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How to Stop an Epidemic

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Text Comments (3086)
Hey Ho (10 hours ago)
You should have mentioned how the natives stormed Ebola help centers to break the infected out, that's probably a crucial step to "how to stop an epidemic".
wintergaming (1 day ago)
this video made wash my hands like 7 times
Mandy (1 day ago)
“If anyone suspected anyone of having Ebola” Me thinking about the Salem Witch Trials: “If anyone suspected anyone of being a witch”
Grim Alpha (2 days ago)
Ebola 2 has began in Congo Successful your Plauge has wiped out humanity
No Excuses (2 days ago)
Companies need to stop using acronyms that are real words for their companies
mery gun (4 days ago)
A family friend Fanta. Me: Wait. that's illegal imo
German-American Mapping (5 days ago)
9:50 That's Nicaragua's flag, not Nigeria's.
Rainbow Labs / KKKLEJ Matrixo (6 days ago)
2:06 South Sudan is not a country but a part of sudan
Uh (6 days ago)
I feel bad for criticizing these uneducated people but like................ they believed that........that the doctors were SPREADING the virus? Come on now
Alexfrommd (6 days ago)
Nah I'll just genocide
Glashen (7 days ago)
I just happened to see this a day before Black Friday... Where are my Division Agents at?
uncriticalsimon (7 days ago)
"In the event of an epidemic, please try not to panic."
Ishan Dey (8 days ago)
This comment section 80%: Plague inc references 20%: Actually 'I hope it will not happen' s
Julia Naylor (8 days ago)
Haitian earthquake survivers caught a type of cholera that turned out to endemic to the place some of the soldiers who worked to help them had come from, in other words one of them or more was an unwitting carrier. The government of Haiti was furious about this, and decided to sue.
Sharky Gaming (8 days ago)
Wait that boys father is named fanta? Xd
Rain Likes Bangtan (8 days ago)
*EBOLA TO ERADICATE HUMANITY* Your disease Ebola has wiped out humanity dispite the human's best efforts. The last few humans lie dying in holes with no chance of survival.
Rain Likes Bangtan (8 days ago)
*insert plague inc noises*
Shouri Bagchi (9 days ago)
Dude @9:49 u used an Argentinian flag for Nigeria, the Nigerian flag has 3 vertical stripes: green/white/green. Plz correct. Cheers!
The USA (9 days ago)
Brussels Air only sent flights to get new colonies in Africa.
Dad (10 days ago)
Wrong, the real answer is to close the sea port in Greenland.
Alfie Mack (11 days ago)
This is Plague.Inc irl
Elsa Öhh (11 days ago)
1. Start in Saudi Arabia 2. Pray that Greenland doesn’t close its ports
Tiarnán McKibben (11 days ago)
This video was less How to Stop an Epidemic, more An In-depth History of Ebola in Africa
P Major (11 days ago)
Is nobody gonna talk about the person named FANTA?
GoodishGamer (13 days ago)
Ahh see, Ebola wasn't popping them blue bubbles that's why it failed
sgffd bfxgs (13 days ago)
I am happy to announce the world is healthy. The World Health Organisation is to be stripped of funds. To keep the world healthy we need to feed it properly. Emaciated people are not healthy.
S. A. Debre (13 days ago)
9:49 Bruh that's not Nigeria's flag, it's Nicaragua's.
I have an extra chromosome (13 days ago)
I believe it's called quarantine
G Guidarelli (13 days ago)
Maybe cholera killed so many because they had shitty drinking water? Literally..
IFollowMarxismAndYouShouldToo (13 days ago)
whenever I watch videos about diseases I feel like I have it
Indignatio 1945 (14 days ago)
15:16 lol do I see a kurzgesagt shirt :P
spoderroo (14 days ago)
one bat: ima bite a kid everyone: ah shit here we go again
Jakson McLane (15 days ago)
the quality of these videos are amazing, keep it up.
Daniel Routzahn (15 days ago)
Medical professionals thinking they stopped an epidemic: “Job well done, mission accomplished” Ebola: *Giorno’s Theme Intensifies*
Humphry Shan (15 days ago)
Who's here after they found the cure for ebola? (REGN-EB3 and MAb114)
Mate Marijan (16 days ago)
africa is such a shithole
W0Y4K (16 days ago)
The number was 115? COD Zombies right there. I remember people had many theories about how it was supposed to be "ebola," but it didn't really play out that way. Although, I do remember someone saying the numbers "38074" would flash in the zombies menu, which is leet for "ebola."
Baseball Savage 16 (17 days ago)
A guy at my church got Ebola from helping
lolatomroflsinnlos (17 days ago)
Background music sounds like someone is calling me in Discord.
Einar (17 days ago)
9.50 i dont think that´s the flag of nigeria...
Emil Kovachev (17 days ago)
I hope there comes a day when the Earth will wipe out all of humanity.... People are shit and they deserve to die !!! Everything is negative and needs to end !!!
Jason_Pereira 20254015 (18 days ago)
DNA points.
Apoapsis Periapsis (18 days ago)
whos getting that plague inc vibe
SHËP (19 days ago)
Guinea: **Get's infected with the Ebola virus** Me still playing Plague Inc on the funny computer I found in Area 51:
FUMIF HONDURAS (22 days ago)
9:50 that is not the nigerian flag, thats nicaraguan or maybe honduran flag, here i didnt hear any ebola crisis
Rigil Kent Angeles (23 days ago)
Those townspeople deserved to die from Ebola. They cause hundreds, if not thousands of people to die.
Kirksmarine _ (23 days ago)
Just dont be sick
thunder (23 days ago)
how to stop an epidemic? just ask greenland
Chiara Mattoli (24 days ago)
14:39 WHO: aw sh-
Семён Маликов (25 days ago)
Nigeria has an argentine flag...
ICloudydust (24 days ago)
How do we stop an epidemic? Well, Karen, the answer is simple: VACCINATE YOUR GOD-DAMNED KIDS
Josh Kang (1 day ago)
@Mozart twoset?
Mozart (3 days ago)
Find origin countries and terminate all the human life in those countries. There.
Juan SulK (6 days ago)
You should add some claps emojis 👏👏👏 between vaccinate your kids I think It would be better And funnier to my brain
DCGD (14 days ago)
*crotch goblins
Chidiadi Agoh (26 days ago)
9:51 the Nigerian flag is wrong -3-
Xtabs10 (26 days ago)
Ghe player did not pop the cure bubbles fast enought
Dog (26 days ago)
Step 1: make a facility in Greenland to fight the epidemic Step 2: you survive
Matthew Murdock (26 days ago)
Anti-Vaxxers: imma bout to end this man’s whole career
ya boi Dilan (26 days ago)
Goodness, the doctors are gonna love to know this
naim islam (26 days ago)
*Perfectly normal* "Watches video* "I have ebola".
Anne* 411 (27 days ago)
EBOLA= Elite Better Off Left Alone. They dont plan on any of us stopping the epidemic once it starts
HelloYou! (28 days ago)
Medecins Sans Frontieres should be commended for the wonderful work they do. In the harshest regions, they are there trying to help.
I Created An Account For This (28 days ago)
Shut the gates!
Bleach (28 days ago)
fucking black people...
NotPickledLemon (29 days ago)
Is no one gonna mention how one of the dead people of Ebola was called Fanta??
Caroline O'Brien (29 days ago)
0:52 can we just talk about the friends name was fanta?
Juanita Bennett (29 days ago)
Ugandan Knuckles Is reaserting his dominance.
Alias Fakename (1 month ago)
Anyone else starting to think that africa is just a lost cause?
12345 67890 (1 month ago)
"They didn't trust medical staff" That was some medieval scapegoat level shit
Samuel Banks (1 month ago)
Xinyi Wang (1 month ago)
7:00 of the video: all is well 7:31 of the video: *SIKE*
WeinSim (1 month ago)
why does the narrator of wendover productions sound exactly like the narrotor from half as interesting?
WeinSim (24 days ago)
@Vansh Sahota ahh really? didn't know that
Vansh Sahota (24 days ago)
WeinSim Cause that’s his second channel
Nicholas Stockman (1 month ago)
0:52 Now I Ain't Drinkin' Fanta Anymore
Zero (1 month ago)
how to stop an epidemic? prevent a single outbreak sure, but conventional wisdom is that you dont, many ways you could minimize it but even insignificantly it only postpone the inevitable, but no way to actually fully stop it, think it as... when a epidemic hits its a both a mass dying and a human adaptation to the nature counter measure of self immunity take place, when the surviving people lives on they will have a immunity to the virus, and even recent research shows that vaccine for different disease can help the immune system to get certain amount of resistance to other diseases, theoretically it shouldn't happen but recent data show it does have certain effect, so we may fucked up our survival as a whole specie for keeping curtain diseases form ourselves, cuz if one thing that taught us is that you cant never fully contain all diseases, and even if you do it will just become a weapon for nation struggle and be unleashed when we are most vulnerable, and do what nature has in plan for us in the first place. The Aztec empire where wiped out not directly by Cortés military but by the plague brought there from Europe because the people was never exposed to such disease so their lack of exposure from their isolated ancestry assured their doom, fighting nature is a war you never win
Khan 92983832 (1 month ago)
Question:How to stop a epidemic Wait a minute. (Researchers play plague inc to see and conclude which procedures to contain the outbreak) (Meanwhile, an outbreak happened in west africa) (Researchers and medical staff discuss about how to stop that epidemic) (*Sending planes filled with research teams to speeed up the cure or treatment*) Wendover Productions:*Wait a minute thats illlegal.*
CasualPrince (1 month ago)
I thought these would be actual tips but instead I’ve watched a 16 minute documentary on Ebola. Don’t regret
Kimli (1 month ago)
Noone: People of Guinea : hmmm, yummy BAT soup today for lunch
Sherwinphilipp :D (1 month ago)
That is their culture.... *Bruh*
Nickolas Don Hilcher (1 month ago)
Bat soup
Entety303 Does stuff (1 month ago)
Why is the flag of nigeria the flag of Nicaragua
Nega Framtid (1 month ago)
brussels airlines making up for the sins of the leopold ?
Christian Vince (1 month ago)
Greenland Bombs infected!
FT_FR.KD (1 month ago)
The Who?
Kevin Larsson (1 month ago)
The actual reverse of Plague Doctors. Instead of the doctor spreading the virus and the patient dies, the doctor doesn't spread the virus but the patient dies :P
Justin Francisco (1 month ago)
Wendover i love your videos!
R Jose (1 month ago)
They're from the government and their there to help! Fuck you Reagan
Maurice (1 month ago)
@0:52 nooo please not fanta!!!! i love that drink!!
Gabe Fernandez (1 month ago)
9:49 Thats Nicaragua buddy not Nigeria
Andrew Siegel (1 month ago)
7:39 10 IQ play
GemTV Africa (1 month ago)
why do the planes and travel lines look almost like ebola?
GemTV Africa (1 month ago)
why do the planes and travel lines look almost like ebola?
3xecutor3 (1 month ago)
I remember this outbreak vividly. I live about 90 miles from Atlanta and it was a little scary when a doctor and nurse who had contracted the disease were flown into ATL to be treated at Emory Medical Center. They both were recipients of an experimental cure and as far as I can remember they both made a full recovery. I still remember watching the live broadcast as the isolation ambulance was shown pulling up to the hospital and the infected surprisingly was able to walk in unassisted while wearing full containment gear.
Jorge Macias (1 month ago)
It's the very least Belgians could do for the African people!
u no (1 month ago)
Guinea: *has one patient* Greenland: I’m gonna do what’s called a pro gamer move
boobio1 (1 month ago)
Ebola does spread thru the air.
SadFace (1 month ago)
I've seen another documentary of this that focused more on some of the failures of some of the relief efforts, particularly about WHO and how they were reluctant to upgrade the situation to a major outbreak status (it was probably the 3 month gap that you mentioned in the video) or how there was mishandling at an Ebola hospital that led to a lot of dead clinical staff. The clips you have here are quite tame because the documentary showed piles of bodies and countless clips of people dead on the side of the roads or in their cars because of the lack of space at treatment centers. It's quite a different experience, but nice to see the different takes on the same situation.
Meester Writer (1 month ago)
reasons for the outbreak: 1. mass distrust of medical personell, conspiracy theories 2. burial practices of washing and kissing dead bodies not being abandoned even in the face of overwhelming evidence 3. hospitals closing and sending infected people back to their communities 4. lack of governmental cooperation within infected companies 5. infected people leaving/escaping isolation due to above reasons 6. infected persons intentionally or unintentionally infecting workers by not following instructions
ITz_Swich (1 month ago)
i'm sorry but if you name your kid fanta it should die
Nirja Shah (1 month ago)
Amazing work by these organizations! Governments should fund these organizations, instead of building walls and fighter jets
sumerbc (1 month ago)
Bat soup?? Sounds as good as slimy slug casserole....
Yiannis P (1 month ago)
People believed medical stuff were the ones spreading the disease. Epic facepalm..
Mert (1 month ago)
Those rural Guineans are idiots
Christian Ikeokwu (1 month ago)
9:47 pretty sure that's not the nigerian flag?? lol
ket (1 month ago)
Pffft noobs Just live in greenland