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In an effort to reduce the environmental impact of road construction, a number of new innovations are being developed. For more by The B1M subscribe now: http://ow.ly/GxW7y Read the full story on this video, including images and useful links, here: http://www.theb1m.com/video/road-to-the-future For more on PlasticRoad visit: https://www.plasticroad.eu/en/ For more on Solar Roadways visit: http://www.solarroadways.com/ What are "smog-eating" buildings? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jyoA3MIf1c The B1M's construction tech series - https://tech.theb1m.com Images courtesy of PlasticRoad, MacRebur, Pothole Raja, Geoff Pugh, Tesco, Enfield Council, Solar Roadways, Wattway and SolaRoad. The B1M merch store - https://theb1m.fanfiber.com/en/ View this video and more at http://www.TheB1M.com Follow us on Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/TheB1M Like us on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/TheB1M Follow us on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-b1m-ltd B1M pictures on - http://instagram.com/theb1m/ #construction #infrastructure We welcome you sharing our content to inspire others, but please be nice and play by our rules: http://www.theb1m.com/guidelines-for-sharing Our content may only be embedded onto third party websites by arrangement. We have established partnerships with domains to share our content and help it reach a wider audience. If you are interested in partnering with us please contact Enquiries@TheB1M.com. Ripping and/or editing this video is illegal and will result in legal action. © 2018 The B1M Limited | Share + Inspire
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Text Comments (831)
Kislay World (5 hours ago)
Fab concepts 👍👍
Pravin creations (2 days ago)
I like the idea save ground water
SHAFIN KADHIR (4 days ago)
If these kind of roads are laid there will be no penetration of rain water into the ground. I think this would be it's one of the major disadvantage.if this thing has been resolved it would be great 😊
Rukuo Venyo (6 days ago)
Just like the road of Nagaland.
Pratyush Priyambad (6 days ago)
These plastic roads were already been emplimented in india.
ponchanon samanta (7 days ago)
Plastic road invent by plastic man, he Bron in tamilnaru, India
bamm86 (9 days ago)
Hempcrete would be better. Something biodegradable, but also something like the concept of Plastic Road. Having the road in sections so maintenance on a city piping system won’t require so much construction and cause so much traffic would be ideal.
sangavee 12 (13 days ago)
Gd initiative...but wat abt its friction, permeability ,load capacity....wen compared to bitumen pavmnt
humungous09 (15 days ago)
Supposing plastic roads are properly bound and do not release micro particles into atmosphere, help with efficient disposal and so on.. What will you do with damaged roads or damaged recycled Plastic, once it's lifespan ends?
s. logan (16 days ago)
This is Indian technology. Search moron
sharath nayak (16 days ago)
Solar roof for sidewalk is better that solar road
Drik Shit (15 days ago)
This invention made by India,, not of you,,, its India technology
Drik Shit (15 days ago)
+humungous09 thnx brother
humungous09 (15 days ago)
It's not invasion but Invention. Yes, this technology has first been invented by India, precisely by a South Indian professor
Prem Gupta (17 days ago)
Muhammad zubair (19 days ago)
India can't do anything even they can't control their own jets😂😂😂
syed jawad (16 days ago)
Forgot about India... Pakistani are killing own Muslims ... No islamic law even after population of 95% Muslims Alcohol is haram in Islam but still you sell and drink alcohol , bars , pubs, cinama halls , red light areas , rape murder , adultery are in Ur Pakistan... Because of Pakistan whole Islamic world is ashamed tum log terrorist export karke Masoom Logo ki Jaan lete ho ...tum jaise log hi hamare din pe dhaaba ho . Pehle apni dholo fir India ki dhoona
phyoxxs (26 days ago)
What if plastic road catchs 🔥?
Yaaro Ka yaar Yadav (26 days ago)
We will also think about these things.....but we have some serious problems here..... Pakistan China.....and growing Muslims population.....anyway.....huge respect for these engineers.....from India....
Guillaume McMartin & Trish Taylor (1 month ago)
Amazing! Solar roads and recycled plastic! The world is becoming more and more efficient and sustainable! We are proud to be a part of those developments!
nabendu sekhar (1 month ago)
The idea of plastic road was devloped in india many years ago. This is to help overcome the growing problem of plastic waste disposal in India. The technology for this was developed by the 'Plastic Man' of India, Prof Rajagopalan Vasudevan, Professor of Chemistry at Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai.
sean walls (1 month ago)
Are we running out of sand for glass? I heard we were on NPR. I cant imagine this being practical for roads.
watchthe1369 (1 month ago)
Hmm, plastic vs asphalt toxicities? Solar panels would be useful, but they need to be up out of eyesight due to glare.
mit p (1 month ago)
None of this will ever make it to the usa.. america likes having one man work while 5 stand and drink coffee and eat a fat jelly donut job security..
Ashton (1 month ago)
Hear that yup you just triggered Thunderfoot
Gerardo Salas (1 month ago)
Solar roads are a stupid idea. Like I need the already reflective pavement to be even more reflective. I don’t drive during sunsets because of the sun glass, I can’t imagine driving at the golden hour over a road like that.
Yinka Davies (1 month ago)
Waste not, want not....thank you for that ingenious plan dear India.
Firelilly1537 (1 month ago)
Looks like even after 71 years of independence, the British are still stealing from India. The plastic roads method was developed by an Indian from Tamil Nadu, and it is already a widely used method to construct roads in India not some new technique developed by an Englishman. Bloody theif.
m mmk (1 month ago)
But this road are applicable in villages in citys it's much difficult face the problems like shot circuit drainage ,floods due, over heat ,o3 , friction ,due to ductility and plasticity may these problems arising so u should keep in u r mind these draw backs after u should make road
m mmk (1 month ago)
Most of the problems arise so plse before use the methodology like while road is broken while due to heavy rain on that time road will break so that time will remove the complete that block so every we have to repair service wire so plse alternative method discover
Kuncen RIG (1 month ago)
How about those recyvled plastic getting alot of heat? Isnt that no so healthy environment?
vara prasad (1 month ago)
vennupotu add chesi untey boyapati inka bagunnu enduku dabba ads
Spookssga (1 month ago)
There is one thing no one has done, Roads that melt ice and snow during winter
#UNKNWN (1 month ago)
Spookssga probably will cost too much to run
LEARNERTUBE (1 month ago)
It's not invented by British... The Indian Chemistry Professor of Tamilnadu state invented the process to reuse the plastic waste by mixing along with road making material in the ratio of 1:9. ... Ok bloody jealous people ... We are indian.. The Indian....
I actually enjoyed Fallout 4 (1 month ago)
Street pooper
deepak mishra (1 month ago)
Ye gore bsdk waale saara credit khudi le lenge. Pehle bhi toh aisa hi karte aa rhe h. Kuch din m bolenge ki yoga bhi humne invent kiya h bas naam change karke.
Itay Reshef (1 month ago)
joey kuang (1 month ago)
Melting plastic generates smoke that cause cancer
dave jones (1 month ago)
Absolutely terrible idea.
#UNKNWN (1 month ago)
what about the electric car charger roads? ever heard of them? they wirelessly charge your car while you drive on them.
Zach B (1 month ago)
JAKE 0.2 ontop of the cost of the normal road
JAKE 0.2 (1 month ago)
+Zach B they only made like 2km with 2mil euros so yeah
Zach B (1 month ago)
JAKE 0.2 Sweden has wasted a lot of money then
JAKE 0.2 (1 month ago)
that already exist in here in sweden
Zach B (1 month ago)
Gab Rodriguez because putting money to good use rather than costly road chargers is good.
big b (1 month ago)
Plastic road idea is not good. It's fume can damage health. Plastic waste supposed to be far away from people and animals, water etc. Plastic is kind of nuclear waste or may be worse than nuclear waste.
haha20042003 (1 month ago)
If it’s ain’t broke, don’t fix it. There are better things you can do to help the environment. Like plant more trees.
Himesh Nagar (1 month ago)
Plastic is going to kill humans and all other living creatures in the future. When it burns it creates toxic gases. When plastic melts in any liquid, it makes liquid posious. Plastic roads are not the solution as it can become very sleepery in rainy seasons or in snow seasons. It is also not useful in dry countries like Arabian cities where temperature goes very high and it will melt plastic slowly into the environment. Just stop the production of plastic it is evil.
Jared (1 month ago)
Asphalt... Not ash-felt.
Mason Bernier (1 month ago)
A s h f e l t
Akash Choudhary (1 month ago)
How about roadside solar panel sheds instead of solar roads? That way you don't have to worry about the shadow from vehicles or the fragility of the solar roads. Any thoughts?
Sebastian Wießner (1 month ago)
Thunderf00t oooof
NateTheGreat (1 month ago)
This got debunked so hard that I can’t believe people still believe in this crap.
julle huu (1 month ago)
dont kno there is lots of tech under of roads longdistance heating pipes waterpipes drainage pipes electric tubes where wirings go some place have even long distance cooling pipes and they are pretty thick pipes too so elemnts have to be also plus insulating for winters there are reason for coulder countrys why they are couple meters on soil
QuestV2 (1 month ago)
Why is everyone bitching about micro plastics? Like it’s our fault for all this plastic and it has to go somewhere. As the guy in the video said. It’s gunna probably end up in the ocean which is WORSE. I don’t think 100% plastic roads is a good idea. But plastic infused roads is a good idea to our garbage crisis. Solar roadways is a completely dumb idea and no one should be using them.
Joseph Arch (1 month ago)
nice video
Mass Gowu (1 month ago)
I appreciate this idea but in extreme sun rays which causes buring of plastic
sheltomlee (2 months ago)
Why not mention China's solar expressway? It's already open and people are using it everyday.
Henry Windsor Rurikovich (2 months ago)
That's awesome , regards.
72tubedmiaz (2 months ago)
Nice reporting... the problem of carbon emissions continues with the recycling of these plastics... I understand our tech is limited
Gavin Mcinally (2 months ago)
Are they still banging on about this. Crazy people.
Skyler Holman (2 months ago)
All are good, Utah will be the last state to use any of it 😂
Christoph Breland (2 months ago)
LMAO 3-10 kilos of plastic per ton is really not that much def wouldn't use "considerable amount" as a description. It's a good idea but need to figure out how to use more recyclable materials
Steve Thaysen (2 months ago)
The most pressing question is.... did you subscribe to Pewdiepie?
Fly Beep (2 months ago)
I thought B1M was a serious channel? What's this Solar Roadways crap doing here? This vid should have way more downvotes than it has now.
NoThrottle 2 (2 months ago)
Dont get me into solar roadways, they are bs.
Sukhrab Babadjanov (2 months ago)
Nice nice nice 🤗🤗😉👌👌👌👌👏✋
The Life of Tony (3 months ago)
North America desperately needs to do something about their appalling roads. They are an embarrassment and an absolute disgrace.
DIYouTube (3 months ago)
For the solar road it might be to hot for tires
j r (3 months ago)
Snake oil
Platin 21 (3 months ago)
Better to not use Solarroadways in that video the idea was stupid and is a huge problem in winter.
Lachlan Duggan (3 months ago)
Plastic roads and solar roadways have been thoroughly debunked over the years as scams, seriously, you guys have a serious channel, please don't be spouting bs like this
Maximman102 n (3 months ago)
The prefab plastic and solar roads are terrible, using plastic as an additive to asphalt is great, also asphalt roads are fully recyclable.
Trond Hansen (3 months ago)
the plastic road company have been talking about making plastic roads from 2012 and in 2018 they made a few meters of bike road,i do not think they will ever be able to deliver any thing usefull.and the micro plastic problem have to be solved first.
Bertram Nyvold (3 months ago)
2:56 dropped my phone mannnn
Soham Das (3 months ago)
Plastic roads was invented in India an Indian professor has it's patent not a British guy!!
Matt Bates (3 months ago)
Man, people are really defensive about the micro plastics this would release. It's possible to acknowledge that our current handling of plastics is wrong and leads to plastic getting into the ocean while also acknowledging paving the streets with plastics would absolutely mean when that plastic breaks down it gets into our waterways. And besides, as awesome as a prefab road sounds, driving over those butt joints every few meters would be maddening.
kairon156 (3 months ago)
Wait! what happened to the 16 year old girl (several years ago) who came up with the idea of using old car tires for the same thing?
TheRagingInfernape (3 months ago)
My main concern is that if the water stored in the road is overflowed, it could burst. In addition, pure plastic roads are strong, but the hollowness of them makes me question the strength when there's a heavy vehicle/load. Not perfect, but can easily be perfected
James Schreiber (3 months ago)
Why all the drive to "fix" a base product that isn't broken. Asphalt is 95% aggregate and 5% binder (give or take) and is easily recycled and reused (with a small addition of binder sometimes and heat to melt the bitumen), is it not green enough to be 100% recyclable? VOC's from asphalt are present but in comparatively low concentrations, something on the order of two thousandths of a percent of the mix. Why are we trying to replace a good product with inferior and expensive alternatives?
Monish Avvaru (3 months ago)
these are pretty interesting
david wright (3 months ago)
When I was a very young man all the leftwing environmental NUTS were saying "We have to stop using Paper bags we are killing all the Trees." So the U.S.A & the World did stop using them for the most part and started killing every kind of Fish, Turtle, Sea Mammal, Land Mammal on earth. YEP, PLASTIC SHOPPING BAGS!!!! """""Environmentalist are ALWAYS Short-Sighted."""""
Joeypouls (3 months ago)
Recycled plastic roads is fake news, the plastic content would be maximum 0.36% per tonne and even at this level it can negatively impact on the durability of the road. The fundamental way to make roads more environmentally friendly, making them last longer, is something that adding plastic waste in minuscule amounts doesn't do.
Rishi Jha (3 months ago)
rajgopalan is the first men to invent plastic road
Rishi Jha (3 months ago)
o 11 states in India has plastic roads from2015
Rishi Jha (3 months ago)
roads of madurai
Rishi Jha (3 months ago)
hey do you know an Indian chemist innovated that also it is plastic road being used for more than 2 years
Rishi Jha (3 months ago)
in Indian roads of south
Filip Andersson (3 months ago)
Solar roadways sucks huge balls man
Nicholas Littlejohn (4 months ago)
Asphalt is super toxic oil refinery waste as it is. We need permeable roads that allow water back underground to prevent flooding and to filter motor oil as we work to electrify transport.
luke (4 months ago)
Only a small part of the plastic would come from recycling and what if there was a fire on the road? What if the plastic road itself starts to burn?
Sage Bias (4 months ago)
Solar roads are a scam
Maxime B (4 months ago)
ASSphalt not Ashphalt
Gazi Mohibbullah (4 months ago)
allah is god
precious jose (3 months ago)
No and stfu
Gazi Mohibbullah (4 months ago)
rafizi shahruz (4 months ago)
Amazing idea of solar roads... i come from a sunny country..
ATS (4 months ago)
I wonder how plastic road withstand the weight burden and exert traction.
Noah Hassler (4 months ago)
Dadson worldwide (4 months ago)
Solar panel road is the idea for clean electricity ever . Useing roads requires no extra land. Ameruca has more than enough roadway to provide electricity to the entire world .this should recieve all the funding scientist and engineers need to get it to perfection. This would mean nuclear reactors and coal burning plants plus mine bc workers would lose there jobs and close down . But the amount of roadways that had new solar panel road construction would add many jobs lost .only temporarily would jobs amount be even .
Balsey Dean De Witt, Jr. (4 months ago)
In the state of Pennsylvania, they actually mix their roadways with glass!
ro pro (4 months ago)
Solar Roadways?? B1M, wtf are you smoking?
veminem (4 months ago)
Plastic roads are better and strong than others.
Marc Hudson (4 months ago)
I'm glad you mentioned the issues with solar roads. Thunderf00t (YouTube) has torn these projects apart in his videos.
LET'S TALK (4 months ago)
Who else still drives on dirt roads every day?
crucci (5 months ago)
I dislike how superficially you addressed the downsides of solar roadways - although, had you addressed those downsides properly, there would have been no place whatsoever for solar roadways in a video about the future of road construction. The mentioned issues are among the least of the problems that critics have raised - by far the biggest issue is how solar roadways are so incredibly expensive to build that it simply makes no sense to ever build them. If you want to have both roads and solar power, simply build regular roads along with regular solar farms. There is zero reason to integrate solar panels into roads.
Robert M. (5 months ago)
yey now our roads can be like thomas the tank engine train sets...
Alexander Schauer (5 months ago)
the plastic road is a good idea but where will they put the rosd when it can’t be used anymore?
Inez Neal (5 months ago)
Roads should be made from rubber
ChrisCiber (5 months ago)
Downvote for solar road hoax.
steve blow (5 months ago)
Most of them are stupid innovations
i cry when i wii (5 months ago)
The global road network is an amazing thing apart from ONE major floor ... Drivers - they are idiots!!!