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ups driver backing up doubles

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I've never seen this before. This is a UPS driver backing up a set of doubles right next to my truck.
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R (6 months ago)
Easy to do with all that open space to back into. Rookie drivers are still amazed to see it done...
Stella Renee (1 month ago)
It's easy when it's a short distance. But harder when it isnt
Chicago Street TV (1 year ago)
This some WWII video quality
Roberto Avalos (1 year ago)
I haul double and believe that's not easy that guy it's highly trained not everyone can do that I don't believe me my respect for that guy
Avinay Singh (1 year ago)
Sit back in your shitty-ass owner operator gig.. let Teamsters handle this
dodgeguyz (1 year ago)
Not the best backing job! To slow and to many back and forth movements.
joe woodchuck (1 year ago)
I didn't even think that was possible.
Frank Budroux (1 year ago)
Ups drivers are the best on the roads especially feeder drivers you almost never see a Ups semi involved in any kind of accident or pileup..very rare sight
R (6 months ago)
You see them in wrecks all over Chicagoland!
Paul Grimm (1 year ago)
Pulled those puppy dogs for UPS 39 years. He’s just showing off
Japhet Anciado (1 year ago)
Thats epic.. with the dollies Its hundred times harder
markallensivert (1 year ago)
Seems pretty straight back, still very difficult
Alex Roth (1 year ago)
Freewheeling. Drive a gravel train. You have to do this shit all the time. In small parking lots, on trash mounds, asphalt yards, dirt pits. This is a walk in the park.
Shabuti R18 (1 year ago)
I cant do this shit in a video game, let alone real life. Matter of fact, fuck parallel parking too.
Nick T. (1 year ago)
When I started feeders at UPS I was training with a guy that did the same but a shorter distance no tractor or anything on either side. He was moving the steering wheel left and right really fast to keep the whole thing straight. After this he told me you'll learn to back a set if you want to save time or avoid getting out in the cold like it was that night.
davyboycastillo (1 year ago)
It's easier w single axle 2 back up doubles
Big Tim's Trucking LLC (1 year ago)
Damn I bet he could back up a triple heck even 53” double
George Ashing (2 years ago)
See theirs guys like us out there who can back up lol he must of work on a farm too.
TY Kassh (2 years ago)
I shift at ups and couldn't do this for shit🤦🏽‍♂️
Z0mbiekiller254 (2 years ago)
doesn't have anything to do with union there was five of us at a non union company that could back doubles we all made the mistake of going to drive for walmart instead of staying where we were ,3 are dead and me and the other are retired not before getting hurt real bad
Prestologs (2 years ago)
This is the poorest quality video. You must have the shakes my friend.
Nick T. (1 year ago)
Prestologs the poor video quality is more likely from compression youtube applies after you upload it.
Joel Rease (2 years ago)
that was the sexiest thing I've ever seen
Huevo Duro702 (2 years ago)
these ups Divers make over $200k per year
Steve Waddell (1 year ago)
DerpaDerp (2 years ago)
Huevo Duro702 no they dont. sleeper teams make good money but regular guys make a littlenover 100k
Durban Poison (2 years ago)
Legend has it that this guy parallel parked triples.
GTNBY2 (2 years ago)
do it everyday.... to the dock.
Steverino Gateserelli (2 years ago)
wow they back up faster than they go forward on the highway ...freakin amazing..
Brian Ruppel (1 year ago)
Most trucks at my center are governed... Accelerate until you hit the governor, then set the cruise.
Nick T. (1 year ago)
Steverino Gateserelli it depends. Mileage driver's will go as fast as the tractor can go. But hourly drivers will take their time or stick to the schedule especially if overtime is involved.
CAMXposure (2 years ago)
it takes practice- and need clearance- works best on a downhill grade such as a unloading bay... backing a dolly on with a lead trailer is another skill that can save time- you hone these skills with yard time and space- I know I had fun....!!!
Dashcam TV (2 years ago)
This is very difficult to do. A few guys can however back up a set to a door. I've seen it.
jasara (2 years ago)
that takes skill!!!
Rodney Stewart (2 years ago)
For all those who say it can't be done
vanilla6105 (2 years ago)
nice and slow back and forth movement
DLS13DLS (2 years ago)
I'm a Yard Shifter at UPS (Texas).. My Father just retired 25 years safe driving at UPS and I have guys tell me stories about him backing doubles... I've only been driving 1 year (on the yard), but my job is to drive backwards.. I can back circles around the building if i wanted, and put a 35ft or a 28ft in a 6 inch gap on each side no problem (we have to do that to park inside the building on the airdocks).. but when it comes to backing a dolly, on the back of a pup, it gets away fast and there is alot of swinging to do.. I can't imagine a double set with 6 pivot points.. thats YEARS of experience, and the only way you get that experience is BALLS! "GOD Bless The Unions" is right! As my father always said about backing doubles, "6FT back, 2FT Forward... Keep the dolly straight... Repeat...". Some other things he said was, "Use ALL of the room available to you, no one will complain", "The first rule of backing is DON'T BACK", and "If it doesn't look like you just pulled out of it... You ain't gonna back it in there!" :)
Ryan Moretto (1 month ago)
3 pivot points bro lmao front 5th wheel, Pintle hook, and rear 5th....
kelly watkins (2 years ago)
It's not easy, but it's possible. I used to hook triples all the time but not in paved flat lots. 1 million personal 3 million team and 5 million team driving awards. Pity they only lasted 74 years in business.
The94GTC (2 years ago)
It's harder than it looks. I can back a dollie to hook up and that's hard enough
Nick T. (1 year ago)
Just make sure the trailer is not too low or you'll poke a hole with the dolly. :-)
The94GTC (2 years ago)
Lee Huff when there is 8" of snow and ice on the lot it's not an option for me. That's the only way to hook up!
Lee Huff (2 years ago)
The94GTC I refuse to even try it. I figure they put that pintle hook on the back of the tractor for a REASON. Plus, I don't have time to piss with it, and I have about a half-second of patience on one of my rare good days!
platecrumb (3 years ago)
As a "freight hauler" of 20+ years,,, nah it's not easy guys. (Backing doubles) I've seen yard guys that will blow your mind but they have a 6' yard mules too with the turning radius if a lawn mower but still it's fun to watch the vets.
zhentrix calipso (3 years ago)
Leprechaun Don (3 years ago)
you should see what they do in the hub yards, docking and pulling to shifting trailers to other bay doors man. shits impressive.
trucksmuguler (3 years ago)
well he did not learn it from me tho i back them doubles too but I didnt have camera man
LMK Logistics !! (3 years ago)
if you are a otr driver you know how hard it is, so Mexican driver are the worst in the usa, trust me, they can't back up, they sleep in the exit ramp or rest areas
Johny Bravo (1 year ago)
LMK Logistics !! Oh really. What an ignorant chubby cheeks u are for saying that Im going to google ur logistics company and report u
John Yager (3 years ago)
I would've bought that man some dinner lol
Don toth (3 years ago)
hell yes driver! Probly a country boy used to them hay wagons.
Bryan Cook (3 years ago)
nice you gotta be damn good to do that
Luis Castro (3 years ago)
there are hiring at ups for feeder job position idk if to take it or wait for ups freight otr opening pos.
craig responds (2 years ago)
Luis Castro If you can get Feeder TAKE IT. My friend made $170,000 last year. No joke. Fuck freight.
Jose Gonzales (3 years ago)
and also i drive a truck with a 36 speed six splitter transmission. where i have two clutches which i have to both triple clutch..but im chingon i learned to float the gears..
Jose Gonzales (3 years ago)
thats simple its a straight back thats all.simple..not hard at all ive done it with triple trailers..
Jose Gonzales (2 years ago)
Yeah I backed up 1000000000 trailers at once..in nyc...
Ferguson101 (3 years ago)
slimchancetoo Yea you would never want to reverse them but at some point you will probably have to for some unforseen circumstances.
slimchancetoo (3 years ago)
Well i guess if all the articulation points, turntables (fifth wheels) and Ringfeders were locked up and prevented from turning, and if the ground was flat and smooth it might just be possible to reverse them for a few meters (yards) or so. Not too many mind you - but maybe a few meters. Without this lock-up and perfect environment I doubt it would be possible to reverse more than 50 meters (yards) before the whole thing got out of line and started tying itself in knots. Mine sites -- particularly where these trains operate - are not known to be perfect environments. Apart from that -- why would you want to reverse them ???????? They are designed to go in one direction -- forwards. I believe that after 1,000,000 miles the reverse gears can be sold as 'brand new - never used'. !!
Ferguson101 (3 years ago)
slimchancetoo As long as the trailers are all straight I don't see why you couldn't. It's not he's trying to alley dock them.
slimchancetoo (3 years ago)
@Ferguson101 They do indeed - but never in REVERSE !!!!!!!!!!!!
St. Rawman (3 years ago)
And I thought my tight 180° back was impressive. this takes some skill. I understand getting out and filming that.
Denis Charbonneau (3 years ago)
Little bit easier with the B-Trains. Then, when you get good, you can actually do it with the A-Train. But every time you 'miss', (back jackknife) you have to pull forward to straighten them. Now if you move more terrain FORWARD then you're BACKING up, you are simply not able to do it... (Takes practice !)
G. Johnson (3 years ago)
Super job! In 40 years of primarly lowbed but many years of doubles, I have only backed up my doubles 1 1/2 truck lengths before I was in trouble. It is truly a site to behold when you see a professional driver accomplish this. This is a PROFESSIONAL DRIVER! Hats off.
CAT DIESEL POWER (3 years ago)
nice job man!
† SiNNEЯ † (3 years ago)
In USA and Australia it's easy for these double trailers to drive. Try that shit in Europe
Wade Mulligan (3 years ago)
I back up triples
soaringtractor (3 years ago)
+Wade Mulligan WHooooopppie Fucking DOOOOOOO !!!
Joel Neff (3 years ago)
1:27 rip headphone users
Mary Ellen Dempsey (3 years ago)
I've seen this done once in fifteen years. Prior to that I'd been told it was possible but as a wiggle-waggle driver I doubted anyone could do it. The guy backed into a dock, dropped his landing gear on the rear trailer, released the fifth-wheel on the 'con' gear, pulled forward and disconnected his 'con' gear from the front trailer and placed the front trailer in the next dock door. Wish we'd had these camera phones back then.
craig responds (2 years ago)
Mary Ellen Dempsey Practice. It is doable.
Henry Jackson (3 years ago)
we do it all the time ! even with double 48s its easier
slimchancetoo (3 years ago)
+Henry Jackson Yep - anybody knows that the longer the trailer, and the more axles and weight, the easier it is. The guy in the vid is skillfully backing up two short single axle trailers -- that takes skill.
Mat Lalaga (3 years ago)
us Australians back those trucks in any position easy.
Johny Bravo (3 years ago)
Hey Mate😎
slimchancetoo (3 years ago)
This guy is not backing up in a 'big city' - he is backing up in a paved parking area which may or may not be outside a 'Big City'. And the outback does count because there are not many paved parking areas out there - the ground can be pretty rough and it would not be possible to back this combination - ALL SINGLE AXLE UNITS - over it in a straight line. In fact you would be looking at the back doors of the second trailer pretty quickly if you tried.
frogkic (3 years ago)
Yeah, backing up in the fucking outback don't count, You dont even know what a big city is
Luis Lara (3 years ago)
I give this guy props, it ain't easy, I've tried it.
348frank348 (4 years ago)
he did a straight backing. it's a piece of cake, i wanna see one turning and bending the truck/trailer at all angles
John L (4 years ago)
you must be a skillful driver to back up two trailers
Standby760 (4 years ago)
He gets out its a fedex guy
J Jimbo (2 years ago)
Standby760 Fedex can't back a shopping cart!
grantlandneil (4 years ago)
+Standby760 Yeah right
Kevin W (4 years ago)
That's illegal too. Federal law prohibits backing sets, but oh well.
Right Dude Here (2 years ago)
There is no such law that prohibits backing doubles.
DLS13DLS (2 years ago)
Its private property... who cares
slimchancetoo (3 years ago)
Yeah it would be interesting to read it -- if it could be found that is.
EU (3 years ago)
+Kevin W Huh?Where exactly would you find that law in print?
Immanuel Ermuşin (3 years ago)
That's because federal law makers can't do it.
daniel55645 (4 years ago)
pretty impressive seeming as feeder drivers rarely have to back
Go Blue (7 months ago)
Wth is a feeder driver?
jasara (2 years ago)
they have to take apart triples & switch trailers & rehook where I came from
Jimbo Bottleneck (4 years ago)
That's some serious skill! God bless the unions!
Charlie Ewing (2 years ago)
Jimbo Bottleneck um I'm not union and I know I can do that because I have and do it often so it's not the union and trust me when I say this because I see those and the other union drivers out here all day doing p and d like I do they are some of the most unsafe and unskilled drivers I have ever meet. just saying that guy is a professional union didn't have anything to do with it they don't teach you that there at ups
Durban Poison (2 years ago)
Uncle Daddy being union has nothing to do with this. This comes down to individual skill. As a Teamster myself, I'm glad to see one of ours showing skill.
rob barret (2 years ago)
For sure, thats why the feeders get the big bux. 174 for life
craig responds (2 years ago)
Uncle Daddy 27 year Teamster AGREES.
Rolf Huntemann (4 years ago)
I saw this clip and couldn't wait for my chance to try it, it worked out, but not as nice and easy as this guy can do it.
trucksmuguler (4 years ago)
Teamsters taught him that.
slimchancetoo (3 years ago)
Yeah - a Teamsters school.
trucksmuguler (3 years ago)
+soaringtractor well good for him hope he never teaches any body then
soaringtractor (3 years ago)
+trucksmuguler Teamster never taught him shit !!! I'll bet he learned it on his own or in a school!!!
Lisa Morris (4 years ago)
AWESOME! This driver deserves a P.Hd in truck science! How many times have I heard people say it's easy, really? Here show me how you do it!
Aquarius (5 years ago)
He is "The most interesting man in the world" he once paralleled parked a train.  
Mike McDermott (5 years ago)
Lol. I can't even back the dolly when it's hooked to the front trailer.
Braydon Tweed (30 days ago)
I’m right there with u 😂
SocraticMind89 (4 years ago)
+Bullet Tooth Tony dolly is a motherfucker to back up
dan chad (5 years ago)
its not slow at ups mister  fed ex driver He has time to backup because he is paid $30 plus an hour dumbass
daniel55645 (4 years ago)
@Iman Axbert around here they start at 26 and top at 34 or 36 can't remember. but you don't get over time until you've been there 8 years. either way, over 100k a year
Iman Axbert (5 years ago)
@fil ramirez More than that.
Rugby Nation. (5 years ago)
Gilberto Collado (6 years ago)
I worked for ups for 29 yeas , they never asked us to back up doubles. is not safe and it take a lot of time. And to unload them you have to break them up anyway.
joseandresreyes (6 years ago)
theres a reason these feeder drivers have a class a cdl license
Eric vegas (6 years ago)
Typical Teamster......
MrJonswift200 stories (6 years ago)
your dumb
dela me (6 years ago)
He drives better backwards then almost all over the road drivers do going forwards...
E Tiffany (6 years ago)
He was steering the tractor in the extremes, back and forth. I could not do that. Amazing maneuver.
sam vinson (6 years ago)
plus he is in a straight line. I give it to him its still hard.
Timothy Pruitt (6 years ago)
The secret is in the short wheelbase of the day cab. You can correct with pinpoint accuracy. Put that same driver in a W900L and watch what happens. I can back one pup and a converter dolly, but seldom have I ever successfully backed up a set. FedEx Ground, 1.5 Million safe miles.
monchin canales (6 years ago)
fuck ups union pussys fedex all the wayyy baby
Brad Boisvert (6 months ago)
Haha yeah ok fed ex blows
Mack Grant (6 years ago)
UPS drivers are the best in the business. I know because I am one.
Pat N (6 years ago)
Now thats talent ! SouthFlafeederdrver !
Nick H (6 years ago)
I bet he was way over allowed on his idle time for the day. Probably got a letter.
John Ull (6 years ago)
This man has serious skills
ClutchClick (6 years ago)
You're so full of shit I bet your eyes are brown.
stooky bird (6 years ago)
I tried backing up doubles and they kicked my ass. mere mortals cant back up one trailer, hell most cant drive a U-Haul truck. backing up twins takes real skill. but ups sucks as a company, at least they did for me.
jsc507 (6 years ago)
U.P.S. What can brown do you? the best!!!!
J P (6 years ago)
Oh that's nothing...here in north Nevada we have many triple trailers drivers that can back up into dock with trailer between trailer..I'd like to see them "east coast" drivers do the triple...bet they can't lol
exewelder (6 years ago)
ups like a tent, cuz i just pitched one
the greek guy viva-greece (6 years ago)
my uncle used to do that, i can NOT. ive never tried and would probably look like a jackassh doing it. very impressive. good job
vendingdudes (6 years ago)
there's a vid here somewhere of an Aussie that backs triples. Holy crap
IcedMaiden (6 years ago)
With all SB I-65 lanes blocked just north of Merrillville, IN and INDOT having traffic back up to exit off, we heard this gem from a guy pulling a double. "I gotta license that says I can drive this thing but it don't say nothin 'bout backin it up". We still laugh about it 14 years later.
Salvador Alvarez (6 years ago)
Big deal. The guy had plenty of room.
Eric Green (6 years ago)
inktoxicated (6 years ago)
thats true at least they do it in the right lane unlike their buds fedex who sit in the middle with all the other p/d's old ominion new penn estes nfl webster etccc.. i fucking hate 95 in ct. actually i hate ct all around
duane gunderson (6 years ago)
ups drivers are gooood!!!!!!
Kevin Bradley (6 years ago)
It's not easy with it being short, long, short, long sections and you easily lose sight of the dolly. I've had to do it a few times and once in the rain had to back out of a driveway into the street on a 90 turn. We actually have a female driver that can back a set to a dock door between trailers.
Jeff Panetta (6 years ago)
I know what ya mean. That almost happened to me a few weeks ago in Bethlehem PA looking for one of our drop yards at a Penske. went like 3 miles past the turn, driving down these real tight streets and finally found a spot to turn around behind this tiny lil gas station and I had 2 lift gate trailers and have no idea how I didn't smash those reefers or how I made the turn around.
Cathy Andrews (6 years ago)
wow..didnt think it could be done...good job teamster:)
PinochetAirlines (6 years ago)
the brown one
natedog 859 (6 years ago)
should of seen the fedex guy tryin to do this in the yard the other day friggen hilarious
Jeff Riles (6 years ago)
Nice I couldn't even back a dolly that far
Scott Hillard (6 years ago)
Ken (6 years ago)
Facken. LOL
sansuiman100 (6 years ago)
that is NOT easy to do, and i pull doubles all day long