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How to Stop an Epidemic

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Text Comments (2901)
Alba Celani (1 day ago)
On the one hand, we cry about the fact that the planet is suffering from overpopulation, on the other hand, we cry about measures that could at least somewhat stop it...
Alex Man (2 days ago)
Chu Qingyan (4 days ago)
7:20 “job well done, Mission accomplished” *Looks at video time left* *i dont think so*
A Law Trader (5 days ago)
Question: How to stop an epidemic? ANSWER: Give them water and waste treatment plants, building codes, development, etc. Anything else is just lip service talking out your butt!
Sunny shah (8 days ago)
Why do people have this sudden urge to flock to the airport as soon as they get sick
Adrian Motley (8 days ago)
Joke: do you want e bowl a soup?
Adrian Motley (8 days ago)
When Ebola arrived in the United States, everyone was joking about it in the US and claimed that they had it as they faked coughing!
Abdussamad AU (8 days ago)
I didn't know Nigeria has changed its Flag..... 9:48
Masterzz (10 days ago)
dying light 2 leaked story?
Roscoe (10 days ago)
This case shows exactly how community lack of trust in doctors and the health system can be so dangerous.
SkeletonPirate (10 days ago)
WendoverProductions, I think you make incredible videos. I'll definitely be a subscriber for life :)
+Tec (10 days ago)
It's sad that so much work has to be done by NGOs.
ESGaming (11 days ago)
Apparently one of the key symptoms of Ebola is an uncontrollable urge to get on an airplane
Mohammed Khaled (11 days ago)
Why does all diseases originate or spread from Africa.
SheepMan3 SheepMan3 (13 days ago)
These WHO dudes sound like fucking plague doctors
Alex Milonopoulos (14 days ago)
At 9:49 you show the flag of Nicaragua in stead of Nigeria
Attack Helicopter (15 days ago)
15:15 Is that a Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell shirt? Nice.
Sarge (15 days ago)
a tsa aproved lock is not a feature if your gonna use a tsa aproved lock just dont lock your bag
David Gretzschel (15 days ago)
11:45 A simple water-filled cooling vest isn't that expensive. Don't think the water has to be cooled for some effect, I think. I'm wearing one right now and it cost 100 or so euros. Didn't they have any of those in supply or are they a new product?
x x (16 days ago)
Just saying wrong flag for Nigeria in 9:48 it's the flag of Nicaragua. Great video though.
Nightmare _1234563 (16 days ago)
9:50 they screwed up my country nicaragua's flag and called it nigeria xd
Gernuts (16 days ago)
Karthick Raghavan (17 days ago)
It's incredible how many good people want to make the world a better place. Its tragic though only the assholes hog the news all the time...
Federico Volpe (17 days ago)
9:50 Nigeria has the wrong flag. I believe you confused it with the Nicaraguan one.
Roche Lynx (18 days ago)
The Away ad at the end felt weird. In terms of music/audio, a more clear transition from the heavy content of the video to the commercial content of th Away ad would have been good.
Sohom Pal (18 days ago)
Should've gone for transmission first before adding those deadly upgrades. Learn from the pros.
QualityGains (19 days ago)
A good shoutout for Brussels airlines. Modern day heroes!
Fariz Benarto (19 days ago)
you're using nicaragua as nigerian flag lol
J Espinola (19 days ago)
DR of the Congo: help pls WHO: aw shit, here we go again
Yoo Toob (19 days ago)
stop eating bats idiots
LeCoureurDesBois (19 days ago)
Nuke Africa
Badmoth242 Xl (19 days ago)
Go to Greenland
El Presidente (19 days ago)
Ship the healthy people to Greenland
Marcel Telang (19 days ago)
whats the counter in the corner mean
A BANDIT (20 days ago)
Mathias Yousef (20 days ago)
Ebola : I've killed over 10 000 mens Measles: Pathetic... Malaria: That's cute
nondjmaster (19 days ago)
Spanish flu: Bitch please
Patrick Wentz (20 days ago)
Hmmm no mention of all the aid stations the US military set up in Liberia IOT treat the ebola victims.
Doc Atheist (20 days ago)
I am, as ever, impressed by the depth and breadth of your research and your succinct presentation. Thank you for every bit of education you share.
Ketchup901 (20 days ago)
Médecins Sans Frontières is the best goddamn organization in the world.
Crescent Rose (20 days ago)
Fanta! No, not Fanta!
Just in Y. (20 days ago)
I hope everyone has access to atleast the basic needs as soon as possible.
Android Gamer (20 days ago)
Caike (21 days ago)
Who cares about what's taboo when lives are at stake? 12:45
SuperPikachu74 (21 days ago)
“How do you stop an epidemic?” Me: Move to Greenland
pax und peace (21 days ago)
Before buying the suitcase consider to donate to MSF because a new Ebola out break is occuring this sommer now in Kongo andn Uganda https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018%E2%80%9319_Kivu_Ebola_epidemic
Christina Uka (21 days ago)
that is not the nigerian flag
Jackson Pelletier (21 days ago)
A epidemic spreads over the earth Greenland watching "What epidemic"
Yours Truely (22 days ago)
Will but the ge bag away in quarantine first.
Thunderclash ! (22 days ago)
Sierra Leone's government has fallen *Ebola placed on watchlist
Anonymous (22 days ago)
away suitcases tend to blow up, fyi. They're banned on certain airlines.
Perry Liu (22 days ago)
you see
Freddie Cawston (22 days ago)
I'll have to tell Real Life Lore about this. He won't like this Wendover guy stealing his content.
bob bob (22 days ago)
yo nobody gonna ask about the cameraman
Scott Koningisor (22 days ago)
Ebola is a CHEMICAL WEAPON, not a virus. It's a bllod agent.
Scott Koningisor (19 days ago)
@Steven Luo Ebola is not biological. It isn't a disease; it's a poison. . . Blood agents are chemicals that make you bleed internally: my definition is tight and accurate.
Steven Luo (19 days ago)
You sure have quite a loose interpretation of what a chemical weapon is, and what a blood agent is. Yes, I can come up with such an interpretation.
Esteban E (22 days ago)
This was way better than learning about airplanes. Great video!
ORIgins27 (22 days ago)
This video was made by, ... a way Lmao that cracked me up
Akbaer (22 days ago)
How to stop an epidemic? Wendover Production: -Planes- *B R U S S E L S A I R L I N E S*
M Meidiano Al Fajri (23 days ago)
People of guinea : *Don't trust medical professionals* Ebola : IT'S FREE REAL ESTATE
WillTell (23 days ago)
If there's nothing around to transmit the disease, there can be no epidemic hehehe
JackStrait (23 days ago)
My ears were getting dizzy because his voice wouldn't stop panning back and forth towards the end.
Yee Oof (23 days ago)
This gave me anxiety even though I’m in Florida and it’s 2019
Tech-Talk-Toe Mac (23 days ago)
When your happy because he says that it reached its third week without a new Ebola case but then you see the video still has 9 minutes.
Trex0328 (23 days ago)
Eyy, March 28th is my birthday
Cam77891 (23 days ago)
False attribution error... the bane of humanities existence
W SMYTHE BATES (23 days ago)
We need to find a way to stop human breeding in poor areas.
W SMYTHE BATES (23 days ago)
We need more épidémics. Too many goddamn people around anyway
pulakification (23 days ago)
We need Ebola in Middle East.
amarjeet sehmi (24 days ago)
When majority is vaccinated, minority gets protected as per medical public philosophy of public health.
ToughAncientSpark (24 days ago)
Africa...the Cradle of Man that will be the End of Man.
Prashant Dash (24 days ago)
Superb video
BOOMGUY 2014 (24 days ago)
0:17 Emile from halo reach also does any one else feel 2019 is a repeat of 2014
Gabby Edgar (24 days ago)
9:49 you put nicaraguas flag on nigeria 😭
iamaplatypus 1234 (24 days ago)
Dominic (24 days ago)
Guy at 2:46 was probably thinking: “I shouldn’t be here”.
Bobspineable (24 days ago)
How could he mention planes in... *Brussels Airlines* ok then
that_G_EvanP (22 days ago)
It's really surprising me that people are thinking planes wouldn't be mentioned in a video about epidemics. What's even more surprising is that there's nothing in the video about the role planes can play in spreading an epidemic.
UltimatumAT (24 days ago)
The "Nigeria" flag at 9:51 doesn't look right
cat sneeze (24 days ago)
5:35 "... and what have you." - Sue Sue Heck
Caleb Tilders (25 days ago)
Kill everyone.
dunodisko221 (25 days ago)
2:28 *WHEEZE*
Karim Jisr (26 days ago)
*_gReEnlAnd shUtS DoWN iTs sEaPoRts_* Aw, shit, here we go again.
Karlovist Times (26 days ago)
i dont think thats the nigerian flag mate 9:53
Adonis Pugh (26 days ago)
9:48 that's not the Nigerian flag. Either the flag or the country is wrong. It looks like that's Nicaragua or El Salvador
Eat monster (26 days ago)
I know this is a sensitive topic but... guess you can say the people were going bat $hit crazy
YexaC (27 days ago)
Too stupid to save.
laclarous (27 days ago)
Thanks, now I will try to eradicate fortnite.
William Panteleris (27 days ago)
WHO: Ends epidemic Ebola in Democratic Republic of the Congo: *R E S P A W N* (This is a joke)
Boss Lax316 (27 days ago)
Yeah but they found a probable cure for Ebola so...
DudeSwedish (27 days ago)
How to Stop Problem X in the World = Watch a YouTube Video about It
Chris Colindres (27 days ago)
9:51 you confused Nigeria’s flag 🇳🇬 with Nicaragua’s flag🇳🇮
the republic of Brickania (28 days ago)
at 9:47 the flag of nigeria is the flag of nicaragua
Frank R. Haugen (28 days ago)
A lot of global NGOs don't work, (UN is the biggest failure), but the WHO is pretty damn good, and actually able to affect real change
Steven Luo (19 days ago)
You should think of the UN as an organization of the national governments, by the national governments, and for the national governments. Then you will understand why the UN is not living up to its own standards.
ePiC GaMeR (28 days ago)
*JuSt uSe NaPaLm*
Kurt Cobain (28 days ago)
If it was 16 seconds and 6 seconds said VACCINATE UR KIDS KAREN and the rest was a wendover ad
Thyandyr (28 days ago)
You travel that much?
Kyaw Zaw Aung (28 days ago)
*Installs Plauge Inc. as I watch this video*
Immedeán (28 days ago)
Damn, Africans are stupid as fuck, and now they're
J Squad Vlogs (23 days ago)
Wall of glass at least they are smart enough to actually make sense.
peachy 🍑 (29 days ago)
9:52 the flag you have on screen for Nigeria is wrong.
Salisu Mohammed (29 days ago)
That's not a Nigerian flag. Great video regardless
MRTiGzoruA (29 days ago)
you can litrally give africa a virus that can only be spreaded via a 4 person gang bang and theyll still find a way to turn it into a country wide epidemic
Rolling Stone (29 days ago)
we have to cancel fortnite