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My Experience working as a Hermes Delivery Driver

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• In this video I talk about My Hermes Delivery Driver Experience. I was a Hermes Delivery Driver in 2018 & after recently seeing Poor Experiences and Reviews about the Hermes Parcel Delivery Company, I have chosen to create about me talking about the Experience I had being a Hermes Delivery Driver. • My Merchandise ► https://bit.ly/2rbCG6m • One Time Donation ►https://bit.ly/2MWJb6I [MY SOCIAL MEDIA] • YouTube► http://bit.ly/1gVlE4N • Twitter► https://bit.ly/2MTkmbn • Instagram► https://bit.ly/2MoOwak • SnapChat► https://bit.ly/2wl4CHb • Facebook► https://bit.ly/2MpyIEw • Help me out VIA PayPal ►https://bit.ly/2MWJb6I ► https://www.patreon.com/OliverKuiz ◄ • Buy my Stuff ► https://bit.ly/2rbCG6m #Hermes #MyHermes #Delivery
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Oliver Kuiz (7 months ago)
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Matilda Sands (1 day ago)
My mum works at Hermes
Mr. Max (10 days ago)
Hermes is very bad, but no extremely bad. I had problems with the delivery in UK, IOM. My experience is not good. -1st. Hermes not always, but they send you a message that your item( parcel) is with them and it will be delivery today between 08:00 am - 12:00am. Well. I always receive the message after the item was delivered (that is case the item was delivered) ! -2. I receive a message that my parcel was delivered, but it wasn't. -3. I have other bad experience with delivery staff put next to my door, but the parcels are not for me. Generally Hermes gives very bad service. .
Ella (12 days ago)
You should take it to court, not even just to get the money but for justice too. Or go on judge rinder lol
Pocket Man (13 days ago)
Oh hey it's you haha, I used to watch your videos about living in a van and just stumbled on this vid
dougiemm - Natsar (25 days ago)
Is it true that from August Hermes has revised and reduced the pay per parcel?
Richard Howie (1 month ago)
Definitley the worse courier service around, waited for a delivery the parcel was delivered to someone else, after 6 e mails to hermes the result was oh well contact the company the parcel came from and try again, great service from a second rate company.
Russel Walker (1 month ago)
This is weird for me because I live in a different hemisphere in africa but I drive the same van as you and have all the same problems with my new courier job. But more ironically, after a decade of countless jobs it's the best one I've had both in terms of monetary and personal reward. Also one of the most stressful too.
Richard Bachmann (1 month ago)
I've been with Hermes for over 4 years, easiest job you can do, love the job as you are your own boss, if people don't like the job then leave
Nkechi Tudeme (1 month ago)
There a Shit company I haven’t received my package
Richard Bachmann (1 month ago)
Yes it does
Speakers Corner Wrestling Federation (1 month ago)
Richard Bachmann what do I do if it says there’s a slight delay on ur parcel since yesterday Saturday. does this mean they will bring it on Monday?
Johnny Grooves (2 months ago)
Put it in the recycling bin? Are u serious
Chris Coleman (2 months ago)
alternative media (2 months ago)
hello I worked for them in their head office in leeds what they did to you is illegal I suggest you threaten them with legal action and speed to acas. they may be able to help.
HibsDaft (2 months ago)
I’m gutted with Hermes, I ordered a package from Game and it’s already delayed and the item is damaged. 0/10
TheMarathanman (2 months ago)
55p would of been for a packet and you would be on a bit more for standard parcels, then on your day two sounds like you did large which again would be paid more .you must of had a bad manager because we have a drop down box of safe placese that we are alound to leave and if not you carry them foward for the next day .with a van your size you would get 150-180 in no problem I have a xtail and can easy get 180 in .don't get me wrong they have there faults but can't believe every think in your vid.
Sarah Jones (3 months ago)
Adverts only had 10 watching this
Em Rose (3 months ago)
My experience with Hermes is more positive. Hermes are an ok company to work for. I work on a self-employed basis for them. I'm two years in. I generally earn around £12 an hour before expenses. I earn approx. £22k a year before expenses. I do 5 hours a day 6 days a week (6 days a week) for 10 months of the year and 10 hour days in November and December. Newbies tend to get given the rounds that no-one wants. However if a newbie sticks at it, a permanent round (or two) will be offered. Once you know your route and your regular customers it's a easy job. Hermes always pay me on time. I can categorically state that if you scan the parcel into your terminal and correctly deliver it, you will get paid for the delivery. So something doesn't stack up in what you're saying.
A v (3 months ago)
Every one report this company to HMRC
Mr L (3 months ago)
Explains a Heck of a lot about this company. Currently have a Hernes delivery weeks overdue.
Alistair Smith (4 months ago)
I do work for Hermes and its not perfect but it's good money if you can get on a rural round. 1.70 a parcel, 90 to 100 average. Hire a van, 4k a month, 40 percent of that on the van and taxes. Over 2k in my pocket a month for a piss easy job. Then Christmas is hard work but after taxes and expenses I have 4k to 5k a month just for knocking on people's doors and handing them a parcel or putting it in thier shed. Life's never been so easy. But only if you get a good round, if you do a local area in a city then you need at least 2 or 3 of them if you want to survive, unless you're partner/parents make enough and you're just looking for easy money then it's ideal as long as your vehicle holds out andbis reliable, hence why I hire a van and pay nothing towards wear and tear.
Alistair Smith (2 months ago)
@Denis 1947 because half of my wages go on taxes and a van. My round is 40 miles from the depot both ways and it's 50% rural.
Denis 1947 (2 months ago)
Alistair Smith they pay you 1.70 a parcel? Why Do i have only 0.75...
Pam Codner (4 months ago)
These fuckers have lost a very expensive commission I did for a client, they told me the driver did delivery the parcel and he described the person who signed for it, then told my client the driver has no memory of ever delivering it!
George Richardson (4 months ago)
i work for them just now and have to travel 25 miles to my delivery area...
Arron Richardson (4 months ago)
So glad I've just found this. I've just applied for a job. 😔. Thanks mate. Usefull info
Paul Taylor (4 months ago)
Take them to court you get your money back
palaHD (5 months ago)
isn't 292 x .55p = £160 ? regardless they are thieves
paul fensome (4 months ago)
paleHD That's what a Good Education gets you , Brain dead Snowflakes My God kids these Days
Colin Smith (5 months ago)
I agree they are shit
terry tuna (5 months ago)
you've got more chance of getting shit from a wooden horse , than getting cash from them, should be known has herpes's not hermes
terry tuna (5 months ago)
they will be back later , what happens if they are on holiday...... steer well clear of this company
Wright’s Restorations (5 months ago)
I’ve worked for hermes now for 2 months just outside London and I find it fine. Spent many year since I was young working for company’s at £7.50 or less and since beginning of feb I’ve made about 3.5k-4K. It’s a very fast paced job and You didn’t stick it out long enough in my opinion. I felt the same just before week 2 but then the £400 a week (80-120 a day/ but then took me about 4-5h by that time) really payed off. Everyone has there opinions about Hermes even my colleges say the same but I’ve had all my problems sorted out promptly.
SS1 Crew (5 months ago)
better than yodel
Steve Ellis (5 months ago)
Enjoyed the video. I use Hermes all the time 'cos they are the cheapest but their slogan ought to be "IF IT'S POSSIBLE TO BREAK YOUR ITEM HERMES WILL DO THEIR BEST" Hermes are the WORST courier service.
imaworkinprogresst00 (5 months ago)
why dont you go to college and get a degree??
lloyd t (3 months ago)
Cliche. A degree doesn't guarantee success. He needs to learn a trade
S S (6 months ago)
Oh, gosh..... I deliver takeaway instead.... Van off, scooter on......
NationOfRandomization (6 months ago)
When you did those deliveries, did you include the amount of time sorting the parcels physically into the right order and planning the route? I found that bit alone was extremely stressful when I did the job (many years ago). For 128 parcels, it would have taken me well over an hour to figure out where I was even going, especially in a rural area... and that would be before even emptying the van and sorting each individual parcel into the order I was doing it in. Plus.. using the Sainsbury's car park must have added to that stress, as I imagine you were constantly looking to see if anyone was coming. I totally feel for you.. then when that first bit is done, finding the places and concentrating on other traffic at the same time is hard work.
Hybreed Hype (6 months ago)
Really sorry to hear that. I have friends here working for it and one of my family member worked for 2 days and he said it is so much work that you don't have the time to rest. And he looked way slimmer that before. AND HE DIDNT GET PAYED
Jack Knight (6 months ago)
I was thinking of working for hermes but after this i wont order or work for them THANKS🖒
maher (6 months ago)
the most shit co-
Al Paca (7 months ago)
This company is cancer.
Max Schmidt (7 months ago)
Don´t u have received a work contract? There´s no reason to even think about working without a (double)signed work contract. And if you got one: Sue them! (But yeah Hermes is THE worst delivery company, not only in GB)
MGG75 (7 months ago)
For a moment, I thought you meant the luxury bag designer, Hermès!! 😂😂😂
JackAndDizzy (7 months ago)
Some around Birmingham paid hourly 15 pounds an hour
John Gromer (7 months ago)
Yo thx for sharing oliver 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎂
bored ducky (7 months ago)
Good video. very well put forward but how come you didn't persue the money you was owed?
Oliver Kuiz (7 months ago)
I attempted to.
Mrs2Real Author (7 months ago)
Hey Oliver miss you love you ...been awhile no wifi
Cameron Morris (7 months ago)
Good Video
Ian Jowett (7 months ago)
i once worked for them for a couple of months, probably the worst company ive ever had the misfortune of working for. money was terrible but at least i got paid i guess but not the full amount. i was in a fiesta car i was told would be fine.. yeah right. they didnt care at all. so had to make numerous journeys and store stuff at my house and keep going home to pick up more . i was oing about 80 deliveries , then one day i came home to find a pallett of next catalogues dumped in my garden that apparently i was supposed to deliver with every package i had. they wanted to turn my home into a bloody wharehouse !! i only did it because i was out of work and it was moderatly better pay than the dole. and yeah that thing about returning parcels to the depot... i was told the same and had the same issue as you, being told by the depot what to do then getting the blame. i knew of drivers too who put items into bins... on bin collection days. also i had a breakdown and car needed sorting and they tried to demand i organised my own route cover... im not an employer and yes fuel costs ate into it a lot. its no wonder they have a bad rep the way they treat people . no one cares . i had a sense of right being right and not doing anything out of order just like you. the attitude of caring about others property doesnt go down well with hermes at all.
Ian Jowett (7 months ago)
and yeah theft seemed rife too. utterly scandalous and you would be better working part time at maccy d. at least you get paid and free meals. i wouldnt use them either.
hord (7 months ago)
Like this style of video!
Brad Oldridge (7 months ago)
Apart from your maths being totally off. I have also heard of so many horror stories from Hermes. I also found it funny, because I've never heard anyone say it. Like how we say Nike here in the UK, then Americans say Nik-EY. I always said in my head Hermes ... Like germs but with a h. Didn't know it was actually Herm-EZ When you said £500 odd quid for 292 deliveries at 55p per I was thinking wtf.. 55p so just over 50p per delivery means divide deliveries in half to get a rough estimate.. So knew you were owed around £150. Still total bullshit.. When you pay all your own travel costs, repairs.. They don't even sort the parcels out for your route, and give you a bad route... Sounds like they just have expandable staff... There's probably a group of close knit employees that take all the easier more profitable routes and leave the rest for you guys. I avoid them already at all costs, so makes no difference to me. Still an interesting video.
Kevin Talbot (7 months ago)
bastards! good on ya naming and shaming!
Lesley246 (7 months ago)
55p per delivery for 292 deliveries is around £160, not £530. I'd be livid if a company didn't pay me anything for three entire days work. Absolute scum.
Tazrabwal (7 months ago)
i saw that too he divided instead of times but easy mistake
Ren’s World (7 months ago)
I remember the live stream. Sounds like a disaster. Can’t believe they told you to put the parcels anywhere you can even under a car 😒
Unitedlad98 (7 months ago)
Use collect plus
sloterer (7 months ago)
Oliver, do your maths right 292*.55p= 160.60£ you had pressed divide and not multiply
Alice Rose (7 months ago)
Hermes are the worst delivery service ever had such bad experiences with them
HRB To dis DAAAY (1 month ago)
Charlotte Fernando (7 months ago)
55p per delivery!? Wtf!
Dan O'Donnell (7 months ago)
Try the Royal Mail or parcelforce
Liam Rusling (7 months ago)
Another great video today bro🔥💯
Shadow (7 months ago)
Work for Deliveroo or Uber, you can atleast make minimum wage and you’d be available all hours seeing as you live in your van
hord (7 months ago)
Shadow would be good to see even a video series on this. You should review delivery companies!
Brendan Brady fan (7 months ago)
Can’t believe how bad they treated you , you would expect advice from them to be trusted like the recycling bin thing and for as the pay goes that’s total bull 55p for each delivery which you didn’t even get paid for not really and then you lost all that time , Diesel fuel and wear and tear on your van ! Give them very bad reviews
Brendan Brady fan (7 months ago)
Liked before even watched Oliver’s new video just because 🤚🏻👊🏻
Wakoh (7 months ago)
292 x £0.55 = £160.60
Ad Khalil (14 days ago)
Wakoh 😅that’s what I was thinking
Stanley Gibboney (7 months ago)
Do you have a girlfriend?
Chris (7 months ago)
Stanley Gibboney yes
Stanley Gibboney (7 months ago)
Oliver Kuiz (7 months ago)