimm (10 months ago)
It was a different Company when JIM Casey was alive
Anthony Rodriguez (10 months ago)
God bless my union brother coming from santa cruz ca
Drone Xcursion (10 months ago)
fantastic video. what an honor.
Jon (10 months ago)
Matt Cola (10 months ago)
Very touching and inspiring !!!!!. I came from Maynard’s view channel :)
David Cunningham (10 months ago)
Bring back the UPS NASCAR sponsorship!!!! Best commercials ever!
john steplowski (10 months ago)
Well done Tyler. I was a helper during last Christmas and was paid $10 per hour. Worked 10 hours a day and my driver never took a lunch break for fear of not getting the job done. Culture must change and the roots are the people!
Mark Bremmer (10 months ago)
My father was a teamster man all the way. He didn't work for UPS but that is irrelevant. He walked the picket lines when it was his time. I know of the items that you have. He had some items from his employer that I wish I had. He passed away due to pancreatic cancer as well. I believe in a strong Union and I hope that things will turn around for everyone. Tyler, keep at it and keep everyone informed of what is going on.
sky jackson (10 months ago)
Give me that coat
Milton Swift (10 months ago)
Paul Grimm (10 months ago)
JIM Casey was the CEO when I started with UPS I worked my way up from preloader to Feeder Driver .i retired with 39 years.
Jim Bo (10 months ago)
I recently retired after 34 years at UPS. I’ve also had prostate cancer. I seem to be OK so far. Your video hit home, Tyler. The ill driver is in my thoughts.
NDN Mason (10 months ago)
Tyler your video and the tribute to the person who sent you the items is great and it does remind me alot of why I joined big brown my uncle worked at UPS for 38 years and next to my father was the hardest working man I have ever met. He was the reason I wanted to work for UPS and everything you said is true. I do greet every new person and let them know they have somdone they can ask anything but we do need to not just go back to the old days but find new ways to reach each and every member and make them feel engaged in our brotherhood. Thanks for all you do and I will keep our brother and his family in my prayers. LM
Joshua Dickens (10 months ago)
You're super thanks for the input.
Joe faulisi (10 months ago)
tyler for president
Jonny Dingo (10 months ago)
It was the best blue collar job ever!!!! Everyone respected us!!! I felt when mgmt allowed us to come to work dressed in our browns, the respect overall and in every way went down... !!! We had some kick ass gear in the day!!!! The G.A. Rivers (USA, Georgia union made) browns were high quality! I named my own son Tyler in honor of Tyler Knapp---- a real man and a real UPS leader!!! God Bless you Tyler Binder!!! Retired UPS driver here----- but only 25 years at it...
Thien Mai (10 months ago)
Same thing with the turkey. I want turkey back
EnduroPlus (10 months ago)
great video keep it up. in st paul minnesota we still give bomber jackets. no one really wants to talk here keep to themselves and their clicks as youd say. and complain
james styler (10 months ago)
I'm a new guy hitting 4 years this month. I'm with you. I make it an effort to attend all meetings, I talk to the new hires and part timers, and just became an alternate shop steward in my center. I have alot to learn but I do my best to help the members and this union. Thanks for every thing you do I think it helps newer guys feel better at least It gives me drive to do better. And to the brother that sent you these things thank you also.
Tyler Binder (10 months ago)
james styler let's go baby it's our time. We have a long way to go may as well give em hell the entire time!
Earl Nut (10 months ago)
Gosh Tyler, what a nice thing for that driver to do. UPS culture has changed a lot in the last 30 years and I suppose the fault is partly on both sides. The big push since the company went public for speed at the expense of everything else is really showing up now. You will also grow to hate those that you lie about or despitefully use. There's something to think about in that comment I heard a long time ago. All that aside, I know guys that have been retired from UPS now for 20 years or more and they are a bit puzzled by your videos and I really think this will help those guys understand that things aren't like they were all those years ago. They will be really touched by your video honoring the work they did. It really is nice to see how honestly touched you are by that driver's willingness to reach out to you in a very personal way. I sure hope things go as well for him as they can. When the video first opened up, I honestly thought you were going to show us a "thrift store find" I hadn't seen one of those jackets for years now. I can't remember anymore how those things were awarded. I must not have passed muster for that one. Haha! We do have a lot of reasons to be proud of where we work, and it's a good thing to be reminded of that on occasion.
Correy Bells (10 months ago)
I honor it Tyler.
BC SMACKABELLY (10 months ago)
Dang it in the feels... And ive been working part time a little close to two years now and i also have heard many stories about different draws for holidays and how every one worked and cared for each other. But what i see with everything as of now is the complete opposite and ill have too say theres alot of the 2nd behavior that you talked about with negatived at my hub and its just not right. But with this brother in this video you mention he probably thought you can be the new Ron Carry from 97. Thanks for making this video and hopefully you dont get hate for spreading some truth.
Tyler Binder (10 months ago)
BC JarHead Thanks man. I'll take any help I can get. Spread the love at work my man
And C (10 months ago)
Ortiz Racing #7 (10 months ago)
Greetings brother Tyler! One more quick idea here! Remember brothers n sisters our fellow teamsters May walk in the coming weeks! Support them take up collections for them! They still have mortgages utility bills groceries n other expenses plus the holidays coming up! Go out and walk n show solidarity to your brothers and sisters! Take them some pizza or make them some food! Support them show them small parcel is with them! Your will see other Frieght people out there walking supporting them! Take your family down to the line educate your kids n family about the importance of this labor movement! Talk with your neighbors n church members to get out and support these men and women who are gambling on their future as well as your! United we stand divided we fall!💪🇺🇸
Ortiz Racing #7 (10 months ago)
Thoughts and prayers to our brother and his family! Go upstairs n fought for our next contract in Heaven! Think of what this brother saw the changes of service levels and volume growth n changes in equipment! Amazing all tokens of sacrifice hot summer days long cold lonely nights knocking on doors! Attending monthly meetings going to the hall to actually vote on your lively hood! Remember when UPS gave every employee a turkey at Christmas! Safe driving awards! Part Timers received recognition for loading trucks near perfect! Started in 89 hardest peak of my life coldest nights wondering when this sort will ever end? Great times hard times fun times! When your brothers and sisters looked out for you management talked with you had you over for bbq with their family your business agent was a fixture in your building your steward would talk with you! Your Steward answered their phone helped file a grievance! Teamster jackets worn in the building with uniforms! Every single member needs to attend meetings send communication to your business agents stand up for each other educate one another! Have lunch together! Remember when you say the union sold you out ask yourself a very important question when was the last time I attended my monthly meeting when was the last time I voted on a contract when was the last time I walked a picket line with other brothers and sisters! When was the last time I did something for some one else? Remember YOU ARE THE UNION! Would you let someone service your wife? Hell no that’s your job! Do your job get out there n exercise your right or forfeit what your brothers and sisters have fought for! Good job Tyler this applies to normal life not just union life! United we stand divided we fall! If your gonna be upset cuz this contract sucks then do something to change it start today write down what you don’t like have your steward post it on the board talk it up people you are in control of your own destiny!💪
portiababy17 (10 months ago)
2008 revenue recovery had its first layoff it was five part time people I was one of them, it’s really sad that when we got laid off no one not even the union called us to check on us and we were gone for three months not knowing if were coming back or not. We were all giving calls to come back to jobs totally different from what we were doing knowing that that was a possibility we were going to fail and lose our jobs. For me that’s when I knew that the union was real week because we were told four weeks possibly months there are jobs were not in jeopardy and then I have the clear blue blue called into the office and told me were laid off. Only by the grace of God I was able to get my job back after 2 1/2 months of not knowing if I was coming back or not. I was already with the company for five years in a blink of an eye I was gone with not even a concern.
John Mallon (10 months ago)
You’re a very intelligent man, and my prayers for our brother. I worked 1/2 my career when it was a privately owned company and the other half when we sold out to Wall St. The difference is night and day. I was so proud to be a driver (I don’t even have the words to express it)...... We were treated with respect and dignity while still wanting to work extremely hard..... I showed up daily with my brothers while we ultimately won our strike. My last years were awful. More more more...... I was abused and mistreated. At 59 I got my first lost time injury. I stood up against them again. I (along with a Teamster lawyer) won a large lawsuit hands down. I’m gratefully retired now. You are absolutely right, if you let yourself be a doormat, they will wipe their boots on you. Stand tall, help your fellow Teamsters, learn your rights. Times have changed. Make sure you adjust accordingly. TEAMSTERS STRONG
Jacob Bartaczewicz (10 months ago)
Tyler very powerful and moving comments for all of us brothers and sisters to reflect on.As a freight guy from Milwaukee these are very troubling times because people are too afraid to fight the fight that paves the future for all of us as the saying goes " United we stand Divided we fall " that's where we are today people...FALLING. As of today 11/6 our freight world is crumbling down, because we have failed to fight...so I'm hoping this weekend when the votes are counted we prevail.God bless the person and family, and all of us freight and package people ,it"s time to stand tall and be proud of who we are...Thanks for ALL you do...
Tyler Binder (10 months ago)
Jacob Bartaczewicz Vote No. Make some said cash to survive. Strike there ass! Take what's yours. SOLIDARITY!!
Knothead (10 months ago)
Best video yet. Kudos.
Scott D (10 months ago)
7 dislikes? Wow I’m speechless
Tyler Binder (10 months ago)
Scott D Pretty good for the current atmosphere on the internet
DGRuLZS (10 months ago)
As a 30 year upser, that feeling of being 10 feet tall was similar to how I felt 29 years ago! Derby jackets were awesome, pride being a UPSer was awesome, circle of honor was our" hall of fame"!! Since going public everything changed and not for the better... My prayers go out to my brother battling cancer and his family. And to you Tyler, for everything you are doing and reminding me why I lasted 30 years, I remember what it felt to be 10 feet tall!!!
Tyler Binder (10 months ago)
DGRuLZS I love hearing these memories from veterans. Thank you for the kind words
Ezukowsky39 (10 months ago)
This video was amazing brother. Prayers to our fellow brother and family.
Chuck K. (10 months ago)
Definitely a humbling experience Tyler but that has to rank up there as one of the most proudest moments. You are a force that will be difficult to stop. I'm not even an employee of UPS nor do I belong to a union but I would be proud to call you a brother. Keep doing what you're doing my friend. It's definitely working in great proportion! To the person that has shared those items with you, may God be with them and their family. That individual is a GREAT person and their legacy will live on. This is proof of it.
Tyler Binder (10 months ago)
Chuck K. It was an emotional day. Thanks for your kind words!
Dee Dee (10 months ago)
Prayers for our fellow UPSer/Teamster.
Bruce Mitchell (10 months ago)
Eye opening
Brian Chernesky (10 months ago)
my ❤ go's out to my teamster brother and his family i wish we can go back to the time of union pried in our work place when i frist start in ups in 2000 i seen it but after the serenity staff start to retired it got week and not the same i miss those days
John Deere 26 (10 months ago)
Hey you got to keep cutting through the bs
John Deere 26 (10 months ago)
Those coins were from the rebranding and the brand, changing
John Deere 26 (10 months ago)
Hey you know what we are talking about, it should be chic fila every Sunday,
John Deere 26 (10 months ago)
Get our company back, but your greed will
John Deere 26 (10 months ago)
Hey, buy the share holder out,
John Deere 26 (10 months ago)
Hey happy Tuesday
tlm19670 (10 months ago)
Most important part of being in a union is believing in the union, and that means caring for your union family every day and never giving up. God bless Tyler
MemphisMike (10 months ago)
Much respect and prayers for this brother. Great video Tyler. I remeber Aug 23, 1982 my first day at UPS unloading a 40ft trailer. Hardest day of my Life..but after i left my shift I was proud i was working the BEST PT job in America. Aug 23, 2018 i celebrated 36 yrs of Service. Not a word mentioned in PCM...no more watches..Service awards..nothing. That being said. When i step on thw truck my customer is still my Number 1 priority. Morale is at an All time Low and gets worse every year. Drivers come in unticked shirts...havent shaved in a month under clause of “no shave “ policy...call in sick under the disguise of FMLA from a Dr who is their buddy..its sad. BUT. Im sticking it out another 4-5 years til I am 60 at least. Appreciate young cats like you stepping up to the plate YOU be the best employee and set the best example you can.
Vicious Saito (10 months ago)
don't make the union mad by calling in too much..its all a liberal agenda with ups..the entire operation is so liberal..the union leads or whatever..all those fuckers have agendas.
Small town Guy (10 months ago)
Tyler, I disagreed with your position on the contract. I haven't stopped watching your videos though. You are doing a great job at not only sharing info, but giving insight and helping members understand things. I've admitted you were right before, and you are right again here. Thank you for the time you give.
Tyler Binder (10 months ago)
Small town Steward Thanks for showing unity even if we don't see eye to eye on everything
Tom Jones (10 months ago)
Thanks for another great video. Condolences to that individual and his family.
Kyle W (10 months ago)
Tyler since this contract is pretty much a done deal can you start putting out videos interpreting the new language?
Tyler Binder (10 months ago)
Kyle W Shortly. I need to wait for a final copy
Jimmy Jack (10 months ago)
Take the emotion out of it and understand with a business sense : if you were running a company and paying a person to turn a key & drive a truck and put a box on a doorstep or dock , would $30 per hour be responsible ? In a market that requires no skills I’d say NO !!! Once again take the emotion out and look at it as if you’re taking a business class ..... my heart goes out to the guy with Prostate cancer . God bless you .
Large steward (10 months ago)
Jimmy Jack, $36.14 currently in a package car with a benefit package that cost $415.22 per week not month per week, so on straight time that’s $.60 per minute overtime it is $54.21 per at $.90 per minute, then these folks are claiming Teamsters some how screwed over the members. Think you’ve all lost sight of what’s what, every other competitor in this industry is none union paying peanuts at best horse shit benefits at best. And people claim Tyler is a hero, he’s a want to be. You vote Scott Walker Tyler that’s where your great prison job went.
Jimmy Jack (10 months ago)
jake z the profit that UPS reports seems to be shared with the employees as a driver makes $ 30+ per hour and a generous benefit package. The part about unions that is remarkably confusing is that they support democrats that are in favor of taking the profits of corporations and redistributing them in social programs. Don’t you agree that hurts the worker at UPS ? Wouldn’t you want that profit to be reinvested in the company ? Once again what market in the world pays a truck driver $30 per hour with great benefits ? Only UPS, Do some research on why the Auto giants in Detroit failed miserably. You’ll get a better understanding of why paying a janitor $30 hr brings a profitable company to its knees .
jake z (10 months ago)
Jimmy jack I understand you're talking about this in a business sense. That it all comes down to the bottom line. That we need to be so far in the BLACK that all other factors have disappeared. Remember when if a company did well, the workers that helped make the company do well were rewarded for helping the company achieve success. That was the recognition, the compensation, the satisfaction in knowing that the EMPLOYEES and the COMPANY were in the fight together. But yes I guess it's all about the bottom line. How much revenue can we make, less the cost it takes to obtain the revenue.
Jimmy Jack (10 months ago)
Tyler Binder I’m saying if you like everyone having an equal share of everything , study Cuba , where the equal share is a mere existence of subsidies of small portions of food and free health care ..... I view unions as such , they will make you believe that the whole of the body is the most important function and in reality it’s not . Do some research on the Central states Pension fund . Not that you asked for my advice but here’s my opinion . You are at the beginning of the end of a Union such as the teamsters . It will still exist in some capacity , but your effort for equal this equal that and fair this and fair that doesn’t hold weight in a culture that can eliminate whole job sectors with the flip of the TECHNOLOGY...Switch....I’d get so far away from labor and use the skills you seem to have and put them to use where YOU are in demand ..... is a Truck driver for $30 per hr . in demand ? Answer that question and look in the mirror and if you believe in god ask yourself if you are putting to use the talents god gifted you ...
Tyler Binder (10 months ago)
Jimmy Jack So you're saying it can be done but it's just highly unlikely. People need to do something.
Marv Art (10 months ago)
I think the decline began when UPS went public. Owned by shareholders
terry diggs (10 months ago)
Thx for the inspirational video. 100% truth
dev oconnell (10 months ago)
i believe you've been handed the torch . . .
Dennis Pluto (10 months ago)
dev oconne. I was about to say the same.excellent job tyler.
Thomas Love (10 months ago)
Well done I'm also 33yr vet Local 769
Matt Johnson (10 months ago)
It's so sad brother. The only reason the Teamsters exist now is because of UPS.
Mark Markem (10 months ago)
Brother you need to be our leader. I’m not even Union yet and might not even make it to my 45 punches due to this crap (freight) but you have the brotherhood mentality the unity we need.
Crazy55 Rider (10 months ago)
It's not what Brown can do for you it's what We can do. Life is tough we need to be tougher. We all have lost things. It's time to say no more.
Philly Breed (10 months ago)
I wanted the black version of you coat. It was black and yellow. I sorry to hear about the guy. It's sad that he won't be able to enjoy his retirement
POOHBEAR J.E. Paige (10 months ago)
Wow awesome video! Very motivating if any!!!
darold zink (10 months ago)
Tyler for president !!
jmsamborski (10 months ago)
Man that was powerful... I have a ton of respect for you.
Harold Hatley (10 months ago)
I retired from UPS in 2014 after 27 years as a driver. At the time, i was the senior driver in my center. I still keep a complete uniform set in my closet because i’m proud of who i was wearing it, and what it meant for my family. As a retiree, i cant vote on contracts anymore. If you run for Teamster President, i will support you 100%. My thoughts and prayers to my brother Teamster and his family.
Ian Haley (10 months ago)
Probably your best video yet! Keep up the good work brother!
Lino Zovich (10 months ago)
Guilty. I used to tell rookies “I’m here to help you last 20+ years” and I’d give them advice. Now I just tell them they might as well walk in backwards because they’re gonna get fucked!😞
Paul M. (10 months ago)
That was a very generous gesture. That brother couldn’t have chosen a better person to give those treasures too. Keep it up brother. Philly Local 623
Diego Garcia (10 months ago)
Proud as heck of you Tyler... it's an honor to have you as a Teamster. I'm a professional tractor trailer driver 1000% proud of my job and who I am. I will fight with my brothers and stand tall for every one now and the ones coming after even more. This should inspire us to rebuild this great UNION and put it back on the map as the GOAT..." Greatest of All Time".
f gj (10 months ago)
Well said.👍
Not Jake (10 months ago)
I've only ever gotten a laminated piece of paper as a thank you for my years of service, maybe a water bottle once worth less than a dollar. I didn't even get that the last two years for my 10th and 11th years, nothing. Every one of my co workers is on the same page with UPS, they don't care about us and have forgotten that we are people and that we are their biggest assets.
Rainy Days (10 months ago)
People need to vote. You don't even have to step out of the house anymore. My dad likes to remind me that the United States speaks English because of one vote. Come on people...
Footballer (10 months ago)
Greed /corruption changes everything. UPS/Teamsters are both at fault of that. Prayers to the UPSer and his/her family who is suffering from cancer.
jubrieel Jones (10 months ago)
Nice 👍
FixItNick (10 months ago)
Greed is a powerful thing, those on top make X100 what we make and they want X100 more, they push hard because that’s that’s all they worry about is more $$ ... wish union would approve a strike
Scott D (10 months ago)
You’re doing an amazing job, Tyler. You’ve got what it takes to keep the waves of change coming as people band together.
Miles Higher (10 months ago)
We can make some serious change if we stand together to overthrow the Hoffa-esque politics in the coming IBT presidential vote. We can take the shame out of this union and secure a lucrative, secure, and united brotherhood. Brothers and sisters, stand strong and be active. Our future depends on your perseverance. Great job Tyler!
Mossydog (10 months ago)
I remember they gave us turkeys every thanksgiving. It's was great and I always appreciated it.
soulkeeper (10 months ago)
The milinials screwed us over. They think a like equals a vote.
John Pekoff (10 months ago)
Right on man !!!! Great to feel a spark igniting again !!!!
joe hall (10 months ago)
Great video young man. I don't work for UPS. I am not in a union. You have done great work for yourself. Your fellow employees and the future of your union. God bless the man and his family who gave you his personal possessions.
ironeagle2526 (10 months ago)
Its really sad I have almost 33 years there and I have felt like I'm on a sinking ship things were really good back then and the raises were great now its just ho hum and we are working harder than ever my prayers go out to my fellow ups brother and by the way I have that jacket I like that logo better than the one we have now great video keep it up
Ted Rainville II (10 months ago)
Local 639
Larry (10 months ago)
Hi Tyler, job well done on this video! I'm a retired UPS driver from Indiana. It has been seven years since I put my browns on for the last time. I spent thirty two years of my life working at UPS.I'm so proud of you and what you are doing to turn things around. It will not be easy. But anything worth doing is never easy. My generation must take some of the blame for the mess that you have in front of you. We did not do our best at cleaning it up in years past. Now it has morphed into what you guys have to deal with now. For this I am sorry. But I think with men like you leading the way that things can change. You are a inspiration for all young and old men and women. Thank You and may God bless you. Larry
Tyler Binder (10 months ago)
Diesel Prime Thank you for the honestly, support, and kind words
michelle Panyik (10 months ago)
Very moving Tyler my husband's been a driver for 25 years I remember they used to give him nice things to. Plaques, pins, I also remember the t-shirts for being a safe driver they don't even give those out anymore. I've never seen anything that nice given to my husband or anyone at UPS that is very moving thanks for wearing those items and reminding people what Unity is. Our country is so divided now and yes they are people that live paycheck-to-paycheck that can't probably strike. But I think there's people need to unite together as we did before to change things for the better for this company and employees. Wear those items proud! Whoever gave you those items is probably retired and sees a lot of potential in you. My prayers go out to that person that did send those items to you and my prayers go out to you also Tyler Biden. Thank you so much for what you are doing on this subject it does seem like no one cares anymore. It makes me feel good to see that someone does care keep up the good work Tyler. Amen brother🙏🙏🇺🇸
Yea Ok (10 months ago)
That’s definitely true but the company going public changed A lot of the culture.
outlaw8113 (10 months ago)
Sorry to say I did that, I had hope, for 14 years I believe in this but I don't know if I can do it
Greg Kovacs (10 months ago)
The entire company changed when it went public.
Chad Glamuzina (10 months ago)
I remember when we got turkeys.
Michael moss (10 months ago)
Company got greedy
Nighthawk Predator (10 months ago)
Very True!!! That's around the time we lost our turkeys too. lol