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This 3 minute Video shows the full trip of how Palm dates trees are grown and harvested in " Jordan River Dates"
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Ward Elsham (7 months ago)
Proud of any Arabic made and production as they gave so many golden ideas and knowdlage know to others (none Arabic countries) and they claimed that was their creations . Hope you produce only an organic dates not hybrid like other countries, because the benefits are producing foods is the way what Mother Nature produced to us.
Hyper Animates (17 days ago)
I think you mean arab arabic is a language my friend
channel Rupali Islam Rajeev Ali Salam (1 month ago)
Narendrasinh chauhan (1 month ago)
Ward Elsham u xxxx xxx
AJ KI PAKAIYE (1 day ago)
Wow nice 👍👍👍💙❤💚plz subscribe my channel
Hengzoliana Kaipeng (1 day ago)
I like too groudt .also be wandt.
punter 360 (3 days ago)
Delicious لزیل स्वादिष्ट
punter 360 (3 days ago)
juni Rashi (4 days ago)
Plese give meee. I love dates
J0nesjr (4 days ago)
I want to grow dates in Azad Kashmir will the climate be okay? It’s like Italy weather, warm but not too hot. What are the roots of date trees like? Do they spread out because they will be 5 metres away from my home and I don’t want them to cause problems to my homes foundation.
BodyBy Jude (5 days ago)
Aisha Sana Aisha Sana (6 days ago)
Masha Allah
AR REHMAN KHAN jesh ka sapahi (6 days ago)
masha allah....
Mr Khengar (7 days ago)
Yamin Maimuna (8 days ago)
মাশাআল্লাহ খুব সুন্দর খেজুর গাছ গুলো এবং খেজুর গাছের খেজুর গুলো আমাদের মুসলমানদের প্রিয় নবীজী (সা:) এর প্রিয় একটি খাবার আলহামদুলিল্লাহ।
Mariahilario1234 Hilario (9 days ago)
Eu tenho umas 3 mudas mais não sei se ir a produzir,quando tempo elas produs.?estas parece tão doce e grandes qual é a variedade destas que aparece no vídeo? Deus abençoe amigos .desce o Brasil parabéns Obrigado
Mariahilario1234 Hilario (9 days ago)
Lindo demais .qual e as tâmaras mais doce ,as que São maior e as mais doce?quais são as espécies melhores que produz mais ?amo as seus trabalho de produzir frutas tão deliciosas um muito obrigado por compartilhar desde o Brasil
Yekta shayeste (9 days ago)
ghomo phero (10 days ago)
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Elzabeth Kinneara (10 days ago)
I love Datess so muchh
Misbha Sheikh (10 days ago)
Wow my favourite khajur
Deepa Jhikka (11 days ago)
I like this work. But ? I am Indian. So' not for visa country Jordan for me. 😔 😔 😢😢😢
Cintrala Suki (11 days ago)
Dropping 2020 in every video (12 days ago)
I like dates.. But the one ive tasted years ago is kinda small compare to this one..
วิโรจน์ ทีบ้านธาตุ (13 days ago)
ง ง
Manjushree Mukhi (14 days ago)
So tasty
S S Farm Naran Vekariya (15 days ago)
Nice farm👌👌👌
Hyper Animates (17 days ago)
My father said when we go to tunisia we will find this in the desert bur j feel like jordan river dates make them much better then tunsia or morroco or Algeria
Sands Blue (13 days ago)
jasvirkaura safri (19 days ago)
i love this fruit
jasvirkaura safri (19 days ago)
i love this fruit
Abadan Ali (20 days ago)
These dates looks very delicous and full of flesh.
David Narnoco (20 days ago)
That food is good but there religion is
Motaleb Hossain (20 days ago)
Richus Creation (22 days ago)
Masha Allah
Nashida Binth azees (22 days ago)
Deepak Dutta (26 days ago)
Betim Betim (27 days ago)
Não entendi pataca alguma 😁
Nishad A (27 days ago)
Puspa Krokot Garden (29 days ago)
beautiful flower from asia click here https://youtu.be/F-WaFFP1Xuc
Asmaa Salah Elzoghby (29 days ago)
سكس فلاحي
Shuhail Maliyakkal (29 days ago)
Masha Allah
Navin Taparia (30 days ago)
Dear Sir, I am Interested in buying Jumbo Medjool Dates in bulk qty. Can you pl share your details & what's app no.?
Jordan River Dates (3 days ago)
Miss Bristy (30 days ago)
Allahin qulu (30 days ago)
Bu xurmadir
Subhash Sunitha (1 month ago)
Raghuveer Belavigi (1 month ago)
Please pz
LAFAS VLOG (1 month ago)
sobrang na amazed ako sa farm na ito pwede pala mga puno sa disyerto at ang prutas kakaiba masarap kaya?
Fardous Ara (1 month ago)
Aracely Hernandez (1 month ago)
Waoo que sorprendente y deliciosas frutas.
saroj kumari drawing classes (1 month ago)
Wow beautiful video friends I like it
Ramakrushna n Ramakrushna n (1 month ago)
Cal me .6360787748
rahm mail (1 month ago)
jordan river dates actually grown by israel people, not by jordan people
王英圭 (1 month ago)
Gyana sahoo (1 month ago)
Use some masks on hand plz
Tonnia love (1 month ago)
Hi Indonesia
Tuhin khan (1 month ago)
Biutifol badar good
mathunny jose (1 month ago)
Are these dates get dusty and unclean on the tree itself. It is hard to wash out dust and dirt stuck on it. The handling is not clean. How does it make hygine and clean ?
Halla Hoang (1 month ago)
I love this fresh directly from tree soo much....i wish i can have it he on my table ...😘😍😃
SARAS MAHARAJ (1 month ago)
First time I saw date trees was in Dubai. Very nice
Muhammad Waseem (1 month ago)
Masha Allah
Faruk Molla (1 month ago)
Sobi alllahar dan
Anthony Moreno (1 month ago)
How do you buy them
Andoy Arañas (1 month ago)
I wish i could have some tress of dates..
wahyu kurniawan (1 month ago)
Md: Bablu (1 month ago)
অতএব তোমরা কোন কোন নিয়া মত অস্বীকার করবে
Zein Rimawi (1 month ago)
انتبهوا أيها الناس انها تمور إسرائيليه
Zein Rimawi (1 month ago)
احذروا هؤلاء المزيفون انها تمور من انتاج العدو الصهيوني
Zein Rimawi (1 month ago)
This is Israelian dates
J.F.B.S MARANHÃO (1 month ago)
Muito lindohttps://youtu.be/G0yTeoDgFBY
fatiha maghdouri (1 month ago)
anis laskar (1 month ago)
safwan sirajideen (1 month ago)
brother Edward (1 month ago)
The ALMIGHTY GOD goodness can be seen even in these healthy powerful fruits!!
D'Ascoyne (1 month ago)
No, it can't
Naval Nath (1 month ago)
India s rate 280 rupee per kg
Na Nass (1 month ago)
I love dates
sharmin hasan (1 month ago)
so. nice
Sanjeev Gahlot (1 month ago)
ye kaha milenge delhi me
Roshan Patel (1 month ago)
Govrisetti Ramu (1 month ago)
duke 647253516762 (1 month ago)
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Shabina Begum (1 month ago)
Vakeel Singh (1 month ago)
Wahoo very beautiful scene.. Dates are very tasty fruits.... Arabic are wonderful Country.. I am Indian...
Nazam Abbas (1 month ago)
So delicious
Vijaya Karki (1 month ago)
Beautiful dates video yummy 👌👌😋thank u🙏
Uthaya Kumar (1 month ago)
Awesome......guyzzzz.glory to living God jesus
Froilan Crisostomo (1 month ago)
Now I’m craving for dates 😋
UK Melodies (1 month ago)
Kani ni ka chne pynbha shuh2 ban peit kane brown
mfub2000 (1 month ago)
Masha Allah very nice hope they export to India (Hyderabad) some time.
Agribusiness BD (2 months ago)
Very good
Windzar777 Wind (2 months ago)
Real and best dates are from ALGERIA
syed alam (2 months ago)
a want to import this in my country
Star Arif (2 months ago)
जितेंद्र सोहळा मिरवणुक नादडै ता शहादा जि नदुरबार (2 months ago)
rakeshpatel Patel (2 months ago)
Tahedul tahid (2 months ago)
Tahedul tahid (2 months ago)
I want job in Jordan
Suma Unnikrishnan (2 months ago)
Kalpesh Bhuriya (2 months ago)
Very nice
Al quranul Karim institute (2 months ago)
I have 10 kilu
Brotha Box (2 months ago)
I always eat dates.i love dates..and i always buy dates in supermarket here in Serbia.
Md Foyaz (2 months ago)
Allah er kase anek anek sukriya je Allah amake ai dates er video.......
Venkat Ratnam (2 months ago)
Nice work