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Why Cities Exist

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Text Comments (3799)
shambho (3 hours ago)
This is disinformation in part. Modern agriculture is not more efficient if one accounts for ecological costs in the aggregate and socioeconomic costs esp for small farmers
Emanuel Voelker (1 day ago)
Chris Duane (3 days ago)
Why is the producer leaving out the other reason after employment people move to cities -- anonymity, social opportunity and promiscuous sex?
Luis Marroquin (6 days ago)
2.7 a third and 2.3 a fourth?
SubZero (6 days ago)
Why so many dislikes?
Jacob Hayes (6 days ago)
Cities cause dolphins.
Sierrah Hofzon (7 days ago)
So Istanbul and Russia are not included in Europe?
Jeff Burgess (7 days ago)
summary: when humans discovered agriculture, they stopped migrating and settled down which inevitably gave rise to an economy. To make this process simpler, cities were erected to maximize economic activity by decreasing the distance between consumers and laborers. Though I am certain this isn't a new idea, I personally believe that value is predicated solely on distance. Not just the time and energy it takes for an innovator to finally begin production of a product and then get it to a consumer, but even the distance between two (or more) ideas, such as the distance between the individual vs the collective, the metaphysical and the materialistic, and the finite vs the infinite. Because resources are finite and therefore must be competed for, it seems to me that the role of government was introduced to determine how a population is allowed to interact with those resources. What's interesting is that, for instance, the American government will supply public services such as roads or police because it considers them basic necessities to keep things running smoothly. Roads to get to work or spend money, and police to make us feel safe enough to invest in homes, cars or other property. But other goods, like gasoline (which we need to make use of the roads and fuel the squad cars/fire trucks) and food and shelter are first come first serve. How does a government decide which industries can exist independently and which industries to provide as public services?
rulipari (7 days ago)
4:00 You do know, that Berlin does have significantly more inhabitants than Paris proper, right? Berlin is the EUs 2nd largest City. On the whole of Europe though, the Ranking goes like this: Istanbul Moscow London Berlin Paris (Ignoring Metropolitan Areas)
SpiritForce (7 days ago)
Living in a densely populated city is killing our spirits--- I've lived in Tokyo, Taipei Miami and Honolulu and I yearn for a nice good ol' FARM!
William Churchill (7 days ago)
Love this Chanel
Yuuup (9 days ago)
Another advantage of large numbers of people all being in cities is it will make the coming population correction so much more effective and efficient.
Grigoriy Ignatov (9 days ago)
London is the largest city within the EU only. Moscow is in Europe as well and it's 4 million bigger
djinn Man (9 days ago)
Human Specialization. BUT also efficiency to port. Not surprising some of the biggest cities are built upon communication lines either up large rivers (water source) or coastal. Logistics. How to store and move goods from a centralized hub equally important. City like Hong Kong in recent (foolish) "democratic" protest need to be careful. Aside from the unique rule of law, there are already cities proximate to them (Shenzhen, Guangdong) that can and will replicate much of what Hong Kong does for cheaper. If it does not understand its fragility vis-a-vis its giant and economic powerhouse neighbour, it is in danger of losing its living. Many will eventually vote with their fee across 'the border'. There is no iron rice bowl.
M C (9 days ago)
Thanks for addressing German cities! :)
Joonha Shcal (9 days ago)
Paris is not the second largest city in Europe. It's not even in the top 5. The largest city in Europe is Istanbul and then comes Moscow. I can't trust you with research that takes 20 sec? Downvote man.
Morgan Ahoff (10 days ago)
I'm surprised you didn't include Choice as a reason why people live in cities. Cites offer a variety of things to choose from: what kind of job to have, where to live, what to do for recreation -- and this gives people the feeling that they are choosing their life circumstances. There is perhaps nothing as defeating to the human spirit as having no choice. That's the reason cities are expensive: for each thing you choose to do, all the things you didn't choose to do need to be paid for too. But we're willing to pay a premium in order to have a range of options available to us. Mind you...having things to choose among means that you are one of the things other people may choose or not choose, hence cites can be lonely places.
Jack (10 days ago)
Interesting note, when the first British windmills were being invented, one person could then grind enough flour for 40 people. Hence the phrase, "The daily grind", as before that at least half the household would have to grind bread for 4-6 hours during the day
Ronit Jalihal (11 days ago)
3:54 Almost all info is wrong. London is now 3rd after Istanbul and Moscow. Paris is not even in the top ten. Otherwise, great video.
Chris Hieke (4 days ago)
@Skye Walker It was about European cities - although he didn't mention his definition of 'European'. So lets stick with the geographical definition. That certainly includes Moscow and at least the part of Istambul that is situated on the western side of the Bosporus. So Tokyo, Hongkong and Peking are out of the scope. Another problem is his definition of a 'city' ... just the municipal entity or the whole metropolitan area? And if it is the metropolitan area, how do you define that?
Skye Walker (6 days ago)
I saw that to and eas baffled. Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing, Moscow etc there are much bigger cities
Грозный (7 days ago)
@JewTube both cities are in europe and maybe turkish culture is not european, but russian 100% is
JewTube (8 days ago)
It's correct. Turkey and Russia are Asian countries, not European.
SiaarZH (12 days ago)
5ha of siberian snow all to me? no thanks.
Floris (12 days ago)
Isn't the pencil thing a Fiedman example?
PoodleScone (13 days ago)
Also world peace after WW2. Most cities are targets during war. With no major conflicts, people can stay in cities without risks.
Taylor Pio (14 days ago)
One of the best and most conceptual videos you've made!
DE Ackern (14 days ago)
3:47 Today the largest city in Europe is London. Isn't it Moscow!? And London second?
Yuuup (9 days ago)
Moscow has never been in Europe. Sorry, try again
alan6832 (15 days ago)
People are forced by government to move to cities because cities have higher unit density limits than most places, so cities allow people to build more housing that government allows people to do in the suburbs or country. This is in addition to housing projects, which are rare in the country.
EBFilmsMan (15 days ago)
12:08 Cities are efficient Efficiency creates wealth Germany creates efficiency German cities = most efficient and wealthy? FATHERLAND!!
Riley Cook (13 days ago)
germany = best amereica UH WORLD WAR 2
somerican pillar (16 days ago)
Wow mind blowing
emptyroomrocker (17 days ago)
Istanbul and Moscow are bigger European Cities than London.
Vladimir Baraev (17 days ago)
Berlin is second largest in Europe
Yang M (17 days ago)
not doing this to say "video is wrong,", more wondering if there's an explanation for why Australia doesn't fit the theory (apart from being upside down). 1 Sydney 4,741,874 2 Melbourne 4,677,157 3 Brisbane 2,326,656 4 Perth 2,004,696 and it doesn't get any better for the theory if you keep going down the list.
Yoda (18 days ago)
"Wealth". A word so commonly associated with finances; Debt. Credit. How about quality of life? Compassion? Consideration? Moral integrity?
Jacob IAm (18 days ago)
My thoughts exactly when watching this video.
Simon G (19 days ago)
Cities can only exist because of the transport of food produced in rural areas.
Saddutchman (19 days ago)
Cities exist because farmers work their asses off
Tomatenpresse (19 days ago)
Just wanna throw it out there that paris is not the second largest City of europe in case it seemed fishy to anyone else... Its berlin btw... 3:55
SwingFish (19 days ago)
hard to believe you didn't mention Shenzhen as an example about growth in connection to development, as Shenzhen is basically the only example that does proof everything mentioned here is the shortest time span ever. (except the part of the portion, I personally think that natural numbers are more accurate on that one anyway eg. Fibonacci, which would prove your theory even stronger (nothing grow/move in a straight line)
L H (20 days ago)
zipf mystery
Fandom guy (21 days ago)
Cooperation is also the answer, it's what humans evolved for it's efficient.
Jurassic Mark (21 days ago)
3:47 You forgot Istanbul and Moscow there.
akahige (22 days ago)
zipf's law. look it up on the vsauce channel.
Loïk Carothers (22 days ago)
In short: People.
Trevor Paul (22 days ago)
Square space is for fuck boys that don’t understand anything about Web development
FullBlown (22 days ago)
most cities as in big ones,people are moving out back into the burbs and farm areas in alot of places in the world,as in others new cities are being built......so what are you talking about? you mean cities have a higher population then certain areas,cause they take all the stuff from around them to build what is called a population bubble...this is why they die,they are cool but at the same time,become depressing over time and lack nature also with all the red tape decay and people are not allowed to repair simple things,so walls look like shit and so on,as the city grows so does corruption and politcal scams..so they just fall apart like we see across the world non stop.
ChifF SkrUbZ (22 days ago)
Wendover productions: *puts Cologne on Frankfurt* *sigh*
Ocelot (23 days ago)
Because it's efficient. There, saved you 13 minutes of your time.
The Fhy DMS (23 days ago)
this video is bullshit, when talking about the expansion of city you should take metro areas, not cities proper that have fixed limits. You base your conclusions off of two to three examples to which you can find many couterexamples,, you don't even mention centralisation. It just doesn't make any sense.
Larry B musiq (23 days ago)
Who else noticed that d**k truck driver at 10:32?? 👀
BubbleBreak (24 days ago)
Idk sounds like cherry picking and confirmation bias to me. Good old “80/20 Rule” nonsense
Frank Joseph (24 days ago)
Look at maps of England and the US east of the Appilachains. Towns are usually 10 miles apart. You never had to walk more than 5 miles except market towns.
Кали Кинжалин (25 days ago)
Moscow is not Europe?
NAME NAMENAME (25 days ago)
But... Berlin has a larger population than Paris...
someone - (27 days ago)
5:23 2 colognes?
FloridaSpotter (27 days ago)
Oof at 5:24 he said Frankfurt but put cologne again. Just wanted to point that out
ThaGangstaFTW (29 days ago)
Qatar is pronounced “cutter.”
Haley Zahradnik (29 days ago)
10:28, "hold my $1,500 sandwich" - *Andy from HTME*
Mufti Hossain (29 days ago)
To compare city states to actual countries is intellectually dishonest and you know it
UMUT ŞEN (29 days ago)
largest city is london how? 18 million live in istanbul
DJ DIGITAL (30 days ago)
I was born in New York City. It's too big and too noisy. I live in Las Vegas now.
Jhon Krasnovskiy (30 days ago)
3:50 - That's not true, the largest city in Europe isn't London (8.78m), it's either Moscow (12m) or Istanbul
CX Music (30 days ago)
Moscow is right. But Istanbul shouldn't count because it is half europe and half asia. I dont know why Paris is on the second place with just over 2m.
Marti Stern (1 month ago)
So, actually, if you don't count Russia and Turkey as Europe, it turns out Berlin, Madrid and Rome are all larger than Paris, as of 2018, population-wise.
Jhon Krasnovskiy (30 days ago)
VanillaChocolateJ (1 month ago)
The number e is everywhere...
lenowin (1 month ago)
This has got to be the definition of patronizing condescension.
Haohmaru HL (1 month ago)
How come London's 8mil population is bigger against Shanghai's 30mil population? Am I missing something
Jhon Krasnovskiy (30 days ago)
He said in Europe, biggest city in Europe (Shanghai is in Asia) Anyways largest city in Europe is actually Moscow
AndrewBrewer917 (1 month ago)
"Richest" yah, let me see Luxemburg make a couple nukes
Hagzz (24 days ago)
AndrewBrewer917 you Americans think nukes mean everything 😂😂
Mir Ist langweilig (1 month ago)
Berlin has a bigger population than Paris Wich makes it the second largest 3:55
Cypress Thunder (1 month ago)
Actualy your wrong about Detroit it was the liberal government who killed the city
Cypress Thunder (1 month ago)
I'm so glad I get to live in a nice town a stone's throw from a big city
Akif Keith (1 month ago)
This is basically Stats and Economics in play
Psychiatrysts (1 month ago)
Cities exist to bring immenent global disaster. Cities = pollution, warming, extinction, over population, wastage. Better we had all stayed on the land.
Luigi836 (1 month ago)
0:38 am I the only one who scrolled down to see if there would be any Dr. Congo memes?
Jack Phelan (30 days ago)
Luigi836 ?
XIAN Can’t believe (1 month ago)
What if they don’t get them back.
Fida Aifiya (1 month ago)
Cities make people depressed
Garrett (1 month ago)
Australia doesn’t follow the zipf distribution. Sydney has 4.8 million, then melbourne at 4.5 million.
MrFox5110 (1 month ago)
The first and second largest cities in Europe today are Istanbul and Moscow
Ashkan92 (1 month ago)
one day were gonna live in malls and supermarkets.. wait it happened
Not_PopSK Gaming (1 month ago)
You see the 2nd biggest city at one point was Chicago now it’s 83rd lmao
Goosg (1 month ago)
Only 20% of the population of Luxemburg live in the city (Luxemburgstadt), look Wikipedia. But still nice video
Destrenym1 (1 month ago)
at 10:00 there's a really cool stone path that's shown, anyone know where that is located?
Vinish (1 month ago)
3:56 Detroit: Hold my beer!!
Elliot Molkentin (1 month ago)
o yeah, sydney and Melbourne are only a few 100,000 people apart also, if you rank every word in any language by frequencies, the same "divided by rank" phenomenon is there
nick p (1 month ago)
Love traveling to Düsseldorf.
Lord Karelia (1 month ago)
Why cities exist? Thats why i could launch my nuclear warhead to erase my enemies cities next to mine in Civilization 6
VanillaDough (1 month ago)
So you do not count Moscow as europe?
Quentin smith (1 month ago)
If I exchange my sheet of paper for your pencil I may have gained 30 minutes but at what cost. I lose my ability to make pencils. And so we end up with bloody useless city people who don't know shit about making things, growing things or fixing things. Who squander the oil reserves getting stuff shipped vast distances across the world because we don't know how to do it ourselves any more.
LLAZZEE (1 month ago)
Cities must be natural because they are like salaries and books, and therefore neccessary..? A supposedly 'natural' statistical spread has nothing to do with the necessity of something to develop..
Toothless (1 month ago)
Your voice is so clear, love it!
E. Lin (1 month ago)
Cologne is also called Frankfurt? Boy, I feel so dumb now. I always thought they were two separate cities!☻
Sprunk Soda (1 month ago)
1.6k suburban boiz
svijayiitk (1 month ago)
5:22 you put Köln instead of Frankfurt Am Main
Britt Mauriss (1 month ago)
you should have dealt with opportunity cost when it comes to the division of labor.
Luis Trejo (1 month ago)
next video: *WHY DO WE EXIST*
Dorset Deb (1 month ago)
ill actually put the comment I made on your Russian video here . race and resultant culture plays a role in GDP.
Carrie Eaton (1 month ago)
Istanbul and Moscow are lager cities then London
panagiotis douvris (1 month ago)
Istanbul was in Europe 600 years ago when it was greek and the name was Constantinopole
Xaverderschnitzelfan (1 month ago)
3.55 i'm not a german and I know german ha e everytime the biggest but I thought Berlin has 3mio? You eben said it! Paris looks weird because its so lose to the population of vienna...
Yankeehunter (1 month ago)
3:45 Ehm London is not the largest city in Europe. Moscow is the largest city with 11.92 Million people.
Xaverderschnitzelfan (1 month ago)
@Yankeehunter but a continent is a large landmass, but europe is conected to africa and asia.
Yankeehunter (1 month ago)
@Xaverderschnitzelfan Europe is historically and culturally a continent.
Xaverderschnitzelfan (1 month ago)
@Yankeehunter what is europe?
Yankeehunter (1 month ago)
@Xaverderschnitzelfan He said Europe not EU. Everything west of the Ural montains is Europe.
Xaverderschnitzelfan (1 month ago)
But in the eu. But there are no official borders for europe. Every intelligent human uses eurasia or afro-eurasia! And the biggest City in eurasia is tokyo.
Brady Anastasia (1 month ago)
With each video of this channel I watch I understand the world more and more
Tal (1 month ago)
You left out Dallas in the United States, it's about the same size as Houston
TheNine AreMine (1 month ago)
@Wendover Production *Please do a video on this reason for the existence of cities.* *_"Safety in numbers"_* Cities exist because of the *(artificial)* availability of all resources man needs to survive. A city dweller for example... can just turn a knob and get water. In today's cities, a city dweller can just about get any commodity from around the world that their heart desires. Also in cities there is also no need for a person to defend themselves and their property from raiders or invaders coming to rape, pillage and plunder. There is a service provided in cities that does that task. Even the danger of "highway men" when traveling between cities is a thing of the past, for the most part anyway. Since the dawn of human civilization humans have clustered together for the same reasons. The formula is simple... the bigger the settlement, the greater the security.
Stoned_kakapo (2 months ago)
yoooo who else noticed the DCS blackshark menu theme playing in the background lol
MILOS PAVLOVIC (2 months ago)
Largest CITY in EUROPE is Istanbul
Xaverderschnitzelfan (1 month ago)
No its moskow the metropolitan area of Istanbul has 15.06mio people moskow has got 15.10 mio but in eurasia its tokyo with 37mio peope.
Adam Pyci (2 months ago)
London is not the largest city in Europe. Moscow is. That is, if we exclude Istanbul.