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Sumerian Advanced Astronomical Knowledge That Still Remains A Mystery For Historians

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The Sumerians fascination with the heavens is apparent in the large number of seals and cuneiform tablets unearthed of an astronomical nature. Naturally, these astronomical discoveries came as a major surprise to the scientific world, the advancement shown here is truly head and shoulders above anything seen 6000 years ago. Indeed, some of these discoveries would not be rediscovered for centuries.There were many oddities found in the cylinder seals, especially (VA/243),which shows a 'star' with eleven planets surrounding it. However, as of now there are no known records of the of any 11th planet. What does the cylinder seal represent? Could it be they knew something that we don't? One of the biggest questions surrounding these findings is..where did the Sumerians get this knowledge from?
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DTTV Studios (15 days ago)
Out of Place Artefact Discoveries That Just Don't Make Sense To Us https://youtu.be/SGTz7GxFB9s
DTTV Studios (18 days ago)
Another Top 50 That Will Baffle you https://youtu.be/5xSacr4bG68
Mike Evans (28 days ago)
That disc starmap was kust that a map....showing how to get to this planet coming from the outside of the solar system and avoiding the asteroid belt
Roger Filian (29 days ago)
The Ancient civilizations were obviously further and differently advanced than we are now...and we're thinking we're so smart with our computers and what-all....It's just a shame that all of this is going to be over soon, and it will be millions of years before life returns to what will be a rock floating through space....
Dody Potter (29 days ago)
Any clues to what the handbag is all about.
Wraye Wenigmann (28 days ago)
Lipstick. Nah seriously, one theory is that the bags contained pollen to fertilize the world. That's also why they are often seen holding up a pinecone - it's all to represent their power of fertility, seeding the world.
anamarieus (29 days ago)
so how did they draw pics so beautifully in stone? stone isn't soft or pliable?
Wraye Wenigmann (28 days ago)
They used to take a ball of wet clay, flatten it with their hands then write on the wet surface with stylus (pen). The clay was afterwads baked hard.
annunaki (30 days ago)
Mesopotamian history still mystery around 10% only have been discovered the rest still underground hidden only god knows what’s more if they discover more artifact tablets” it’s a shame a great civilization end up like this today run by ......
Cat RR (30 days ago)
Ancient 👣 of the Universe
Gary Morse (30 days ago)
So who AND when were the constellations Named?
MILO BROWN (30 days ago)
husam botros (30 days ago)
Great stuff.. thanks for sharing.. just like to share an article about Babylonians and calculus.. https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2016/01/math-whizzes-ancient-babylon-figured-out-forerunner-calculus
peter lewis (30 days ago)
Why would we be focused on hocus pocus and not astronomy ?..you know the one where you can show someone what you discovered and they can repeat the observation . Astrology is as ridiculous as religion for dealing with , you know, things that actually do something and not made up doing something. And to be super clear mysteries are not aliens. And `sophisticated means what they could see without telescopes ..super sophisticated that one ..what do you call astronomy these days ? ultra super superdooper sophisticated ? You can correlate all you like but so what ? What exactly is this post saying ?
skankhunt42 (29 days ago)
Can you repeat that slower. I don't understand you...
OO7 (1 month ago)
Your presentations are all superior products.
Edmond Pecot Jr. (1 month ago)
like butter... voice like butter...
Stake& Eggs (1 month ago)
I am thinking Aristotle's musings about the center of the universe was taken out of context or his words were twisted for power.I am the center (from my point of view)of my universe as everything expand's from me, the sun is the center of our solar system as the planets expand from it, ect ect.
k 1 (1 month ago)
The way the star watchers are looking up is a bit similar to the statues on easter island.
J W (1 month ago)
looking forward to the Niburu special!
MILO BROWN (30 days ago)
@peter lewis lol!
peter lewis (30 days ago)
just make something up yourself
LCM LCM (1 month ago)
You guys really know how to put your material together. Amazing presentation!! Only if school was like this. Thank you
Slimword (1 month ago)
So they were using Calculus before it was even invented. Right...
Sopwith Camel (30 days ago)
"re-invented" and obviously they didn't call their similar math "Calculus". Math is easy to figure out when you have a sky to watch for thousands of years and your culture evolves around farming. Knowledge is lost and rediscovered over time. We just happen to live in a hyper-scientific and technological age applying such knowledge on scales early civilizations couldn't comprehend nor disconnect from religion and tradition.
BradLee Jones (1 month ago)
Anytime new? Let's see.
RockyMtnHighChick (1 month ago)
I had to look this up - I bet some other folks will too: he·li·a·cal ris·ing noun noun: heliacal rising; noun: heliacal setting the rising of a celestial object at the same time or just before the sun, or its first visible rising after a period of invisibility due to conjunction with the sun. The last setting before such a period is the heliacal setting.
Chris Bell 59 (28 days ago)
RockyMtnHighChick > Thankyou for that! If you can let me know what the Sumerian pinecones, the wristwatches and the manbags were used for, I'd be in your debt forever.
f8lfrogman (30 days ago)
Thanks for defining that 👍
Tim Serrano (1 month ago)
How did they write? It looks like they pushed a wooden stick into soft clay, but the stone...was it carved? Did they use some kind of hot poker to melt the rock? Any idea?
anamarieus (29 days ago)
I find it hard to believe that such an advanced society would use a chisel to write. it has to be a softened surface then fired kiln
anamarieus (29 days ago)
@Jason M no way.
anamarieus (29 days ago)
I just realized today that the clay was soft when they wrote on it lol
skankhunt42 (29 days ago)
@tim you must not own a mini light saber?
f8lfrogman (30 days ago)
@LCM LCM exactly
Magnus Mähler (1 month ago)
Of course we are watching 😊😊😊
Insight Curiosity. (1 month ago)
watching .
Chris Torelli (1 month ago)
#DTTVStudios , playlisted , Thumbs up :)
overtime71 (1 month ago)
This narrator's voice is so soothing and easy to listen to if he sat down and read a Chinese take-out menu I think id have to tune in and listen.