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Marc Benioff on privacy, regulation, and tech's ethical dilemma

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Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff says we must fundamentally change how we view privacy, and fight to protect it in an increasingly complicated digital era.
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Text Comments (11)
DNAFarmboy (8 months ago)
Benioff anti zuckerberg, anti youth, pro regulation of what industries? regulate internet, regulate moderate infiltrate, defecate. I'll take ol Musk anydamn day of the week
DNAFarmboy (8 months ago)
eroding privacy is progress. Moer info robs vbucz
Rodney Williams (8 months ago)
So this guy and House Democrats want Trump and the GOP to fast track 600,000 Visas to foreign cheap laborers from India and China plus their families to fill tech jobs, yet American millennials who have their degrees in tech or are tech savvy, are complaining because there are no employment opportunities for them. This is a Bill that is tucked away in a Homeland Security funding package, that includes building the wall. Hey American millenials, Democrats are not working for you. They only want cheap foreign labor for themselves. Pay attention to what's going on France.
Серж Шуляченко (8 months ago)
Statistics show that President Trump gave the Americans a job. The Ministry of Labor says that over the past 3 months, growth employment has averaged 170,000 per month. The unemployment rate among blacks at 5.9 percent corresponds to a record low set in May. The unemployment rate among Latin Americans in November is only one tenth of a point higher than the record low of 4.4 percent. http://rusjev.net/2018/12/08/pri-trampe-novyiy-rekord-ekonomiki-ssha/ Trump pretend to the title of the best president in US history !!!
Bonde Barca (8 months ago)
I don't like these tech interviews because all they talk about is privacy and ethics .....this is supposed to be CNN BUSINESS! Please talk about the industry the trends the competitive environment the figures No one cares about privacy or ethics if you don't want tech companies to misuse your private data then stop posting dic pics on Instagram
Contact your Congressmen (8 months ago)
Everyone talks about privacy. He sounds like he's saying "me too".
Roy Eastham (8 months ago)
I keep my camera, microphone, and phone on 24/7...like it or lump it, liberal idiots! By the way you are Socialist..,.liberal means OPEN MINDED!
Roy Eastham (8 months ago)
Turn off your camera and microphone and shut the hell up about privacy!
Roy Eastham (8 months ago)
myhappysparklyrainbowunicornbuttname Physical block on the Lenovo Smart Display, wiseass...how do you move it when not touching the camera switch? 🤔 hmm?!
myhappysparklyrainbowunicornbuttname (8 months ago)
they can still be accessed when theyre "off"
Neojhun (8 months ago)
Wow you are naive. Lookup how CCTV & Digital Beacons are used in Public spaces. Good luck switching those off. You can but you might be arrested for vandalism. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bXJ_obaiYQ - This almost exist.