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UPS... Refused to hire me. I would not join the union.

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The UPS will not hire you unless you pay money to the union. The union is forcing people to pay or NO job. So much for protecting the workers. To be a member or not. The Union is forcing people to pay a fee to work. This is why many States are in-acting laws to combat this unfair practice. UPS isn't fighting this unfair practice.
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Camouflage Productions (3 months ago)
The union is find if it is voluntary. The abusiveness of management will cause union roles to move up even in a voluntary system. How do I know this? I was in a union which was voluntary. Good management less union members. Union are blood suckers just like some companies are blood suckers.
DonCheto323 (1 month ago)
Union dues are actually your pay rate x2 and a half . So if you make 12 , its 12x2 plus 6$ so 30$ a month . When I started my dues were 22$ and the initiation fee was 25$ out of every check.
Hammering Truth (1 month ago)
You are a true American hero.
The dark Web. (1 month ago)
THUMBS UP Kentucky needs to do the same. The State of California is getting ready to put a boot in the Union's ass. The Court is ruling on the RIGHT to WORK without paying for that right with fees. STOP THE UNIONS BULLSHIT. Thumbs up
Tom Dalton (1 month ago)
The case before the USSC only affect public sector unions
Ja on (2 months ago)
closed shop state
Benito Juarez (2 months ago)
Teamsters are thugs! Move to a right to work state! Join a union and, PRESTO! You suddenly have TWO bosses. The union and the real boss.
dave miller (2 months ago)
You were smart,I drove 20 years for ups only to have the teamsters cut our pensions 29%,fuck ups
Racer X (2 months ago)
Good for you
Sirphil 0267 (2 months ago)
I am thinking that the person/people conducting the interviews were not fully aware of UPS and Teamster Union policy. I have worked for UPS here in Texas for almost 20 yrs. At no time during the hiring process (one orientation, two interviews) did management tell me I had to join the union in order to be hired. I did join the union two years after my hire date. They can be a godsend when needed.
Nick T. (2 months ago)
Sirphil 0267 Texas is a right to work state. At my interview they recommended I join, which I did. I agree though, for seasonal help they shouldn't require it.
mike richards (4 months ago)
Nick T. (2 months ago)
Thom John agreed he's done good, but I also think he's been there too long. There should be limits, others can also do a good job leading the union.
Thom John (2 months ago)
He did well for the workers.
John Smith (4 months ago)
The warehouse conditions are brutal, 1 15 minute break, they force you to work overtime during the peak season (late November into January) supervisors are constantly screaming pick up the pace even when you're in pain from lifting 100+ boxes that weigh 50 pounds or more each for 2 hours straight it's only 10 dollars an hour before union dues, I honestly don't know why anyone would want to work there.
Bernie Bock Junior (2 months ago)
Ah lucky...we only get a 10 minute break! :(
Rocco (4 months ago)
Eileen I am happy for you. The Union is out of control and it is forcing people to pay money to work.
Eileen Fuentes (4 months ago)
John Smith husband went through all that and now that he's a driver I can tell you it's way worth it. Preloaders- the ones that stick around and can deal with and handle everything you mentioned above will eventually become a driver. My husband was the only one who stuck through it out of all the people he started with in the very beginning and after all his hard work we are able to live a nice life. It's not meant for everyone. I'm proud of him and it's tough work. Delivering 100lb packages to a 3rd floor apartment in 100 degree Texas summers sucks. I don't know how he does it but he does and still comes home to play with our toddler and baby.
Baby Bunch (4 months ago)
Not all ups hubs are mandatory to join union but it's damn good to have the union on your side because you have protection.
Rocco (4 months ago)
I do agree in part. I was a member of a Union but it was voluntary and 95% of our work force was Union. The big difference was we didn't have to pay or join if we did not want too and for no other reason. If Management was wronging members the Union roles will increase and they did. Since Management is getting better each year (not wronging or violating the contract) the member %  falls a few % points overall. The bottom line is that my old Union has a large numbers of Voluntary membership of over 90%. I was a Volunteer.
Tigris Mask (4 months ago)
You just saved me from being in the exact situation. That's ridiculous to be expected to pay these fees for this Driver Helpers position. Thanks from the Mount Washington area.
Starfish (4 months ago)
Good decision because the union doesn't do jack for you unless you're a driver they just want your money. They only care about the drivers.
Rocco (4 months ago)
Totally happy I saved you the trouble. No where in the interview process was paying a union fee even mentioned.