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NYC Courier Delivery for Caviar

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A quick example of a delivery done for Caviar as a NYC Bike Courier. Wearing my PivotHead Glasses My First Video ever editing and postng.... Instagram: @your15secs email: itisemailme@gmail.com
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Haz Más (1 year ago)
Hi. When you singed up for caviar, did they ask for your social security number?. Can you join caviar as an individual or business?. Basically what do they need from us to join caviar? Thanks for your time.
your15secs (1 year ago)
Haz Más I forgot. I think it was my id/driver license. Social for a background check . Dats it.
Helix (1 year ago)
Hey, I don't know if you're still doing this but good vid. Quick question do you have to place the order that you get on the app, and if you do why don't you call ahead to minimize wait time?
your15secs (1 year ago)
Helix Lamont I don't do it to much anymore. The money not the same. (Yes it got worst). However... calling the restaurant often is a hassle , plus they place the order for u already. You just go pick up. If you have to order or do a task for a customer then yeah, it's better to call while u on the way
(1 year ago)
You should make video, Its entertaining of your editing and background music. Thanks
joelyboyblue (2 years ago)
Hit the "on the way" button after you drop it off?? Thought that was for when you leave the restaurant
MTF StauKar (2 years ago)
i like your glasses quality, which type of pivot head glasses you have?
big cee (2 years ago)
if you drive a car for them in nyc it must suck cause you gotta find parking not worth it
your15secs (1 year ago)
Parking do suck... they pay for ur tickets but it's fine print to that. They pay 1 for every few months or sometimes half... it depends. Either way it don't add up in the long run.
GUCCI_SUSHI (1 year ago)
dude youre retarded youre not finding parking like that, you clearly haven't been here lol u double park man. parking smh lol and caviar has a ticket compensation guarantee in the rare case that would happen
kclark3858 (2 years ago)
No tip?
your15secs (2 years ago)
I don't remember... Either way u get so used to no tips that I don't really think bout it anymore. Sometimes u get a good tip sometimes u don't... I think they can tip on the app.... But cash is always da best 😀👍🏾
Nadia Music (2 years ago)
I drive for pm and I'm just curious about this service. How much did you make on this one including tip? How long did it take you? Thanks!
your15secs (2 years ago)
+RIIcHDaBOSS95 takes a few days... Background check .... After that you start once they activate ur account.
RIIcHDaBOSS95 (2 years ago)
+your15secs when you sign up do you get hired right away ?
your15secs (2 years ago)
Screen is different now. It's an updated app.
Desiree Diliberti (2 years ago)
Thank you so much for the video! This is the only video I could find that let us actually see the screen. This was super helpful!
Bass (2 years ago)
HAHAHAHA nice video man. thank you. i actually just signed up and i hope i get a call back
lolblehXD (2 years ago)
Do they give you a company phone for the job or do you use your own? Also dont they give you a hot/cold bag? I would think so because of the video on their site
your15secs (2 years ago)
Nope. No lender phone. Need your own. Postmates used to give one. Not anymore.
MrSam22630 (2 years ago)
Are you still doing caviar in the city?how is it
your15secs (2 years ago)
I still do deliveries sometimes... Not as much as before though. And caviar right now has a better system than postmates. So haven't done postmates much at all. Good thing bout the jobs are u make sure schedules.... So.... You can come and go as u please
eren yeager (2 years ago)
caviar through biking is not sustainable. I've tried biking during the summer and it's just way too exhausting. You can make more money with a car, go all day (10-11 hours)
Angel (1 year ago)
You just have to know how to fuel your body. If you’re getting exhausted then you aren’t providing enough nutrients for your body.
eren yeager (2 years ago)
biking is great for those rush hour times when traffic doesn't move.
kenz200g (2 years ago)
+your15secs yea personally I just get exhausted after an hour much rather use car but I do see your point parking can be a bitch
your15secs (2 years ago)
I drive sometimes.... Bad weather... But biking I get to avoid traffic and do more jobs. I'm fast on a bike so I guess it depends on the person to choose which is better.
anthony hom (2 years ago)
Hi are there better than postmates? Do they give tips?
jackwgn (2 years ago)
+your15secs Is grub hub delivery similar because I can't find videos on it
your15secs (2 years ago)
People ask that all the time .... You can't compare it... Caviar just do food and postmates do everything. Both have ups and down...
AngelSage731 (3 years ago)
how long did this particular job take you? thanks for this video, it's awesome.
your15secs (3 years ago)
I am not sure how long it took for this one... On avg it take 20-25 mins. Sometimes it takes the whole hr.
True Saiyan (3 years ago)
How are you? After you make a delivery does the money go directly into your bank account or do you get paid weekly or bi-weekly?
your15secs (3 years ago)
Once a week. Soon as the delivery done its added to your weekly payout. Weekly payout sent The same day every week.
spacep0d (3 years ago)
Waddya do when your phone dies? No tip? Damn. Lot of work for under $8.
your15secs (3 years ago)
Keep a portable charger on me. When that dis I just log off. And yeah sometimes the pay is shitty. You gotta know how to manage in order to cash in wit the courier stuff
Ned Ryerson (3 years ago)
yeah, how much do you make and also, where did you get that hot/cold bag and how much was it?
your15secs (3 years ago)
How much I make? Depends on the day. Everyone different . It depends on how u manage your self . Hot cold bag I found at some super market in the city. Fairway or something. Was like 4-5 dollars. I use a different one now though. But that plastic one is easy to carry around
William Conrad (3 years ago)
how much do you make per hour on average delivering for caviar on a bike?
your15secs (3 years ago)
On avg... Depend on the day but I say 12-20 an hr...