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UPS Orders 10,000 Electric Delivery Vehicles From Arrival

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UPS have announced an order of 10,000 purpose built electric vehicles worth hundreds of millions of euros from UK based company Arrival. The initial 10,000 vehicles will be rolled out in the UK, Europe and North America from 2020 to 2024 with the option to purchase a further order of 10,000 vehicles. UPS venture capital arm also announced an investment in Arrival of an undisclosed amount. The vehicles will be built using Arrival’s new method of assembly using low capital, low footprint microfactories located to serve local communities and profitable from thousands of units. Arrival first announced a partnership with UPS to develop electric vehicles in 2016 with today’s vehicle order and investment accelerating the deployment of fit for purpose electric fleets at scale. Arrival’s unique Generation 2.0 electric vehicles offer UPS compelling commercial and environmental benefits to make a seamless and cost effective transition to a zero emissions fleet. To learn More Visit: www.arrival.com www.youtube.com/ArrivalGB Get More Great Car Videos - Subscribe: https://goo.gl/BSIaFc
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Text Comments (10)
theideastring (13 days ago)
Excellent - do a camper van!
Scott Kolaya (15 days ago)
It's a smart move. The truck fits into a segment of UPS where they spend most of their maintenance dollars on starters, brakes, etc, while cutting seconds off of the time the driver spends starting and stopping, starting and stopping, starting and stopping the gas engines hundreds of times a day, every day. Just walk out with the fob in your pocket and the drive gets disabled, get back in and press the accelerator, rinse and repeat. No need to shut it off because you’re not wasting fuel idling. Very little brake usage (except in emergency stops) due to regenerative braking that charges the battery while stopping, no need to start and stop the engine to save fuel. The vehicle has lots of range for these situations. It’s not like they are going to use these in Kansas with 40 miles between stops.
quincy962 (15 days ago)
I wont to see working in the snow
Quincy S. (15 days ago)
Hey another Quincy nice
Scott Kolaya (15 days ago)
Do you think snow would have any difference on these vs the regular vans?
Supreme 12191 (15 days ago)
Ew wtf British bitches
yakyakyak69 (16 days ago)
10,000 vehicles is a drop in the ocean for UPS, but a game changer for a small EV startup. This drip will become a stream which will turn into a flood tide much faster than anyone believed just a year or 2 ago. We need videos of road tests!
VtecForever (21 days ago)
I hope you cab get one for personal use
Sailor Boy (21 days ago)
I have to wonder why UPS doesn't add some high visibility panels to their vehicles? Cocoa Brown vans just disappear into the background and at night time they become ninjas. Everywhere, I see workers with hi-viz clothing and the UPS guys/gals are still in brown. Maybe someone should help UPS get into the 21st Century?
Captain America America (21 days ago)
The battery runs down And less than half the packages have been delivered😂😂😂😂