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1986 Chrysler New Yorker Updates 4/18/10

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Still working on the interior and the vinyl roof. Should be done in a couple of months. I am working on it whenever I get the time. I miss driving it...
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A Car (1 year ago)
i just love the look of thees cars
Alan Piaskowski (2 years ago)
Thank you for posting this. My car too only has the 4 speaker setup but will have the 6 soon since I have seen this
Spats Bear (7 years ago)
@RockinReed97 Perfect. I have done quite a bit of work since this video. I should make a new, update video since I keep getting a lot of questions about it lately.
RockinReed97 (7 years ago)
How is the car running now?
deloreanman14 (8 years ago)
The body looks really straight...no dings or rust. Very nice find!
Spats Bear (8 years ago)
@MrKasbian Just the trim. I had the whole dash apart because I am installing new speakers and such, which also requires minimal effort to do.
Andy Kas (8 years ago)
In order to take the radio out do you have to remove the entire dash or just the trim around it the radio?
The0neand0nlyD (8 years ago)
I enjoy watching your videos on your newyprker. Can't wait to see the finishing touches. Also can you do a video of your galant in ur garage? I love the galant.. My galant has 149,000 miles on it and it's a 2002.
Spats Bear (9 years ago)
@CInzerillo Since YouTube won't let me post the link, search for nadaguides and look there.
Carissa Vasile (9 years ago)
@spatsbear2 Do you know how I would be able to find the value of it? It's not on the Kelly Blue Book website because of the year. The more I see your car, the more I wish I had the money to restore mine. lol
Spats Bear (9 years ago)
@CInzerillo These cars are very rare cars right now, and their value keeps going up. I know mine is worth around $3500-3700. That also seems to be the average selling price as well. If you decide to restore, great! If you decide not to, try to sell it. These cars are collectors cars now and you'll probably get a decent amount for it even with the work needed. I got mine off Ebay actually after a bidding war on it pretty much.
Carissa Vasile (9 years ago)
I'm debating on whether I should restore my car (also an '86 New Yorker) or just save up for a newer car. It has about 94,000 miles and the blue interior is in almost perfect condition. It runs very clean with some minor work (hopefully just minor) needed. The body needs some minor front passenger door work and back fender work and a paint job. The vinyl needs to be redone as well. I think it would cost just as much or less to restore it than it would be to save up for another car.
Spats Bear (9 years ago)
@kidwithcoolroom1 No. The engine/tranny is perfect. Mechanically everything is 100%.
Spats Bear (9 years ago)
@weasel2htm The dash speakers actually go down to 85Hz and are full range. So I'm going to leave them as is.
weasel2htm (9 years ago)
I would suggest getting some capacitors to go in series with those dash speakers to block the bass, about 300hz-ish, to decrease distortion on those tiny speakers.
monarch1957 (9 years ago)
It will be a nice car when it's finished.
VWestlife (9 years ago)
That's funny how they modified the roof on the New Yorker. But it certainly saved Chrysler money to use the same roof stamping for several different models. The original 6-speaker system may have used woofers in the front doors and tweeters in the dash -- I know the "Infinity Gold" system in our Jeep did -- but it should sound fine with full-range speakers in both locations.
Trance88 (9 years ago)
Awesome Spats! I'm glad you know how to do all this yourself! The front door speakers in my Cavalier are shot and I don't even know how to access them!