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Warehouse Automation with OPEX Perfect Pick

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For more information, please visit: Perfect Pick is a new, energy efficient solution for goods-to-person simultaneous picking and stocking to or from totes or trays. The fundamental component of Perfect Pick is the iBOT™, a multi-directional, wireless vehicle that travels along a track system integrated into the storage racks. Perfect Pick provides substantial storage density and superior throughput at a competitive price point.
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Text Comments (4)
Richard Sheetz (30 days ago)
This should be fully automated without need of people, so it can be boxed and packaged or put on pallets fully automated with no people what so EVER! Is this option available? or is SSI Schafer the only one who can do this?
Abaid Aramex (7 months ago)
Where we can get quotes for one Aisle?
Bastian Solutions (7 months ago)
Hello Abaid, You can learn more and contact us for more information here:
RLS0812 (1 year ago)
Need cost estimates for the demonstrated systems ...