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How Brexit Could Make Food Prices Skyrocket

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British farmers are being hit by a shortage of migrant workers and are warning a dysfunctional Brexit will have a devastating impact on their industry. They are calling on the government to provide direction and answers on the future of British farming after the U.K. leaves the European Union. Bloomberg’s Angus Bennett travelled to Kent, in Southern England, to meet the farmers and migrant workers on the front lines of Brexit. Video by Angus Bennett and Gloria Kurnik ---------- Like this video? Subscribe to Bloomberg on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/Bloomberg?sub_confirmation=1 Bloomberg is the First Word in business news, delivering breaking news & analysis, up-to-the-minute market data, features, profiles and more: http://www.bloomberg.com Connect with us on... Twitter: https://twitter.com/business Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bloombergbusiness Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bloombergbusiness/
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Text Comments (2083)
Tanya Duvell (14 days ago)
Ok all you unemployed brexiteers get out into the fields and start working, now is your chance to get your jobs back Lol
Klaudia 1 (19 days ago)
They should copy Canada's model an hire some seasonal workers from Mexico... They pick up fruit and crops like machines..
khankrum1 (30 days ago)
Remoaner bollox!
Elaine Nye-Evans (1 month ago)
Looking back: scaremongering political globalist propaganda BULLSHIT.
Keyboard Dancers (2 months ago)
Why have those farmers developed a business model based on such ludicrously low wages? And if some brexiteers on this forum are saying there won't be a problem for foriegn workers to come and live and work in the UK (for such pitifully low wages), what was the point of brexit?
johnnyj johnson (2 months ago)
this sounds like remain bullshit
cashyf1988 (4 months ago)
Fix your own countries and stop coming here if yiur countries are so amazing why come to the UK. British have had enough. EU you forget we never voted to go into the EU we were took in against our will so shut the fuck up we never wanted you in the first place your not welcome .....
vee eks (1 month ago)
The UK was a trainwreck before it got into the EU, so much so it had to go beg for money from the IMF. Study your own history instead of blaming others.
Michael Brandon (4 months ago)
Most of Spains farm workers are from the Punjabi in Torre pacheco a small town in Murcia half the town are Punjabi workers, and scandal and no trouble , we could have the same, the Punjabi people know farm work and work very hard in the field, in Italy similar especially in the cheese industry .
Steve Webb (4 months ago)
After Brexit workers will still be welcome from anywhere leaving the EU will not and should not be a problem
Angelika Bertrand (4 months ago)
Ibet most Brits did not really know what they were voting for.... the government failed their duty to explain to its people. How pathethic. Biggest mistake in. Life time.
sajid abdul (4 months ago)
Simple....if food goes up....stop eating it if u can or find a cheaper food alternative.....eg apples were 99p after brexit apples are £20.....then screw apples
shelby6571 (5 months ago)
They should bring back the prisoners in chain gangs. What other use are they anyway??
Life's Souvenir (5 months ago)
I'm British and I would happily work work at these fruit or vegetable pick a jobs but they do not accept british people as we speak english and not easter european i've applied for many jobs of this description before but have never been accepted i think many british people would do this job as there are loads and loads of unemployed willing to do any job available
TheMadScotsman mckay (5 months ago)
'Project Fear' strikes YET again ..............
Piotr Cusworth (5 months ago)
There will always be short term, seasonal migrant workers from the Continent. This has been happening for generations and it is unlikely that much will be different after any Credit as it was before the EU and the common market. In recent years there has been more seasonal work in Central Europe and Eastern Europe, so the costs and risks of leaving home to attend work in the UK have become less necessary. After any form of Brexit a Visa on Entry system could easily be introduced to assist. Remember that upon entry to the EU predecessor the Common Market all farm and dairy produce doubled in price in the shops. So if advanced knowledge is needed by farmers and other food producers then these parties must lean very hard on the relevant Government ministers who should have expert knowledge and influence that should help to resolve all issues. Let's start thinking positive thoughts and let's produce positive ideas and try to reduce panic.
Liam Hynes (5 months ago)
Tha farmer likes his eu farmers, because he can get away with paying the 7.50 an hour.
Scam Witness (5 months ago)
Why are farmers only hiring people outside of the UK anyways? There are plenty of people on welfare and so there is your recruitment pool right there. What is the problem? - seems like scare mongering to me.
Celtic Whisper (5 months ago)
24% of school children in London are 'white British'. Read that again. That is RACE REPLACEMENT.
happy bob (6 months ago)
Same old crap.... talking about money .. when it is about freedom & political self determination. Farming needs to undergo a RADICAL change in how it is performed, the EU has prevented this becasue of the French farmers.. they don't want mega production, because they cannot and will not compete.
Bush Camping Tools (6 months ago)
LOL, "As the March 2019 deadline approaches....."! AND???????? "as the October 2019 deadline approaches" AND??????? "As the.......
Keyboard Dancers (2 months ago)
... Jan 2020... AND????? Dec 2020... AND????
Most Brits would apply or remain on benefits rather than work that hard. Some muppets would say 'the polish are stealing our jobs'. Far from stealing jobs the 80000 to 100 k workers in the hospitality, food and beverage industry are contributing tax revenues to pay for the welfare of the lazy locals. Brexit will cause all agriculture and food production to stop, because it will be expensive to hire locals. All food in UK will be imported resulting in soaring food cost and poverty. Hardly any of this has been thought through, a heavy price to pay for falling for lies and deceit of right wing propaganda.
STEVEN REISSNER (6 months ago)
trump said recently on his visit to the uk a few weeks back that as far as the nhs is concerned it too is on the line - everything comes on the table he said i believe, if and when a trade deal will also overtake the nhs. needed by nearly everyone, and there is the danger of privatization costing about 5000 pounds per grownup per head if and when its on the way to privatization, which seems to be a medium- to long term plan. in much the same way as water has been privatized in many aspects the same may happen to the nhs sooner or later. the uk being taken over slowly by us private companies, not just for business but also for its influence further afield i.e. the eu.
Mar doce (7 months ago)
7.50 for a hour? To work in the cold, bending up and down thats why the British people prefer to stay on the dole... Farmers pay better your workers, its a hard job and they are also humans jeez...
mniwh (7 months ago)
Food prices have rocketed since joining the EU market and so has fuel and so has rent for property and so has tax. From the 70s we have never been able to feed the country ourselves
DreamWeaver (7 months ago)
Labour shortage = Unemployment decrease Wage increases
Cliffs of Moher (2 months ago)
Most farm businesses will go down
Gambeeeno (7 months ago)
Blaming immigrants for stealing jobs that ordinary brits aren't even willing to do. Smh
bindas guy (7 months ago)
@ 0:40 , Roose Bolton from GOT😁😁😁
kasegi Yabu (8 months ago)
Bloomberg do like to crank up the fear; a tactic used by many of the US media. UK can issue visas for migrant labour, as they always did, before those East European countries were in the EU. It worked back then. There is no reason it can't work now. This is another non-story.
Heli Mark (8 months ago)
Food will get cheaper as food will be imported from around the world from countries like America Australia and so on so city folk dont worry! Farmers in GB on the other hand do need to worry as prices will fall. Perhaps subsidies will be needed just like in Europe!
raven scott (8 months ago)
why don't you take america 's central american caravan may be you can get these people to work for you for $ 6 US dollars? lol
Billy Jay (8 months ago)
You farmers are liers liers don't forget we the British people were doing all this for you but because you got foreigners you lot are going to pay .and if you lose your foreigners and we won't work for you .time to sell bye
kasegi Yabu (8 months ago)
A town-dwelling soyboy talks about farming like he worked in the industry. Farmers DO try to get local workers. When they manage to get locals, many don't return after day one. British people are too entitled to work hard for their money, preferring uploading selfies to social media or living on welfare. Physically demanding work is considered beneath them.
OganessonOG (8 months ago)
But muh project fear
Thomas H. (9 months ago)
Lies, lies, lies. Cheap labour = Max Profit..investment in hydroponics, you have Has the benefit of Max Profit at the expense of those desperate humans
Joe Barbas (10 months ago)
that moment when you realize farage's kids have german passports and you will end up fucking your sheep " like in them auld days" XDXDXDXDXD
Keith sproson (10 months ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂farmers same song for decades, bullshit
Gurung AkMx (10 months ago)
Brexiteers never said said they wanted zero immigration. They wanted controlled immigration according to the demands of the economy. You people should be ashamed of yourself for saying brexiteers wanted to stop all immigration.
raven scott (10 months ago)
You guys want to take the central america caravans from america?
Fredy (10 months ago)
I suggest to send all the 17 millions people who voted for Brexit to go and work on farms to produce food for the rest of the country. Btw. I’m a skilled immigrant from outside EU and we are the worst, because we come educated and skilled and take the jobs which Brits actually wouldn’t mind to do at all.
Jasper Edwards (10 months ago)
i think the easten europeans should be paid more than bone idol brits
guessme10 (10 months ago)
I am not a racist, or against anyone. People donot have any idea that UK is different for rest of Europe. All Non-EU people from around the world wants to settle in UK. Non-EU born Citizens from Europe that are not highly skilled mostly have 3 or more children. They mostly come here for benefits. They will qaudrapule in 10 years. Then they will marry from their Non-EU countries. Which will double immediately after marriage. Then by 20 years we will have more Non-EU Born people in this Country than Native British People. Many EU countries have easy access to Passport for unskilled workers. Everyone wants English Educated Children for their better future. They dont want to stay in any EU countries. Comparatively UK is more tolerant to religion than others. So thats the second reason to come here in UK. I just dont like too much of population. We are unable to buy our own houses because council is paying for huge number of benefit holders.
Grumpy Scrumpy (10 months ago)
Seasonal workers operate in virtually every country in the world. Australia/America are probably the highest employer. What Farmers are not quite being honest about in the UK, is what they actually pay their workers. Many EU Workers they employ are actually on £5ph or less. Personally I have never met a poor farmer who hasn't got their kids in private school. What about the EU subsidies to British farmers for keeping their fields fallow for the past 30 years? They never complained about that little cash earner. I can't take any scare mongering seriously, when the people waving their arms are just covering their large bank balances.
Obrad Lutovac (10 months ago)
So, it is official, economies of the developed countries depend heavily on cheap labour. It's nice the Bloomberg acknowledges this fact, but it fails to explain why do workers leave their ex-Second (now Third) world countries to come to the UK, Germany, France, Sweden and other First world countries. Because they need jobs they can't find in those backward impoverished Eastern European countries of theirs? But those countries are underdeveloped exactly because of the IMF, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization and other institutions which represent interests of the global North (i.e. rich and developed countries). These institutions use age-old formula to put an enormous debt burden on their back which ultimately becomes unrepayable. Loans are given under certain conditions, such as the devaluation of national currency, privatization or complete shutdown of state enterprizes, and severe job cuts. The cost of goods increase to a world level, except for the labour costs, which are kept on a national level. Governments oblige to pay off their debts, which constantly rise due to high interest rates, and are politically blackmailed to do everything they're told to do by the Western countries. Colonization/Thirdworldization is the name of the game and this is common knowledge.
Bayzid Hossain (10 months ago)
Shut up food prices skyrocketing, bulshit lier
Philshki82 (10 months ago)
More fear for the masses,it's like a stuck record now,and I'm not listening and haven't for a long time.
Austerus Tertius Tutelus (10 months ago)
Total crap.Scaremongering.
Rad FX (10 months ago)
So did they vote to exit? Uk is gona go down
blerim ll (10 months ago)
So the gizza says that happy to leave eu because we can find labour's somewhere else hope hes not expecting anyone from Australia or us because hes business will be dead within minutes
Ck KO (10 months ago)
These farmers remind me of the farmers in the US who believed in Trump xenophobia and trade wars and now find themselves filing for bankruptcy and losing their farms.
Jimits123 (10 months ago)
Nick should be strung up....exploiting migrant workers....hope he goes out of business...
Thomas.E. Jensen (10 months ago)
It's all about demand and supply. if the demand for workforce is higher than the supply. The prices go up. Capitalism taught us this fact.
LNK (10 months ago)
When were migrant workers ever bothered by the law?
DP2010 (10 months ago)
Seeing the ignorance from leavers on here makes me happy. In a way I'm happy this lot will get their due. When prices go up and they suffer I want to come back on here and see what they have to say. It's sad yes, but satisfying to see these idiots get what they deserve.
mulli mulli (10 months ago)
Scaremongering... Out means out. Leave means.
mongo mongo (10 months ago)
The migrants are going nowhere because they don't have jobs back in Europe anyway,
mongo mongo (10 months ago)
How this how that,propaganda again and again,
Charlie Wong (10 months ago)
Hi! This is from March 2019. N Brexit is coming. Yet your House of Commons not yet decided what they want to have. So, I guess EU will just let you drift apart to the Atlantic Ocean. Dont worry. The jobs that you want will go back to your British hands.
Andrew Pagella (10 months ago)
fuck it we will starve,but at least we will be out of federal europe,what utter drivel,scaremongering again
zondaintheair (10 months ago)
Brexit does not make prices skyrocket, MP’s make prices skyrocket.
Nick williams (10 months ago)
We will survive, we survived two wars didn't we!
Bruno Beirnaert (10 months ago)
So did Germany 😂
dave brennan (10 months ago)
Stop Fear mongering none of this is true, 60 % of food bought by Britain is from countries outside the EU, Don't believe it just go into aldi or Tesco and tell me where the bananas come from and loads of other foods on there shelf's not rocket science really but this kind of fear mongering is pathetic.
Paige McCann-Gray (10 months ago)
Bring in unemployed!!!!!
Oragamey (10 months ago)
What a con job , crops are failing at an alarming rate , farmers have had their cake and ate it , immigrants will work for 7.50 an hour because in their country it is equivalant to 18 euros an hour , they dont declare that at home , they have less taxation therefore food drink housing car tax insurance and so on is less than in UK , stop blaming people in the UK and start paying UK people according to inflation , minimum wage should be 12 pounds , farmers do not declare how many immigrant workers they have so dont pay the tax either , farmers are only land grabbers , even here much blood has been spilt , and land grabs are still going on and on the increase. People need to realise crops are failing all over grow your own stop feeding these farmers your hard earned money , because when the solar grand minimum happens , these farmers will be in the southern regions of the world , grabbing land there. These farmers are subsidized by the tax payer , the very people they wont pay a decent wage to pick their product , they have the British people bent over , greedy land grabbers .
long shlong silver (10 months ago)
Fuck the rich british farmers loosing there slave labour boohoo pay your own country man to work the fields my heart goes out to you loosing your forign work slaves!!
Tan Cakar (10 months ago)
fucking farmers like them put their hand in their pocket and get the slaves they so love, a working visa so they can stay in here in the season. yes the UK has a very successful numbers of unemployment (3%) the best number in entire EU. This also mean UK citizens are working only 3% is not working ! There is still so many immigration from around the world to uk.
Tan Cakar (10 months ago)
i am reading the comments so the modern slavery of the EU citizens is ok then :D Bought a scratch card and scarct it didnt win any money , now going back to the shop to ask a refund , Sounds silly ? yes because remain sounds similar. This farmer not in a million years voted for leave, he is remainer. Big boses and people who has been earning millions over the back of the EU citizens voted to remain in EU. So all can fck off now.
Patricia (11 months ago)
I cannot see what the problem is when you go to a country to work who is not EU you can still get employment but with a work permit visas.switzerland do it ,
Paul Moore (11 months ago)
Utter utter bollocks, as a sovereign nation we can invited and attract workers from over seas as required, what the Farmers need is help from our useless government to recruit them as needed. People don't want no immigration, they want sensible controlled immigration, not the 273000 net migration we currently have and mass illegal economic migration. The UK needs migrants workers but we don't need benefits tourists from over seas. A net migration figure of 273000 net a year is just ridicules especially in a time of cuts and zero increases in spend on our infrastructure and services, how can the NHS cope with a growth of 273000 people every year without increased funding, how can our school and housing cope. Where does it all end the UK is one of the most densely populated countries there is current population 70 million do we wait till 80 million, 100 million, 2 billion till there is not a blade of grass left to address the mass immigration problem.
klutz Iam (11 months ago)
Pay decent wages you'll will have hard workers from within England . what absolute bullshit import food !! new crisis 1984 syndrome food prices skyrocket .. its a con by farmers . these farmers are greedy 'n' profiteering just basically want low paid EU slaves ..
Day Music (11 months ago)
Keep the Euro, Keep the Pound, Keep the Euro, Keep the pound, Keep the Euro, Keep the pound, I'm sure we'll find some common market ground
Kyn Chan (8 months ago)
half, half.
alec cap (11 months ago)
The British public voted out not the corrupt MP's that only think of lining their pockets. What we're expect is to be stabbed in the back once again by our own government they these idiots wonder why people have given up. So, how about the best of 3 referendum and if these traitors are not happy then there's the best out of 5 eh  and food from south America, Egypt, New Zealand just to mention a few are members of the EU are they, stupid idiot ,
fritz4345 (11 months ago)
Since the Brits have nothing else to do after Brexit, they will pick their fruits themselves. That's what they voted for. No migration. They want to do all the work themselves.
Kyn Chan (8 months ago)
But if the foreign workers are so hard working why are their countries not capable in generating the jobs and wages required. What is wrong with their countries? Why does the UK generate so many jobs?
A.C (11 months ago)
Why would the workers have to pay for visas and not the companies?
Andrew Thomas (11 months ago)
It’s the other way round ..more fear mungering .....we used this labour pool before the eu ...and there are 80 thousand prisoners in this country that should be working for their keep and debt to this country ...we have to work so should they.
Kay Em (11 months ago)
No worries, there are 17 mn Brexis to cut the lettuces.
Dlenny Lenny (11 months ago)
Irelands minimum wage is £8.19 Pound sterling an hour. The army of farm labourers in the UK will come to Ireland and will be welcomed, no visa, no weak £, whilst your apples will be sold for £5 in Tesco.
Cliffs of Moher (2 months ago)
@Dlenny Lenny you can see companies moving to Ireland so they can trade with eu most of those business come to my place as well
Dlenny Lenny (9 months ago)
@Jet Vac Homeless problem is in Dublin city, are there farms in Dublin City, are there farms in Dublin County. One can safely assume that farm labourers would be based..........next to farms...
Jet Vac (9 months ago)
And we're will they live, we have a homeless crisis ,maybe you haven't heard.
Arthur Stumpf (11 months ago)
All the farmers should print their product label an massive campaign againt Brexit, something like: "You are not going to eat this after Brexit"
Luqman - (11 months ago)
It is time the UK re-engineered itself instead of letting the Tories sell off all the UK technical knowhow by foreign takeovers of our assets. There is little hope from Labour because they never get out of their superannuated armchair.
Prepper (11 months ago)
Brexit special offer ! Lettuce - 19,99 Raspberries - 29,99 stupid - priceless...
Little Blue Elephant (11 months ago)
mondblume63 (11 months ago)
Fat lazy Americans won’t do hard labor yet are delirious with joy thinking drumpf is going to rid the country of all the brown immigrants who do it for peanuts. So happy to see UK is just as full of assholes
hyou zan ren (11 months ago)
So the one who want out didnt know what to do once they out?
Pse_Jo (11 months ago)
Pse_Jo (11 months ago)
Florin Zuleam (11 months ago)
The empty brain of Camelia , who the fuck will come in the UK if food prices will skyrocket? Put your lazy English to bend them back .....or they cannot bend because of the belly oversize !??? £ falling in exchange rate !...... Fuckers everywhere who jumping off the neck of Europeans ...I hope to see the bankruptcy on the UK economy !..
Robert Brown (11 months ago)
I'd rather starve than brown nose that piss artist Junker ,remainers are cowards and traitors.
Victor James (11 months ago)
Put migrants to work to stay not just rescue them on tax payers benefits..typical brits will not do work.
Destiny Fan (11 months ago)
I bet there are robots that can use pressured water to cut lettuce more efficiently. It's just a matter of cost. We are getting into the area of unintended consequences. They will push the robotics industry to a point where even white-collar people are unemployed.
Theresa Schofield (11 months ago)
im not worried .i can grow my own so can other people .if they try hard enough .its easer than you think .
Kyn Chan (8 months ago)
Absolutely. Amazing what can be done with a small space, 9.5L mayo tubs, soil, seeds and some water. Of course there is plenty of unused gardens as well. The food tastes so much better, is of the highest quality and the physical work far better than any gym work out.
great europian (11 months ago)
follow china! send all the farmers to work in the cities and import all the food!
stephen isom (11 months ago)
dan spataru (11 months ago)
no problem here !Deutschland always needs emigrants to work for they re economy to thrive ! With uk cutting emigration ppl will look more to European countries some of them like Germany desperately needing ppl to work for they re business ! One important plus for Europe and Germany and France is that having ppl from Europe that are easy to integrate and assimilate in the local culture, Europe will close the doors to other ppl that will not integrate ..they will not adhere to the local values and culture...like the ppl coming from africa/muslims countries!!
top banana (11 months ago)
what happen to the 1 million Germany take on ???
Hvac GAS (1 year ago)
Brexiters dont eat fruit..lol..mostly they drink alchol and eat frozen food.
Robert Adams (1 year ago)
What a load of of buggery bollox, I live here in Lincs, we have fields and fields of veg etc. If we hadn’t let all the scumbags in to OUR country we would NOT need all the food, a lot come here for OUR benefit systems, healthcare, housing, handouts , which if we went to another EU country we would not be allowed to get, as for getting British to fill these jobs, we British did this in the past, the benefit system has mad people bloody lazy. We are getting OUT and OUT we will be.
GazSChad (1 year ago)
Anyone conflating Brexit with the end of immigration, is just part of project fear.
noah (1 year ago)
Europe doesnt appreciate the US so we are leaving. Imagine how much money the US gives to the EU economy with all our aid, trade, bases, and soldiers. But now it's time of the Pacific. The United states has never been better and the economy has never been hotter. All your companies will be coming here. Going to be amazing time here in the United statses.
Gambit771 (1 year ago)
As long as we don't start lowering food stands that make us for legal and start importing it.
Roman Darius (1 year ago)
Simply Put: We whites want to live among ourselves!! And we know damn well that the EU will not be able to control the Africans. All the Africans have to do is accuse the members of the EU of being racist, and they will cave
D.B Cooper (1 year ago)
Ermmmm🤔 what did we do before the EU ?? Farmers pay proper wages you twats instead of crying poverty like you have done since day DOT
Cheekz C Malone (11 months ago)
If government have there way there won't be any farms to pay anyone for work lol what then....?
Shopaholic undisputed heavy weight champion (1 year ago)
Bollocks , employing 120 Romanians for how much £6.50 an hour is cheaper than buying a top notch machine that can cut lettuce and faster !! This is slave labour and British people will not stand for it , most immigrants don’t have mortgages , they rent rooms in shared accommodation , apart from students Brits don’t live like this , this is our country of course we own homes and pay bills we could never do that on such a low hourly rate , this farmer doesn’t have to pay these people maternity leave or any other financial rewards of a full time permanent contract , I’d put money on it these people are agency workers and seasonal workers !
Lawrence Fox (1 year ago)
Its already skyrocketing...its not only skyrocketing... I see that product packs are made smaller... for example, I always buy long cucumbers , now they became smaller, why? tomatoes I buy is 5 for £1, now its 4 for £1 (before was 79p).... They have cut everything , and increased prices... after Brexit it will be worse even...British farmers will be selling 1kg tomatoes for £10, you will be fucked....
Garry Mumby (1 year ago)
you are a knob and you are being led by the nose it is all scaremongering Leave is Leave and shove the corrupt EU up your "Rolf Harris"
vicki rasmussen (1 year ago)
I worked in the uk with born british collages for £5 an hour