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Front Porch UPS delivery 2012 11 17 094420

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At 0944PT on 17 November 2012, a UPS employee delivered a Saturday Overnight package to my house in the Glenmoor neighborhood of Fremont, California. He did not ring the doorbell. He did not place the package in a location not visible from the street, e.g. behind the brick column. The package was stolen 25 minutes later by an unidentified woman who walked up onto my porch and took it.
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Text Comments (3) (1 year ago)
A package laying on the floor is too vulnerable. Just get a DropSak and no more worries.
Drew Till (2 years ago)
Dude he didn't even ring ur doorbell
Rob Edmondson (4 years ago)
Read the info. Shit got stolen. That's fucked up he left it in the most obviously spot possible.