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Pete Buttigieg explains controversy surrounding taped calls

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Mayor Pete Buttigieg explains why he asked Police Chief Darryl Boykins, who is black, to resign after a controversy surrounding secret phone recordings while Buttigieg was in his first term as mayor of South Bend, Indiana. #Buttigieg #CNN #News
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Kristian Brandt (2 hours ago)
I was really pleased to hear Pete say that the US has little moral credibility in the world right now, because it really doesn't especially not when it comes to LGBT. Considering all its' ressources the US approach to LGBT is, frankly, medieval, and thus this particular mantle doesn't belong to the US. Sadly this also means Pete won't be president.
Terry H (13 hours ago)
bye bye pete.. you can spin it all you want ...
David Hutchinson (14 hours ago)
Big Money Candidate. Nothing more, nothing less.
One Man Journey (15 hours ago)
25 million in dark money. And now it turns out his big donors ALSO didn't like the police chief. 🤔
Noneya Business (16 hours ago)
check out this Andrew Yang interview with The Roots. He got good plans for black America https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feL0TV7EbgA&t=861s
tvandang (17 hours ago)
He got pressured from his big donors to get rid of his police chief.
Paladine (1 day ago)
beta boi and gaybutt has perfect sucking mouths
Ukweli Mmoja (1 day ago)
...And yet, with your fake concerns for the 'communities experiencing more crime' you allow police-thugs, who refer to your citizens as apes, and who disrespected and openly plotted against Chief Boykins, to remain on the job. And those wonderful foot-patrols - not in an enforcement capacity, had to happen with about half the number of Black officers? (there were 29 when you started, but since you and your bullshit concerns, now there are only 15). You, sir, are a lying, conniving, power-hunger, deluded, racist sack of shit. Roast in hell, Booty-edge, or worse, roast in fucking South Bend - you fucking douche.
Ricky Bobby (1 day ago)
So he demoted him because of an fbi investigation. I wonder what the outcome of that investigation was?
Vick S (1 day ago)
He is lying out his buttigieg
Vick S (1 day ago)
Mr. All Lives Matter used racist dog whistle because his top 2 donors in south bend wanted him to fire the black chief of police and all the black police officers. If Pete will do and say racist things for a little bit of political power, imagine what he will do to get into the oval office.
Young Pak (1 day ago)
This guys sounds slimy to me. Apparently, this guy has raised a lot of money. Only way a small town mayor raises that kind of money is to sell out to a lot of big time donors.
roberto Amador (1 day ago)
He need to go. He got to many isues. Bye . Go Bernie Sanders
Karelyn Rosa (1 day ago)
What a fucking liar! Everyone watching this needs to watch the TYT video about this subject. They read all of the legal documents related to this scandal. He’s flat out lying & intentionally misleading with his response.
Mr Niceguy Nightmare (1 day ago)
Stfu fake ass. Your the criminal.
Jose Lopez (1 day ago)
Bullshit he knows exactly what is on there. He is the one hiding it. Do your homework people I did
shad0wCh8ser (1 day ago)
Concise answering but that Police debacle only showed that he's a bit slow on the uptake as to how his decision making, in certain situations, affects the community vs making a decision based on legal ramifications.
Andrew Are (1 day ago)
White Obama
Jason Wong (1 day ago)
Caught in his dilemma, Pete favors incurable systemic LE corruption over risk necessary to take action against it. Your suppose to be a former soldier to adapt to the situation. Your full of shit, the problem will never improve with you in any office, just mere lip or the same old indoctrinated shit, service.
Jacqueline Franklin (1 day ago)
Liar! You lie!
birddogfreemann (1 day ago)
Wow, this loser is the MAYOR of South Bend and polished boots in the military.
birddogfreemann (1 day ago)
I wonder if Buttjudge and Cooper are thinking sexual things about each other.
MsMig88 (1 day ago)
Full of shit not voting for this guy. I like my racist sympathizers upfront.
gerald ervin (1 day ago)
Community oriented policing is just a stupid buzz word that politicians use to try and show the general public that they are doing something positive
Rio Goldenarms (1 day ago)
He's full of shit
Truth Saviour (1 day ago)
To all of you who love the way Pete answered that question; police tap phones all the time when they want to get evidence to arrest a particular subject. Why isn't that illegal. For some strange reason, when the subjects are white police officers, it is now considered illegal to have done so. Pete conveniently advoids the controversy by putting his hands over his mouth, ears and eyes because according to him, to listen to the tapes may make him a subject of legal jeopardy. . SMH. He has the nerve to suggest that he provided the black chief a favor by demoting him; sparring him potential jail time. Give me a break. That answer Pete gave was clever bull shit.
Alexander Stone (1 day ago)
TYT just released Buttigieg tapes!
kenneth vick (1 day ago)
OK, the chief was the subject of a criminal investigation by the FBI. We would like to know where this investigation is going now?
Eric Parker (1 day ago)
And now this......https://youtu.be/nNw6aX3SEJA
Jacques Rivette (1 day ago)
Yep the whites are back in charge in South Bend. That was what was in the tape. He had to give an answer. The man is great at answering questions with poise and clarity. I would have fallen for it if i hadn’t heard the whole story , a phenomenal job pf journalism done by the TYT team. I won’t fall for that this time. Wolf in sheep clothing , they are more dangerous . Here is the link for evere interested. By the way these guys are pro Dems https://youtu.be/UFYv3Vt3XtM
Spencer Hanson (1 day ago)
Oh shit Pete, this coming back now. . .
Dante Solaris (2 days ago)
Bootygig already lying.
Nancy Ranft (2 days ago)
I think good old honest Mayor Pete is great, too. There's just this one thing that keeps bothering me about this issue. The lady who originally heard the taped calls made much of their contents known so when Mayor Pete says he doesn't know, it's not because he can't legally know what's already been made public, it's because he CHOOSES not to know...or he's lying. I don't like either option.
Alex (2 days ago)
That was a well thought out answer, however, the problem that I saw with part of his response, is the assumption of guilt on the part of the black chief. Of course if the chief is stepping on toes, they will find a way to cast doubt on his veracity. Just because a person is under investigation is not necessarily a cause to drop all loyalty to the person unless you had some preconceived notions or other reasons to do so. All in all, i think he just presented a well crafted lie.
J R (2 days ago)
Mikaela V (2 days ago)
They need to hear these tapes! There is no investigation into the chief!!!
Michel McGinity (2 days ago)
Why did his city attorney know what was on them and not Pete. Would like to know more about his financial backing while dealing with the police chief. It would be sickening to find out he has already been corrupted.
Born 'N Raised In Compton (2 days ago)
He's Racist...No Question About...
A H (2 days ago)
And KNOW we find out why he answered like he did, and bottom line, by omission or commission, He LIED, Like every other politician, stop gassing him up, he's not that good and has an awful record already for any race, diversity or harmony amongst the community. His "efforts " failed, and he is beholden to his donors and the system that perpetuates the continued racism in SB.
Benson Chan (2 days ago)
Check out The Hill’s latest report about those tapes. Make your own conclusion as to who Pete represents: diversity or $$$
Alejandra Zaid (2 days ago)
V. Sealy (2 days ago)
Kevin McCoy (2 days ago)
Hmmmmmm...recent findings says something else, Pete!
Colin Connelly (2 days ago)
Lots of people are subject to investigation. Doesn't mean they are committing a crime. When was this guy charged with a crime?
USA Arts (2 days ago)
Very gracious and classy candidates for President, Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Mayor Pete for being 37 years old, intellectual, war veteran who gives sensible answers in the President Debate. What a great role model for young and older voters. Voters of all ages, nationalities, democrats, independent & republicans should give him a chance
ColorMeOakland (2 days ago)
I call BS. OFficers are recorded as a daily process, you have backup and there is no violation. The Chief was also not fired, nor did the federal government accuse him of wiretapping. It was a completely other person that provided that information to the Chief as a routine. MAyor PEte is a liar or horribly misinformed either is not fit for president.
Ricky Bobby (1 day ago)
Yeah something doesn't sound right about this to me.
Pamela Garris (2 days ago)
Explain away mayor pete. Several problems with your explanation.
Tap Twice (2 days ago)
Apparently he didn't think this would ever come back to him. He did what he did and now he feels the heat.
julio Sanchez (2 days ago)
Bye Felicia!!!!! Join the Yang Gang!!!!!!!!!
Bob Ward (2 days ago)
I'm surprised he's a liar, another guy taking the money. Fk politics
Eugenie Breida (2 days ago)
be sure to research what is actually on those tapes. Quite a bit of racist commenting And Pete could usually be implicated. Check it out. This is his long winded explanation. Who is obeying the rules by not listening to an important tape is a good excuse to not look into a racist police force and the ousting of the black police chief.
Peter Kang (2 days ago)
Update on this story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNw6aX3SEJA
Lee Xiong (2 days ago)
Naw he's were supporting the racist cops get out of the race
Gerry Boric (2 days ago)
Buttplug Pete is a corporate sellout
Kev Uber (2 days ago)
He is full of bs! We all know he lied, got pressured from his donors!
Justin Newman (2 days ago)
'Good will' and a 'listening heart' didn't solve the white supremacist plots in your own police department, and all we see now is rhetoric trying to excuse a record of absolutely zero results. Pete Buttigieg shouldn't be mayor, let alone president. Time for him to drop out.
Idle Commentator (2 days ago)
And of course unsurprisingly you have Republican voters in the comments coming out in his support - Buttigieg may be openly gay, but he is also a closeted conservative (usually it's the other way around ))) )
Idle Commentator (2 days ago)
Gotta love the impressive level of shilling for Buttigieg in current top comments, praising him for "honesty" while he is being low-key disingenuous in his answer - I guess all the money poured by his campaign in social media engineering, upvote bots networks are really paying off. It's especially interesting that most of these comments are essentially paraphrase of essentially the same message.
huckleberryfinn01 (7 hours ago)
They very clearly are bots. All are saying almost the same thing. I'm glad others are also recognizing the paraphrasing besides me.
Breeze Smith (3 days ago)
The new reports are in... Mayor Pete lied!
Little Blue Elephant (3 days ago)
Cannot trust Buttagieg. This answer is crafted and practised by a very crafty sly person who knows they need to cover their ass. Buttagieg isn't a racist, but he's an egomaniacal greedy fiend who would throw any human - of colour or no colour - under the bus to save himself.
M Munroe (3 days ago)
🤞 Pete Buttigieg for President; plus TWO VPs: Bernie Sanders for VP1 (Foreign & Domestic); Elizabeth Warren for VP2 (Domestic).
David Leo Morley (3 days ago)
Pete is a slave to the billionaire class. Good Riddance.
walan31 (2 days ago)
LOL all the white folks in comment section trying so hard to believe the Black chief got fired for wire tapping are deluded. THey did fire the Black guy because Sand Bend Police department is Racist.Go read what the Ms Depae heard on those tapes she said about the dozen officers and detectives conspiring to get rid of Boytkin to keep SBPD alll white.They wanted to get rid of black men on the force. FYI: all the black men mentioned on tapes are no longer on thr force except one.
GeminiBey ancestorIamGodYoni (3 days ago)
Nope not the blk vote. All these cave men Neanderthals are full of greed
GeminiBey ancestorIamGodYoni (3 days ago)
lincoln fearon (3 days ago)
Corrupt to the core.
Cedric Harbert (3 days ago)
Cooking and Recipes with Papa! 2019 (5 days ago)
Penis .Buttcheese. Is a joke! ANOTHER CIVIL servant at his best! WIPE your ass and do your Job! And you want to be PRESIDENT? Yeah, right! Good like With that !
randy smith (8 days ago)
Andrew yang is the greatest of all time
alex black (12 days ago)
South Bend is a shit hole and crime has gone up after Buttygieg became mayor. South Bend is a small town too.
- VginaDentata (13 days ago)
You have to wonder why it came to that, to risk that method of recording prove this officer was violent and overtly racist. It’s extremely difficult to internally take on racism within a police force, without potentially losing your job or risking your life. Not to mention he didn’t go to the shooting victims vigil and had a bbq with the police force.
Peir's Creative Collective (18 days ago)
This guy would make a great leader in the world, not just for his great country.
Frans van der Westhuizen (19 days ago)
Time for a younger president - OMG is this fuck for real? Young, inexperienced, no idea, make stupid decisions as the young do. No pete rather go fuck yourself. Just maybe you'll do better.
MICHGO1 (15 days ago)
camille harris (25 days ago)
Just lost my vote
MICHGO1 (15 days ago)
randy smith (27 days ago)
Andrew Yang!! Math!! yang gnag 4 life!!
Jay Blair (29 days ago)
White liberal eliteists keeping poor ppl down
randy smith (29 days ago)
Andrew yang 2020!! MATH!!!
Durga Soham (1 month ago)
This neoliberal corporatist is: a) already buying off superdelegates in an attempt to bypass having to earn peoples' votes and rig the primary election- better yet, he hired Hillary's former campaign manager to do it b) hired Goldman Sachs to run his campaign finance and c) is taking money from 23 billionaires for his campaign. You cannot believe a word this man says. Anyone who buys into his schtick is a goddamn idiot who wants to continue the country's race to the bottom in a wholesale neoliberal coup d'etat while pretending to be liberal on social issues. In the off chance this shill for the American imperial hegemony were to get the nomination, no self-respecting progressive nor anyone else who cares about the country's future will vote for him, and we will absolutely suffer through more 4 years of Trump. He talks about the US being "a credible messenger," and yet there isn't a credible cell in this man's DNA.
JINXED OUT (1 month ago)
Cant believe how straight forward he is with his answers and not stuttering and repeating bland and stupid unnecessary “answers” and “points”. Im not sure if I’m the only one who sees this, but there is something about him.
Kate Taylor (1 month ago)
I could listen to Pete talk all day. He even motivates me to live my best life and be my true self everyday. He really makes Trump look like a chump without even trying to. Pete for president!!!!!!
Tyler Durden (1 month ago)
Buttigieg is a DNC establishment insider who cannot be trusted. He is aggressively pursuing super delegates AND leads all candidates in billionaire donors. Does that sound like someone out to shake up a broken system? He is NOT a progressive. He is an establishment insider beholden to the military industrial complex. Research his positions on Syria, Venezuela, etc. and point out ONE position he holds that conflicts with the military industrial complex. JUST ONE. He is also sheepherding superdelegates and admits it. Remember, after the 2016 cheating scandal, the DNC "reformed" the process and got rid of super delegates in the FIRST ROUND ONLY. So how does the DNC establishment maintain control without superdelegates in the first round? Easy, they flood the ballots with so many candidates that there will not be a single majority and their will HAVE TO BE a second round. Enter the superdelegates and the DNC establishment control. Even after the "reform", the superdelegates are NOT obligated to vote the popular vote....and many didn't in 2016. There were states where Bernie won the majority of the votes and lost all delegates because of superdelegates who went with the establishment neolib. I am not a Republican but I'll give them this much: The republican establishment did not want Trump...but they didn't cheat him out of the nomination. Contrast that with the democrat establishment who did not want Bernie....and stole the nomination from him and gave it to a DNC insider......and they are doing it again. And a Buttigieg is a part of it. Power to the people (us). Not the man who tops the billionaire donor list and is already positioning himself to win... even if he doesn't really win. DO NOT LET THE DNC DO THIS AGAIN. Our voices will never be heard until we expose the Buttiegiegs and Kamalas and Bidens of the world. We need a true progressive who stands against the establishment, i.e. Tusli or Bernie. I personally don’t believe Buttigieg is going to win…but I’m going to call out all the DNC insiders who are counting on Superdelegates to circumvent true democracy.
Carrie See (1 month ago)
He’s doing his very best. What more can you ask for? Things have been so bad so long, it’s got to be hard to fix when you don’t know every nuance. This man is trying. Give him a break ok? He’s trying unlike so many others
Tony H (1 month ago)
Let's avoid the best person for the job because we need more minorities whether qualified or not. Good answer
Angela Kotowick (1 month ago)
Isn't it nice seeing a politician talk and have nothing but good comments on it. Love this guy :)
timewarp691 (1 month ago)
Buttigieg is very intelligent and extremely smooth but I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him
Round Robin (1 month ago)
TREVOR looks and sounds like one of the zombies in the movie "GET OUT"
Nosey Girl (1 month ago)
Many Pete's sympathisers hate corporations. Why not to get rid of them completely at least in two states, say, NY and CA, for all other states to see what a bliss will follow. But I suspect that progressive politicians will not embrace such idea: who there will be to blame for the problems then? Without such punchbag they will be politically bankrupt because campaigning against corporations is the only substance in these airbags.
Rosa Pittman (1 month ago)
Admittedly, when Mayor Pete first came on the public scene, I liked him, but was skeptical because of this very issue. This answer is BRILLIANT and HONEST and I'm so very glad that Buttigieg broke it down to make it all make sense.
RomanInTheDeep (1 month ago)
His approach to answer a question is fearless. He can answer a question directly with eye-contact. He's not afraid of the questions; he's not afraid to say, "I don't know." and explain WHY.
TallinnTadgh (1 month ago)
what a thoughtful, compassionate, humanist, intelligent, downright honest person is Pete Buttigieg? he could hardly be more different from that monstrosity that inhabits the WH until he is rightfully kicked out next year.
Adam Cohen (2 months ago)
? What a pussy I was scared I would go to jail if I listen to the tapes I'm a f****** pussy
M Beyersdorf (2 months ago)
🇺🇸Pete2020🇺🇸💯✅🏋️‍♂️✔️🇺🇸You got my Vote 🗳.....
Brian Tompkins (2 months ago)
This queer needs to take care of south end you can't take care of one city so you want the whole US your a joke .what we call you love first lady what a joke get the fuck out of here.
Hilton Bayayi (2 months ago)
The world needs leaders like this instead we have Trump and Boris Johnson.Damn!!
Hilton Bayayi (2 months ago)
@Tnn Dll Thanks man but l will still take him over the man in charge at the moment but thanks for the insight
Tnn Dll (2 months ago)
"The world needs leaders like this" The world needs competent people. not young 20 to 30 year-old children who did well in college, but fail in the real-world like he did as mayor.
Tnn Dll (2 months ago)
Violent crime has risen year-on-year since Buttigieg took office in 2012. Last year was the highest rate in at least 20 years. He's incompetent. CNN and MS-"DNC" do a good job hiding his failed record. Google, which campaigned for Hillary in 2016, also hides it well. you have to really dig to find his failed record.
ufelcher (2 months ago)
Tnn Dll (2 months ago)
Violent crime has risen year-on-year since Buttigieg took office in 2012. Last year was the highest rate in 20 years. He's incompetent. CNN and MS-"DNC" do a good job hiding his failed record. Google, which campaigned for Hillary in 2016, also hides it well. you have to really dig to find his failed record.
Bolton (2 months ago)
So much bullshit coming out his mouth
WiseCentaur (2 months ago)
Buttigieg is like a political unicorn. He’s honest, authentic, direct, intelligent and articulate. He is thoughtful and calm. Most importantly, he has good motives.
Tnn Dll (2 months ago)
He's incompetent! Violent crime has risen year-over-year since Buttigieg took office in 2012. Last year was the highest rate in 20 years. "He’s honest, authentic, direct, intelligent and articulate. He is thoughtful and calm. Most importantly, he has good motives." You forgot competent. which he is not.
Bram Sebio-Brundage (2 months ago)
I consider myself a Progressive but it is so ridiculously frustrating when people question Pete Buttigieg of why his police staff is not “black enough?” He absolutely cares for his community, especially the portion of it of color. But it should not be his job to make his whole staff “a certain percentage” black. That’s not a link to credibility. You can have Progressive/non-racist officers who are white. I’m glad that he answers the questions honestly and he doesn’t rely on “race numbers” for how he determines his policies. He still understands its importance but his whole candidacy should not be determined based on “but you’re a white male.” ALMOST EVERY CANDIDATE ON THE DEMOCRATIC AND REPUBLICAN STAGE IS A WHITE MALE. That doesn’t matter! Not all white people are racist and not all people of color are sympathetic towards their own race either, particularly those communities of high-income African Americans. I believe that diversity is important, but it shouldn’t be everything.
Sigler Jorge (2 months ago)
Boy did he dodge it within the first minute.... Sad
Terri Quinn (2 months ago)
Oh bull, this PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE is just a DEMOCRATIC DONALD TRUMP. Afm I’m better off with the devil I know than the one I DONT know. Brothers and sisters don’t vote this closeted BIGOT into office!
Tnn Dll (2 months ago)
Violent crime rose year-over-year since Buttigieg took office in 2012. Last year was the highest rate in 20 years. He's incompetent too.