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Obnoxious Kid in Class

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Text Comments (3571)
Dhanar Putra (5 days ago)
Sarah is just normal type girl you'll meet regularly everyday but when this girl dissappear, I'll go mad.
Mathew Mcchristian (9 days ago)
I guess trap didn't kill him
Duke AK (15 days ago)
Carlito the origin stories
OldEarthChaos (1 month ago)
It's not Dan that bothers me, it's everyone else in the room agreeing with him that are really annoying
THE FIFTH EDGE (1 month ago)
I thought trapp killed pat
Skills With A Z (1 month ago)
Trap didn’t kill Pat! It was Dan!
TheMightyJ225 (2 months ago)
Trapp didn't murder pat, Dan did
Bart Steeman (2 months ago)
Dan killed Pat
John Fischer (2 months ago)
So much plaid...
saltyKarlos (2 months ago)
I guess it wasn't really Trapp that killed Pat
Bethany Wipf (2 months ago)
"How am I supposed to NOT murder Patrick? His stupid face is distracting everybody" ... Trapp, is that you?
Torbjorn Lindholm (2 months ago)
So Trapp didn't murder Pat, Dan did. It all makes sense now.
Martin Dew (3 months ago)
The kids agreeing with him are even worse.
ALEKM13 (3 months ago)
Looks like Trapp didn't murder Pat
Andy Smith (3 months ago)
Wait, if Pat dies now, who does Trap kill?
Captain Doomsday (3 months ago)
That pie chart was of suicides and murders. I'm really scared that Dan is no longer with Collegehumor because that means he's loose in the world, unmonitored.
Treval Manne (4 months ago)
Dan killed pat
Sam Coates Hammond (5 months ago)
Doesn't everyone miss the old college humour😧
Basher Theories (5 months ago)
Obviously Streeter didn't want Dan to kill Pat because he wanted to that himself
Ryan Kelly (6 months ago)
Trapp didnt murder Pat Dan did
Ryan Kelly (6 months ago)
The website sucks
Hi, I'm Danny Elfman From The Band Oingo Boingo (6 months ago)
Pee wee? Is that u?
anabiels cure (7 months ago)
Soooo...Dan killed Pat not Trap..Trap is innocent yay!!!
issac flores (7 months ago)
Sniff sniff, all the guys in this video aren't in collegehumor anymore.
Lukas D. (7 months ago)
It feels like a very subtile social commentary. Also reminds me of the Hamlet dilemma.
Camryn Faucette (7 months ago)
Actually Trap killed Pat but this was made in 2010 so I'll let it slide
Hasan J (8 months ago)
so much cringe and retardedness
Jake Jay (8 months ago)
KaitoKenny (8 months ago)
Well damn. Guess it wasn't Mike after all.
MK SnEaKeRz (8 months ago)
Key and peel did it better
not an animation channel (8 months ago)
whose the abnoxios one?
MammomaxIncarnate (8 months ago)
I remember being in a class with kids like this. Can anyone else really relate to Pat in this situation?
Word Unheard (8 months ago)
For fucks sake, stop killing Pat! He's the only one in this entire group who has remained with College Humor. The least you can do is NOT kill him.
Karl Camilleri (8 months ago)
Trapp didn't kill Pat ... This guy did!!
Vixelii (8 months ago)
wait, so did trapp kill pat, or did dan kill pat?
killmeplease (9 months ago)
i thought trap killed pat?
Zane Fountain (9 months ago)
Relatable. There was a kid in my science class like that.
Ulises R (9 months ago)
Why is Collegehumor even suggesting that Mike killed Pat? Pat's been dead since 2010 at the hands of Dan.
Michael Mello (9 months ago)
I would have punched him halfway through the video
General Jeep (9 months ago)
The 1k dislikes are the obnoxious kids
Diderotronics (9 months ago)
So is Dan == Trap???
Garnir of Windhelm (9 months ago)
This is my Brother
Yes hah (9 months ago)
Those are some dumb ass obnoxious assholes you would find online
Twilightzant 03 (9 months ago)
so trapp didn't kill pat
Deez Nutz (9 months ago)
very happy that dan blew himself up
Glitchmaster (9 months ago)
But... Trapp killed Pat
GORE illa (9 months ago)
this is stupid
Leo Balaban (9 months ago)
wait... I thought mike killed pat?
matija kerkoč (10 months ago)
fucking hate people like this..especially kids like this
Troupbomber (10 months ago)
R.I.P Old CH cast. Also Trapp killed Pat
Isabel ez (10 months ago)
Welp there's this guy in my class who is really really really curious about everything. That time during history class we were talking about king john and how the cabinet system thing came about and he started asking about queen Victoria. During science classes(chem physics n bio) it would be like a one to one tuition cuz he just likes asking shitty questions that aren't in the syllabus. He even has things to ask during geography lessons( everyone tries not to doze off cuz there will be teachers walking about and look at us study). So... I understand and respect the fact that he is curious and he thinks asking questions help him learn a lot but cant he just write down the questions and ask them during lunch time or even google it( we have a computer lab where you can watch youtube and no one will give two shits and its open every recess). We had to stay back after school for extra history lessons last semester cuz we were too far behind and lucky for us we have to share the same classroom with the same people everyday for two semesters which is a flipping year.
Guga Ribeiro (10 months ago)
Trapp wasn't the first to kill Pat!!!
dumb idiot (10 months ago)
Max Keenan (10 months ago)
Was this an allusion to To Kill a Mockingbird
Eric ChouJi (11 months ago)
So true!!!!
Caelie Cat (11 months ago)
that guy used to be in buzzfeed
Morgan O'Brien-Bledsoe (11 months ago)
I think that was the dumbest thing I ever saw. That's impressive.
nob2243 (11 months ago)
Progressive / liberal parents in a nutshell.
BulletBill110 (11 months ago)
Trapped time traveled back in time and transpormed into dan and killed pat
09yulstube (11 months ago)
So it wasn't Trapp after all
Troupbomber (1 year ago)
Trapp killed Pat!!!!
FreakOfFear (1 year ago)
why is Pat always fucking dying?
noobistproductions (1 year ago)
Sarah is so fucking sexy.
Anson Lobo (1 year ago)
oh man, I wanted to know how Streeter planned to improve the website by taking it down. dammit Dan!
Noodles Von Fluffernutters (1 year ago)
This didn't make me laugh. It just made me want to punch a small child
Rubensteinsrevenge (1 year ago)
Is the "OMG, I'm not even touching him!" a reference to something? I feel I've seen that in a movie...
enderpyro (1 year ago)
Anyone notice that it was raining outside?
Brother Dan The Man (1 year ago)
That Suicide-Murder chart in the back tho
Greg Deck (1 year ago)
uhhh... who are these people?
Tyler (1 year ago)
I like that pie graph
walker h (1 year ago)
he should be fired on the spot....
Mechanized Mayhem (1 year ago)
See what your supposed to do then is knock him clean out and then curb stomp his head
FUCK1980 (1 year ago)
Well, here's the solution to "Trapped in the Darkness"... Trapp is innocent after all...
Jade Glass (1 year ago)
you see, they could say something about it the obnoxious kids in my class are so sensitive that if you were to say so they would get really depressed because they both have fake depression issues and it's like.... just, why 😐😐😐😐
Dancing Goddess Wish you Abundance (1 year ago)
haha this is tolerance for you if you give an inch they will take 2 the next day , then soon everything
Just Madness (1 year ago)
I have met more than one person like this. Almost to the killing part...
EllenTheTwig (1 year ago)
Christopher Chamberlain (1 year ago)
Anyone else see the pie chart that said "suicide and murders"
Potato Gamer (1 year ago)
why is there suicide written on the board at 151
X-529 (1 year ago)
My classroom in a nutshell
Ainslee Nettleingham (1 year ago)
GEESE I'm a sophomore and this is still relevant
Simon Danger (1 year ago)
Wonder how they came up with this...
NewhamMatt (1 year ago)
As a teacher, Sarah, Jeff and Pat represent every behavioural expert we want to slap.
Ernst Johannes (1 year ago)
LOL they all wore the same shirts
Mechanized Mayhem (1 year ago)
I would just fucking smash that kids face through the window
Parker Sutherland (1 year ago)
that man child representing a child child's character deserved to be beaten for lack of respect
Carlos Cerda (1 year ago)
Dan acts Like a 5 year old
Xxx_gaben_xxX (1 year ago)
Pretty much every student
Yamau (1 year ago)
That whiteboard is actually way more intersting than the rest od the video
Galimeer5 (1 year ago)
Obnoxious people? There's an app* for that! *cattle prod
el durazno (1 year ago)
LOL Ha (1 year ago)
Kill Dan
The Golden Lion (1 year ago)
What country is collage humour in.
MrPinbert (1 year ago)
golem goleden The USA
pal1d1nl1ght (1 year ago)
the second time he hit him, if it were me his head would be going straight through the dry wall
bayoo3 (1 year ago)
pal1d1nl1ght lololol same
Tom Draper (1 year ago)
in the background there was a pie chart of suicides and murders why?
Whole Food Plant-Based Man (1 year ago)
Dan is a fucking asshole.
0Bennyman (1 year ago)
It's not illegal to be an asshole GOD!
King Dededong (1 year ago)
In honor of this asshole, I am now naming my anus "Dan"...
Green Screen (1 year ago)
And yet people like that are everywhere
Jerad Berry (1 year ago)
I wanted to hear the plan
The Drunk Stork (1 year ago)
I'm in Elementary school, and I don't have a kid in my class that is as extreme as the kind of person in this video, but I do however have a kid that does similar things. Like the hand thing, and acting like it was a mistake.
S ad (1 year ago)
What happend to this cast
Cornealius Underbuckel (1 year ago)
Is that wade?