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Top 5 Failed Parachute Landings

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► Send us your video ideas! topfivescontact@gmail.com These parachuters all botched their landings! Here's our list of the top five failed parachute landings. Several segments are licensed under Creative Commons (CC) Filanowski Michaels (CC), brainstick (CC) The Top Fives channel brings you informational and entertaining top five videos from around the world. Join us and subscribe for more. Follow us on Facebook! https://facebook.com/topfivesyoutube Note: The videos featured on the Top Fives channel are for educational and informational purposes. If you have a good idea for a video, leave us a comment! We try to read each and every comment made.
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Text Comments (319)
Tom William (21 hours ago)
The other ones made the list they just happen to be at the end of it
Listen To Reason (5 days ago)
Clip #3 is really a land jellyfish..
Listen To Reason (5 days ago)
"He has a really bad back". Wtf is he doing this for.. ffs! He can't turn back. Hahhaha
Facina (5 days ago)
I love people getting hurt! God!!! Aaaaarrrrrggghhhh!! I need to go rub one out.
General Noob (5 days ago)
there needs to be one more... when YoU AcCiDenTaly CuT YoU'rE PaRasHuTe in PUBG
TubeTommi (5 days ago)
the "musik" sucks
guysmalley (6 days ago)
You want a thrill get in a fight with my wife
Facina (5 days ago)
guysmalley I took out my last one easy enough. I can help.
MARK DUNCAN (6 days ago)
6:07 Ron! Ron! ROOON!! Ron blew out his knee caps.
Emt ResQ (8 days ago)
Having done a lot of jumps most of these were individual error/personal stupidity.
John jsmit (2 days ago)
+T P not very smart are ya
Jer F (2 days ago)
+T P hahaha, well said
T P (2 days ago)
+John jsmit Apparently.... you just proved it.
John jsmit (2 days ago)
always one insecure troll seeking validation on random youtube channels
Caked Cupcake frosting (10 days ago)
Me before watching the video: Yeah this isn't going to go to well... Me after watching: Welp, nope it didn't..t..
Facina (5 days ago)
Caked Cupcake frosting Me before clicking “read more”: this isn’t going to be worth it. Me after: yep
G Kess (10 days ago)
Wow! Who knew parachuting could be so dangerous?
random ish (15 days ago)
6:45 lmaoo "Rawn,,, RAWWWWNN 1010, 9,8,7,6,5,4 OOOOOOHHHHHHH RAWN"
Hwkfn69 Rocks (18 days ago)
These vids are freaking hilarious! LMFAO!
Gardena Market (18 days ago)
Dimitar Dimitrov (1 month ago)
As soon as your legs touch the ground or even lil bit prior to that you should detach/release the parachoute. I mean entire parachoute system must be disengaged not just one end of the ropes or canopy or some parts. And this should be instant. But that requires custom design parachute. Ordinary designs dont have such features. Just pull lever/press button on your main belt and entrire parachoute system plus back pack and everything alltogether will fly away from you. Parachoute do its job and becomes nothing more than burden when your foot touch the ground/water. Ejector must be added.
Halimi Hanip (1 month ago)
3:59 the front flip tho
mOejOe33 (1 month ago)
1:25 Chinese Army Paratrooper parachute. They're the best parachutes the Chinese invented.
Zero Cool (1 month ago)
This top 5 fail video is a huge fail. Most landings were nothing special. There were way more than 5. The annoying music didn't help
mike toni (1 month ago)
mike toni (1 month ago)
Looks like all successful landings to me
UnityprogamingYT (1 month ago)
haha the first one is annoying from the sport game?
Cione Sousa (1 month ago)
Nome da música as 7:50? Name the music time 7:50?
B4its2L8guy (1 month ago)
#3 Landed more times in that one jump than I did my entire career.
Knarf Trakiul (1 month ago)
First thing they teach in airborne school is release one side of ur shute as soon as u can to keep from being drug
Mickey Bitsko (1 month ago)
"Are you fucking kidding me? The weather didn't precisely cooperate with my choice to jump out of an airplane? Why does the universe hate me, personally?"
Freefall One (1 month ago)
Highly trained seals lmao
Buffalo Man (1 month ago)
didnt plan your trip too well huh farm boy?
tarun margam (1 month ago)
When pubg and fornite servers lag
villagelightsmith (1 month ago)
Oh, to be young again! But those landings are the ones that will make you old in a hurry!
Matt C (1 month ago)
to all the dumb people that think strapping a wheel chair and a lawnmower to your back, or jumping off a cliff or out of a perfectly good airplane attached to a colorful trash bag by fishing line is a sport...you are totally crazy and foolish to risk your life so please, please, please do not act so surprised and expect people to come running to rescue you when the INEVITABLE happens.
Ken Skid (1 month ago)
#2..."he has a really bad back". I think he needs to find a new hobby then.
Ryan McFadden (1 month ago)
Jellyfish much?
Jean Carlos (1 month ago)
2:00 ai vc compra um para quedas na deep web kkkkk
Jon Poole (1 month ago)
#3 It sucks to be you.
Andre Cruz (2 months ago)
Have control it's just an illusion!!!
Real Adventure (2 months ago)
Joseph Dungee (2 months ago)
7:27 That poor guy is dead. He pulled up to avoid hitting those power lines but fell from about 15 to 20 feet in the air.. Very sad :-(
macknumber9 (2 months ago)
5:55 to 7:03 someone shut that lady up...her voice makes me want to jump out of a plane with NO parachute!
Kylo Ren (1 month ago)
macknumber9 still more tolerable than hearing Hillary Clinton😂😂😂
Pamzy (2 months ago)
Dying DNS (2 months ago)
Bogdan Rapalyuk (2 months ago)
Маскаль виявився найтупішим.
Douglas Lang (3 months ago)
One thing I have learned is that in the face of sudden death “are you FIng kidding me” is the go to question for God.
Cragger (3 months ago)
# 2) Evil forces at work very bizarre video looks like a giant GHOST flying around and relentlessly dragging and beating him it probably still is he never stopped he's still out there somewhere if you see him cut the chute off the poor bastard
Dylan Slater (3 months ago)
Those army canopys are fuks, no steering or brake lines and apparently no cutaway handle too.
P. Alpha (3 months ago)
Is it blood at 0:26
Trond Strømme (3 months ago)
Second one is a paraglider. Don't confound those dumbasses with real skydivers :-)
gmy33 (2 months ago)
however this was top of the line dumbass parapilot .. if you ask me .. (or a novice who should not fly without instructors guidance).. he did nothing to improve his landing .. he was sitting duck in his own accident..
Im Real Skan (3 months ago)
2:11 lol
Bill Hansen (3 months ago)
I think at 2:46 is when the guy being dragged by the parachute hits a trench and goes unconscious.
Juan Paz (3 months ago)
samneojhapa (4 months ago)
Are safe landings failed landings???
japared oakfield (4 months ago)
I admit, after thinking several times that the white parachute would stop dragging him around, only to see it pick him up again, I ended up having a bit of a chuckle 😬😂😂
herakleitus (4 months ago)
By 2:38 he's just given up on this whole landing thing.
Apple Juice Simpson (4 months ago)
samneojhapa (4 months ago)
Apple juice happens.
C-Dog A (4 months ago)
7:30 is the worst fall.
Hamid Khan (4 months ago)
Did u laugh btw 2.30 n 3.20
young nurse (4 months ago)
Unbelievable that nobody came to help that poor guy #3 being dragged around for so long !!! YIKES !!!!!!! SMH
heretik Ch (4 months ago)
What is the the last song???
heretik Ch (4 months ago)
What is the the last song???
Брокли ! (5 months ago)
На видео 3 я бы заебался 2 часа за парашютом бегать))
crazyes mad (5 months ago)
El del minuto 4;45 es tonto del culo, anda que no tenía campos y se va a los arboles, deja de volar payaso.
Dan McLaughlin (5 months ago)
1:28 guy wished he had brought his Swiss Army knife.
Carpe Diem (6 months ago)
чувак на круглом парашюте выжил?
saaberfly (6 months ago)
Rumor has it the guy at 3:00 is still somewhere out there being dragged around
bjfdog (6 months ago)
And then you land in dog poo. I hate that.
Reaperdeathpunch (6 months ago)
Title reads *top 5* we got a lot more than 5 best click bait ever.
Dances with Stone (6 months ago)
2:50 should've pulled reserve
Skysurfer (6 months ago)
At 8:19 is a SEAL training jump, not a fail.
Wade Wilson (6 months ago)
That dude being drug around the field looked like a soldier. Did he not have a knife to cut that cord with?
Carter Guard (6 months ago)
7:50 that’s not how u land a car
furiousninja (6 months ago)
1:37 Men attacked by large jelly fish
get Smarty (6 months ago)
Who put that fence there?
no way (6 months ago)
Training tape gone wrong
Pan Pan (6 months ago)
more commercials . more money ... more more more what a sh...
Herreros Walter (6 months ago)
Владимир Сосновский (6 months ago)
№3 - Стёпочкин развлекается?..
Strangelove Boom (6 months ago)
This made me hate parachutes.
Hello World! (6 months ago)
failed?? you know what the word "fail" means?
stepitup (6 months ago)
why didn't he cut his lines?
Mabutho Radebe (6 months ago)
HAHAHAHA..is it wrong to laugh?...Man! coz No 3 is having on hell of a fuck up moment...
ANDREW CULLEN (7 months ago)
40 years ago I did 4 Static Lines jumps from the bottom wing of a Biplane. Although I was in the British Army at the time I volunteered to do the course. Was supposed to be 4 Static Line then 11 Free Fall. On the last jump (We used half circle with 10 MPH forward thrust) I got a Line Over. One of the Lines went over the top of the Parachute in the middle, I had to cut away my Main Chute and deploy my Reserve Chute? It is smaller than the Main Chute and is to save life. It did mine but I pulled every ligament in my right leg. Took time to heal, No more Parachuting but walking normally some 8 months later. That is what I call a bad landing not just being 3/4 mile off target (That being the jump masters fault?
DAADS SERVICE (7 months ago)
J Lama (7 months ago)
If the last ones didn’t make the list, then why you showing them?
John jsmit (2 days ago)
because he's cool and you , well , youre a loser
crazyes mad (7 months ago)
El del minuto 4:46, anda que no tenia campo, espero que haya dejado de volar y así seguir vivo.
federman muñoz duque (7 months ago)
top 5............. oigan al otro yo vi como 36
RapidDecisions (7 months ago)
if he has a bad back, why is he doing this, you can't fix stupid.
Dennis Adkins (7 months ago)
Why did nobody try to help that poor guy God I feel so sorry I hope he's okay 🙄🤔
maveth (7 months ago)
Open the One shot!!
paul josan (7 months ago)
The legends say the no. 3 is still trying to untangle his self from the parachute.
Mark Taylor (7 months ago)
WHy is does the camera man not help?????????
Hỏi Làm-Chi (7 months ago)
Why he is not pop off release it
Nigel Brookes (7 months ago)
2:00 Like a Giant jelly fish trolling that guy
lorenceondivillatheofficial (7 months ago)
that's looks like a jellyfish
Nadejda Schmidt (7 months ago)
Next time no 3 will remember to bring a knife, so he can cut the rope on the parachute, so it don't dragged him around like that.
Oggy Oggy (4 months ago)
Nadejda Schmidt Yeah or never skydive again.
Gizziiusa (7 months ago)
i wonder if striking the fence cured that fella of his bad back ???
Manie Moua (7 months ago)
hollywood23007 (7 months ago)
The guy who was dragged forever by his own parachute deserves it. Having been trained he knows to pull one if not both of the rip cords to release the chute to prevent this
Lennie Torizzmo (6 months ago)
Also now just looking at it, THATS A FUCKING TORNADO
ilovebayern134 (7 months ago)
in number 3 are they gonna record him all day? im glad i saw s.o helping him at the end.
colt kwilkerson (7 months ago)
I like the back ground music , what is it
DAVID BLURTON (7 months ago)
the accident at villa park is probably a lot worse,,,
Paul Harding (7 months ago)
For those assholes that want to land with the wind at their backs ….. you deserve to be hurt. No excuses, no sympathy.
Chris Cross (7 months ago)
They couldn't take a taxi???
Lukas Am (8 months ago)
Yo Me Pregunto Como El Que Esta Grabando No Es Capas De Ir A Ayudar El Perro Qliao 👺👺😡