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Grandson Surprised His Grandpa On His 81st Birthday With A Priceless Gift From 1957

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This grandson went above and beyond the call of duty to help his grandfather's dreams become a reality. Cam Dedman has a very special relationship with his grandfather, Fred Lamar. "Since I've been a little kid I've always been very close with my grandpa," said Cam. That's why Cam spent almost $30,000, and over a year of his time, to give his grandfather the ultimate surprise! Fred bought his 1957 Chevy Bel Air in the early 1970s. Unfortunately, the car had been sitting in his garage since 1976! "He always had hoped to fix it up like he wanted. I told myself one day I would be the one to do it," said Cam. In September 2016, Cam set out to complete his mission. Cam had told his grandfather he just wanted to get the car running again. In between his jobs working as a landscaper and a restorer, Cam worked on the car four days a week. For copyright matters please contact us at: nollygrio@gmail.com ************************************************* EMAIL ► nollygrio@gmail.com FACEBOOK LIVE CHAT 24/7 ► https://www.facebook.com/nollygrionews Support Us ► https://www.patreon.com/nollygrio Our Social Media: Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/nollygrionews Donate ► https://www.patreon.com/nollygrio Twitter ► https://twitter.com/Nollygriomedia Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/nollygriomedia/ Website ► http://www.nollygrio.com/ Video Credits: -----Audio by Scott Leffler: scottleffler.com Video Edited By Praise ► https://www.facebook.com/praise.forku Background Music ► http://www.premiumbeat.com
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Text Comments (154)
Kevin Karbonik (19 days ago)
and Cam will have it a few years after Grandpa takes his final ride.
gaz 100 (1 month ago)
Well done . Must of made his birthday 1 of his best ever
Jimm Crowe (1 month ago)
I didnt even know a 4 door 57 could look nice. That is an awesome ride.
Albert Merritt (1 month ago)
Why would anyone dislike this video? A bunch of haters
TheBlondeViking (2 months ago)
This grandson is worth more than the car...and that's a lot.
Keith Lauder Jr (2 months ago)
Edwin Figueroa jr. (2 months ago)
That's was great I wish I could do this to my grand pop buy a and old Chevrolet for him but classic cars are very expensive and hard to come across at right moment and price
Me Too (2 months ago)
Narrators voice is pure cringe Car is pure joy, it's beautiful
Danny Woodbury (3 months ago)
Wow you are the best
Mr coz (3 months ago)
The 57`s are the most sought after cars,,, BUT they are also the most expensive to rebuild I have a 56 ,4 dr wagon and compared to the 55,and 6 replacement parts are cheaper then the 57 the chrome for the 56 is almost the same as the 57 but about $100.00 more
Keith Purdue (3 months ago)
This young squire is a hero!!
Pablo Moreno (3 months ago)
Nice good bless him
There Were No Gas Chambers (3 months ago)
He kind of made it a little too ghetto though.
There Were No Gas Chambers (1 month ago)
+Code Name Those wheels and slammed, DUH! What are you, a Wigger?
Code Name (1 month ago)
There Were No Gas Chambers How is it ghetto?
Hasif Ali (3 months ago)
God bless u brother..
Random Guy (3 months ago)
That was just sweet...
pradi 007 (3 months ago)
God bless u dear 💐
Smug Smugly (4 months ago)
The grandson is a dope
danny mitchell (4 months ago)
first 4-door hardtop i've ever seen,beautiful
Running Grass (5 months ago)
This is one time I rather see original video
tiredlawdog (5 months ago)
What a fantastic young man.
wurly164 (5 months ago)
How can anyone give this a thumbs down?
Ken Chilton (5 months ago)
Did a very nice job on the car but the rim's don't get the thumbs up.
Sher Grissom (5 months ago)
Mike Meehan (5 months ago)
83 thumbs down christ there are miserable gits out there this kid is a legend well done fella 👍👍👍
Dave (5 months ago)
love that gear shift
Janette Byers (5 months ago)
Cristian Villarruel (6 months ago)
Peep that c10crew tshirt
Garrett Smith (6 months ago)
Is it a manual or auto? It has a gear shift but I don't see a clutch pedal. Anyways really cool car.
kenny cobb (6 months ago)
I have found in life there is no greater love than that shared between a Grandfather and his Grandson.
lachazaroony (6 months ago)
Nice car! Not big on those rims though. Hes your grampa not a 22 year old hood rat. But whatever.
ejm727 (6 months ago)
danbeau (6 months ago)
My very first car was a fire engine red 57 Bel Air convertible. Stolen in 1961 before I bought it in 63, it had everything new, engine, trans, buckets. I payed 600 dollars for that car and sold it for 300 in 67. My car ownership went downhill after that.
Richard's World Traveler (6 months ago)
And sometime later, the grandson didn't inherit the car 😕
jason leslie (6 months ago)
that's really cool thing to do
Donna McDonald (6 months ago)
That love.
Mondo Archuleta (6 months ago)
Wow. Tears watching this. That's a great love for his grandfather. Beautiful car.
Harry Gaul (7 months ago)
We had a 57 Chevy 4-Door when I was a young teenager; too bad a lady ran right into the side of the car and totalled it just after we had it only for a few months. Side note: I think most of these stories are made up and not real. There wouldn't have been a 4 speed with 4 door 57 Chevy as they show.
Garrett Smith (6 months ago)
There could be a 4 speed 4 door if they put it in aftermarket, but what is odd is I don't see a clutch pedal.
Tim Mitzlaff (7 months ago)
That’s the best looking 4 door 57 I’ve ever seen. Everything works together to look fantastic. What a nice family.
Aiden Mayberry (7 months ago)
wow thats mydream car too
stateniland (7 months ago)
wonderful! no better feeling than seeing a loved on smile at you.
Jim Wilson (7 months ago)
What A Great Thing He Did. He Did Iy With LOVE!!!
circlek (7 months ago)
Good job. What a beauty. Grandad has excellent taste.
Babylon falling (7 months ago)
I've got a 57' Bel Air ,2 door post that's been sitting in my yard for 20 years. My son's never call me so I'll never experience the joy this man has. I'll die single and alone.
Patricia Gates (3 months ago)
Fix the car yourself. Then take to car shows. If it turns out as nice as this one I guarantee you will make lots of friends and be single only if you choose to be.
Jimm Crowe (4 months ago)
Babylon falling Sell me the Chevy! You don't need it anyway and it would get driven daily.
Peter Smith (7 months ago)
Its nice to see a young person giving, and not taking...
SirWegro (7 months ago)
Truman Samerson (7 months ago)
Well Done
Cringe Nation (7 months ago)
64 dislikes??? Who could dislike that?
Joseph Rapoza (7 months ago)
Great kid,
Brad Thompson (7 months ago)
You could put this on a national tour of auto shows. Fans would line up to drool all over it. A great restoration of a classic. Want to solve the auto sales slump? Start manufacturing these again.
68camaro (7 months ago)
Love it best gift ever
Thondup Andrugtsang (8 months ago)
That is a stunning restoration.
Anthony Quinn (8 months ago)
So happy for him, kind of jealous too!
Jonathan Gee (8 months ago)
WOW!!!!!!!!! What a grandson. This brought a tear to my eye.
Gregg hatfield (8 months ago)
I have seen a lot of car surprises and this is my favorite,, best car finish and wonderful grandson 👏🏻👏🏻😎
Joe Schillinger (8 months ago)
The story is Just beautiful,, the finished car is the bonus
Tony Dixon (8 months ago)
Adam G. (8 months ago)
Badass for a 4 door
Steven Carter (5 months ago)
Tim Adams (9 months ago)
your momma (9 months ago)
Sweet 😢love PAPA 🙆👍 GREAT GRANDSON ❤
Richard Sutton (9 months ago)
The good stuff .
Ron Hart (9 months ago)
Your a very special grandson, Thank you for surprising your 81 year old grandfather!
K9 Pirates Lair (9 months ago)
Awesome work young man
Kenwyn Fresco (9 months ago)
This makes me cry.
brian hurring (9 months ago)
Well done ,nice to see some young people looking after there old folks
Todd Saeger (9 months ago)
Don't crush them. Restore them. What a uplifting story! Killer car.
Todd Saeger (9 months ago)
Don't crush them. Restore them. What a uplifting story! Killer car.
Voice of Reason #2. God Bless America (9 months ago)
God Bless them both!
Terry Smith (9 months ago)
That is flooring flat out amazing wish I could have done that for my dad but he passed to soon
Harry S. (9 months ago)
The bond of a close family......
Daxton Brown (9 months ago)
I'm working on a 57 Bel Air. A lot of work to get it that pretty.
Tom Beller (9 months ago)
Lazarus Solomon the clipeum (9 months ago)
Reminds me of my grandpa. Sadly he past away.
Kobkeaw Boyd (9 months ago)
Wow!!!! You really are the best grandson your grandpa so very happy !!!! That's fantastic guy!!!!
Mike Btrfld (9 months ago)
4 doors were totally uncool. Mom and dads car.
Timothy Durpos (9 months ago)
Your a awesome grandson
alexander cove (9 months ago)
you show love in action...thank you for such a loving story!
546 cowboy (9 months ago)
The first car I ever bought was a 1957 Belair two door hard top in 1967 from a buddy of mine when he got out of the Army and I was still in. The story could go on but the car ended when I hit a large oak tree after some serious drinking and it was sadly totaled. OK now my head is filled with remembering all that that car meant to me and a books worth of stories.
Stephen Carbone (9 months ago)
Great job!! God bless you & your Grandpa!!
violet2048 (9 months ago)
This brought tears to my eyes. You and your Grandpa have an amazing bond.
James Williams (9 months ago)
And that's the one thing that we lack today respect for elders and love for our elders and that's how our country was founded with respect for one another it's nice to see that it's still exist good job
Sharon Cothran (9 months ago)
great job!!!! I LOVE IT!!!
Clem Mahabir (9 months ago)
Great story for any car guy!! Wow on the build and a dream come true for both men.
Jimmy Smith (9 months ago)
That’s so AWESOME.....
No worries Mate (9 months ago)
Looks great. Happy b day gramps
Chado (9 months ago)
That's some nice paint. Now watch grandpa leave it to his sister.
Doran and Carolyn V (9 months ago)
TATTOO VAMPIRE1966 (9 months ago)
Grandpas "Will" gets changed!  Cams wins the game! Just kiddin. Cam did a Boss job on that Chevy! Probably made Gramps cry
Cracked Egg (9 months ago)
That c10 crew shirt is 👌
Jim Vakoc (9 months ago)
beautiful! the relationship is beautiful!
yankeeusa yankee (9 months ago)
Mitchell Biano (9 months ago)
Both my grand dad's died when I was a very small child. Would've been nice to have them around. Great story. I have 6 grandkids now, I love being in their lives.
Jen Horne (9 months ago)
OMG she's beautiful,never realized how sexy the 57 4 doors were,wow,she's just awesome!
Big Rhonda (9 months ago)
Cause he knows he's getting it when grandpa's time is up
strattuner (9 months ago)
as it should be,i've kept my dad's 1978 f150 LARIAT,ONE OF 951 CAME WITH CB in the dash,i keep it cause on hot days with the windows up and ac on I can smell him,some people are irreplaceable,granpa's are golden guys
MoogleMy (9 months ago)
A great YouTube posting. It's positive and pure joy. Thanks for the smiles grandson/grandpa.
g butera (9 months ago)
Waste of money putting in that 4 door
wilkesjournal (8 months ago)
g butera. That's wrong. Outdated 1980s thinking. Way more four doors were sold originally, for one good reason-that's what people used and wanted. Cruising with friends or family, no one has to climb around the seat and squeeze through the narrow opening to get in the back. Four doors are more fun. If the return on your financial investment in it is the most important thing, then you're not really a car guy.
Carl Helmick (9 months ago)
Now that is so cool Great grandson he loves his poppa
Catherine Whiffen (9 months ago)
Gorgeous car and gorgeous heart that boy has xx
Good human be happy (9 months ago)
Ron Lee (9 months ago)
57chevy hard top wow beautiful cars
Jimmy Grant (9 months ago)
Ron Lee well yeah it’d be a hardtop it’s a 4 door…
BillnWa (9 months ago)
Good story, thanks for sharing.