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Why societies collapse | Jared Diamond

10026 ratings | 1026831 views Why do societies fail? With lessons from the Norse of Iron Age Greenland, deforested Easter Island and present-day Montana, Jared Diamond talks about the signs that collapse is near, and how -- if we see it in time -- we can prevent it.
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Text Comments (2992)
BOB THE BUILDER (16 hours ago)
What an absolute moron ..Hooray let's bring in more Gov , it's sure to solve ALL your problems..
Lekok (1 day ago)
So pretty much too many changes from what originally created the society. Whether changes they had control over like resources to changes like temperature which they cant control.
Truth Projection (2 days ago)
Trump 2020.
hogensan (2 days ago)
Easy - when the non productive people take control.... You know Academics, feminists.....
josh lepak (3 days ago)
This is hilarious. Society's collapse when the gov loses control what a dumbass. It also can collapse bc monetary systems are unstable but the gov can stop things from blowing up if it has control so yea. This guy is a fucking moron.
Rabo Karabekian (2 days ago)
Due to your hyper-literate grammar, what can we do but collapse in quivering awe of your erudition and perspicacity?
Rabo Karabekian (2 days ago)
Please provide references to decades of international experts praising your presentation of societal development and collapse, at a level with Jared Diamond's. No, then how about experts at such a level. Still, no? Oh well. Post modern opinions tRump expert research and analyses, right?
Anne Briggs (3 days ago)
Now the elites think they are gonna be able to move to Mars after they ruin this planet.
Rabo Karabekian (2 days ago)
Precisely who is in the "elites" (sic) to which you are referring?
DrinkUrPruneJuice (3 days ago)
He was massively wrong about the time frame of sea level rise in the Solomon Islands and Phillipinnes, it's only just beginning to happen, nearly 13 years after his prediction. The area of land that has been lost is also miniscule. A far cry from all of their loggable forest. Deforestation is a bigger threat to their economies.
DrinkUrPruneJuice (2 days ago)
​@Rabo Karabekian His time frame was completely wrong. 0.6% of its area by 2100. Deforestation is a huge issue. Just read the Intro. See page 3, 2nd paragraph. Completely different time frame. Deforestation in the Solomon Islands.
Rabo Karabekian (2 days ago)
AS Wikipedia might say, "Citations needed."
Dina N (3 days ago)
We’re doomed. Starting with the fact that he seems to be focusing mostly, on climate. That alone, seems really complicated to deal with. People don’t even begin to agree on the very basic, which is if there really is a problem and if so, to what degree do we have a problem. Now add to that, all the varying solutions that people also don’t agree on.
Dina N (2 days ago)
Rabo Karabekian ...Please reread what I wrote. I, at no point made mention about food not being important. My point was the problem in getting people to quit fighting and come together to try and agree on problems and what the possible solutions might be. Your response is a perfect example. We don’t even understand each other. How can we ever even approach the problems and even less, the solutions?
Rabo Karabekian (2 days ago)
So food has no relation to climate. How long can you live without adequate food?
Ryder Spearmann (3 days ago)
Societies collapse when women are allowed to vote. Just sayin.
Rabo Karabekian (2 days ago)
So ancient circulations because women voted in modern times? Just sayin.
josh lepak (3 days ago)
Ryder Spearmann (3 days ago)
That is some serious comb-over.
SkylineToTheSeaAndMe (4 days ago)
This is an untrue, incorrect, and irrelevant farce with a hidden brainwashing agenda. No society in modern times, has "collapsed" (last 200 or 300 years).
Jason S (6 days ago)
Great speech...albeit very vague. Other than "make sustainable choices" there were no specific policy recommendations or personal disciplines recommended. How about recycling? Deliberate planning for fuel consumption? Sustainable permaculture (people gardening again for some of their own consumption), composting, etc. For what it's worth, I recycle all that I can, burn for heat and light, use the wood-ashes as a soil supplement for the garden. Simultaneously, I vermi-compost as well as compost in bins. Not patting myself on the back, but hearing some actual recommendations from this otherwise very good speech would have been made this good speech into a great one.
Rabo Karabekian (2 days ago)
So all presentations must cntain teh fullest possible range of discussion on the topic. Damn, better have survival rations to sit through that!
Jason S (7 days ago)
Shows perspective on, and value of, being energy independent versus dependence on for critical resources (oil) on extremist/unstable areas
Andreea Iliescu (7 days ago)
would like to see jared diamond in conversation with yuval noah harari...
Netro1992 (8 days ago)
Anders Larsen (9 days ago)
...." if the elite is able to insulate itself, against its own action"......... Does that ring a bell?....anyone?....
Verify Truth (10 days ago)
First of all, why are we still building houses out of wood. There is plenty of sand, gravel, stone, ash, and clay to make concrete homes which would last 100's of years, be more efficient, more structurally sound, wind, fire, and water resistant, additionally they would cost less in both industrial manpower and economic finance, short and long-term.
x Stringthumper x (10 days ago)
Caesar Espinosa (10 days ago)
Obscene loud music at beginning and end, please avoid in the future.
Rabo Karabekian (2 days ago)
Yep, that's worth worrying about while societies fail
Bill Bucolo (11 days ago)
Diamond was framing the world's environment from a 2003 view- 17 years ago. He's rightly pointing out that today's short sighted leaders (mostly in the US) are making as much money as possible now, while using up and spoiling all the resources these dumb snarking kiddies who are so worried about his comb over will need in about 50 years.
Protilius Productions (11 days ago)
Tired of bad news? Fill that hole in your soul with some Daily Good Ju Ju. Be sure to like and subscribe if you dig the inspiration!!
Shawn Ferguson (11 days ago)
Is that a toupee that’s not in the proper position?
Rabo Karabekian (2 days ago)
THAT's what you are concerned about in this presentation?
Jean Pomel (11 days ago)
Great book.
Chris Lee (12 days ago)
Diamond claims (at 7:07) that Montana is collapsing because Montanans value freedom over State compulsion/regulation.   He then, rather insouciantly and without perceiving the contraction and irony, notes that the Soviet Union collapsed after maximal growth of the State, and points out how the short-term interests of an insulated political élite work to the detriment of society --adding later that common ideals work to maintain societies. By what means did he judge and conclude that in order to survive the Montanans must adapt to and adopt the immorality and inefficiency of Statism? Why did he not reach the opposite realisation, that Statism in Montana will inevitably collapse as it did in the USSR and elsewhere, and that to survive the Montanans must stick with their shared ideal of freedom and free-markets?
Chris Lee (1 day ago)
@Rabo Karabekian You know, Rabo, I agree with a lot of what you've said; you make some good points.   I too see that it's a rigged political scheme, and that moral people will lose if they treat with across-the-board nicety the immoral folks who fleece and enslave them. Yet morality is at its core good, not nice. Against evil-doers, self-defence and ostracism are fine, sometimes noble. The only two things that I'd like to correct in your comments are to emphasise that when you say that 'the last thing wealthy capitalists want is truly free markets', you are right, however those are the pseudo-capitalists that dominate business today —true capitalists, by definition, want laissez-faire trade. The other, and more crucial, correction is that you are not a loser, but rather where I see light for the future.
Rabo Karabekian (2 days ago)
Russia collapsed when American business consultants educated Soviet investors on how swell leveraged buyouts would be for later secretive capitalist kleptocracy, with out "contraction or irony" (what can you possible mean there?). Ask West Virginia what happens when "the immorality and inefficiency of Statism" are not a limiting factor. Ah well, fracking now is teaching us all how that all ends, except those for whim self-interest overwhelms enlightened self-interest.It turns out that the last thing wealthy capitalists want is truly free markets. Finally it seems you missed the email, nobody believes in market efficiencies any more in this age of automatic algorithmic investing with foundations, charitable foundations, hedge funds, shell companies, holding companies. offshore banking, etc., etc., etc. It's a rigged game, buddy and I'll guarantee you ain't on the winning side or you wouldn't waste time here trying to argue with other losers such as me.
Mitchell Mills (12 days ago)
Rot spreads from the core outward.
Jack Cleary (13 days ago)
Do I give a damn whether Pacific islanders live or die?...If I say 'no' I'm some kind of 'ist' BUT do they care whether we live or die? because we feed them and welcome them with truly stupid and divisive acclamations of traditional lands and so on.. So, to further send money to these overpopulated islands Morrison has allowed them to export the filthy, stinking drug Kava to Australai "to look after our Pacific mates' Do we not have already an over-abundance of Drug problems. Apparently Morrison has tried it....most unlikely anything but watered down and processed and so has Prince Harry. They are both as dim-witted as Abbott and as conniving as his sister...To keep these islanders 'onside' with the Chinese expansionism he's allowing a new drug curse...encouraging it...promoting it. For years whities have been lobbying to import this drug....filthy stuff...In Vanuatu it's the Friday night mesmerisation hit and the Missionaries who inflicted Bislama on the people promoted it as less violence promoting than than alcohol. Try working with these addicts. Vanuatu is controlled by China and the Triad. It's often filthy foodstuffs are sold by Triad controlled stores. The money goes to illegal immigration of Chinese into NZ and Australia.Murder is rampant in Vanuatu as is corruption, violence, theft and break and enter. The triad will control Kava exports. When I read Morrison welcomed opening the gates to Kava I realised how close our own society is to destruction. Australia has some of the worst political figures anywhere in the world and when they don't fit that bill they worship places that do have the USA and Israel. Morrison has gone beyond simple conspiracy in the NEW Order....yes he grovels to Trump...but worse he praises one of the great money lusting frauds of all time...Paster Houston and his Hillsong rip off. The man has no brains at all...but like the Brethren with Howard, there's a benefit somewhere as anyone following Hillsong and the tithing multimillionaire would see the screw-over of teenagers. Jesus by the way never tithed...that was Jew custom...not Christian, The poor don't as a mob have the ability or wit to solve the problems without becoming greedy. The rich want the prroblems to continue as it is profitable....especially in war...a creation of theLodge, the Bildebergers and the followers of Mayer Amschel Bauer and associated evil people. We all know the problem but would rather sit on our backsides, take our share of the benefits of planetary destruction and just blame others. That said in terms of culture crash...Australian government has capitulated our great culture to 'multiculturalism, enable the nation to become cryptic, conspiratorial, fragmented but worst of all pursued the greatest racism of all, which it absurdly accuses Australians of having....the racism against our once great culture... We no longer know where we are going or who we are and Australia day and Anzac day are simply ruses to pretend we have an embedded culture of greatness. We did. We don't.
Rabo Karabekian (2 days ago)
Good job convincing yourself, but who else will read that disjointed screed? Your aluminium foil cap fell off.
shawn burnham (13 days ago)
Joseph Daigle (13 days ago)
This guy thinks that Japans society was never on the verge of collapse??? Has he heard of WWII??? What's he smoking?
Joseph Daigle (2 days ago)
@Rabo Karabekian how did the US force them into the war?
Rabo Karabekian (2 days ago)
After WW2, they kept their emperor, their religions, their cultural traditions, and only dropped that short-lived lust for war the U.S. forced them into. What are you smoking? Military defeat is not societal revolution.
RADman 11 (14 days ago)
Hard to take anything someone sporting such a ridiculous comb over hairdo says seriously.
Rabo Karabekian (2 days ago)
You depth takes my breath away.
Michael Sanders (15 days ago)
Gosh you must be correct about Pompeii. It must have been financial corruption that offended Vesuvius. Thus, Vesuvius blew his top. 'Generalization' is what you teach.
Rabo Karabekian (2 days ago)
The environmental portion is that they chose to live near what was clearly going to be a extraordinarily bad environment in all certainty. It's cause-effect, not effect-cause, you know.
Tom Marsal (15 days ago)
Jared, Dude! Loose the comb over ! Try a short crew cut. You would look so much better! Ask anyone you know. Good luck!
Sheki Sheki (15 days ago)
Vanting prinses fak
Señor Poodles (16 days ago)
Because SJWs take over.
Michael Higgins (18 days ago)
History will not be kind to the Democrats for a staging a TOTALLY PARTISAN impeachment. The founders warned us about this!
Michael Higgins (2 days ago)
@Rabo Karabekian King? Really? He going to trade Alaska to Russia for election assistance? Really? He's going to appoint his son-in-law POTUS when he retires? Really? Are you honestly buying into this nonsense? History will not be kind to the Democrats for a totally partisan impeachment. AND, I think you know that.
Rabo Karabekian (2 days ago)
The founders set things up to avoid kings, and sadly thought it so axiomatic that parties were so horrific it didn't occur to them to outlaw parties. By the way, since you vaguely invoke the "founders', perhaps you may go study to learn they were trying to be radically progressive rationalists, not knee-jerk conservatives in any way. What are you trying to be? When Madison made it a federal crime to criticize him, there was absolutely no enforcement of that or other change, until the order was revoked.
Ronald Carrel (19 days ago)
I’m not willing to listen to anyone that has such little connection with reality, his hair demonstrates his inability to focus on real life and reality. Unbelievable.
Ronald Carrel (2 days ago)
Rabo Karabekian on top of his hair is that this guy is full of it
Ronald Carrel (2 days ago)
Rabo Karabekian bla bla bla Reality reality reality Obviously your another idealistic unrealistic bla
Rabo Karabekian (2 days ago)
So many childish hair comments to no purpose. Unbelievable.
Sandman (19 days ago)
Leftism-it's a mental defect.
Rabo Karabekian (2 days ago)
Oh yeh, well, yer, yer, yer, yer a, a, a, aCONTARD. HAW-haw-haw-haw-haw, sure showed you , dummy
Nem (20 days ago)
In other words, societies collapse because it's a consequence of resource based iterative markets, and minority of population hellbent on eternal uninterrupted growth, at the expense of environment they need in order to survive, but conclusion is even better, it's not going to change until it's too late.
Dimitri Dehouck (20 days ago)
Goddamnit, it's 12 years later and we are even speeding up. This isn't going to end well.
Gerald O'Hare (20 days ago)
Nice comb over.
Rabo Karabekian (2 days ago)
you shoudl no, oh yu bein made o' hare too, hahahahaha. yur a dummy cuz yer o'hare git it huh git hahahaha
SuperP37 (21 days ago)
Another pseudointelectual. One of the iyi that taleb nassim pointed out.
SuperP37 (1 day ago)
Rabo Karabekian well. Don’t hurt yourself communicating in English.
Rabo Karabekian (2 days ago)
u so eliqweint, my eyz waterz
MiniKun-t (21 days ago)
You won't fix this. The problems are woven into the fabric of society, to remove them you have to destroy the fabric.
Probe Raum (21 days ago)
They Hate Us Amazing Polly Robot Gorilla Is Accepted By The Alpha Silverback | BBC Earth
David Funke (22 days ago)
Guy's got some interesting points. I have say, if we want to get it done before it happens, they will need to be done by the people, by putting pressure on the right people to get it done! I'm skeptical of the human being. Thanks for the great service to let people know 👍.
William Moore (22 days ago)
This guy hates logging and ranching, yet he holds up his pants with the dead skin of a cow and wipes his butt with the cortex of a tree.
Rabo Karabekian (2 days ago)
yrh thert' no difference between doing something intelligently and just running wild For instance, I never just buy lunch, I buy as much food as I can at one time. Rationality and proportion don't exist.
Grant Perkins (22 days ago)
His haircut out-trumps Trump
daryl snowden (22 days ago)
holy hairdo
Greg West (22 days ago)
A society is just like any organization/organism. Be it a cell in your body, a horse, a corporation, a church, a government, etc. it dies from the degeneracy of its constituent parts. Societies become degenerate and corrupt. and they lose immunity and the ability to regenerate. Everything has its day and then another thing comes. Degeneracy is when evil and deceit take root. Without deceit, cancers can not hide.
Darrin Nelson (22 days ago)
Look up "The Great Hack" on Netflix.
Dennis Cambly (23 days ago)
How are we doing at the beginning of 2020?
Mickey Drago (23 days ago)
Mickey Drago (23 days ago)
Like negative population growth Incorporated used to say: Any cause is a lost cause without reduction in population
Mickey Drago (23 days ago)
Ted talk suggestions: Philippe Rushton Richard Lynn Jared Taylor Richard Spencer
Ron Burgandy (23 days ago)
He ain't wrong... Elite raping the nation today at tomorrow's expense.... Dayum were comb overs really that bad in 2003?
Dand AinTac (23 days ago)
To sum up in a concise form: We are fucked.
John Doe (23 days ago)
Doesn’t this guy have any friends? If I showed up to my buddies house with that combover I’d never hear the end of it. And I’d deserve it. Maybe societies collapse because the guys that warn us about collapse are always squirrelly looking. Imagine being his student and having to look at that two or three times a week lol. Nice haircut stupid.
John King (24 days ago)
When you look at Donald Trump and the Republican party you can see that the human race is screwed.
John King (2 days ago)
@Rabo Karabekian Good point.
Rabo Karabekian (2 days ago)
When you look at northern Europe and, recently, China you realize there is some hope. Look up, humanity is actually not nearly as brain-dead as it used to be. It just smells that way
Bill Coffey (24 days ago)
His head: inside is remarkable, on top of it is horrendous! His wife needs to get him in a headlock and scrape that mop off his head!
MrGruffy 44 (24 days ago)
The average age of the world's greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years. 'During those 200 years, those nations always progressed through the following sequence: Alexander Tyler     Eight-step cycle of civilizations:    1  From bondage to spiritual faith; 2  From spiritual faith to great courage; 3  From courage to liberty; 4  From liberty to abundance; 5  From abundance to complacency; 6  From complacency to apathy; 7  From apathy to dependence; 8  From dependence back into bondage”
Michael Dickerson (24 days ago)
A World wide Pandemic is coming will reduce , the Human population to a more sustainable amount that this Earth can handle !!!
Ben Hutcherson (24 days ago)
Yeah, interesting talk. BUUUUTTT.... That's not even a hairpiece. I think he's completely gone on top with a really long mullet that he wraps around and around his head and he doesn't realize his furry architecture has slid back and to the side. That's just, WOW, um uh, wow.
Mr. Bass (25 days ago)
what a NERD and such a BLOw r He HATES TRUMP
Inachu Ikimasho (25 days ago)
1:35 get away from george soros ideology.
J WiNK (25 days ago)
6:00 petetree
Morahman7vnNo2 (25 days ago)
I want those glasses. And his accent.
Jeremy Mahrer (26 days ago)
Why Does he have comb his hair across his bald head, Jared....try not to worry....anyway your married now, so hair obviously was not a problem.
Tommy Peterson (27 days ago)
Jared Diamond twisted himself into a pretzel to deny the central role of RACE and genetics in history. So tired of the lying Boomers.
joe mahma (14 days ago)
Bob Peterson : i 100% agree with that for sure 👍
Tommy Peterson (15 days ago)
@joe mahma As long as we are free to hash all this out, I'm fine. I just don't like it when careers are destroyed for talking about "sensitive" subjects.
joe mahma (15 days ago)
Bob Peterson : you are correct about my views on both points. But let me clarify, obviously race is real & racial differences do exist, but they don’t matter as much as some people think they do. Our differences are drastically overvalued while our similarities are drastically undervalued.
Tommy Peterson (21 days ago)
@joe mahma Well, then you certainly support free speech on the issue of race and potential racial differences, right? I mean, you don't think someone's career should be destroyed for voicing a dissenting opinion, do you?
joe mahma (21 days ago)
Bob Peterson : i did for awhile but after awhile i realized that i was wrong. (you should listen to yourselves from over here) all distracted.
Paul Freda (27 days ago)
This man is apparently not familiar with historians Spengler and Toynbee. They found 19 of the 22 previous civilizations studied perished from internal moral decay.
Matt Calza (27 days ago)
We need to un-insulate the elites from the consequences of their greedy actions. Or, better: create an anti-hierarchical society. Both tall orders, but if we don't get to the root of the problem, we're fucked.
HardWarUK (27 days ago)
We have already past the peak, here in 2020, so a couple decades to go before collapse, I think.
CUM2america (27 days ago)
The saddest thing about all this is that he probably looks better bald🤔
Buster Biloxi (10 days ago)
@John Hunter Worst hairstyle ever. You can tell at a glance that he's a university academic.
John Hunter (14 days ago)
Get that man a rug!
SuperP37 (27 days ago)
Meh. Mostly babbling about the wrong things
Tom Ciaccio (28 days ago)
never underestimate the opinion of the "idiot"
cindi trautmann (29 days ago)
Lovely talk. But did anyone start counting the number of times he put his glasses on only to take them off a few seconds later? What the heck is up with that? He needs progressive lenses.
Tex Forister (29 days ago)
Read the Fate of Empires.[1] It's a quick easy read. For a brief, scroll down to XXXIX Summary p. 24. 1.
opl500 (30 days ago)
Due to lack of interest, tomorrow has been canceled
Truth Seaker (30 days ago)
Societies collapse because fuckwits get in control and drive them into the ground.
D G (30 days ago)
He needs a buzz cut followed by a head shave.
Nathan Hannemann (1 month ago)
Everything eventually goes extinct, except roaches.
yoyoyo8011 (1 month ago)
I think this guys comb-over is going to collapse.
Patrick Harris (1 month ago)
"If anyone says there is only one reason you know they are an idiot" ... "I've arrived at a five point framework". So guys, the answer is five reasons, not one.
Eugene Thaden (1 month ago)
Check this out!
v Bremont (1 month ago)
property/🧵 A world & his master/ / a question of 👩‍🦰👩👩‍🦱👸 😋what happens when the master goes on a holiday, and society collapses👙😉 as a world without master. 🤔 from mind control to minds out of control. 🤔😥 6 dimension 69 🤔 👩‍🦰👩👩‍⚖️💞on a 🍾🍯🍶🍦🍻😋 all on a climate change mood. ✨🎨🎇🎹🥁🎷🤔
altareggo (1 month ago)
um.... what's this extreme obsession with Montana all about??
Jnan Bora (1 month ago)
Socialism and Democracy cannot live cheek by jowl. Socialism drives societies into the grip of gangsterism that invest power and wealth in favour of only 1percent population . It is a trend that enslaves all the devotees into the trap of the magic system which creates widespread poverty, diseases and crimes in in the general public.
Steven Jobe (1 month ago)
This guy and his checklist. Three guesses whether this guy thinks that what is alleged to be anthropocentric global warming is an issue. Damn, I’m done with all this hand wringing about climate change.
anachronofspace (1 month ago)
it's the end of the world… and it always has been… and it always will be.
Biggus Dickus (1 month ago)
* puts glasses on * SOCOYETY * takes glasses off *
Biggus Dickus (22 days ago)
@Andrew Robinson No problem, man
Andrew Robinson (22 days ago)
In which case I apologise. ☺️
Biggus Dickus (22 days ago)
@Andrew Robinson Odd comparison, considering he's from Boston Massachusetts and his first language is English. Also, *hear
Andrew Robinson (23 days ago)
Biggus Dickus I’d like to here you do it in French dude.....
doctim111 (1 month ago)
He forgot to mention Democrat corruption causing collapses
David Dement (1 month ago)
@Groucho Marxist ...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
David Dement (1 month ago)
@Groucho Marxist mikki my hate
David Dement (1 month ago)
Groucho Marxist (1 month ago)
Yes, you're right Democrats are corrupt. It was, after all: 1. a Democrat President who solicited election cheating from a foreign government and is being impeached for it (Wait, no...that was tRump, a Republican)... 2. a Democrat President who launched the most, deceptive, ill-conceived, incompetetntly prosecuted 20-year war in the Middle East (Wait, no, that was Bush, a Republican)... 3. a Democrat who invloved the U.S. in secret and illegal coups d'etat in Iran and Guatamala in the 1950s (Wait, no, that was Eisenhower, a Republican)... 4. a Democrat President who cut rich people's taxes, leaving a giant hole in the budget and enormous structural deficits (Wait, no, that was Reagan, Bush and tRump--all Republicans)... 5. a Democrat President who resigned in disgrace after his obstruction of justice was revealed (Wait, no, that was Nixon, a Republican)... 6. a Democrat President who spent 3/4 of a trillion dollars bailing out banks after their dubious practices crashed the economy in 2007 (Wait, no that was GW Bush, a Republican)... 7, a Democrat President who secretly and illegally funded Nicaraguan contras with funds obtained through the illicit sale of arms (Wait, no, that was Reagan, a Republican)... and finally, 8.It was a Democrat President who left office with a budget surplus, only to have it squardered by his Republican successor (Yes! That was WJ Clinton!) Stupid Democrats. Stupid "libtards!" Good thing there's now a stable genius in charge!!!!!
tony forrester (1 month ago)
The quintessential ego stabiliser...... the ever-noticeable comb-over. sigh.
Don Leibold (1 month ago)
what if fire removed the trees from easter island?
ttystikk rocks (1 month ago)
This is one of the scariest people I've ever seen. He grabs you by the nose and forces you to look at the imminent destruction of our entire civilisation.
Vaimast (1 month ago)
simple, clear, logic and with the solution. 20/10
Neo Humanist (1 month ago)
Apparently, we humans are not much smarter than bacteria in a Petri dish.
Berean Call (1 month ago)
If this idiot doesn't talk about money and banking than he remains an idiot. All societal breakdowns are from corruption within, false foundational money and banking, "fiat currency", like today. This guy is a fricken idiot.
John Midgette (1 month ago)
Ayush Raj (1 month ago)
15:45 min. Even by 2019 Solomons and the Philippines haven't lost "all loggable forests".
Shway (1 month ago)
Ayush Raj he said at the current rate
Edward Schoenman (1 month ago)
Apart from his five point collapse, his hair has suffered an all points collapse. This is the sixth and final sign of collapse. Massive hair failure, causing terminal narcissism. He is clearly well into his end stage as demonstrated by his idiotic babbling. He should go back to the hay harvest, where his babbling can’t cause harm to friendlies.
David Wilkie (1 month ago)
Who's responsible?, everyone.
Shway (1 month ago)
A few large capitalist institutions and the politicians they own
Oliver Y (1 month ago)
John Masseria (1 month ago)
"So it's particularly difficult to change course when the things that get you in trouble are the things that are also the source of your strength" --- The key therefore is for society to recognize this and successfully overcome the inhibition to change.