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UPS Whiteboard - Freight

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The Big Brown Truck just got a little bigger. UPS also offers Freight services.
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Text Comments (28)
Reagan Anderson (11 months ago)
😭😭the song 🤧🤧😪😪memories
Jason Katsanis (6 years ago)
Ha! I just learned that the song is by The Postal Service.
Taylor Johnson (7 years ago)
Such Great Heights by The Postal Service, by the way. Ironic though, since UPS is using a song by The Postal Service.
Reagan Anderson (11 months ago)
PartyBusGaming 😭😭😪😪🤧🤧
XI XI (7 years ago)
This commercial just ate my merit increase. Thanks UPS.
Amr Al-Faqee (9 years ago)
The song is Such great Heights by Postal service :)
GermanSniperBayArea (9 years ago)
@MCSmuthafucka your a cheerful one arent ya
Royz-xtra-beezneez (9 years ago)
These commercials kinda suck
Reagan Anderson (11 months ago)
Royz-xtra-beezneez no they absolutely definitely do not at all
gallie maynard (9 years ago)
@dannyab3 such great heights by the postal service
Paul Kirk Jones (9 years ago)
@puppy6754 so that's on the actual commercial?? awesomee...
Indigo Kitty (9 years ago)
@scribbles922 intuitive.
WhoaKaela (10 years ago)
nice lady wig
Coral Rodman (10 years ago)
i get it!!! cuz this song is by The Postal Service!! and its UPS hahahahahhaha yes
Brian Greene (10 years ago)
Why does he start every video with "Alright.." or "Okay.." so annoying
chucklesjgao (10 years ago)
what can Brown do for me? Let someone else ship my package for me
chosunpeople (10 years ago)
a little history..there once was a company called overnite shipping, which valued its operations just as much as its customers. everything was good and dandy, until some atlanta based company called UPS bought out overnite for almost 3 billion dollars, and turned it into UPS Freight, which it forced to have more emphasis on operations and numbers, rather than the company...ever wonder why UPS customer service sucks ass???
FANTASYF00TBALLER (11 years ago)
WHICH TERMINAL DO YOU WORD FOR? Ive never heard of any of that Ive worked for Overnite/UPS going on 4 years now.
lykomgwth (11 years ago)
nooo its such greath heights
A (11 years ago)
UPS Freight treats its office employees horrible, they offer part time work and then work their employees 39 hours a week. They make their office employees take lunch before or after work and do not allow breaks or lunches inbetween their 7 and half to 9 hour days. they have no consideration for college students and will get away with any abuse they can. the HR department is horrible as well.
Todd Brown (12 years ago)
Talk about high budget advertising...these commercials blow. the song is good though.
retrofuturex (12 years ago)
this ad campaign blows me away.
gee webba (12 years ago)
yeah is he like the lead singer for both bands? i don't understand.
coryg1088 (12 years ago)
the song is called 'Such Great Heights' by The Postal Service... you might notice the lead singer if youve heard deathcab for cutie before
coryg1088 (12 years ago)
the song is called 'Such Great Heights' by The Postal Service... you might notice the lead singer if you've heard deathcab for cutie before
jwr1787 (12 years ago)
do you think this is real or fake?
Wismy Seide (12 years ago)
this commercial scared me, that marker sounded like I had rodents in my house
PimpSlapNoJutsu (12 years ago)
ahhahahaha soo true. AMtrack, Berlington Northren Santa Fe