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See What Happens When A Plane Violates Presidential Airspace | TODAY

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Each time President Trump spends a weekend away from the White House, there’s a massive military effort to protect him from threats… including from above. TODAY national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen was given rare access to present a dramatic demonstration of how the Air National Guard keeps presidential airspace safe. » Subscribe to TODAY: http://on.today.com/SubscribeToTODAY » Watch the latest from TODAY: http://bit.ly/LatestTODAY About: TODAY brings you the latest headlines and expert tips on money, health and parenting. We wake up every morning to give you and your family all you need to start your day. If it matters to you, it matters to us. We are in the people business. Subscribe to our channel for exclusive TODAY archival footage & our original web series. Connect with TODAY Online! Visit TODAY's Website: http://on.today.com/ReadTODAY Find TODAY on Facebook: http://on.today.com/LikeTODAY Follow TODAY on Twitter: http://on.today.com/FollowTODAY Follow TODAY on Google+: http://on.today.com/PlusTODAY Follow TODAY on Instagram: http://on.today.com/InstaTODAY Follow TODAY on Pinterest: http://on.today.com/PinTODAY See What Happens When A Plane Violates Presidential Airspace | TODAY
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Text Comments (15670)
Jorge Moran (7 hours ago)
keep in mind, this is a liberal news telling terrorist how to do the job!
gerald agullo (8 hours ago)
what if that plane is un manned full of tnt and crush it onto trumsp head
whyey (11 hours ago)
Wish they would have shot you down!
Josh Mccarty (15 hours ago)
he passed literally feet in front of us... yeah like 300 ft ahead of it
Karen H (15 hours ago)
Thats a great story...till you get shot down
John clark (17 hours ago)
Trump 2020!
FullOilBarrel (19 hours ago)
3:26 just feet in front
Pinnacle Level Design LDC UK (19 hours ago)
Still using F-16's eh.
hunter jensen (20 hours ago)
wow that would be awesome to fly the F16 sad there getting rid of it
Cordy Cole (20 hours ago)
So he's not at work, why do we have him as president. His presidency makes me commit suicide
paul w (1 day ago)
9/11 anyone?....
Goblin (1 day ago)
California Ghost-Hunters (1 day ago)
why weren't they this vigilant on 9/11
David David (1 day ago)
The way they spend tax money is unpatriotic people should stop paying for taxes
Amy v (1 day ago)
Lol wonder how much that just cost lol I hope the network covered that cost ..if not u might have lol kinda cool to see though :)
pcolageorge (1 day ago)
What a bunch of over-dramatic toolbars.... Looking at you, today.
toOnybrain (1 day ago)
The incursions are not always malevolent. Oftimes they’re pilots who are unaware of the TFR (inadequate flight planning) and meander into the restricted airspace on their way to get their “$100 hamburger” or to fly to their destinations. The media can only get viewers when they inflate the facts.
Jaylegger 1 (1 day ago)
Those two Cessna pilots should have there licenses revoked.
Village TV (1 day ago)
guesswho kk (1 day ago)
All that just to protect a guy who frequently spent (155 times) going to the golf course since he took office. Money well spent... (Sarcasm)
Tom Loftus (1 day ago)
How much did this unnecessary stunt cost?
Brokenhill (1 day ago)
Right? How much taxpayer dollars went into this...and all just to waste our time and generate more income for the media! Sweet!
flaincz (1 day ago)
Please see if you can setup a demo with Pelosi. Schumer, et al entering restricted airspace. I’ll contribute for gas.
JC #1 (1 day ago)
Took too long to suite up . Fail ... Please Protect our president , he's the best we have had since Reagan . Trump 2020 maga 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Alex V (1 day ago)
You would think fighter pilots like these would have been available to intercept those airliners on 9/11. Everyone knew about the first hijacking for hours before running into the towers. Why didn’t they scramble seeing as there are always planes available for these exact situations at all times. Why?
Clinton Jones (1 day ago)
In the time it took to get ready, an attack could easily have happened. Spitfire pilots in WW2 could scramble amd be airborne in less than 90s seconds.
bobcharlotte (2 days ago)
Wow, when a stand down order isn't given they do their job so quickly.
Itz ChaosGaming 520 (2 days ago)
Now this is how you die
Deandre 3 (2 days ago)
Just let the enemy know how we work very smart
Theawesom player13 (2 days ago)
If that happened to me I would be scared!
wildallseasonlong (2 days ago)
I want to know what a "Zessnas" is???
DJ Mikey Mike Aka Mr. Freestyle (2 days ago)
If you hit the brakes, he’ll fly right by
foggymedia (2 days ago)
flew just a few feet in front of you? 1500 feet is not a few feet. Sensationalized just a tad
Ryan Moser (2 days ago)
ShakerHP (2 days ago)
Nice way to waist tax payers money doing a fake run....
Adam Bolin (2 days ago)
What a waste of money all around
cattleNhay (2 days ago)
It's funny how stupid Americans are: their evil government has been lying and deceiving them since decades, their media television PROGRAMMING brainwashing them while the evil U.S gov murders millions around the world.. And still they support the troops, pay taxes and salute their terrorists flag. God bless our wars for profit.. And God bless our lies and deception.. And God bless our screwing the people out of rights and freedom. And God bless our poison in everything the sheeple consume.. And God bless us when we take your property.. And God bless our worlds largest prison population.. Basically, God bless our Satan nation!
ytubepuppy (2 days ago)
Wow, just look at you, pretending to have a functioning brain with more than two firing synapses.
BIO GAMING (2 days ago)
How was that close
Turlough o'Murchoe (2 days ago)
Why wast public money on this sort of thing ??
Mevine Ven (2 days ago)
Fir that puppet fighters jet are intercept in.a matter of minites butnfor world trade center even after knowing american is under attack not a single moskito intercept shame shqme and i got to sew an.conspiracy answer in this video am an mauritian.guys our island is an small dote like this (.) In the the world map and you know ive get to understand from that far its an.conspiracies but how do some US peoples dont get that tills now weired IS guys hahaha and sorry if my texto.and writing may be poor in grammers but we speak and writing fren in our country but i can try a bit english..not that bqd
James Ross (3 days ago)
Yeaaa haaaaaaa Jesters dead
Justin haley (3 days ago)
Wait. But wouldn’t it be a better idea to let trump get shot down? Or maybe have the USAF do it secretly in international airspace over the Atlantic.
fazil zaidi (3 days ago)
If that was real after such ignorance that aircraft would have blown into bits
Andrew Cash (3 days ago)
John Heitz (3 days ago)
This cost the tax payers how much for this experiment?
BikeRace Yoickson (3 days ago)
*”Just feet from us”*
Vern Meyer (3 days ago)
Why waste the money on trump????a.
Hayward Life (3 days ago)
who paid for this ?
Jane Doe (3 days ago)
The government owns the air now too? Ridiculous.
Christopher Goeddey (3 days ago)
That CAP Cessna
Joseph Bokenko (3 days ago)
Nice way to add your crappy anti Trump garbage.
John W (3 days ago)
This guy abuses his office but it's better he's on the golf course that way he can't f*** things up any more than he already does.
markheartland2 (3 days ago)
Where were these guys on 911?
Jack Harrison (3 days ago)
I would just like to say thank you to our Men and women of The American Air Force🛩 always being ready to protect the American people at the drop of a hat and most of all to protect The most important man in the world our president mr. Donald Trump of the United States of America unite behind this man and you are uniting behind America🇺🇸 God bless our president and God bless his family for the sacrifices that they have to make to share him with us the American people who Love and respect our president🇺🇸
Tom Gore (3 days ago)
Pathetic how NBC and Today will spin ANY story to denigrate Trump! Pathetic how they preclude the story by talking about him going to "his properties" and how expensive it is...Where were they when Obama took his family ALL OVER THE WORLD? Just pathetic!
Lorenzo Catalano (3 days ago)
Lakshminarayana Erode Venkatraman (4 days ago)
See what happens when anyone violates my aerospace. Thank you. Lots of Love.
Gavin Singh (4 days ago)
Pluto is 69 feet away from Earth
cameron shaw (4 days ago)
What if the pilots speak Spanish yeet
Eduardo Pacheco (4 days ago)
Boiii, that pilot the reporter was talking to kept referring to the rules of engagement, you know that's what he was told to refer to for any questioned asked about fighting lol
Miroslav Mitrovic (4 days ago)
I wish F16 shoot you down for good to set example. You have no job interfering with the President. You have no job discussing how much he is spending because he is spending his money and doing job for all Americans including you morons. Did you ever try to do that when Hussain was in White House? Did you ever wonder about money this traitor spent?
SuperNova016 (4 days ago)
I wonder what the procedure would be if a passenger plane went rogue in this way? I doubt that would meet the rules of engagement so you couldn't really shoot it down.
Edward Hughes (4 days ago)
AT FACE VALUE ;], ultimately ironic that the highly illiberal today show wouldn't tempt that kind of delusional entrapment style fate during obomina's resident accident occupation. ;] B]
Nikolas Cruz (4 days ago)
Our tax dollars on a demonstration
Mouser64 (4 days ago)
2:47 FOX 1, FOX 1.
clarence spencer (4 days ago)
I hope the arrested and imprisoned these crazy NBC so-called reporters. they are menace and should be put away
Brandon Bartlett (4 days ago)
This is the first Rossen Report I actually liked!
G2H3LL (4 days ago)
1:58 Me when I scramble my eggs
Beverly Brewer (4 days ago)
Shoot them down. Always been that way
Raymond Lau (4 days ago)
This is for news, scripted.
Tomek_PL (4 days ago)
Its working until 2 planes head some towers.
A 1 (4 days ago)
Funny how no jets were authorised to take to the sky during 9/11??? Or should I say authorised to intercept the so called hijacked planes
GOLOCO FAN! (4 days ago)
Who just paid for this?
John Carter (4 days ago)
But 4 some reason on 9/11 they was not able to stop nothing. #Fakenews
johnlee8266 (4 days ago)
should have sent a bullet into the guts of their cessna,,wankers
True Gunner (4 days ago)
Totally fake news!!! After your forced landing you will not be released for a veeery long time. Causing a scramble at the military airport is not something you can get away with. Btw why they bother protecting Donald Duck so vigorously?
Tweekend27 (5 days ago)
You can fly anywhere, uncontested, as long as there’s a US false flag operation in progress.
Politis99 (5 days ago)
3:47 that is not a warning to follow him, turning away. It is a presentation of​ their weapons in an act for a response .
john kelso (5 days ago)
Obama cost a fortune for security he didn't just go to Fla. he went to Hawaii. talk about a waste of taxpayer money. and still all the jobs left the country under Obama's leadership. That man wasted more money playing like he was a real head of state. and BTW nobody wants to take out weak poor leaders like Obama. they only attack the righteous ones.
ARSHAD KHAN (5 days ago)
What id the jet pilot goes in toilet and alarm go on..... What should he do
Member 007 VriendenVanHofvijver (5 days ago)
I never stayed at my workplace on the weekends, do you mr. Rossen Reports man? Ha ha ha, you look stupid saying that in your opening statement.
friendofbolt 456 (5 days ago)
Radio Tower: send in fighter jets. Fighter jet pilot: uhhh i think i see a bird. Radio Tower: SHOOT IT! Fighter jet pilot: ITS JUST A BIRD!
TheDarkOne (5 days ago)
Minor Turbulance mission in GTA in a nutshell
Johnathan THE FAM (5 days ago)
I don't care how much it cost to protect Trump you give the best president as much protection as possible all times especially Trump because he is the best president ever
paulspydar (5 days ago)
good ole F-16 ,, dependable as ever,
Tristram Coffin (5 days ago)
Nothing the Today Show does is ever 'rogue'
Nes Cruz_pr (5 days ago)
Jajaja 5 stars for traspassing zancudo
ThoughtfulVideos Lee (5 days ago)
They should do this for all buildings
Samuy Wardell (5 days ago)
i still think the uk's fighters video is better than this one.
ebba kopy (5 days ago)
Morons, wasting tax money for stupid video
TheKMA (5 days ago)
Why do we treat the president like a king?
David (5 days ago)
Just a reminder--see what happens when a plane (or actually a missile painted to look like a plane )enters the most highly protected airspace in the world: it hits the Pentagon.
Mark Symbala (6 days ago)
Easy shoot down the fighters
Chris Blackmore (6 days ago)
I love the ironic comment at the end about the cost of the president's movements. This stunt would have cost heaps to set up: planning, permission, fuel, the carbon emissions etc
Adam (6 days ago)
Well that was boring AF.
twoweeled soto (6 days ago)
Would've been funny if these video ended with a big FLASH. LOL
James Darr (6 days ago)
Its not a problem....The job this President is doing,he can play golf EVERY weekend if he pleases.....MAGA 2020!!!!
SAVAGE HACKS (6 days ago)
Imagine all this went wrong
Bolax Balls (6 days ago)
Gus YAO (6 days ago)
Can be stupid, not that stupid, ignore more than 3x should have been shot down, no utube post, fake post it is.
dieselrotor (6 days ago)
Yea, the Prez only goes to His golf courses and His building (Nice try). And it's pronounced "Cessna" not "Cezzna" bone head. Barrel down the runway in a Cessna LOL. It's top speed is 120 with the wind !