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UPS 1354 Crash Audio

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Story - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UPS_Airlines_Flight_1354 UPS Airlines Flight 1354 was a scheduled cargo flight from Louisville International Airport to Birmingham--Shuttlesworth International Airport. On August 14, 2013, the aircraft flying this route, a UPS Airlines Airbus A300-600F, crashed and burst into flames short of the runway on approach to Birmingham--Shuttlesworth International Airport in the US state of Alabama. Both pilots were pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. They were the only people aboard the aircraft.
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ohabanero (24 days ago)
Its a damn shame. If you read the wiki link in the video the pilots association tried suing the FAA because of a cargo crew rest requirement exemption. They lost in federal court due to cost and benefit analysis. Basically the pilots lives on a cargo ship are not enough people to care about. Damn shame. The pilots may well have been responsible for their own lack of rest but the law should cover all commercial flight crew. Not just passenger jets!
MHG USA (24 days ago)
Red bird sounded like an fucking idiot
TheBeingReal (1 month ago)
Lots of packages lost too.
Tom Jones (1 month ago)
As a pilot , I understand the industry push for "gender diversity" this creates a form of affirmative action that places under qualified personnel in to the cockpit for the sake of social engineering. A similar experience occured to F14 pilot call sign "revlon" Lt. Kara Spears Hultgreen who died crashing her F14 in a pure pilot error move attempting to land on USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72). She had blown her approach and performed maneuvers in the go around specifically cautioned against in training and manuals. This resulted in the death of an otherwise talented individual who was underqualified. CDR Tom Sobiek, commanding officer of Fighter Squadron VF-124, stated "the women are going to graduate regardless of how they performed" and that "the Navy was in a race with the Air Force to get the first female fighter pilot". ANYTIME you have affirmative action you extract meritocracy from the equation...and people die. When I used to fly in Africa, I was shocked to see that some passengers would NOT fly with a black pilot. While ridiculous at first consideration; I realize that there position was based on the desire for the airlines to promote black pilots often at the risk of proper qualifications. I have flown with many women, black and asian pilots. I find all equally capable if they exit a training system that is unbiased and based on true merit and performance. Affirmative action only promotes the logically derived concept of human inferiority based or race or gender and should be dismantled.
bassbone52 (1 month ago)
Glad my shit wasn’t on that plane
Hazafan88 (2 months ago)
So what do you clowns have to say about the crashes involving men? Like Western Airlines 2605?? I'll wait...
grooveclubhouse (20 days ago)
You are correct sir. I have amended my prior comment.
Hazafan88 (24 days ago)
grooveclubhouse that still doesn't explain anything. And I need numbers from you, if you will.
grooveclubhouse (20 days ago)
Mechanical or weather related usually. <---Edit: (Disclaimer: grooveclubhouse is an unpaid actor and not a professional pilot nor does he have any background, training, or qualifications in aviation. However he did fly a kite once in a strong wind. Statements made by him are not the opinion of this channel or it's affiliates and is intended as a form of satire. Please consult your professional aviation expert before taking any action. If your erection last longer than 4 hours please seek medical attention. Product is flammable and is known by the state of California to cause cancer, lymphoma, and drowsiness. Do not read comments while driving or operating heavy machinery. Keep away from children and small pets.)
triplanelover (2 months ago)
duh...........who was the female on the redbird?   duh,  which way did he go George, which way?
Chris Johnson (3 months ago)
I hope Redbird got fired for being such am idiot!
Frank Lyons (4 months ago)
another stupid cunt killing people.
Seth Bergile (4 months ago)
What a shit show!!!
CNT (7 months ago)
- The aircraft is not coming to the airport. - So it's already crashed? - Affirmative Could have being worse for 4:40 am
Shamayah David (7 months ago)
Chinese fire drill at best!
Edfromchowderheads (9 months ago)
You can almost hear him stuttering and breaking down a bit in his voice, very upsetting...
James Murphy (9 months ago)
For everyone bashing them for being females just an FYI, 100% of UPS pilots have bachelors degrees and 30% of them have masters degrees and 100% of them have more brain cells than the morons commenting on this video. All the pilots are very capable.
burt (19 days ago)
ntcrawford722 uh retard? No one mentioned that a pilot had to have a degree. Now go put your head back up your Obama.
ntcrawford722 (1 month ago)
You don't need a degree to be a pilot you sound like Donald Trump he had no political experience but yet but yet you idiot Trump supporters voted for him so don't talk about degrees
Mark Steffen (1 month ago)
Also, there was one male and one female pilot. Captain and FO respectfully.
Tom Jones (1 month ago)
Sorry, I learned in school that statistics mean something....
no one (10 months ago)
I worked this crash
0prahTV (11 months ago)
My new pocket pussy was on that plane, being shipped from Amazon. It never arrived, and I didn't get a refund either. Weak!
Dennis Mayfield (4 months ago)
Two people died. Not funny. But one day you will mature, everyone does.
Mott Hoople (6 months ago)
I work for that company and knew the crew may you burn at some point in your life or in death in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dexmond817 (8 months ago)
0prahTV wtfffff
rectaltemp (11 months ago)
One thing for sure, while everybody else was trying to figure out what day it was, that controller kept his act together and did a great job of orchestrating the best that he could.
Dean Fuller (1 year ago)
Is he the only man who works at that airport?
aloha from kenya (2 months ago)
Dean Fuller yes when hes off the airport closes
Tom A (1 year ago)
Tragic accident and I feel sad for the crew.  I  feel like "Alice in wonderland"  when I read some of the comments that people have posted about a FEMALE pilot being involved.  This crew made mistakes that I have seen before in my experience that did not result in a fatality and automation is a big part of how the airplane is flown in today's environment.  There are beneficial things to be derived from this accident and I am hopeful that the NTSB [ safety Board ] explanation should be the focus of the presentation.
Tom A (11 months ago)
There are few Females in airline cockpits and I am sure each one can tell quite a story about what they went through to get to that point.
HiddenWindshield (11 months ago)
Bah, they (well, most of them) are just trolls who know that blatant sexism is an easy way to get attention.
Tom A (1 year ago)
I will Defend to the END the Female first officer aboard the aircraft. Her loss was tragic and she presented a professional image of herself in her communications to air traffic control.  Although I am reluctant to separate the work on the flight deck as being anything else but a crew product;  the Female first officer was not at the controls and had to complete the checklists and radio communications simultaneously. She was possibly not fully aware of the errors in the Flight Management Computer and to a lesser extent was operating with a more seasoned Captain at the controls.
James Anthony (1 year ago)
Ops certainly wasn't in a hurry were they? I never heard of the airport staying open during an active crash. And the dope in OPS 27 is an IDIOT
George Soros (7 months ago)
Crash wasn't on the airport
Allec Joshua Ibay (1 year ago)
The crash occurred about a mile from the airport. No need to close the airport.
elireloaded (1 year ago)
Female pilots eh?
dks13827 (25 days ago)
The standards for non white males is lowered. Very dangerous.
Loki Is A Lemon (7 months ago)
NorthEast, he did.
CNT (7 months ago)
Allec, please made a video of it, love your videos. Thank you!
Loki Is A Lemon (8 months ago)
Allec Joshua Ibay, Oh, Hi! I'm a big fan of your videos!
Allec Joshua Ibay (1 year ago)
What's wrong with females?
Bobby Paluga (1 year ago)
The coordination is pitiful, a specific alarm is normally initiated the fire brigade is out of their hanger and moving to a coordinate on a chart. This is a joke. The go time is supposed to be out of the fire station within 30 seconds. At PNX, DEN, LAS, SLC that I have toured. It's a UPS, but there could be 6-8 personal onboard, in addition to valuable cargo and some cargo that in a fire could release dangerous fumes, explosives lithium batteries. TV news copters likely got to the scene first while these crazy of bastards were twiddling their thumbs.
Hugo S (1 year ago)
FedEx had a crash also with a female pilot. Same with Colgan 3407. When you consider how few female pilots there are, they seem to show up a lot in air disasters at a far greater rate than their participation rate in the industry. The reality is the standards for women are quietly lowered in order to appease the SJW movement. And try firing one. Well, they did fire one. The female pilot that landed her Southwest 737 on the nose wheel first.
Solomon Pilot (12 days ago)
N Lee (2 months ago)
I’ll tell you what makes the difference - it’s the type of plane not the gender of the pilots. It’s another Airbus accident. I refuse to fly Airbus if I can. Boeing all the way for me.
shalic graw (4 months ago)
Earl Young (5 months ago)
Hugo S shut the fuck up! You asshole! Like guys haven’t been crashing planes since the beginning of aviation. You are a cunt!
Ninedaysjane (6 months ago)
Statistically, this is bullshit. Look at the 100 deadliest crashes. Not a woman to be found. I fucking how misogynist pieces of shit show up on EVERY FUCKING AVIATION VIDEO!
markatl84 (1 year ago)
Redbird checking in here. Did someone say there was an accident? Hello?
GOOD27177 (3 months ago)
Aw shut up. Of course he said that! (I can take back what I said)
Birmingham-Rail Productions. (1 year ago)
still curious why did they land on that short runway over the hill when they always take te long run way running east to west. they fly over my house every morning coming from the east landing around 430-5am. sucks
Birmingham-Rail Productions. (1 year ago)
Paul Jenkins i heard, sucks
Paul Jenkins (1 year ago)
runway was closed at the time.
Birmingham-Rail Productions. (1 year ago)
+tom Dilbert true I heard and found it it was closed and opened after the crash sadly. wish they waited or something
Laverne Johnson (1 year ago)
As you can hear that the runway 6/24 was closed. But only for another 15 minutes. The FedEx jet waited for the runway to open. UPS accepted the the approach to runway 18. Just s localizer , bad decision
OneBlooEye (2 years ago)
Good LORD Redbird! Put that Natty Ice down & listen!
Master AKC (1 day ago)
The aircraft is not coming to the airport....
JetMechMA (2 years ago)
GEEEZ, that one emergency responder was really slow on the uptake. Even maintenance troops listen on frequency and know what's going on. Don't those guys have their ears on?.... for crying out loud.
George Soros (7 months ago)
It was 4:40 in the morning. It's completely easy to mentally checkout on the graveyard shift when you expect nothing to happen, not a good mentality to have as an emergency responder though.
Carla Gonçalves (3 years ago)
It must be a shock when you work at a Control Tower and see a crash.... the man really sounds nervous... 
vonmazur1 (3 years ago)
"Just head up to Tarrant Huffman Road, you can't miss the fire..."  I love the FD asking if it crashed...
Rodney Hayes (3 years ago)
As a former Radio operator with numerous law enforcement agencies, I can tell you that it can get very busy in a nanosecond when disaster happens.  It is imperative that you somehow keep the "big picture" in your head at al times.  The ATC was initially caught off guard but made the switch to emergency mode very smoothly.  Kudoos.
Bruce Ginkel (4 years ago)
Gotta be tough to see that happen.  Props to tower though, kept the shop running through it all.
codzomz (2 years ago)
+thefactorypilot145 it seems terrible and very cold to say something like that, but fuck it couldn't be more true... It's hard to look at a dot on the radar as human lives, and sometimes, for sake of everyone else, it's better you don't...
thefactorypilot145 (2 years ago)
+Bruce Ginkel I just finished a book by an ATC retired controller. When he saw his first crash he stopped, and his training controller said "Fuck Him he's out of the game, you have living people in other planes that need vectoring."