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UPS Whiteboard - Customer Service

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How customer service should be in shipping.
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Text Comments (17)
Avid Art (4 years ago)
Get out!
ManWest (7 years ago)
HA! In L.A. "Sally" at UPS cistomer service, is replaced by Faquisha and all of the delivery men are so painfully Jersey Shore stupid they don't even know what a simple CALL BOX is. They leave a quick scribbled UPS notice and leave immediately.
FrioFrijoles (8 years ago)
Anyone else notice he said "Left-turn in Louisville"? I thought they saved gas with their "only right-turns" policy...
romanticprincess8888 (8 years ago)
@TehNarrator where?
w1seguys (9 years ago)
You style your friends uncles' hair? interesting.......
w1seguys (9 years ago)
How do you know? Are you his hair stylist or something?
Eddie Gregg (9 years ago)
The song used in the commercial is "Such Great Heights" performed by a band called the Postal Service
w00tkid (9 years ago)
UPS is not the US Postal Service. FAIL
w1seguys (9 years ago)
crazymicah (9 years ago)
explain how UPS is a subsidary of USPS? they do no business with each other.
crazymicah (9 years ago)
but this video is not an example of this because this is a UPS video not a USPS video....two complete different things
obviousgeneralname (9 years ago)
Because the USPS had argued that The Postal Service used their name as copyright infringement, but then came to an agreement to give them the copyright allowance in exchange for promo spots and commercials featuring their music.
mikeyABI (10 years ago)
"such great heights" by the postal service
jwr1787 (11 years ago)
do you think this is real or fake?
Le o (11 years ago)
i love the postal service!!!
JT Brooks (11 years ago)
fredo69 (11 years ago)
My second fav.