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How Are You Not HUMILIATED | Hardly Working

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The survival rate for public humiliation has gotten way too high. Hardly Working: What really goes on in CollegeHumor offices may surprise you, unless you're already familiar with unprofessional, inappropriate slackoffs getting nothing done. FOLLOW THE CAST: ALLY: http://www.twitter.com/lilbeardsley GRANT: http://www.twitter.com/grantob KATIE: http://www.twitter.com/katiemarovitch TRAPP: http://www.twitter.com/mikewtrapp RAPH: http://www.twitter.com/chestangraphael REKHA: http://www.twitter.com/rekhalshankar BRENNAN: https://twitter.com/brennanlm SAM: http://www.twitter.com/samreich See more http://www.collegehumor.com LIKE us on: http://www.facebook.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.twitter.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.com SIGN UP for our emails: http://bit.ly/2E6svor CAST Katie Marovitch Ally Beardsley Raphael Chestang Rekha Shankar CREW Director - Michael Shaubach Writer - Katie Marovitch Producer - Francesca McLafferty Production Coordinator - Olivia Aguilar Editor - Nick Rood
Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (1664)
BFKC (3 days ago)
Work hard or hardly?
Maching Gun Chuy (3 days ago)
Katie's work never gets old
Nylon Fox (3 days ago)
Honestly no offense to College Humor but I strongly dislike katie
Dshim (3 days ago)
I'd love to see blooper of this; Katie's antics would have made everyone laugh so much
The Dank Lord Of The Sith (3 days ago)
Katie is my brain Reyna is Me Raph and Ally is the sensible part of my brain
Mer Williamson (5 days ago)
She wearing a second shirt under that first shirt !?
Z͟a͟r͟a͟ D͟a͟ F͟u͟r͟r͟y͟ (5 days ago)
M͟͟y͟͟ a͟͟n͟͟x͟͟i͟͟e͟͟t͟͟y͟͟ i͟͟n͟͟ a͟͟ n͟͟u͟͟t͟͟s͟͟h͟͟e͟͟l͟͟l͟͟.
Kyosuke Machii (5 days ago)
is this sketch about katie's personal experience? lol
firdaus gaara (6 days ago)
Katie and shitting pants nvr separate....NEVER!!!
Mollie Bourne (7 days ago)
Social anxiety in a nut shell
UndergroundZucchini (7 days ago)
Katie is my social anxiety
fatdudewh33lchair (7 days ago)
Raph saw her from the back like the whole time and didn’t notice she shit herself? But then all of a sudden he does when once she’s facing him? Wtf
fatdudewh33lchair (7 days ago)
Omg that face Katie does at 2:37 was such a change from her cringe-gasm
Lena Gallèt (8 days ago)
my brain
Lord_Carlenos (9 days ago)
Am I the only One that replays the video to listen to the intro music
Ethanmeister (10 days ago)
What was in Katie's cocaine this morning? Cereal?
# Izzytopia (12 days ago)
Katie is legitamately the best one in the group
Nomad Notepad (14 days ago)
I don't really appreciate the suicide jokes.
SJ Na (16 days ago)
I love Katie.
SJ Na (16 days ago)
Katie overacting is the best part of the sketch as per norm.
CoolKratos2 (16 days ago)
I wish Jake and Amir was still airing (or working at Collegehumor) cause I think it would be funny to see Katie and Amir wear shit covered pants in a skit
Monkeyman3000 (17 days ago)
the pants shitting trilogy is my new Star Wars
KISSARRAH (18 days ago)
4 of the funniest people I have ever seen. It's like a video of just College Humor's B team.
Paulina Bringas (20 days ago)
I always like these skits until the Katie shitting her pants thing I hate it it's so unfunny
chiabee14 (20 days ago)
I freaking love Katie
Adam Morgan (20 days ago)
Isaac Sp (21 days ago)
Katy goes from 0to11 in a matter of seconds.
InvisibleEmma (21 days ago)
I feel personally attacked
The Theorist (21 days ago)
Katie should stop smoking all that alcohol
Charnjeet Singh (22 days ago)
Katie the pooper😂😂
Jeff Lock (22 days ago)
*Slight* overacting
Emma (22 days ago)
Katie my *anxiety talking*
Ben Bradley-Croft (22 days ago)
what kind of drugs is katie on
Cami_Cosmos (23 days ago)
Katie honestly has the best personality in the skits. Her shitting herself and using drugs is fantastic.
Thomas Fowler (24 days ago)
Katie is super weird
AJ cook (26 days ago)
Katie is how I react when my niece tells me a lame middle school story. Lol 😂
pastel .disc27 (26 days ago)
Katie is me xD
Oscar Maldonado (26 days ago)
"I do this a lot and I bounce back" best line ever!
Erkhes Nyamsaikhan (26 days ago)
I do this a lot, and i bounce back XD
Ilana Leshy (26 days ago)
Is it just me or does Katie or Trapp always play the insane ones😂😂😂❤️
sour soil (27 days ago)
katie is such a good actor its insane
William T. Bagwell (27 days ago)
Someone's been taking more drugs than usual
dinasoursgoroar (28 days ago)
So glad she still freezes her poop pants
Metabeard (28 days ago)
I knew this one would end with Katie shitting herself
Alek (28 days ago)
that was a weird one (and im not even talking about the shitting your pants one)
scheddoc (28 days ago)
Rene Vazquez (28 days ago)
Is Katie the new Amir?
Oma Rumunna (28 days ago)
Katie is me. I must be so annoying.
Mr. Pmosh (28 days ago)
This is basically how social anxiety works
eljamo93 (28 days ago)
this was the most unfunnny CH skit
Claudia Spin (28 days ago)
I fell from a tapis roulant in a crowded gym. Lol.
JourneyTheStars (28 days ago)
Katie is the thoughts that run through my mind right as I'm laying down at night trying to fall asleep.
DAQUAN PEOPLES (28 days ago)
You guys have a poop fetish.
Móric Király (28 days ago)
But, did Katie once really shat her pants so that this became a running gag? :D
Bessie Cow (28 days ago)
So I have ADD and therefore RSD so Katie is very relatable in this.
Noor De Smet (29 days ago)
gather terrorist yourself love beauty consult russian round fifth damage reader for.
Gideon Apollo Bardelas (29 days ago)
Katie thinks that by doing poop videos, CollegeHumor fans will forget her cocaine addiction. Clever idea, but we are not that easy.
Geneva xo (29 days ago)
Katie is my anxiety talking to me
Colour Wheel (29 days ago)
Katie stop shitting your pants jfc
Per Christian Frankplads (30 days ago)
So this is the... second skit that ends with Katie shitting herself? But it still works. I bet they can get me a third time too!
Helena Rosno (30 days ago)
You’ll never get hired for anything ever again! Ah! Gah! 😂😂😂
Dante Banducci (30 days ago)
It’s not shit. It’s Pampers cocoa butter baby wipes!
Katie Andrea (30 days ago)
My anxiety to me after someone sees me do something dumb
PotatoHeArT (30 days ago)
Does that one black haired girl not work for them anymore the one who was on adam ruins everything
KISSARRAH (18 days ago)
Emily? No, I don't think so. Haven't seen her in forever.
Jeff Brailsford (30 days ago)
When this sketch started and Katie was so worried about Rekha’s embarrassing mishap, I was like “But what about when Katie shits her pants?”, and then it happened. Yeah... I watch waaaay too much CollegeHumor.
Geraldine :3 (29 days ago)
Best comment ever.
Guitars & Common Sense (30 days ago)
Twisted ending..nice
shrishti talib kureel (30 days ago)
Katie is my conscience
Martti Majuri (1 month ago)
Fkn Katy back at it again :D
KneeCola77 (1 month ago)
Social anxiety times 21...billion
Tiny Giraffe (1 month ago)
with katie i don't find the whole over reaction thing funny, I still like katie.
Glyssando (1 month ago)
Katie = Virgil Sanders confirmed
check bow (1 month ago)
Katie's skits constantly makes me self diagnose my social anxiety.
Taya Elb (1 month ago)
Am i the only one who always wants a skit for whatever nonsense every skit always begins with
ordinarylover (1 month ago)
This is why I never go out...ever never ever
stella (1 month ago)
Katie is me in my mind
Queen Creepy (1 month ago)
Katie is honestly me
Jayden (1 month ago)
My personalities arguing when I comeback from any social interaction ever.
Ryan Milligan (1 month ago)
Ugh this is lefty humor at its worst. Do something controversial
seasnailmakesvideos (1 month ago)
Katie is so funny!!!
KonomexPlays (1 month ago)
This joke just keeps giving. Beef gurewitch featuring Katie's pants?
Mattie Taylor (1 month ago)
I feel bad for New people watching because of the amount of inside jokes in the videos and comment section
Neyu (1 month ago)
Katie is probs just on drugs (multiple)
Isabelle Valot (1 month ago)
Katie is my the voice in my head.
Captain Obvious (1 month ago)
UGH, enough of the shit pants gag. Maybe just do away with Katie and bring back tide pods guy. At least he's funny!
Nate Irv. (1 month ago)
Sees 30seconds if the video... yeap this is a Katie sketch
I like sandwiches (1 month ago)
The expression on Katie's face at 2:36 is brilliant
Alli YAFF (1 month ago)
Katie, Zac and Keith are the best parts of collegehumor right now.
CrankThatYee (1 month ago)
This is a personal attack to me
Doinge (1 month ago)
I'm perfectly fine with Katie being the new Amir
mountain boy (1 month ago)
So is katie the new amir?
Kumbi (1 month ago)
Katie represents my internal monologue.
That boy Who draws (1 month ago)
Aboe Bobington (1 month ago)
Ermmm... I'm thinking, withdrawal symptoms, perhaps?
Tyler Perry (1 month ago)
katie is my literal brain whe I do something bad
Afif Zharfan (1 month ago)
I think 1:40 when Katie shat herself
Sumayya Haque (25 days ago)
Max Nyström (1 month ago)
How mush drug Did Katie take again
jayhitek (1 month ago)
Katie you're over acting! Now stop it. luv you. Dad. But Katie shitting her pants in skit does make me laugh out loud every time. It's the simple things.
The Tourist (1 month ago)
Yæy Just got the notification! Shit 1.5k comments already?!
How To Youtube (1 month ago)
Okay this punch line has run its course.
Steph (1 month ago)
Human representation of my anxiety