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Text Comments (8785)
SnowyFeather AJ (5 hours ago)
self tanning spray for turkey!? that cant be good for you then your realize its the commercial
AISHATH YUMNU (6 hours ago)
Next vid: Five minute crafts Vs real life Cx many of those hacks I tried Don't work or maybe you guys do some magic that I can't do 😔
Sadali Wijesiri (7 hours ago)
ミキMiki (12 hours ago)
I feel almost lucky every McDonald's where I live sell what the advertisements look like.
Santamaria Samsung (17 hours ago)
It still taste good tho
Archant (21 hours ago)
That aside, homeless people have it better than us. *They get to eat the commercials instead of the actual stuff.*
Moykaaa (1 day ago)
I don't know who the fuck gave you these fries but that is not how i get my fries at mc buddy
n a t a l i e (1 day ago)
sorry but tbh that cake looked fake n gross
Backup Account (1 day ago)
Whoa . _.
The Gaming Bird (1 day ago)
Ok I have something to say, I want to say that I clicked on this video to watch ads vs Reality not science projects and food decorations. So why am i watching a video not full of the things I want to watch.
Finley Van Dyk (1 day ago)
This just goes to show the stupidity and genius of the ad industry
Why u do THIS?! ! (1 day ago)
The noodles does expand when you add water. If you shouldn’t have air in the cup it’s should not fit. That’s why it’s so much air in the cup.
Nathalye Rodrigues Souza (2 days ago)
Q desperdício de comida! 😥
Graciela Danelie Garcia (2 days ago)
This is how much food was wasted in the making of this video 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
Hemalatha C (2 days ago)
It is very nice!....
Pokemon trainer Jt (2 days ago)
3:18 why you have to do the chicken like that man
Duboxe FirstTouch (2 days ago)
7:23 this is obviously fake as you can see the mountain dew bottle is not anything like the actual ones.
Eric Cuellar (2 days ago)
I eat ass so i dont care what i Ingest
mrpPp18 (2 days ago)
Respect the chicken for giving out a Wakanda Forever before dying.
•Alexia Game• (2 days ago)
Una gran desepcion para los amantes de la comida :'(
shreya saha (2 days ago)
Who are sad to see the wastes?? ‌‌‌‌‌
Sleepyhead (2 days ago)
I wanna meet the owner of the channel and tell them shut da fuck up
Catherine Talens (2 days ago)
This is a satisfying video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77ZEytU9tIg
Nima Brickshooter (2 days ago)
Ok boomer
Jenae Strader (2 days ago)
3:18 they don't use self tanning spray they actually let it sit outside for a week and then cook it and then let it sit outside for about another week make that ad and it smells horrible in the room I know this because I’ve done it before in the TV ad
Mac Couille (2 days ago)
fefe kids (2 days ago)
Johnathan Norwood (2 days ago)
4:46 cosplay gone wrong
Johnathan Norwood (2 days ago)
My life is a life
Duck Master (2 days ago)
hahhhahhhh 5-minute crafts are the same: Vid thumbnail: Erases the cracks from phone Vid: omq sandwich is cold no prob put it in microwave yes weri usefulll yes
PheonixGames !!!! (3 days ago)
Do yall just waste your food like this?
Dya RO (3 days ago)
In Romania nu se depune efort nici pt cum arata la Tv
Rodrigo Dornelles (3 days ago)
Water in commercials vs water in real life
Joie Dulle (3 days ago)
This just proves that the people making advertisments are really creative and smart!
Finley Van Dyk (1 day ago)
Leo (3 days ago)
I’d still eat those props
Matthew Thomas (3 days ago)
Grzegorz Grzywacz (3 days ago)
3:14 they kill chicken only for photo or video? 😢😔😖😡
Sajeerath Sajeerath (3 days ago)
S this is real
What is a Rock (3 days ago)
A dirriea stain on a plate what a nice thing to see when you eat your chocolate muffin
pancake cow (3 days ago)
as long as the food dos not kill me or make me sick im fine
Duh (3 days ago)
Gente pra oque que eu vou usar isso na minha vida?
Scott Tunnix (3 days ago)
Am I the only one who F-ing HATES these pathetic, pretentious tiny servings on giant plates with <2ml of sauce drizzled around the out side? Just pour that shit straight on!
ivvitan (3 days ago)
Dish painting using food so weird!
Harper Flak (4 days ago)
I mean shaving foam and cardboard cake doesn’t look so bad except that it’s ☠️
Witcher Plays (4 days ago)
John!!!!! Get me the baby powder. We’re doing the blueberry add in 2 minutes.
Daniel Rafael Sarabia (4 days ago)
N. M. (4 days ago)
4:53 but the thing about wax on apples is true !!
amy bonnici (4 days ago)
well now u gave me an idea imma go roast the Ads now cuz I know their secrets ill be off now
Juraj Dobrik (4 days ago)
That moment when youtube is suggesting you stuff based on your action, even if you denied them that kind of use of your data.
Vintage CrowSpirit (4 days ago)
I have found de chips
AJAY GUPTA (4 days ago)
RedCpt (4 days ago)
What kind of crackhead McD do you go to to get fries and burgers like that?
Crownguard (4 days ago)
Just waiting for a food scientist to expose this bullshit
Aly DRAMÉ (4 days ago)
Ads are smart
Mark Jacobs (5 days ago)
Idk about you guys but all my foods are instagramable
A.Edwards NYCTA (5 days ago)
Reality can sometimes be disappointing
Random Randum (5 days ago)
Am I the only one who cares about how much food in the beginning was wasted? I feel bad for the uncooked-tanned Chicken.. (Looks like all I can say is Rest In Peace)
maira m (5 days ago)
Saving foal
Cyan Civilian (5 days ago)
Entertaining to watch. Paste this link in your browser to see something entertaining too: https://youtu.be/OvME3rJUyUc
sophias channel (5 days ago)
you are rhite👍👍👍👍👍
Rehan Akhtar (5 days ago)
pls don't eat the commercial food I will be sad :*(
Agent 4 ; InkiiTydes (5 days ago)
These idiots realize noodles grow when they are cooked
Thunder Arsenal (3 days ago)
Im on your side but i just wanna say there's also some that stays skinny as a loli
Garlic Bread (3 days ago)
Mystic Gacha (5 days ago)
They keep using the same hacks... I wish there were other ones I didn’t watch...
Taelekom (5 days ago)
They had to throw away all of the food... Good job >:(
ll 5 (6 days ago)
Do people actually believe this?
Kai Ri (6 days ago)
This video is 5 minute crafts vs real
Real Mr Jangoon (6 days ago)
Advertisement bad, companies bad, everything except this channel bad, are you satisfied now?
The cracker (6 days ago)
1:17 mins into the vid and most of em are still not commercial tricks , but ways to food prank ur buds . edit 1 : 4:35 into the vid and its still the same. edit 2 : 8:30 into vid and just ways to distinguish bad food from good food( talking after 4:35) edit 3 : 12:33 mins into the vid and just some masterchief tricks.
Fitoria Filolial (6 days ago)
11:44 When im on a diet
(6 days ago)
I do not like food now
nicole warren (6 days ago)
What a waste of chicken!
Zain Jan (6 days ago)
how many channels does 5 minute crafts have!?
JST INSANE (6 days ago)
Then how do the people in ads eat!!
The olive Man (6 days ago)
Who else thought at 4:17 the berrys looked better as real
Trains ‘N Sirens (6 days ago)
I wonder how many plates they used for this...
Wisedory (3 days ago)
I Wonder how much money and food they wasted
Awais Ali (4 days ago)
Trains ‘N Sirens and the amount of food wasted
Trains ‘N Sirens (6 days ago)
10:15 looks like someone wiped their ass across my plate.
The olive Man (6 days ago)
The olive Man (6 days ago)
patpoki (6 days ago)
Arrêter Arrêter tout faire pour que le real soit moche écrasé le burger é écrase les frite arrêter sa se vois
the biggest clown in town (6 days ago)
comparing “harmful” to “natural” isn’t the same as comparing “harmful” to “healthy”. not everything natural is good for you.
Haizel Dawn (6 days ago)
The real fries are acctualy good. Haven't been to McDonald's in a while but I guess we'll find out if there still making them to perfection. Can't tell the kid in me there not yummy fries for anything! I remember to the very crunchiest, the hard burnt little ones hidding in the corners of the frie boxes, the deliciouse salty greasy amazing perfection of every unique Fri. Can't change the kid in me mind. Yum! Soon to McDonald's to try them fries. They shall fornever change!
Inês Coimbra (6 days ago)
okay the ice cream one is just stupid.
Reishu (6 days ago)
5:47 it is the content of this video
aiden araujo (6 days ago)
Are they fucking dumb, they put a muffin with paper on and ask what it is that really pisses me off
Fancy Lady (7 days ago)
Thumbnail vs the video
LokiMusicas (7 days ago)
This changed my life
a2h (7 days ago)
the biggest bullshit about this video is to generalise chemicals as a bad thing. what do you breath? YES It's a chemical. So much wrong in the video.
Rafaela Beatriz (7 days ago)
Quem veio pelo #T3ddy da um like
Dizzy Daisy (7 days ago)
Parallel Comparisons (7 days ago)
Thank you for exposing
Elisa Pagayon (7 days ago)
So they can compare it to the commercial ones
Elisa Pagayon (7 days ago)
They made all the real food worse
BS - 09TA - Port Credit SS (2272) (7 days ago)
Who click on this video because they have nothing to do?
Matthew Graham (18 hours ago)
👋🏼 hey, I’m over here
HurjikenTV (2 days ago)
i Go on youtube cuz i've nothing to do
julie lowery (2 days ago)
BS - 09TA - Port Credit SS (2272) (4 days ago)
lol ok
SG GAMING (4 days ago)
PewDiePie Fans (7 days ago)
ok now wth does plating food have to do with commercials?
Mike Schmidt (7 days ago)
10:29 bone apple tea XD
Josh Caleb (7 days ago)
Glue ewww noob
Jeril Ronaldo (8 days ago)
Lola Nash (8 days ago)
Okay. Then five-minute crafts what do I Eat now then
Lola Nash (8 days ago)
Who put spray tan on a chicken other than Sebastian Bails like come on
Zion Favre-Smith (8 days ago)
I'm hungry now😭 ;-;
micnugget487 (8 days ago)
But why is this so true?
candortube (8 days ago)
I would comment on the video, but after five minutes of multiple ads, I'm just closing youtube.