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Why Cities Exist

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Text Comments (4082)
Adam Dickinson (1 hour ago)
Around 1:30 because apparently 54÷2 is 34 now...
chomikxd3 (16 hours ago)
wtf Moscow has more people than London? lol
Marco Vermeer (1 day ago)
Cologne = Köln.
Justin Kirk (3 days ago)
Maybe in an absolute free market...
David Vavra (3 days ago)
Cities breed insanity.
Blanco (3 days ago)
Fuck does that mean “land in new york costs $38” ?? Where New York? Lake Ontario New York or NYC New York? Cuz in NYC for $38, you’re barely getting lunch let alone a square foot of land lmfao.
Celtic Larper (4 days ago)
city people are ants
Radu Costache (4 days ago)
Istanbul and Moscow are both bigger than London!
Mr. GeforcerFX (5 days ago)
I love making and running the logistics of cities in various games. But I can barely stand my city/town of 40,000, I can't imagine living in a city of a million or more, would drive me mad.
Up-a-Creek (5 days ago)
Cities create Anxiety... you put a bunch or Rats in a small confined space and they will eat each other...
Up-a-Creek (5 days ago)
and Chicago is the Hub for CRIME...
Matt E (5 days ago)
Why do you have to constantly question everything? Make a video on that.
Jakob Wikström (5 days ago)
Sweden: Stockholm, 1 mil, Gothenburg, 500k, Malmö, 250 k
Richard Allen (6 days ago)
What if Tesla build underground? -would have to be beneath all the existing infrastructure.
Rebecca Estrada (7 days ago)
Detroit existed because the automobile industry was there. The city started out as housing and shops supplied for the workers to live close to the plants. Back in the day employers knew people where happier living close to their work and happy people made hard working employees. The city built up around them because happy people working well paying jobs have large families and large happy families spend money. The more money people have to spend the more shops and businesses can open. Cities don't form and then people come. People form the cities and Detroit is only proof that the moment you treat your employees like slaves and want them to work endless hours for crap pay that the people start to do lower quality work. The product gets a bad reputation. If you are going to settle for low quality work you might as well outsource it to countries that do low quality work at a fraction of the pay. Especially in countries were you don't have to maintain any sort of safety measures and can cut as many corners to keep overhead at it's cheapest. That is also why American made cars are now pieces of crap that will barely last you ten years and why cars from 60 years ago are still running in prime condition. There is a lot to be said for a country who builds machines with pride in their work and that is something Americans lost a long time ago.
Jumbo Clicks (8 days ago)
🙄 Times change people adapt. Shit happens
kristof balling (8 days ago)
worst stats ever
pro hacker (9 days ago)
While in istanbul, here is 15 million people living in a small city, and rest of the 80 provinces get the remaining 65 million.
MrPlasma (10 days ago)
5:21 Why is Frankfurt labeled as cologne
Panama Jack (10 days ago)
They should build a car manufacturing plant soho ftw
Jay Johnson (11 days ago)
Aaron C (14 days ago)
If its cologne leave it alone if its a fish make it a dish
David (14 days ago)
I live in Vancouver and I fucking hate cities. I would way rather live out in the middle of nowhere away from people but I cant get work in a rural area so instead Im stuck in this concrete jungle. The fact that most people here WANT to live like this is beyond my understanding. It costs money to do ANYTHING. Housing is off the charts expensive. Takes forever to get anywhere. If you want to take a shit you have to wait behind 5 people. If you want to park your car you get charged up the ass. Everything feels like a competition. People are too busy and work oriented to care about socializing or talking to a stranger. You really do feel completely insignificant in a city.
ByronQ (14 days ago)
2nd biggest City in europe is berlin
Vorname Nachname (16 days ago)
BMW is actually still located in Munic today.
Time lapses from around the World (16 days ago)
5:22 hast an error
Fleidy Leegyrson (17 days ago)
This video is so cool. Natural patterns in cities means cities are natural that's SICK
Charlie's Maiden Covers (17 days ago)
2018: our modern world 3018 niggas: huahehuehuahueheuhe
Time lapses from around the World (16 days ago)
Charlie's Maiden Covers WTF
Synox1907 (21 days ago)
How can something not be natural that is made by a natural human? I mean for me, if something is unnatural, its not real. Maybe I just dont like the word unnatural xD
Alonso Lopez (21 days ago)
Dan Gleason (21 days ago)
So I guess you watched the vsauce video from 3 years ago...
Alin Serban Iuliu (22 days ago)
Madrid 5 millions Barcelona 5 milions
Roger Dinhelm (23 days ago)
Population proportions brake in Russia: Moscow - 15 mil, S.Petersburg - 5 mil, and next 15 cities - near 1 mil.
MMVatrix (24 days ago)
when you said frankfurt, on the map it said cologne
Paul Rothstein (25 days ago)
love how Frankfurt is spelled Cologne
Ritesh Gorkhali (25 days ago)
Hey! Thats Ziff!
TheGoldenNuggetYT (25 days ago)
The Armchair Spaceman (25 days ago)
nope.. only lazy motorists walk as slow as 3mph. the average among non-drivers is _5mph_ with outliers as high as _seven._
Scappley (25 days ago)
This video explains why detroit failed too
justin (26 days ago)
Which city is shown at 1:25?
Raymond Licon (26 days ago)
One word, convenience.
Yagyaansh Khaneja (27 days ago)
A very nicely made video
Lord Logic (29 days ago)
What city is at 3:32
Rohit Raturi (29 days ago)
Because of job
bizkitgto (29 days ago)
Cities force people into tight, cramped, close proximity resulting in high levels of stress, frustration and declining health. Depression rates continue to rise as more and more people move to cities.
Cader Locke (29 days ago)
Video: Puts Cologne instead of Frankfurt Me: Immediately goes to see the comments
G M (30 days ago)
Zipf's law doesn't apply to UK cities, London dominates in terms of population. Why's it like that?
Phillip Mulligan (30 days ago)
Note that US cities are an anomaly among the world's other countries cities.
leon leon (30 days ago)
My Chinese friend: I'm just from a small rural village. Me: how many people live there? Friend: just 3 millions 😑
Tiffany Hill-Anding (1 month ago)
Because the lights obviously :)
Rufus Howell (1 month ago)
"And yet the average individual in the US can buy a brand new car from the money that they earn in about six months" Try a year or two, and that's a cheap ass 200k miled junker, not a brand new Chevy
Xaverderschnitzelfan (1 month ago)
3:44 but london is 3rd. First is moskow and second is istanbul
Rineche gaming (1 month ago)
3:48 the largest city in Europe is Istanbul.
A Person (1 month ago)
12:13 ,don’t you mean people male glasgow?
aperturegamerSAC (1 month ago)
This was great studying for my midterm, thanks for the economics review!
Matt Milewski (1 month ago)
It’s called the Pareto distribution
Jeffrey Hamilton (1 month ago)
VSauce made a video about this distribution, Ziph’s Law, a long time ago. It touches on the population of large cities, but goes deeper into the meaning of the law. If you liked this vid it’s worth a watch.
Rodolpho's Tech channel (1 month ago)
My hometown was founded and planned on paper in 1947 by a few dozen rich farmers and British landowners and now it has a population of around 450,000
Shawn Elliott (1 month ago)
Cities exist because it doesn't make sense to build skyscrapers in the middle of nowhere.
The European Lynx (1 month ago)
Well Austria is an Anomly that does not have had recent population growth We got Vienna at nearly 2 mill then Graz at 300k after that we flatline between 100-200k for a bunch of entries after that we slowly fall off down to 10k (towns with less inhabitants are not classified as city's here)
BP Lup (1 month ago)
More people live in cities because there are more cities. Not because everyone is moving to already overcrowded cities trying to turn them into Judge Dredd's Mega City.
Jesse (1 month ago)
Wendover productions, sister to bendover productions. *Brazzers Approved*
Gabriele Sorce (1 month ago)
Everything fine, until you said "people are not forced to move in cities, they go because they want to". Now, this first of all contrasts your own argument, when you say that people have to go to cities because it's there the place in which big businesses are; secondly, this already implies that people are in a way forced by circumstances to go in cities: you'll never be able to (for instance) work for a telecommunication firm in a rural city, but, in order to exploit (hypothetically) your study titles, you'd be forced to move to Dusseldorf to work. So yes, people ARE forced to go to cities.
DOHC 106 (1 month ago)
If I can make it in new York, I can make it any where - alicia keyes.
raul maximo (1 month ago)
This Law is Named the Price's Law!
ChinsHyperBTW (1 month ago)
Detroit vs everybody. Like if u rep the 313
Scott Vanderzanden (1 month ago)
I live in a small town and go to work at a shoo in the country city’s drive me up a wall too much and too many of everything
zu am (1 month ago)
Hemp Rope (1 month ago)
What goods do cities produce that make them useful? It's not like they have farms or oil fields in them. Do they just make money writing on computers and paper all day?
ᚦᛁᚢᚦᚠᛁᛚᛐᛁᚦ ᛁᛌᛚᛆᚿᛐ (1 month ago)
3:46 Istanbul and Moscow are both larger than London. I'll admit that Istanbul is partially in Asia, but there is no excuse for Moscow. And I don't even know if Paris makes the top 10. I know Berlin, Saint Petersburg, and Madrid are all larger.
Az4212 knowledge thirsty (1 month ago)
There is a technical draw in Europe, in reality instambul has 16, Moscow 15, London 14 and Paris 13 or so but it depends on how you measure it, if you disregard the suburbs then Saint Petersburg and Madrid become larger than Paris and London etc...
Phlapp (1 month ago)
2020: china owns everything
Hemp Rope (30 days ago)
@Phlapp Bruh it's 2020. Iran owns everything.
Phlapp (30 days ago)
Hemp Rope its still true
Hemp Rope (1 month ago)
@Phlapp ok boomer. Using that outdated 2019 mentality
Phlapp (1 month ago)
Hemp Rope no
Hemp Rope (1 month ago)
False. That is 2019 propaganda!
Jay Jackson (1 month ago)
Reminds me of the $1,500 chicken sandwich video.
Alex Ties (1 month ago)
5:23 A error, time to roast him
Miles Wasil (1 month ago)
this is basically that vsauce zipf video
Daniel Astillero (1 month ago)
I'm from Metro Manila and I did not realize how densely populated this place is until I came to visit Brisbane. Jfc it's not even a joke. The astonishing difference in population has a huge impact in the psychology of a person. Suddenly, I can breathe well, able to sleep early, wake up early, eat just enough and did not crave for more intake, and many more.
FjordFish (1 month ago)
In regards to that % amount of people living in cities - something that might have a huge impact on that percentage - I know it certainly has in my country - is what geographical area is defined as a city. More areas are defined as cities today than 50 years ago. Just decades ago, Norway had a lot less cities. It's the same places, but as they grew in population, or for whatever reason, they got branded as cities. Therefore removing that entire population count from non-city livers, and switching them over to city-livers, due to a term of defintion. Poof, and it's done. Many cities here in Norway, I would not even consider a city as a Norwegian, and I am sure Americans certainly would no. But that's what they're defined as. City-like or not. High-rise buildings or not.
Apostolis Gompakis (1 month ago)
The symbol for the unit prefix of the million is [M] 10^6 NOT [m] 10^-3. Nice video though!
Thivya Prasad (1 month ago)
It took me 21 years to learns , suburban is sub-urban .
bluerisk (1 month ago)
3:52 Moscow: "I'm a joke to you?!" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_European_cities_by_population_within_city_limits
Ilect (1 month ago)
Cities exist for the sole purpose of being a perfect place to nuke in ww3
LouieGrind (1 month ago)
"In 1800 the largest city in Europe was London (1 mil). Today the largest city is still London (8.78 mil). In 1800 the second largest city in Europe was Paris (550k), and it too remains second today (2.2mil)". 2.5 minutes later "Berlin has 3.5 million residence". Berlin is not in Europe? More cities who are larger than London and Paris in Europe: Moscow (12.5 mil), Saint Petersburg (5.3 mil), Madrid (3.2 mil), Kiev (2.9 mil), Rome (2.8 mil). Did you cop out from researching Europe? ;) Don't want to nitpick but incorrect facts takes away from the credibility of the claim. Overall interesting observation about trade and shipping!
Milan Kovacevic (1 month ago)
Wait, what? London and Paris? Really? Last time I checked, Istanbul (15mil.) and Moscow (12mil.) are still in Europe. London is probably third or fourth, while Paris is not that big at all actually at 2.2. Should come around 10th place. Point is don't mix European Union with Europe.
Aleksei Brusilov (1 month ago)
City size only changes from outside influence (remembers those 2 cities in Japan)
Daniel Gregson (1 month ago)
ASSASSIN SKILLZ (1 month ago)
What did you mean when you said 1 person’s food requires 1 acre of land? Is that In a year or day cuz that’s a lot
ASSASSIN SKILLZ (1 month ago)
Firestartergold 1 (1 month ago)
I just saw the Vsauce video on this phenomenon, hm.
GhostlysmokeTony (1 month ago)
Why does Wendover Productions exist?
Dev Rifter (1 month ago)
NO we build cities, bucease its much more officien to throw nuclear bombs at large cities rather then on manny small vilages
Death Atlantic (1 month ago)
Don't try to tell me that these sprawling hellscapes are natural lmao. We've come too far.
shawn burnham (1 month ago)
Daily Flight Videos!!! (1 month ago)
You didn’t change it to Frankfurt when you say it. It’s still Cologne, but hey, still really cool video, as always!
Logos Learner (1 month ago)
seems the theory that cities are absolutely - without a doubt - a "natural" tendency...is debatable and worthy of further investigation/discussion...
abuaimen28 (1 month ago)
How many of you hate to live in big cities like me? crowded, poluted, and stressful.
extraterrestrial16 (1 month ago)
the issue is with efficiency its apprent ultimate limit when it comes to capitalism and this making its self clear with the ending in capitalism perhaps...
quinton dragg (1 month ago)
Where is it evident that capitalism is ending?
Panzer Blitz (1 month ago)
Because humans are a nasty virus on the Earth?
Scarskey (1 month ago)
Watching this in a city guys
kiel barry (1 month ago)
Wish I could downvote this more than once
Jabberdau (1 month ago)
I'm sorry but I think you are mixing a few things up. TRADE is what was the main driving force in the development of cities. Waterways was the main form of transportation of goods. Thats why Rome, London, Paris and other cities on the main TRADE networks became so large. Lots of travellers crossing paths in these places made them natural places to build and place other industries. This changed somewhat with the railroad, but seatrade is still the no. 1 way to ship goods. Written language developed from a need to mark and differentiate trade goods. Rome in roman times may have had as many as 1 mio inhabitants, and the majority of its food was imported by the sea. Reasons for migrating to cities today, is still to a degree a result of work beeing availible as an extension to trade.
CitruSaurus (1 month ago)
I'm a dane and copenhagen has existed for hundres of years. It has a population of 1.3 million while no. 2 is 270k, 3 is 180k, 4 is 115, 5 is 72k. Interestingly enough, the theory seems to prove true on all other than the biggest one