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How Bugatti Made A Car That's Made Entirely Of Porcelain

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Bugatti has made a luxury porcelain car called the L'Or Blanc, or White Gold. It comes with two keys. One for starting the car up and one for adjusting the speed. Porcelain makes up almost every part of the luxurious vehicle, from its fuel cap to the hubcaps. Before they made the car, Bugatti tested the porcelain material to make sure it didn't break on the road. See more from Super Car Blondie: https://www.youtube.com/supercarblondie Business Insider tells you all you need to know about business, finance, tech, science, retail, and more. Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: http://www.businessinsider.com/ BI on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/businessinsider/ BI on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/businessinsider/ BI on Twitter: https://twitter.com/businessinsider
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Text Comments (457)
chef jamie (10 days ago)
One hairline crack and that car will be written off
gue gak bilang kalo (1 month ago)
"Bugatti ceramic" better name...., Porcelain...., hmmmm toilet...,,
William McGraw (4 months ago)
Oh yeah Im going through a traffic thing at this time worldwide. Is anything coming your way LOVE?
Mark Simpson (7 months ago)
Porcelain my arse
Frank Jager (7 months ago)
If I had that car in my possession, I would spend an additional million if I had to, just to make the ignition sound like a flushing toilet
Lizzy Masters (7 months ago)
wow toilet bugatti.
Bob Ross (7 months ago)
So if I throw a firework in it would it break like a toilet
T Johnson (8 months ago)
this is a brittle car
Chris (8 months ago)
I would keep the car safe using security system with lasers XD
Moulipriyo Saha (8 months ago)
ENTIRELY made of porcelain...my ass
XXXTentacles (9 months ago)
I’m confused so is the actual body of the car porcelain too? I mean the title made it seem like that’s why they meant but I’m assuming it’s not the case
Jonathan R. (9 months ago)
"Entirely made of porcelain" when in reality, its a few interior accents, wheel caps, & the gas cap...cool story bro!
Romain Sandt (9 months ago)
How to make a video with someone else video...
Justin (9 months ago)
Fuckin caviar bowl?
Han Zhang (9 months ago)
Bilal Ayub (9 months ago)
made an entire video about porcelain but didn't tell what porcelain really is
Antonio Bârnă (9 months ago)
I am curious as hell how this car would behave in a crash.
Dannehy :D (9 months ago)
i've always hated the bugatti head and tail lights for the veyron. but with the chiron, much much better
Skankhunt #42 (9 months ago)
You know she gives good neck haha
Lennox Trials (9 months ago)
Toilets are made of porcelain. I shit and piss into a toilet. That means thus car is ment to be shit and pissed on. This car is shit.
Password (9 months ago)
too risky to let a blondie to drive a car
Craig Smith (9 months ago)
So it’s not really porcelain, just has a few small porcelain pieces and badges on it...
GaU raV (9 months ago)
A $550,000 Rolls Royce Phantom is a great choice than this one guys
Gergő Gulyás (9 months ago)
Looks terrible
wroom k (9 months ago)
Some person asks me: whats your hair color? Me: yeah its like tan gold. Qus it shine so brilliantly
UNiCoRn PeGaSuS (9 months ago)
I would never rely on a porcelain car
just s a u c e (9 months ago)
Crashing it would sound like breaking a plate
Donger (9 months ago)
Damn i hate this girl so much
Jancee Villamor (9 months ago)
That would be a toilet car
Łegend Prøzz (9 months ago)
What is porcelain?
Roland M. Dill (9 months ago)
I hope this car is unique because its incredibly ugly
NDB (9 months ago)
Pontiac aztek is better looking
ultra prime (9 months ago)
If this was completely made of porcelain the engine and exhausts would melt the car
Abir Kazi (9 months ago)
can you drive fast with it? or do you have to drive slow and very carefully?
Talon (9 months ago)
It would be a shame if i *accidentally* smashed it with a hammer
Roman Nemirovsky (9 months ago)
alphazar (9 months ago)
Beautiful and fragile, like iPhone X
worthless creature (9 months ago)
how about the tires
Swaggy P (9 months ago)
Dumbest thing in existence
BengkelMarmer dotCom (9 months ago)
Entirely ?
Nik Murphy (9 months ago)
This car is worth 2.4 million dollars..... to somebody with more money than sense.
Xalataf (9 months ago)
Still too heavy
superbleeder98 (9 months ago)
Looks fugly
Condor1970 (9 months ago)
I fail to see how porcelain on a supercar would be lighter, safer, and more performance oriented than carbon fiber. No different than strapping wheels and V12 to my John and rolling down the street. At least that would have dual use.
Voice IT (9 months ago)
this is stupid
BialyOrzel777 (9 months ago)
Is going to more expensive ? Plus it could could probably break just like my porcelain dishes or Coffee mug...
ro pro (9 months ago)
Why are Bugattis so shockingly fugly
Mumbʟes005 (9 months ago)
"Made Entirely Of Porcelain" Fix your damn title
Retarded Noob (9 months ago)
marki mark (9 months ago)
Now i can take a poop while driving!
Marko Stojanovic (9 months ago)
Joseph (9 months ago)
Ima be honest I don’t like it.
JDR 235 (9 months ago)
Ugly asf
Sean LeGrys (9 months ago)
"Made entirely out of Porcelain, minus most of the car that isn't"
kapil busawah (9 months ago)
A porcelain body and that engine won't last 4 years diving normally let alone with that speed key enabled
chenezy (9 months ago)
Isn't it there was a video of someone reversing this into a LaF around 3 years or so ago?
hyou zan ren (9 months ago)
Love the colour its just like my toilet seat!....Wait!!!
melvin george (9 months ago)
Just to say , give one day meal to someone who dont have it; his smile will make you happy ; you don't need a bugatti for it.
Kieran Jansz (9 months ago)
2:03 The car *is* the artwork
Fredrick II (9 months ago)
Imagine being so rich that your car has a built in porcelain caviar dish
ElGringo (9 months ago)
"made entirely of porcelain?" Cliiiiiick bait.
LouieDePC (9 months ago)
"Entirely of Porcelain" Thats some good seats
AJP83 (10 months ago)
So they basically took a gorgeous car and made it look shit.
ninjabumaye (10 months ago)
You kinda have to dislike for that title, don't you?
kingsoloist (10 months ago)
i'm reporting this video. the bodyframe itself isn't made of porcelain. just the accessories.
Shamrock (10 months ago)
imagine how heavy this one is compared to regular veyrons
Ibrahim mohammed (10 months ago)
My eyes were tricked and I thought that the whole car was made of shining silver material like white gold or platinum
Bansaidnes V2 (10 months ago)
Lol in Dubai
laurentiu iliescu (10 months ago)
you put a woman to drive that bugatti? well the value sure dropped quickly
henry Sanson (10 months ago)
John Cena (10 months ago)
What a stupid idea.
Nesper (10 months ago)
Take away the engine and put an i4 in that because the stupid broad would never actually use what the car is intended for
MTD (10 months ago)
I don't even know how to kindly close my fridge door, I don't imagine the hell I can cause if I close one of those doors...
SKPjoe Coursegold (10 months ago)
safety crash test?
Zack TheBongRipper (10 months ago)
Masterpeice of stupidity. Goes to show you that many rich people have more money than brains.
ßaron (10 months ago)
Err... Why do you guys only care now? The car's been out there for about a decade!
Yohanes Winata (10 months ago)
she can now use Clorox from her kitchen to clean this car.
El Diablo (10 months ago)
She says " Wouldn't you love to have this in your garage, so you could go and look at it every day ? " After about a week, your old lady would ask, " Are you going out to the garage to look at your car ? " No not today, I'm watching YouTube.
Megadeth58 (10 months ago)
MrGrombie (10 months ago)
Waste of time and resources....
MrGrombie (10 months ago)
Plus, I'd bet an Ariel Atom has it on a quarter mile. And that's a hell of a lot more fun if I had that type of play money.
MrGrombie (10 months ago)
If I had that in my garage, first I would call the cops. And report it, because I am not catching no charge. Second, if it was mine, I'd sell that shit off to the highest sucker and invest the money into my business. I could build a lot of homes with a 2m+ Third, it's gaudy af. I like my F250 more.
Audi_ophile (10 months ago)
Hope nobody cracks it up. Get it? ahh I crack myself up.
Suck A **** (10 months ago)
The bad thing is when you bumped it on a huge hole crack the material
Abraham Shekelbergstien (10 months ago)
This is stupid
A B (10 months ago)
Freedom Cobra (10 months ago)
Ummm..... wheels are rubber
ecoroyalty (10 months ago)
It's not entirely ...
New5TV (10 months ago)
fragile car
Lewisite (10 months ago)
Can’t believe they let a woman drive this car, imagine how bad it could’ve been if she had driven it for any longer
98snakeeater (10 months ago)
fugly and pointless
dead channel (10 months ago)
She just made a fat ass veyron heavier.
J bell (10 months ago)
Shittin on em'
Gray filter Guy (10 months ago)
I'm glad ahe brought that up ,nothing keeps you happy.
ViZu Restart (10 months ago)
Is this a new veyron? Cause it looks so outdated. Two keys and one is for adjusting suspension and stuff, I thought we had push button start and the ability to adjust the mode of the car with other buttons
QuantumBullet (10 months ago)
Not the best car paint...
Michael Zheng (10 months ago)
“Wouldn’t you love to have this in your Gar- Rodge”
Jay Be (10 months ago)
Wow. Such pure, unfiltered hater-ade in these comments! 🤣🤣🤣 Stop hatin' you poor ass muthafuckaz, lol. Just appreciate some shit. That car is that hot fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥 lol!!!! Let the great be great goddamnit. 😂😂😂
amazing_dude (10 months ago)
What if they make a car out of wood
AnarchistMetalhead (10 months ago)
Morgan cars have wooden frames
Jonas Chang (10 months ago)
What's the point?
marco (10 months ago)
Basically they turned it in to a Buick lol
JAP TAP (10 months ago)