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This is how Facebook kills its competition

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CNN's Jon Sarlin explores the different ways that the social media giant has kept competitors at bay — and why that could now spell trouble.
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Text Comments (360)
Totalwawa Lee (2 months ago)
I live in the u.s for 15yrs I've start use MySpace after that Facebook that's all i love Facebook its easy to use
berenjervin (3 months ago)
LOL, CNN is attacking Facebook now. CNN is become just a democrat propaganda organization. The US desperately needs to reign in media where they can fine or prosecute fake news.
ragusaf (4 months ago)
#DeleteFaceBook #DeleteInstagram #DeleteWhatsApp
progKansas (4 months ago)
Verizon ruined Tumblr.
Arian Orange (5 months ago)
I thought Instagram was much more famous than Facebook!
Ch Pe (5 months ago)
I'm a faithful Mewe user.
Susanta Thapalia (5 months ago)
You ve been Zucccc...
I miss Friendster :(
Dead Pool (5 months ago)
Son of a bxtch!!!
ₗDₒₙₛₗ (5 months ago)
The way the kill the competition is by killing them and using their lizzard skin to take their forms (like the faceless men from GoT
Renny Zero (5 months ago)
Facebook is a blog site dominated by a criminal monopoly . MAGA
Tomatoe Eater (5 months ago)
Facebook is a CIA front company, it was started by In-q-tel, a CIA venture arm. Search it.
Giorgio House (5 months ago)
Government is FOR SALE...like the Competitors...so...No worry for Facebook...
Red Diamonds Universe (5 months ago)
Facebook does not have a competitor because Mark eats the compeition its a diet for a Lizard Person
Tony Bone (5 months ago)
Wished all these new features wasn't forced
sanjay pandey (5 months ago)
That's why I'm love Facebook
tubeMonger (5 months ago)
I was watching something reasonably interesting from CNN. Go figure.
Ninad Ganore (5 months ago)
These tactics are nothing new, more like business 101
SuB SONiC (5 months ago)
Couldve just said 'copy' instead of having to explain that 'apply' means 'copy and apply.'
luvz2skeet (5 months ago)
Yeah the rhyme wasnt exactly worth it
Lucas Cavalcanti (5 months ago)
And this is why free market is fairy tale for naive ppl and therefore why we need regulations
Muhaimen Hossain (5 months ago)
patents don't work on these businesses or what?
T.S OUTLET (5 months ago)
What is facebook?🤯
Alex Diaz (5 months ago)
The ole people jus jellus us young peepole ar smarter than dem
Gas Clinic (5 months ago)
Microsoft been doin that for a long time. but in the and they will fail. There will be a better format that will emerge soon. when people get tired of FB censorship. like what they are doin right now in PH island
Give me your Lunch money kid (5 months ago)
Theres no way there was still 169 million facebook users in 2018 lmao
Laugh Man (5 months ago)
Funny how cartels work in a similar fashion
Mayank Sharma (5 months ago)
Yea its like if u don't kill ur opponents then they can
Blanco (5 months ago)
Still dont understand how Instagram’s stories move was deemed legalI mean they literally even copied the name...
GoldBeard The Thirteenth (5 months ago)
The API is antitrust breakage since they own the majority marketshare in API. It would be one thing to charge more but they are leveraging one part of its business to attack another major source of its resource. It isn't illegal to be a monopoly in the US. It is illegal to have majority marketshare in something and then try to prevent other market leaders. Most likely they will have to spin off their API business. That is likely on the horizon for Facebook. It would be good for the internet and Facebook to do so as the API business can do a lot more in that regard. In the sense of Internet companies like Facebook, the users are the resource and not the consumer. The consumer is the advertisers. Companies like Snapchat would need to build their own API to do so. Though that deny part is the anti-competitive aspect. I think buyouts are okay because the competitor agrees to sell itself to the competitor and it also opens the door for new companies to startup. Buyouts make sense in Facebook's system because of the fact that social media was such a fast growing low barrier to entry market. Now that it is getting regulation, we may see that change but the API deny is very likely a breech of anti-trust laws. Copying a competitor isn't bad either as consumers win out with an already established content distribution system. Protecting the consumer is critical to why we have anti-trust laws in the first place. When it comes to denial and a monopoly that is when the anti-trust laws become breached.
Darth Tater (5 months ago)
Fuck Facebook and Google all they want is your personal data
Akshay Gundeti (5 months ago)
Can a company not patent it's features? Why didn't Snapchat do that?
The Charisma Channel (5 months ago)
Ironic really that, it kills innovation, something that it's been founded on
ileta Marchita (5 months ago)
fb is only used by old fucks
Koca Kola (5 months ago)
This is how you stole people's idea! 🤣
Thomas Finn (5 months ago)
This is really malicious
Rainbows341 Gaming (5 months ago)
Ali (5 months ago)
Who the fuck still uses Facebook?!
RAMESHAN ACHARI (5 months ago)
നിങ്ങൾ. വലും എന്ന് പറയുമ്പോൾ വരില്ല അഡ്ഡസ് മുഴുവനും.തന്നു ഡിൽ മൈ.ഹോം.ഇമിഗ്രേഷൻ. കിട്ടാതെ അയിട്ട് മാസം ഒന്നിയി
OnDay 7 (5 months ago)
its smart not evil. if myspace had done it or, blockbuster done it. it wouldve been a different world, however some learn to adapt and challenge enemies head on. only issue i have is censorship. you start to censor ANYONE because of viewpoints, your going to piss off ALOT of people.
Solomon (5 months ago)
How does twitter make money?
Castral (5 months ago)
Make a social media, sell it to facebook for 1 billion, profit.
HAPPY TRAVEL (5 months ago)
face book sucks youtube rules
Harsha Vardhan (5 months ago)
its all about survival of the fittest
oh yeah nah (5 months ago)
And now he wants censorship he really is acting like a dictator
Vanessa Yarey (5 months ago)
Facebook is getting bad
The Death (5 months ago)
dami justin (5 months ago)
Etuate Racolo (5 months ago)
Sneaky and smart 😈
AleX d4m (5 months ago)
Youtube? Absolutely anihilated by Ytb
Ken Wells (5 months ago)
But O thought Mark Zuckerberg was a liberal socialist!? What's going on?!
Zero Sum (5 months ago)
This is how Fake News kills authentic journalism.
The Glare (5 months ago)
Really, Facebook thrives because it’s main target customers are millennials who are the highest earning people rn
b00ty Finesser (5 months ago)
Lord Zuckerberg will one day rule the world
Audio Pervert (5 months ago)
fuck facebook ... Start by leading an example. Have not used it for 8 years and knew this bullshit White Boy Tech_Scum Mark Zuckerberg had ulterior motives, all leading to profit in mind. Pathetic irony that hundreds of CNN workers still use facebook and make these shit programs to further their own hypocrisy and double standards...
Jake Mars (5 months ago)
So what? It's a free market, nothing to worry about. Business will take care of itself.
Ralph Maruva (5 months ago)
nothing wrong with what fb is doing, they are simply smart. IT AINT PERSONAL, ITS JUST BUSINESS!
Lameed Rahman (5 months ago)
Fuck facebook
Aayushi Singh (5 months ago)
He just buys them
Adoozy (5 months ago)
They order hitmen
Doni Corn (5 months ago)
"Buy". Lol billionaire shit bro
Jason Chow (5 months ago)
can you also make a video of how Facebook killed itself? without Instagram Facebook is literally another friendster but im pretty sure fb is getting there. take it from someone who spend literally 16 hours a day on Facebook to 0 hours on Facebook.
Kanchan Kumar Bhakat (5 months ago)
Haha haha Facebook is too mean to provide traffic to bloggers
sidework1 (5 months ago)
Getting off fb was the easiest thing i've done
Albores Niurulu (5 months ago)
TSU.com. Was banned from Facebook. Try linking the url.
zuppa zone (5 months ago)
I think friendster could survive if they didn't screw up themselves, change from traditional social media to social gaming media, I missed my customizable profile page, lol.
JohnD (5 months ago)
lokesh arora (5 months ago)
Mark is not a fool I u r the CEO u will do the same if he don't buy Instagram it will not that popular and speaking of stories now YouTube do tha same also the started messenger
Abraham Lincoln (5 months ago)
It is called “free market” Well, you can argue that a monopoly isn’t free market, but that monopoly resulted from a free market.
Jannib Andelo Bayutas (5 months ago)
All Hail Lord Zark Muckerberg!
basti vargas (5 months ago)
This is neoliberalism or capitalism. Don’t complain.
YawMoney (5 months ago)
Oh snap. Pun intended
ArJuN Mangal (5 months ago)
*T E C - M O N O P O L Y* 🎩🤑
david d (5 months ago)
if snap was better or desirable to users as a stand alone product then they would vote so by using it. whats wrong with competition...snap failed not because facebook sabotaged them with illegal tactics but they simply released a similar product and people used it.....wheres the wrong in that?
Commando Master (5 months ago)
FB has a whole industry dominated. No social media platform will get bigger than it.
YoungBlaze (5 months ago)
Only Thanos could stop facebook
Apollo Nein (5 months ago)
Why don't you speak about cnn
Mark J. (5 months ago)
Carol MC (5 months ago)
Just like Crypto currencies
Justin Dean (5 months ago)
I ask where is the problem here. You’re talking about competition. These tactics that Facebook employs are what everyone does on varying scales. This is a non story. You don’t like Facebook fine, I don’t either, but stop making it seem like Facebook is somehow some evil entity with otherworldly powers. Facebook like all companies will eventually be taken down but future competition
Adnan A (5 months ago)
FB will either buy the competitor or copy it
Adnan A (5 months ago)
I always wish I majored in comp sci
Andy Bailey (5 months ago)
The Kardashians literally do more work for their money than this twig bitch does. At least Kim had to suck a dick, he just does it for pleasure
Andy Bailey (5 months ago)
Once I saw that douchebag's face I deleted my Instagram and my Facebook. No way in hell I'm having anything that gives that pussy money for nothing. Scrawny bitch
paulcom777 (5 months ago)
Mark ?
Andy Bailey (5 months ago)
Is the competition Republicans posting support for Trump? Because they're really good at killing that
Judgy Judgerton (5 months ago)
Facebook is given power by the spoonfed regurgitation addicts that support it.
Andrew Hurt (5 months ago)
Jesus you guys should should stick to shows like yhis
aniruddha rawale (5 months ago)
Tommarow headlines ... Lizard bought CNN And he call himself mark Zuckerberg 😛
aniruddha rawale (5 months ago)
When you lost your creativity money is the only thing that will keep you upfloat
Joe Stevens (5 months ago)
The only technique I think is evil is denying API access. The rules to access those api should be transparent and equally enforced.
Bubbas Ernie (5 months ago)
Business is business. Derp.
justacitizen (5 months ago)
Fuck zuckerberg , there’s just something about him which makes me hate this guy. It seems like he’s just an asshole.
The Investment Corner (5 months ago)
Can't buy them steal their technology, Quite a business plan.
giordano Bruno (5 months ago)
Zuck is a devil who eats baby’s 🤣
FRISHR (5 months ago)
You can't DUCC the ZUCC
Siyanda Makhathini (5 months ago)
Isn't this a... monopoly?
Rohan M (5 months ago)
Snapchat is trash anyways
jonny5777 (5 months ago)
I always hated facebook and I wouldn't trust the Zuckerberg guy to look after my fish. He's gross
zztop3000 (5 months ago)
zztop3000 (5 months ago)
zztop3000 (5 months ago)