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Unions may flip this steel district despite Trump's ...

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The United Steelworkers union is applauding President Trump on his move to slap tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. But they're supporting Democrat Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania's 18th district special election. CNN's Vanessa Yurkevich explores whether workers will stand with union leadership.
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Drackkor (2 months ago)
A lot of Union members will vote for Trump he brought back jobs. Democrats brought jobs to other nations. Trump 2020 and RED NOVEMBER.
Seneca Brown (6 months ago)
The greatest menace to freedom is an inert people. — Justice Louis Brandeis, U.S. Supreme Court, 1927 94 million Americans who were eligible to vote in the 2016 election didn’t vote. — Robert Reich, Former U.S. Secretary of Labor, May 30, 2018 "If we truly believe in a vibrant democracy, then we must have the highest voter turnout in the world." — Sen. Bernie Sanders
Jane Doe (7 months ago)
Supporrt Trump or dont get steel back in your state
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nothing finer then a pipeliner (9 months ago)
Pa all retards wow I'm leaving this state
art american (9 months ago)
Well,, i like what Trump is doing for the steel industry,,, but i am voting for lamb.. Well i just hope none if these people are gun owners because eventually they will shoot themselves in the foot.. AGAIN.. SHEEPLE... lets see how long it takes lamb to come out as the dem wolf he really is.. Fuckin idiots havent learned a damn thing from the past 10 years. Saddening
mco (10 months ago)
A P (10 months ago)
The vast majority of the richest people in America are globalist liberals you idiots , look it up , Trump is the only president in years that has endorsed the made in America theme and has openly supported and actually brought our jobs back to America , how stupid and brainwashed are you fools , what did they do to your brains in college that made you such an ignorant puppet of the globalist liberal machine , America is in collapse , liberalism and illegal immigration have now destroyed the American dream for good and civil war in America is only a matter of time , its over people , nuclear war and the end of times is at hand , prepare to die , liberalism has destroyed the America dream , our democracy is dead and all our freedoms gone for good , now god will destroy us , so be it , I’m ready are you ? I hope all you evil , godless , liberal scum are ready to burn in hell , because that is where you all belong
George Thompson (10 months ago)
5 time draft dodger gave it all to the rich,..trump is setting up america like putin set up russia,...this shitbag of greed and his crazy fuktarded nation of insane clown followers need to get in their hillbilly trailers and move to russia !
Pete Gromov (10 months ago)
How many thousands of US jobs will be lost in the upcoming trade war with alleged US allies?
TheXbox360 (10 months ago)
So Trump restructures ridiculous regulations and saves/revives the coal industry, then changes regulations and creates tariffs that protects and reanimates the U.S. steel industry...... so the union leaders and members of this district convince themselves to vote against him? LOL... remind me not to give a damn about the unemployed idiots of this district the next time the Dems shut down the coal industry and sabotage U.S. steel production.
goinxnginx (10 months ago)
Unions killed our car industry, and many others, and forced us into the "giant sucking sound", and they want to do it again. This bullshit about rich Republicans and poor Democrats is just that - bullshit. They support Trump for bringing back industry to America, and then want to suck it dry and ruin the prospect of a level playing field in world trade.
Cindy Weir (10 months ago)
So there are still workers who believe Trump and the Republicans care about them? Unbelievable!!!
Rob Reid (10 months ago)
Union members do not have much for brains just sheep do what there union bosses tell them
suiterd62 (10 months ago)
Damn the Steel Unions. They back American and freedom hating leftists. lamb is a turn coat. No real American can be a modern anti-American democrat. democrats seek nothing other than the destruction of America. In disgust / DRS / RVN Vet.
2 Guys Store (10 months ago)
Tonight is "fatal" for Trump in Pennsylvania the democrats are kicking his ass, BIG TIME!!! I am a Republican and a veteran(25 yrs, TS Clearance) but in November I will vote Democrat to get that clown out of the WH !!!! I TOLD YOU!!! and in November it will be worse, the whole country will go back to "Democracy and Decency" again!!!
M Leibs (10 months ago)
Votes are still being counted. It looks like EVERY vote counts! Lamb has a good chance!
Susan Louis (10 months ago)
President brings tariffs and you vote against his candidate ? Maybe next time steel workers won’t be his priority ??
g4macdad (10 months ago)
Okay the media is retarded... Fair trade is a democratic/liberal policy. Just because it's Trump implementing it, means nothing. CONservatives are free trade. Have you ever done any political homework journalists?
Homer Briseno (10 months ago)
just vote !
Richard Stevens (10 months ago)
These steel workers that don’t support Trump would drink their own bath water.
Giovanni Soave (10 months ago)
It will be interesting to see if the voters support Trump's Russian arse kissing style.
Mark Rogers (10 months ago)
trust mr trump,vote republican;
Mark Rogers (10 months ago)
the democrats failed policys is why they lost al;l the jobs voting for a democrate know is a step backwards,i hope they don't make that mistake,
Nathan S (10 months ago)
What's the point of putting on tariffs and claiming you are for workers if at the same time you are against unions? All it means is that you support American steel companies having the right to underpay their workers and deny them health care coverage.
John Edward Jones (10 months ago)
Let's get Lamb to DC. Let's get Don out of DC.
bb z (10 months ago)
What has trump done? Give something that is actually causing rise in steel employment or wage increase? Anything substantial in the past year?
Dann Marceau (10 months ago)
Reagan, and Bush killed steel, among other facets of our industry.
Marius M (10 months ago)
Lamb should Win. 30 years without real Union representation . Knowing the area...anything could happen. 30 years of depression and unhappiness. Lets face it.
Mike Moontean (10 months ago)
Fake news
Superman Sixty9 (10 months ago)
Gayei ken (9 months ago)
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Superman Sixty9 (10 months ago)
O one more things Yes Some Unions people are sell out, they need to do away with them!!
Superman Sixty9 (10 months ago)
A P Where have you been ,hiding under a pillow? Our politicians are the Sell Outs!! Look around you the people have spoken and can see that this administration is NOT the answer. Unions have been disappearing for decades and that because you have Republicans that got buddies that are UNION BUSTERS that go around breaking unions up I have seen them in action so stop complaining. Immigration is what this country was built on, or did you forget your history and turn the blind eye like everyone else. You ever here of Karma, well seems to me this was Indian land century's ago and well now the white man is crying foul because of the Mexicans. Seems to me this country can't get along with its Neighbors, or let me rephrase that , The REPUBLICANS CANT SEEMS TO LIKE MEXICANS !! Period it's not a immigration issue it's a racial issue, if your saw God and he was a Immigrant what would you do? Ya I thought so. In the end my friend we all need to survive and the bills keep on coming and the politicians seem to get Richer which is why I strongly believe they ALL should have term limits and STOP getting Rich on our TAX dollars. Just remember and look at all the benefits people have DUE TO UNIONS, Holiday Pay, Sick Leave, Family Leave Vacation, etc..... So don let them take your right away, as you can see , Republicans are UNion busters and think we can live off of 10-15an Hr while everything goes up in Price BUT OuR wages and Benefits. I am not calling you all sorts of names,I never to stoop to another persons LOW LEVEL, I'm way to MATURE for that I'm in my 40z,, so next time do as I taught 3 of my Military Kids ,think twice and act once you always seem to be better off. God Bless 🇺🇸🇺🇸
A P (10 months ago)
David Aguilera north sides been selling our jobs or lowering our wages through illegal immigration for years , wake up fool , this union man has worked on union trum jobs and never had a problem , trumps is poor union you idiot. Don’t believe the establishment lies
Superman Sixty9 (10 months ago)
AgentPepsi1 WOW, Lmao, Name calling that's so Mature. I DON't STOOP TO THOSE LOW LEVELS. Well just get used to seeing more Blue states soon.The real thing I want is a Better nation and your boy Trump is NOT THE GUY, what we need is a new generation of people in office with TERM LIMITS,NOTthe same poeopl doing the same thing over and over, that's what I see is the real problem, the are selling out the country, just look at how much land around waterways China has purchased and still are and YET no one seems to care in Congress. O sorry I gues I'm not suppose to know how smart I am, My Bad Mrs,Teacher "aka" Pepsi!
The Traveler (10 months ago)
Obama and Bush tried tarrifs, they didn't work. Can't we learn from the past.
The Traveler (10 months ago)
skattan Hey retard. No spelling test is on any IQ test. Cuz IQ is problem solving, has nothing to do with the ability to spell or knowledge.
skattan (10 months ago)
Terrifs? Really? Room temperature IQ. In centigrade.
Superman Sixty9 (10 months ago)
How can you support a guy that's is a "Chyster". He is a scam can't y'all see that, look at ALL THEM PEOPLE who have LEFT since he became Prez. Only cares about MONEY FOR HIM and HIS FAMILY $$$$$ NOT YOU, VOTE THEM OUT👍🏻
Gideon Marx (10 months ago)
If Unions think that Pelosi’s boy Conor Lamb represents the American Worker, then wake the hell up and do it NOW. Only one guy represents the American worker and that is Trump and Saccone, the GOP of today is a WORKERS party bringing back jobs and industries. You vote for the scum in the Democrat party, the people who brought you the KKK and NAFTA that send Pennsylvania steel jobs overseas — if you DISRESPECT TRUMP and the GOP who have gone to bat for you to protect the steel industry and aluminum industry so you can bring it back — then SHAME ON ANY UNION WORKER WHO FALLS FOR THEIR PHONY BS!!! Lamb is a manufactured, phony mannequin candidate, and he is faking out the Independent voters of Pennsylvania, part of the new sick strategy of the failing Democrat party (you know, the party that stands for nothing and has no platform except hating the other side). If you vote for Lamb, you’ll be headed to the slaughter as a state because he will INSTANTLY fold himself under the disgusting Nancy Pelosi’s and Chuck Schumer’s Far Left, “lead from behind” state and undo the fight that Trump has tried to make for our country’s comeback. DON’T VOTE CONOR LAMB!!!!! VOTE AMERICA! Schumer and Pelosi demand EVERY Democrat stick with Far Left policies; support criminals streaming across our borders; support illegal criminal hispanics flowing over like a tide of gargage in Mexico City. If you allow this man to win, you’ll be allowing the dire liars of the Democrat Party to obstruct our government. Instead of a President ready to discuss and negotiate solutions to keep our government moving, a vote for Lamb is a vote for harming the country via moral and ethical decay. Trump sacrified the life of a billionaire to serve the working class; do not let this glad-handing phony fool you into letting him win. Don’t let Pennsylvania become a rat-hole like California. VOTE GOP.
Superman Sixty9 (10 months ago)
BS, I'm back from Texas and in the North again making Union wages, 42$ HR, same job in Texas was at 15$ an Hr, Right to work is a right to rip you and your family form you hard earned money$$$$. Republicans ARE ALL ABOUT THE BIG BOY CLUB that's how come they have $$$ , and you don't. Weekends, holidays ,sick leave etc.... ALL THANKS TO A UNION BROTHER ,REP.. are trying to take this all away , just look into it. They say10-15 an hr is something a family can live on and want you to pay for insurance while they want and take all the $$$ they can and keep making top dollar and have FREE insurance for the USGov. I say if your UNION and VOTE REP then you should be making the wage they insist for you and get kicked out of the Union for Life for being an idiot.
JohnsRadios (10 months ago)
Trump is a right to work guy as was the GOP platform in 2017. As a Union member myself why vote for someone that wants Unions out?
SandyD (10 months ago)
JohnsRadios Trump does not understand the working man cos his lazy ass hasn't worked a day on his life
irrational sage (10 months ago)
Boudica (10 months ago)
irrational sage I'm farting on you!
NDFOOTBALL (10 months ago)
Trump is awesome for steal
Superman Sixty9 (10 months ago)
Ya Idiot it's spelled "STEEL" Don't do stupid things as your Prez Chump, lmao
Jens Hoefer (10 months ago)
NDFOOTBALL trump is awesome in stealing. ... fixed that for you
Roland Gonzales (10 months ago)
I hear he's getting the vote from the Russian Hooker Union
skattan (10 months ago)
Yeah. I heard that the Russian Hooker Union is supporting Trump, too.
Richard Wright (10 months ago)
No wonder organized labor is losing membership
William Herron (10 months ago)
That must be why lamb is acting like a conservative.. because he has such an upper hand.. or is it because he doesnt have a chance in hell running on democratic values... you dont stand a chance we wont fall for a lamb in a wolf suit.
Richard Marchant (10 months ago)
Trump, Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover he looks like an arrogant A$$HOLE
summer18 (10 months ago)
Honestly even as a progressive I understand that the Dems have no chance of winning this district. All Trump has to do is Tweet on the day in support of the republican candidate and the race will be over! lol
Debra Ellison (10 months ago)
Honestly, Conor Lamb wins....thank God ! Would never be so foolish as to actually believe Trumps tweets of trash
hellshade2 (10 months ago)
lamb won!!! ;P
Boudica (10 months ago)
not so anymore! That old Blue Tsunami is rising
Freewheelin' Franklin (10 months ago)
Aummer18...Are you measuring Trumps' endorsement effectiveness by the Virginia, New Jersey & Alabama special elections? Hahahahahahahahah.
Burntburgers (10 months ago)
Cnn is isis
Jason Milton (10 months ago)
Where my Russian Trolls at???!!
Lance Morrison (10 months ago)
Natural Gas people! Just Sayin.
Lance Morrison (10 months ago)
Steel production is fucking awesome! We're just not going to do it with coal-fired steelmills. When people can separate the two well move forward and away from this narcissistic fake President!
Dana Herron (10 months ago)
The union people must remember that Trump's word is worthless and Republicans bust unions. Our steel industry went away because the owners of the related industries chose to invest and upgrade elsewhere instead of home. Follow the money.
Shadowcruise99 (10 months ago)
The United States is NOT a Sovereign Nation, It’s a Central Banker's Corporation! You cannot Expect Justice from a Corrupt Puppet Government! What people either fail to understand or have since forgotten is that in 1933, the United States lost its sovereignty as a nation, due to bankruptcy. It's now a corporation, owned and controlled by Central Banks and governed by the Federal Reserve, which is nothing more than a consortium of international bankers, with a Presidential appointed Chairman. In essence there in nothing Federal about the Federal Reserve, nor any other agency for that matter! They are all puppets of the oligarchy. Unless and until the Federal Reserve is dismantled and abolished, we will never be free of the Deep State, The Shadow Government and the Oligarchy. Anything short of that is simply window dressing. Time to Wake Up Folks! ___________________________ Those who subscribe to the partisan paradigm, unwittingly relegate themselves to navigating the political chess game, with a checkers mentality. The partisan paradigm, is nothing more than a mechanism, designed and devised by the establishment, to keep the putative electorate, invested in an inherently corrupt, morally bankrupt, political system. In reality, there is no right or left, conservative or liberal. There is only the oligarchy, their minions and those who are foolish enough to accede to the charade. Behind closed doors, it's One Big Party and you aren't invited! Their Plan is Hell on Earth (Must See): https://youtu.be/i2LO56RbkG4?t=4m43s The Bankruptcy of America – 1933 https://anticorruptionsociety.com/the-bankruptcy-of-america-1933/ Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IJeemTQ7Vk How Big Oil Conquered the World: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySnk-f2ThpE Why Big Oil Conquered The World: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wlNey9t7hQ The Unauthorized Biography of David Rockefeller: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qs3XoTc_R9o Rockefeller Medicine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6J_7PvWoMw
Jeffrey LaCohn (10 months ago)
Republicans are anti-union, and only care if you’re paying them too. Democrats are pro-union, and have always cared, and protects people. That’s why I’m a lifelong Democrat.
mike carson (10 months ago)
+jag10..there are a shit ton conservatives on twitter and youtube..and now Kessler is a fake racist with a army of known racists that one even ran over with a car. wow..that's some hardcore faking and I guess the jail time that guy is getting is fake as well. lol
mike carson (10 months ago)
+Jag10..??? Kessler was truck driver and a dish washer the only thing he did in media was a two piece right wing blog on the Daily Caller..his occupation is Right-Wing Activist. and YES he voted for Trump hence why I said those Nazi's were truthfully Trump supporters just like every racist and K.K.K.members in this country are Trump supporting Republicans. the guy said he voted for Obama but saying Kessler is a democrat is like saying Trump is a Democrat. wtf???
Josephine Bournes (10 months ago)
Jeffrey LaCohn Yes!
mike carson (10 months ago)
+jag10..??? the tiki torch carrying Nazi's were all Trump supporters..I just saw a interview where there leader was crying about all the attention he got and he was NOT a CNN writer just a working guy who lost his job. lol
Jak Johnson (10 months ago)
Amazing that someone can be so wrong in so many ways.
Spring Time (10 months ago)
If America makes more steel than we won't need more steel. So what is the problem? Increase steel production, this is not rocket science.
Freewheelin' Franklin (10 months ago)
Your husband will soon be laid off if the tariffs stay in place.
Nancyray (10 months ago)
Jose Aguirre my husband works at an aluminum foil plant. They do well and buy from all over the world. I've asked around ,but nobody has answered: How will this affect my husband's paycheck? I'm not complaining as of yet. Thanks if you or anybody knows!
John Doe (10 months ago)
Spring Time you need to take an economics course, no offense but so do 80% of Trump supporters.
Jose Aguirre (10 months ago)
We dont need more steel, we just buy the cheaper steel which usually comes overseas
Not Politically Correct (10 months ago)
You’re simply unamerican Communist News Network=CNN Kill yourself!
Landon Dull (10 months ago)
skattan (10 months ago)
Victoria Simpson (10 months ago)
Landon Dull don’t watch it then
Dann Marceau (10 months ago)
You're just ignorant.
Superman Sixty9 (10 months ago)
Your Prez is FN Fake!
Anna Nymous (10 months ago)
I think that the tariff war may lead to inflation. But I see it in a positive way. Who wins in inflationary atmosphere? Those who have debts. With America in trillions of debts and Debt ridden Americans, inflation could be good. As long as the jobs keep growing and middle class Americans not left jobless, inflation is great.
Daryl Leckt (10 months ago)
Anna Nymous conservative trickle down economics was designed to create debt. debt is sold to investors who earn tax exempt profits. inflation will never be used to pay down the national debt. the debt is designed to redistribute wage earner wealth thru taxation to the investor elitest.
The Geoffrey Giuliano Channel (10 months ago)
America is for the elites. we do not want any blue collar animals.
Sir Alfred Lawrence (10 months ago)
Democrats want mining jobs replaced with stupid windmills. They don't care about protecting our manufacturing jobs
William Herron (10 months ago)
Sir Alfred Lawrence there is nothing ecological about these yes they run clean but the production of the magnets alone far outweighs the benefits. take a look at neodymium mining and production and you will never defend these again.
Sir Alfred Lawrence (10 months ago)
windmills have been around for hundreds of years it is nothing new. Energy diversity is the future
William Herron (10 months ago)
Sir Alfred Lawrence those windmills do more ecological damage than coal plants. Look into the mining of neodymium magnets hundreds of acres are destroyed for each one.
Sir Alfred Lawrence (10 months ago)
Did Obama protect the steel industry? *NO*
SandyD (10 months ago)
Sir Alfred Lawrence protect from our allies? Wait until airline tickets go up. Oh you don't care about that. Wait until the price of your beer goes up
Superman Sixty9 (10 months ago)
Really ya think this new guy is the answer? We all know he is NOT! So you need to vote for the next guy and if he don't do good then ya VOTE the next one out, be a smart VOTER. THIS REP is NOT your answer he will be a YES guy for the Prez, just look at his stafff and those that have left for a GOOD REASON.
Jim McLoughlin (10 months ago)
Too busy sorting out lying failing banks or have another depression. Tried to revive industry but Republicans blocked his legislation. Go figure.