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UPS package stolen by another delivery driver, then he returns it after a call to the police

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UPS package stolen by another delivery driver. He was caught on my surveillance cameras. After a call to the police and the company he works for. He returned the opened package.
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The Amazing Shopper (6 months ago)
That's ontrac, I don't get why amazon/sephora/nordstrom/homedepot use them. in our area, they didn't steal ups package, but are known for never deliver
Prity Moka (1 year ago)
Signatures should be required for every delivery. If there are more than two attempts, charge a redelivery fee. People are more and more unscrupulous.... damn shame.
Daniel John (1 year ago)
mother fucking laser ship.
realss chevelle (1 year ago)
he found it cheaper on amazon so he returned it
realss chevelle (1 year ago)
looks like Amazon truck They only put the letter A on the side and don't wear a uniform
TheScaleless (1 year ago)
The music just makes this hilarious...i know it shouldn't be considering the subject matter but....*chuckle*....can't help myself.
Zunaid Ahmed (1 year ago)
LMAO, nice music lol, goes with the scene really well, haha
Leanne leanne (1 year ago)
tats an ontrac driver..lol..hes stupid
Mia Carr (1 year ago)
Honest delivery guys/company should give instructions, 2 try & put package out of sight if poss
Nexarius (2 years ago)
Its actually a pretty easy way to steal because if there is a package infront of the house the owner is obviously not there. A good thing that I live in a country where EVERY package needs a signature and isn't allowed to be left alone.
Wevena (2 years ago)
+Nexarius I thought so after reading your comment. I'm also living in Germany, but I'll continue writing my comment in English.  I was actually surprised how many people had cameras around their houses, 'cause I didn't know people actually do that. At least where I live, this is not usual. And do you see how fast they are driving in residential areas? It's so absurd. I mean I know it's a shitty job and you don't get enough money for the amount of work, but jesus christ, leaving a package by the front door where EVERYONE can see it? That's irresponsible. I mean at least TRY to leave it where it's not found so easily.
Nexarius (2 years ago)
+melodiedelafleur holy shit 7 out of 10? btw I live in germany
melodiedelafleur (2 years ago)
+Nexarius Where is that? I would like to move there; my packages are stolen 7 out of 10 times ever since I moved to my new neighborhood. That's what I get for living near secondary schools and a newly subsidized neighborhood.
Sprinter Bread Maker (2 years ago)
Yup, looks like ontrac
Ina Stovall (2 years ago)
Terrible but thank god he returned it
Omar Cardenas (2 years ago)
That's a Ontrac delivery guy. I recognized that tshirt.
VN Dustoff (2 years ago)
Have him arrested.he wont stop stealing.scum used to get jailed for this..he didnt even lose his job probably..the delivery man tips him off to where to go..
Sheila Melgar (3 years ago)
Lmao good video editing i liked all the songs
msotil (3 years ago)
Why wasn't he arrested?
damndisplace07 (3 years ago)
It's some real pieces of shit in this world, I swear
biff322 (3 years ago)
Looks like a Prestige delivery guy and van...
Tomato-chan (3 years ago)
Mae D (1 year ago)
eheh hi there c;
Tomato-chan (1 year ago)
+Yuri hai :3
Mae D (1 year ago)
Bane (3 years ago)
Well, hello there Mr. Ontrac Man. You should have left that package alone....
Chris Newman (3 years ago)
Why didn't the police arrest him. There is more than enough information to find out who he is and then charge him.
Chris Newman (3 years ago)
+Kaiser Vadin It made me mad too. No need to apologize. Just wanted to understand what you meant. I made several videos about it. One of them is called, "Idiots In Ferguson Did Bidding Of Racist And Race-baters".
Chris Newman (3 years ago)
+Kaiser Vadin I don't think this happened in Ferguson.
Chris Newman (3 years ago)
Oh that's right, the police are too busy conducting illegal searches, harassing law abiding citizens and enforcing unconstitutional laws.
Michael Abrams (3 years ago)
Liked for the music haha!
Debra Yorke (3 years ago)
My husband is a fedex driver and this happens a lot during the holidays. ppl will actually follow the trucks and as soon as they pull away these unmarked vans/trucks pull up and they swipe the packages. Good thing you got it on camera! 
DK (4 years ago)
Great music choice all around LOL
Steven Brown (4 years ago)
Thieves are scumbags.
Willy Giles (4 years ago)
He works for on track
Patrick Teague (4 years ago)
likely thought it was a shipment for pickup.
zanejay (4 years ago)
Negative, it had a big fat UPS label on it…. Also, Ontrac employees are supposed to electronically scan the label when they pick up a package. If he scanned the label he would have gotten an error code because the label wasn’t in the Ontrac system. If you watch the video carefully, he pretends to scan the package. He was a temp employee out to make an illegal extra buck during Christmas.
Hold The Mayo (4 years ago)
Great video.  Music made everything better
longtime beachbum (4 years ago)
why was this basturd not arrested and charged even if you got it back, this is not justice
Warisia (4 years ago)
Hey he treated the package with more respect than some companies. Lol
Timothy Cain (4 years ago)
I know t times at the Postal Service that the customer would schedule a pick-up. On occurrences we would accidentally pick up packages they wanted UPS to pick up. With the USPS delivering a lot of parcels from UPS nowadays it was easy to misread the labels. If not caught until later a UPS driver comes by every morning to drop off more. He gets them then.
irish man (4 years ago)
no its actually true. The local mechanic lets me use any of his tools whenever i need to and all he buys is snapon so if you knew anything that right there would tell you hes got money. He is the sheriffs father in law also so yea and he has coffee with the mayor every morning. There are some people here named the vances and they are rich as hell. I haul hay for them and they have like 270 acres that i know of and they call that their backyard. That is just one child of the vances.
ItzMikeOmg (4 years ago)
What BS.
LuvCali28 (4 years ago)
He probably just decided he didn't like what was in the box...
Beritan (4 years ago)
Dominic Ludlum (4 years ago)
What and you rich you have mil didn't think so shut the fuck up
irish man (4 years ago)
well i come from a poorish community and i guess some people might refer to me as white trash but some of the highest ranked people in my town trust me to watch their houses, shops, vehicles, and their expensive stuff. I have worked on peoples ranch's that have been apraised for more than a million dollars so don't judge a whole group of poor people just from a few stupid individuals that live among us.
Will J (4 years ago)
UPS and FedEx delivered the package on time, the other delivery company took it. Did you not watch the video? Fucking moron.
Glock19ist (4 years ago)
raw puller (4 years ago)
Stop hiring ghetto hoodrats and trailer trash to deliver goods to nice homes. Problem solved. Why is every UPS and FedEx driver always an obviously black hoodrat or poor white trash??????
Beaming Games (4 years ago)
White van watch out
Ridhwanpop (4 years ago)
LMAO The white unmarked van ... More like the White Pedophile van.
Ridhwanpop (4 years ago)
LMAO more like The White Pedophile van
bowlfullofcherries (4 years ago)
"it's too late to apologize" xDDD
ElsieGirder (4 years ago)
Any update on any arrest and/or prosecution of the thief?
JulianZeezer (4 years ago)
Gotta criminally prosecute these sorts
zanejay (5 years ago)
@aguilar82082: Yes, you are correct. He DID work for Ontrac and worked for them at the time he stole the package. He has since been fired. Good eye !
Bose latino (5 years ago)
This guy works for Ontrac look at the shirt. I also worked for Ontrac and we used cargo vans. Google Ontrac and look at the logo. I know i have the same shirt
Angry0212 (5 years ago)
What company does this guy work for? Lasership?
zanejay (5 years ago)
The contents of the package was less then $100, definitely not worth going to jail for. This happened in East Chula Vista, the Eastlake area. I should have more information from the Police next week and will let you all know the outcome.
Jerry Ellis (5 years ago)
Zanejay, what was in the package? Was it worth going to jail for? I hope they arrested the guy as he might have doing this kind of thing for a long time. Keep us updated on the status please.
Dustin Campbell (5 years ago)
I live in chula vista what part of town did this happen in? Did the delivery guy get fired?
BrutikusIV (5 years ago)
Wow. They warn a thief by calling him ... Does your chief of police have a family member who works in the courier service ? LOL.. Are they to send him flowers next or do their job I wonder. Buy em donuts <8-12 dozen for the entire dept. Maybe they'll do more than dial a date next go around.
ymrasu1986 (5 years ago)
I'm curious what was in your package?
sbinsdca (5 years ago)
Who is the second person inside the UPS truck at the very beginning of the video? I've never seen a helper in one of those trucks prior to this.
monkeyfeet555 (5 years ago)
Thanks for posting! I hope they catch this guy soon. Keep in safe in the South Bay.
4EvaNdaGame (5 years ago)
#Thief #ItsTooLateToApologize
KittyRocca (5 years ago)
Its happening all over we caught a Car following our UPS truck around stealing packages.
Andres Pineda (5 years ago)
I can watch this over and over, just for the soundtrack.