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Conspiracy theorists targeted Sandy Hook families. He fought back.

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After a tragedy like Sandy Hook, survivors and family members find themselves on the receiving end of online harassment. These grassroots efforts are trying to put a stop to it.
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Text Comments (521)
Josh Penn (16 hours ago)
Google “ Wellaware1 sandy hook “
Robin Banks (1 day ago)
You stupid fucking hypocrites should stop demonizing theorists about Sandy Hook while not accepting the story of the Vegas shooting! Not to mention that Vegas has surveillance and a photo of the alleged shooters body while this has neither.
Joker’s Casino (1 day ago)
Why did Noah’s father cover his face
hunkey monkey (1 day ago)
Mr Ponzer recently never showed up at court after he sued Wolfgang H for money, defamation.
hunkey monkey (1 day ago)
Eden At War (1 day ago)
You’re damn right it’s not going away!!
Mike (1 day ago)
THE REAL QUESTION IS: why is this suddenly new news after 6 yrs ? Has the Trump debacle triggered another false flag event on the horizon ? It's not just CNN = but every Major News Station is under the control of scripted reports and broadcasts. ...ask... Why Now? don't be a sheep - wake up!
Got Game (8 hours ago)
Mike no reporters need to come up with a story and piece to continue to have a job and get paid, other wise the guy who made this video loses his job. Do u understand?
Imall Corkedout (1 day ago)
Theres plenty of stuff this fake impostor (ironic) Alex Jones is misleading on. This is one of the only things he is 100% accurate on. You want to make disagreeing with your "official" story a crime? You should at least make your hoax somewhat believable. This Newtown press event was about as horrible an acting and reporting job as you can have. You really should not have had the "victims" of the "shooting" singing on national television at the superbowl. And for the retard thats going to comment "those kids were 11-13", remember how easy it is to use photographs that are 4-5 years old. So your law is "believe the lie or we will get you"? Most of us know Alex Jones is the fall guy you are going to use to attach the entire truth community to. We know he is complicit, we know you will do this. It sways none of us.
Dustie Marie (2 days ago)
Prove sandy hook was real and we will stop trying to porve its not... But ya wont cause you cant... And as for Noah wasnt he also a school shooting victim in another country also? At the very least its definitely the same picture.
bearfan3417 (1 day ago)
He wasn’t in another shooting. Some folks in Pakistan used his image as a tribute to school shooting victims. Please read the reports. These should prove that the shooting happened. https://cspsandyhookreport.ct.gov
Delvin Walton (3 days ago)
cnn trash fake news it was a stage event
georgeNconrad (4 days ago)
This is sad. I have a friend who bought into this crap.
I’m smarter then u r So (6 days ago)
So their trying to stop people’s first amend rights !?!
Crisis Cunt (6 days ago)
David Rauschenbach (1 hour ago)
Sandy Hook. Fixed it for you
bearfan3417 (1 day ago)
Let’s hear the 9/11 dispatch calls that prove a hoax, troll.
PepsiCoke (6 days ago)
Congrats to *Wolfgang Halbig* for winning the lawsuit against cowardly, Crisis-cow, Lenny.
bearfan3417 (5 days ago)
+PepsiCoke Dude, you are just making shit up. All Wolfgang has are things he has made up to fool people. If he has evidence, he would use in court to dismiss the lawsuit he is currently in with the Sandy Hook parents. Face it, you put your faith into a buffoon who can barely read or write. I am sure you can provide evidence of Pozner being a pornographer? Bold claim there.
PepsiCoke (5 days ago)
+bearfan3417 No, Actually, Wolfgang didn't take his public info down. And Lenny tried to extort him for money to drop the suit. But Woldgang has evidence of Sandyhook's staging. So Halbig was looking forward to exposing the Gay-Teen Pornographer Pozner known as 'Fat-Lenny'.
bearfan3417 (5 days ago)
+Crisis Cunt So the 9/11 calls prove no kids died? What specifically was said in the calls that proves this?
Crisis Cunt (5 days ago)
+bearfan3417 Sandyhook Hoax. Proven by the 9/11 calls.
bearfan3417 (5 days ago)
+PepsiCoke Incorrect. He was suing him to make Wolfgang remove his information from Wolfgang's website. Wolfgang did this so Lenny dropped the suit. Doesn't really fit the conspiracy narrative does it?
Brooklyn King (7 days ago)
Wait so is it fake?
Milan Radovich (7 days ago)
Noah pozner died twice in 2 different school shootings.. the other one was in pakistan...incredible!
David Rauschenbach (1 hour ago)
No, he didn't
Got Game (8 hours ago)
Milan Radovich did u see his body?
Micheal Ettinger (7 days ago)
If Mr Pozner's son was really killed at Sandy Hook, why is he in the shadow? The more I see about Sandy Hook, the more I question the legitimacy of Sandy Hook.
Got Game (9 hours ago)
Imall Corkedout so your saying trump is the reason this hasn’t been exposed? Was 9/11 a false flag too or did planes not crash into the building?
Josh Penn (17 hours ago)
Imall Corkedout yup. Wellaware1 website still it up
Imall Corkedout (1 day ago)
Find somebody with archives of video. Google has scrubbed everything from youtube that doesnt agree with their scripted lies. No truth on this subject remains on youtube. Until about 2 years ago there was about a 20 to 1 ratio of videos exposing the lie compared to "official" propaganda. They are trying to use time to make the truth fade away. Just know if it comes from fox, cnn, or nbc it is not going to give you any facts, now or then.
Truth (2 days ago)
https://imgur.com/a/vwosSLT teeth dont lie
7even - Project Onyx (8 days ago)
Yes, because everyone has time to fake an effing shooting.
Donny Mas (8 days ago)
Here's an idea - If you don't like the conspiracy videos then don't watch 'um! Stay off the site. Get a life!
mark paycer (9 days ago)
Media nazis
Bob42047bmx (10 days ago)
Sounds like they are against free speech & free thought.
CannibalCupcake (10 days ago)
At 9:51:31, Newtown Officer Scott Smith, was standing in room 10 when he announced a suspect down. He was with several other officers. They were all staring at 7 victims, but didn't say a word about them. Seconds later, Newtown Officer Leonard Penna was inside room 8 when he requested a location for the suspect. He was staring at 17 victims, but didn't say a word. Actually, no one said a word to dispatch until after 10am and it was state police not Newtown. It has become known that several victims bled to death with survivable wounds. This all means that people may have been able to be saved, had officers just done their f**king job that day. So why isn't anyone talking about this? PEOPLE COULD'VE LIVED!!!!! Adorable, defenseless, innocent children, could've lived. But officers said nothing, all while staring right at them.
psycleen (10 days ago)
sloppy sniper knows
vasco de gama (15 days ago)
Sounds fake to me!
Josh Penn (17 hours ago)
vasco de gama its all fake. CNN is part of the fake news agenda. S Wellaware1 dot com shows how
HAL (15 days ago)
I called the Oxford ambulance service right after this fraud took place asking why their ambulance was blocked in at the firehouse. Hung up on twice. All the proof I need this was a fraud. If it was real, the parents would have sued their asses off.
bearfan3417 (6 days ago)
HAL Eat shit, pussy.
HAL (14 days ago)
Sandy Hook is the hoax you POS shill.
bearfan3417 (14 days ago)
Maybe they hung up on you because they are not interested in entertaining nutcase hoaxers?
RetroFun (15 days ago)
Fake News with more Fake News!
jeremy perry (17 days ago)
She finna report this one 😂
Ryan Long (17 days ago)
It don't matter if it was real or fake, the point is that there are shooting hoaxes, not all are but some are for sure. It legal and probably even needed for some unknown reason. It is what it is.
CannibalCupcake (11 days ago)
It really does matter. People did die that day, but because they bled to death with survivable wounds. All because the police never told dispatch they had an MCI. They were right fucking there, staring at a couple dozen victims while talking on their radios, and said nothing. For over 20 minutes. It wasn't until after 10 when state police finally said something. Several could've lived, had Newtown police done their jobs that day. That matters. Maybe... they were all high on drugs???? No shit, there was a drug ring being operated straight out of their own police station. Sgt. Steven Santucci. The investigation was dubbed Operation Juice Box. Look into it.
Death ByBagel (17 days ago)
This was all the started to raise a problem with guns.. what better way to get people against having guns... Think about it parents are sick of kids killing there kids so parents will go straight for the gun, it's the perfect plane to have everyone with Kno real fire power to fight back
EVIL Co. (18 days ago)
Alex Jones is a loser.
Britt M (18 days ago)
Wheres the swat guy who also looks exactly like one of the victim's dads..and his "wife", who are both, spoiler alert, actors. The mom is a cartoon voice porn actress
R. Whitaker (13 days ago)
I noticed that one of the "victim's" parents in one of the news videos was a "reporter" in a different video 🤔
CannibalCupcake (18 days ago)
Google "FBI William Aldenberg". He, was the "sloppy sniper", not David Wheeler. He's a real guy, who works for the real FBI who really responded that day.
Jennifer Reeves (18 days ago)
You tube has removed so many sandy hook conspiracy documentaries. I personally do not believe this shooting actually occurred. Back in 2012 there were so many different types of videos explaining things like the school being shut down years before the shooting. So many different types of mistakes made by the media, like the Christmas trees for the children and teachers on display in memory of the loss. Those same tress were behind official building close by the school days before the shooting. Crisis actors are real. If you look back to columbine shooting there was mayhem and actual footage of children doing everything they can to get out of the building you see kids staff members fleeing for their lives many images of shooters killing people and people running around. In the sandy hook shooting people smiling and relaxed demeanor there was no chaos which is expected is this situation. The only image of children escaping is a single file line of maybe 5th graders and inside that image the hand of one of the girls was photo shopped, I say this because the thumb on the left hand was on the right side of her hand. Plan as day. This shooting was created to gain gun control and develop ways to control our rights. You seem parents talking about their children with no tears there’s no way, smiling and laughing with other parents of victims. Then it’s time to speak to the public and the father stops smiling and laughing and immediately turn on the act sobs and no tears. The news is all lies anyone who actually watches the news and believes what y0u see is just ignorant. We are under the thumb of our government and controlled in many ways no one seems to get it.. open your eyes people the only way laws can be changed if they are continuously broken then evaluated and changed.
bearfan3417 (17 days ago)
Would you care to hear an explanation as to why the trees were behind the firehouse?
joe (19 days ago)
"I hope this doesnt come crashing down on our heads later" - Dr Wayne Carver Ohhhhhh its gonna!!
joe (19 days ago)
Lenny, are you sure your son died at Sandy Hook?
Got Game (9 hours ago)
Death ByBagel are u saying no one can walk into a school and kill anyone? I wonder why u don’t say Columbine was a false flag too
Truth (2 days ago)
I can prove some didn't , look for Emilie Found on my channel, forget the vid but read the comment.
Derek Requiem (16 days ago)
+Death ByBagel Yeah it sucks but hey, the US has mass shootings every week or so. Maybe we'll all be lucky and you'll get caught in the crossfire one day! And then other moronic scumbags will scream on youtube about how the shooting was a hoax and your death was fake! One can only hope... 😉
Harris Anne (19 days ago)
These RIDICULOUSLY, OBVIOUS STAGED events are not even well orchestrated. Shoddy at best. A well rehearsed Flash Mob is far better executed. We thinking human beings with half a brain KNOW that this was yet another FEMA drill. Dr. Brian Fetzer NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK! MORE HOLES THAN SWISS CHEESE!
National Autistic Socialism (19 days ago)
Would love to see their stupid kids die in a mass shooting and see how these dumb conspiracy theory idiots feel. They are extremely offensive people. What would they theorize after their kids are shot up? They deserve it!
Theo Fulk (19 days ago)
Put this shoe on the other foot-----The Sandy Hook DECEPTION, { being now so full of holes and having real evidence} CAN BE SEEN as a concerted Psy-ops/ ff/even Fraud, that {without due process through LAW} both Targets law-abiding gun owners who have 2nd Am rights and COERCES BY EMOTIONALISM, NOT BY REASON. See SH 'massacre' AnotherCloser Look---playing victimized IS OVER. repeal HR5736
CannibalCupcake (11 days ago)
5736 never became a law. It was only introduced. That was it. Please fact check, there's enough ignorant propaganda in this case, we don't need anymore. https://www.congress.gov/bill/112th-congress/house-bill/5736
C. Michael (21 days ago)
Don Lemon 🐵🐒😆😄😀🤓😂😝😃💩🙊😛🙄
National Autistic Socialism (19 days ago)
Yes? What is wrong with you?
C. Michael (22 days ago)
Ha hahahahah more thumbs down than thumbs up, nobody believes this Communist Nutjob Network but old people who are too old to see the tv! They don't call it tv ((programming))) for nothing!!! 😝😜🤓😃😂
bearfan3417 (17 days ago)
Just another little pussy scared of the big bad television! Wow, so scary.
C. Michael (18 days ago)
Shut your mouth you transgender mongrel, your day of reckoning is coming, now scurry back under your commie rock.
National Autistic Socialism (19 days ago)
Unfortunately conspiracy theorist idiots such as yourself love to troll CNN videos. People like me - normal, moral, empathetic, educated - are a minority here, but a majority in the real world. Why someone would down-vote this video is beyond me. It has zero to do with politics and it's about a tragedy and loss of children in a shooting. Only a rat bastard like yourself and all the other people here who are mocking this shooting and the dead children would write such disgusting deplorable comments. Sad thing is I can't tell you to grow up, because it seems you're already a dumb White male adult. Bastards like you are some of the most immoral people alive, and yet you cling to the fantasy that is religion which is apparently full of morals.
WorldGangWatch (23 days ago)
i bet the people reporting the videos dont take the time to critically analyze the information. They are taking the truth down ignorantly.
C. Michael (21 days ago)
No they known the truth, they are well paid to hide it
Missy J (23 days ago)
"Happy birthday pappy Dirk" love Kevin. Those who know about the charade know who Kevin is
Phucke Ough (23 days ago)
1:50 - "because there was a digital glitch, Anderson Cooper …" - I'm one to overlook a stray irregularity, but one does not look away from what is clearly impossible. just as neither I nor my photographic equipment mistakenly see through whoever I am focused on, this "digital glitch" reveals some measure of fakery. this "reasoning" is merely trying to "conceal" to highly suggestible people that the anomaly - i.e., seeing Anderson Cooper's nose vanish - is not really happening. Glitches happen, but they don't obviate the truth of our sensing.
C. Michael (22 days ago)
You mean like pictures showing broken glass before the shooting started and signs showing people where to go b4 the drill? Hmmm........and Fathers ("Ronnie Parker") of murdered little girls laughing prior to emotional pleas to the people-- yep horrible crisis actwhores gives these hoaxes/false flags away every time..... https://youtu.be/sino1wwm3cs not a tear one!!! hahaha dumb sheep 🐑baaaah!
belen bobby (23 days ago)
what about the 1st amendment
David Rauschenbach (1 hour ago)
+joe They're not crisis actors
joe (19 days ago)
+National Autistic Socialism Harassing crisis actors should be encouraged.
National Autistic Socialism (19 days ago)
1st amendment, but you can't harass people. Just breaks all moral codes. Ironic these conspiracy theorist idiots are the same bastards who claim they are religious.
Conor Fields (24 days ago)
To say sandy hook was a hoax is hateful and vile What bullshit This sandy hook farce will do a lot to waking the world up to the bullshit we live under Mainstream media being 1 of the tentacles
GrtSatan (24 days ago)
What kind of vicious, deluded freak would go after the parents of a murdered child? What sort of gratification do they get from torturing people who are already in the worst pain imaginable?
GrtSatan (15 days ago)
A lunatic with ready access to lethal weapons murdered a bunch of innocent children, period. Ascribing this horror to some sort of imaginary conspiracy makes you every bit as guilty as the sick freak that pulled the trigger. Shame on you.
CannibalCupcake (18 days ago)
People who believe they are being deceived. I'm not saying I support it by any means, but I understand it. There is a massive cover up of what really happened that day. Unfortunately people are interpreting the disinfo and lack of evidence as proof of a hoax. It sucks, but I guess that's the price they pay for the cover up.
CannibalCupcake (26 days ago)
Who fired the gunshot at 9:46:54?
CannibalCupcake (26 days ago)
In the lawsuit filed by Lenny, Scarlett Lewis and Neil Heslin, it states that Adam was found in the hallway. Not room 10 like we've been told. Lt. Paul Vance (who saw the crime scene) stated the very same thing on national television.
CannibalCupcake (21 days ago)
Yeah... I don't think it was a hoax. A cover up? Absafuckinglutely. But not a hoax. And I believe that some of these multiple narratives are hints at the truth. Someone was shot in the hallway. Shot by a cop at 9:46:54. You can literally hear it happen in Rick Thorne's 911 call. It is my personal belief that there was a second shooter that day, a person they're now covering up. And they're not actors. Wish they were, but they're not.
C. Michael (22 days ago)
These hoaxes always have their stories all mixed up. Like the witnesses who claimed that San Bernardino was done by 3 white guys!! Gmafbreak!!!! 😜https://youtu.be/sino1wwm3cs Robbie Parker worst crisis actor ever.
alaric aguila (26 days ago)
So ... CNNBusiness.... ain't noah business like show bizness, huh? Anybody that thinks this vid presents logic and reason, is a poor diseased creature, who has somehow, been reduced to meat. with eyes. Are you fucking kidding me? Lying scumbags supporting and ... lol ... reporting on scumbags. .. ? ... hey! ... izzat a Rab buy?
Jo Weiss (26 days ago)
We are to believe that an emaciated, totally underweight 6'2 112lb adult was able to even walk not to mention drive!? You know that if that was real, he would be very ill and hospitalized with a feeding tube inserted into himself. His so called psychiatrist Dr. Fox who only saw him 2x alongside an assigned psychologist who saw him all of 4x diagnosed him with Asperger's and PDD. Asperger's being a very high functioning, articulate, intelligent person on the Autism Spectrum who will likely suffer from being clumsy (many tend to walk with the step taken from the ball of their foot as if to have a hop like appearance to their walk) making them trip easier than a typical person would but nonetheless are for the most part very successful in life due to their high intelligence. Take into consideration that it is stated that Adam was 6'2" 112lbs and wore a size 8 shoe! This disproportionate body would surely made him even more uncoordinated. Asperger's has also be labeled "social awkwardness" for decades because of they tend to be more shy, timid, and obviously not great at speaking or feeling comfortable in social settings yet PDD which is Pervasive Developmental Disorder being on the opposite end of the Autism spectrum causes one to have sever anxiety, fear of being out in public (angora phobia) severe reactions to BRIGHT LIGHTS and LOUD NOISES, reclusive and not very verbal or intelligent. I like the shills to explain intelligently how it was possible for Adam to drive to the school, pack 50 lbs of gear and shoot all those 26 bodies Rambo style in 10 minutes. We are to believe that an active elementary school has no LEGAL ADA compliant handicap markings? Can't be a real school in operation, if so, unless it's merely a spook agency prop (considering what went on at the nearby Lima school...). We are to believe that ALL the parents of kindergarteners were in their 40's, with the exception of one family. That is statistically impossible for 19 out of 20 parents of kindergarteners to be THAT OLD. The idiocy of that police report. We are to believe that more than a dozen cops all Keyhoe'd their way through that shattered window? So one of the first two cops simply couldn't open the door for the others? We are to believe that a cop simply sequestered some surviving children in the bloody class rooms with all the bodies, instead of instantly taking those survivors right out the door to much greater safety? We are to believe that the janitor "Rick Thorne" was instant communicator between arriving cops and dispatch rather than an immediate suspect as is police active shooter protocol? And why has the hero Thorne never been interviewed? Why was he listed as employed by Sandy Hook in 2011 and 2012 when the only custodial Rick Thorne in the area was reported actually working for a school district near Boston in 2012, was laid off and never got another job after that? Hmm. We are to believe that 'glamour girl', Kaitlyn-Roig DeBullshit fits herself, and 15 first graders into a 3' x 4' x 6' toilet, which even she admitted was so small, that she felt uncomfortable using it as it was too small for her alone?? At least now she is admitting that the door opened inward. So now she has to say that she couldn't close the door without "rearranging" the children. Were they lying on floor stacked like a wood pile? All standing up? Even giving her the leeway of three on top of the tank (oh, and one on the TP dispenser so she had to hold that one on), It is impossible to fit that many people in that space. BTW, first graders are bigger than you think, especially since so many now are overweight. How did they last 45 minutes? Pretty tough to get enough oxygen when hyperventilating in a small sardine can. Common sense would tell you they would have been crying (all to varying extents), trying to breathe and not suffocate, rolling over up down however she says she placed them to stretch out. You've heard of stampedes? People don't all die from trauma but because they were pushed down so hard they smothered. Oh!! Don't forget having to open the door (squash everyone behind it?) and grab that ineffective book case to barricade a door that opens inward. And she sure did this in record time. We are to believe that a trained FBI sniper, who bares very strong resemblance to David Wheeler, carries an assault rifle by the magazine pointing backwards!? We are to believe Gene Rosen's bullshit story of an imaginary bus driver dropping 6 kids off to a complete strangers home after a school massacre to take care of them with stuffed animals he got laying around!?? We are asked to believe that Shannon Hicks and John Voket could not produce more images of 450 kids and 70 adult staffers fleeing en masse? Only two conga lines of 15 kids? (Oh that's right, Hick's did a video slide show of the event bearing metadata info of 12/13/12 and she was caught uploading it on the eve. BUSTED! Of course, the Newtown Bee deleted then re-uploaded Hicks' masterwork since the revelation to cover their asses.) We are asked to believe that ALL the parents give smiling, giggling interviews after their child was gunned down in a school massacre, exhibiting absolutely no grief and sorrow!?? Taking all of the above points into consideration, this event was so absurd, bizarre and inconsistent that I tend to believe the CIA staged it sloppy on purpose to evaluate who believes the official narrative and who doesn't.
The Opinionist High Quality Opinions (25 days ago)
Excellent overview!! I'd add only that the irrefutable evidence and the Manual itself, show beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was a FEMA /DHS Integrated Capstone Event, a two day school safety drill "gone live" and pushed out to the gullible American public by the complicit media as a real event. Sandy Hook Elementary School had not been a functioning school since at least 2008. For a so called "news organization" like CNN, which itself has been caught staging stories more than once, to have the audacity to continue with their demonization of people who have done the research on this event is the height of hypocrisy. IF, and I say IF, anyone has really harassed these so called "grieving families", it wouldn't surprise me to learn that this too was set up for propaganda purposes. Real people who know the truth don't go around messing with the Federal government. We prefer to spread the truth peacefully. Nice try, AGAIN, CNN but it won't work because more and more people are catching on daily. Thanks again for your excellent post!
YourThoughtsBetrayYou (27 days ago)
This opened my eyes to the "crisis actor"..and I do believe this is a trap to single out the "theorists" because usually a video like this would disable the comments. I can sum up everything...A man has been arrested who is a hero of the people. He was the peoples last hope for exposing tyranny and oppression. The fact our president doesn't immediately protect him means our president isn't for the people. IF YOU DOMT KNOW WHO IM TALKIMG ABOUT? Your also part of the problem.
C. Michael (22 days ago)
A wise Frenchman named Voltaire once observed "If you want to know who controls you, see who you are not allowed to criticize" . Our dual-citizen pals and shaabbos goyim in Congress are attempting to make anti-Semitism a crime so we cannot criticize a j00, (See Noahide Laws) they've already made it illegal to boycott the motherland (See BDS Israhell)
Mr. Hasbr (27 days ago)
Fake news reporting on fake news Also at 0:58 you can see a conspiracy theorist annoying Buzz Aldrin. BUT BUZZ PUNCHED HIM HARD IN THE FULL VIDEO XD
blisterpacman (14 days ago)
pretty much
Mr. Hasbr (19 days ago)
National Autistic Socialism lol what
National Autistic Socialism (19 days ago)
You're a rat
187 ummm (1 month ago)
As hurtful as it is. You either support free speech or you don't. It's a slippery slope once you start this...
C. Michael (8 days ago)
I don't see any comments supporting curtailing free speech [?] Think he meant when they start censoring people it's a slippery slope
theAbeElement (10 days ago)
Are you saying it's a slippery slope to have unfettered free speech?
C. Michael (22 days ago)
I agree Jack, the Joos have always been psychopaths, nothing can change this, no other people have been expelled over 100 times for no reason https://www.biblebelievers.org.au/expelled.htm
JackStrait (26 days ago)
Stopping free speech won't prevent crazy people from being crazy
gircakes (1 month ago)
It’s kind of hypocritical for CNN to diss conspiracy theories, when they’re fake news, and they fed into the Russia collusion bullshit. Pot calling the kettle black.
Joe greene (1 month ago)
blisterpacman (7 days ago)
+White Lily i mean it happened. just like 911 happened just not the way the media reported it. And I don't see how that relates to my career.
White Lily (7 days ago)
+blisterpacman wow your career must have gone down hill if you believe that Sandy hook was fake.
blisterpacman (7 days ago)
+White Lily um i was in a highly televised show friday night lights in a lead roll.. far froma prostitute.
White Lily (7 days ago)
+C. Michael your dog is ugly ha ha
White Lily (7 days ago)
+blisterpacman shut up you look like a protistute on your pfp .
Terry Janssen (1 month ago)
Make sure nobody says anything in the future.
Boudicca’s Wrath (17 days ago)
Terry Janssen exactly!!
Terry Janssen (1 month ago)
CNN is the CIA News Network. Si Op, and a rank amateur one too.
Terry Janssen (1 month ago)
Sandy Hook was a fake false flag.
Joe greene (13 minutes ago)
+David Rauschenbach Oh it was as evil as the 2 other events that factions of this Gov did, never going to the Moon and dropping those Towers on 911.
Joe greene (19 minutes ago)
+National Autistic Socialism Oh your one of those entities. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
Joe greene (20 minutes ago)
+National Autistic Socialism Let me flip that Pancake as the ones who fabricated the Lie, will be in Hell after they die. Sandy Hoax.
David Rauschenbach (1 hour ago)
+Joe greene No, it wasn't
Got Game (3 hours ago)
Robin Banks you named all high schools idiot
A Dalis (1 month ago)
Conspiracy? Yes. Theory? No. Who decides? The facts. How to find out? There lies the devil. Who knows the truth? The critical thinker. Any hints? Motive. What is an example? Money. Follow the money trail. Why gun control is huge? Well, because it is control and because control is necessary for money making and wealth. Who rules this country? Bankers. Warlords. Hungry bureaucrats. Corporations. Who is about to explode in revolution? People. How to control the revolution? Take guns away and let the money cabal guards monopolize the weapons.
Adam Little (1 month ago)
There wouldn't be any conspiracy theory if you got the story straight first time round, with no check in boards no helicopter shots of people walking in circles and going into tent and coming out in a different shirt. Have Paramedics going into the building and check for injured kids that could be saved, have the medical helicopters arrive as they should at any school shooting oh and make sure records show the food for school meals actually show the food being delivered to that school and not a different one.
CannibalCupcake (20 days ago)
bear, lmao... they really don't know do they? They know there was a suit, they know it involved Halbig and Pozner, but have absolutely no idea what it was even about.
C. Michael (22 days ago)
Now you understand why the Germans gave these nice tribals the boot? All our institutions are run by these same antichrists who subverted Germany, starved, and slaughtered the Russians (Red Terror) and Ukrainians (Holodomor). Don't you want to know what great things they have in store for us? They've been such great guests w/everyone whom they've stayed with over the centuries. They've only been kicked out 109 times for being complete psychopaths. They cried for their own state as a solution but now that they have it they will not go there because their god (NOT OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN) says it's not time to go (guess they have more milk to draw?) Good times indeed!! but hey they give us Holyweird so we should be thankful right?https://www.biblebelievers.org.au/expelled.htm
YourThoughtsBetrayYou (27 days ago)
No evidence of a evacuation.
bearfan3417 (1 month ago)
Cody What did he sue him for?
Cody (1 month ago)
Answered Wolfgang Halbig's questions, and not show up in court when he sued him.
Potato Slayer (1 month ago)
Jem le kk lol
Potato Slayer (1 month ago)
Maria Zieve (1 month ago)
I really would like to know what did happen in SHook Elementary. But Lenny pozner dropped the case against Wolfgang Halbig, after 2.5 years. Anybody can explain WHY HE DROPPED THE CASE. Let’s put all the facts together. There are questions being addressed that very hard to dismiss. Lenny Pozner has had his chance to prove it was a real event. What did happen. Why did he drop the case. Why did I see a picture on the internet of Noah Pozner in Pakistani school attack.
jason walters (27 days ago)
No he was going to be deposed on video and have to show evidence S.H happened. The day came and he dropped it bc Lenny is full of shit. Make sure you tell all the facts and reasons why next time. Not must your narrative buttfan .
bearfan3417 (1 month ago)
He dropped the case because Pozner was suing to get his information removed from Halbig‘s site. Halbig did this so Pozner dropped the case. Doesn’t really fit the conspiracy narrative.
Sami Warren (1 month ago)
What she's hiding the truth. It's all fake let's cry
jason walters (1 month ago)
LOL Propaganda for a HOAX
Hod D (1 month ago)
Israel did 911 get out of my country lenny pozner has 4 allias's dropped frivolous lawsuits and they hired alex jones to plea deal make things illegal their jooze
Dogs Sing (1 month ago)
You fucking idiots. People really did die. What if these assclowns went to the dead Las Vegas shooting victims and attacked them? A false flag means PEOPLE DIED but there were also crisis actors. You fucking tools. This was done by the CIA or some shit. But people ACTUALLY DID DIE. I bet the CIA is laughing their asses off at this. My heart goes out to the families of the deceased. Fuck the CIA. And fuck those SUBHUMAN crisis actors. Worthless fucking SCUM of this Earth. Fuck the Alex Jones morons attacking these families. Alex Jones is controlled opposition. Truth sprinkled with lies to discredit the whole thing overall.
RocketmanRockyMatrix (1 month ago)
Why don't you focus the attention to Bridgeport, CT? There are a lot of non-whites that have been victims of gun violence.
RocketmanRockyMatrix (1 month ago)
White Liberals are getting the attention. Newton Police is a joke.
wanderley becerra (1 month ago)
Yes let's take down all conspiracy theories.
C. Michael (22 days ago)
Working on abolishing? They already censor the fuck out of anything exposing truth w/out any laws. They do it by setting dummy corporations and headed by puppet dummies like that Joo Suckerburg at Faceberg. Then say well get they are private owned so they can do what they want......liars. Anyone who thinkers internet is public see ARPANET BY DARPA.
Joe greene (1 month ago)
I got a better one lets remove all MSM who sell snake oil.
Dogs Sing (1 month ago)
Soon it will be illegal, so might as well speak about it before we see UK style laws here. The NSA is working on abolishing online free speech right now. Time is limited.
Vinci'sProphet🖖 (1 month ago)
This is proof right here they wouldn't give it soo much attention if it was fake
Awkward Occurrences (1 month ago)
+Dogs Sing do more research puppet . No one dies no one gets hurts. All actors all fake explosions all fake bullets .
Awkward Occurrences (1 month ago)
+Dogs Sing no they werent . I'm not going to argue with you over facts .
Dogs Sing (1 month ago)
+Awkward Occurrences No, those were real deaths. A false flag attack is an inside job involving real people. Just like 9/11. To push an agenda like gun control or starting the iraq war. The FBI did the las vegas shooting in conjuction with saudis.
Awkward Occurrences (1 month ago)
+Dogs Sing 9 11 on the other hand. Buildings folding hitting ppp below possibly is collateral damage
Awkward Occurrences (1 month ago)
+Dogs Sing no one died in Boston bombing cuz that wasnt a bomb and no one in Las Vegas because those were actors and blank rounds
Vinci'sProphet🖖 (1 month ago)
Yup they're talking about it because they know there was evidence proving it was fake
Dogs Sing (1 month ago)
The fact that crisis actors were there doesn't mean it's fake. In a false flag attack, real people die. 100% inside job. See Las Vegas, 9/11, and the Boston Marathon.
bearfan3417 (1 month ago)
Your logic and reasoning is severely flawed. Get some help please.
APCWORLDSUXAZ (1 month ago)
lol cnn business? doing news pieces on conspiracy theorists? ROFL propaganda much ?  OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD. your news is scripted garbage. yah lenny created a "volunteer army" BULLLSHHHIT....
No No (1 month ago)
I pretty sure we have a constitution that says we have free speech and well even if we don't anymore I and many Americans believe it's a God given right anyway. The reason for our free speech was so that we could always question the governments official story on anything we see as not being told truthfully! It's not just a human God given right it's our responsibility as human beings! I have researched this diligently from the beginning til now and stuff doesn't add up at ALL! God's word says never go along with evil and expose it at all cost! That what the conspiracy FACT people are doing. Exposing it and according to your video with extreme cost ! I'm a human being with my own brain and so is everyone else. When something smells like 💩 I can say it smells like 💩 and there's nothing you can do! Just because people don't agree with your official story doesn't mean their violent or a danger and their GOD given freedom should be taken! Y'all are INSANE and you best repent and turn from your wicked ways before the most high comes back! It's never too late to tell the truth!
No No (1 month ago)
Wow, judging by the comments here NO one is believing your lies, fake news, propaganda hoaxes anymore!!! It's about time thank you fellow Americans for walking up!!!😘🤗😁
C. Michael (22 days ago)
Hahaha, only the paid shills to defend the nonsense.
kidgroup everything (1 month ago)
Maikerr Ioerr (1 month ago)
Caution: toxic comments ahead you’ve been warned!
Maikerr Ioerr (1 month ago)
Joe greene who?
Joe greene (1 month ago)
+Maikerr Ioerr You are 100% what the controllers count on.
Maikerr Ioerr (1 month ago)
Joe greene you’re comment sounds like total b.s.
Joe greene (1 month ago)
+Maikerr Ioerr The Lord in Heaven did and granted me with his God given discernment. Unlike those here who are possessed or Demons in Human suits attempting to project the furtherance of the lie that is Sandy Hoax. To stand with or not allow ones self to know the truth that is was a Evil agenda Capstone Event is total evidence of the ignorance or evil within the souls here attempting to fool others into believing it was a real event that occurred. NO FATHER WOULD EVER GO ONTO CNN AFTER 25 HOURS OF THEIR BABY GIRL BEING BLOWN AWAY AND ACT THE WAY ROBBIE PARKER DID, IF YOU THIINK ONE WOULD YOU ARE THE MENTAL IN THIS REALM THEY COUNT ON. When a Position so high in the land as Governor Malloy lies and denies what he stated to the world and what is already captured on video footage. Is another major reason of the corruption behind the Fabricated Capstone Event that it was.
Maikerr Ioerr (1 month ago)
Joe greene who put on this planet?!
AMERICA FIRST (1 month ago)
CNN reports fake news everyday & label themselves as TRUE NEWS. Alex Jones is a commentator on a talk show & he gets punished for expressing his views. Not sure why people cant see the problem with this. Its amazing that people will ignore free speech when its speech they dont agree with. Its also amazing that people ignore the fact that no one has to listen to anyone else's speech & if they do & get mad thats there own fault. Online harassment is not possible unless you chose to pay attention to whos harassing you. Everyone has the ability to ignore any so called online harassment by not reading it. This action against Alex will result in even more suspicion.
C. Michael (22 days ago)
Nobody believes these Joos.
Rich Basa (1 month ago)
Tighty Whitey (1 month ago)
CNN was the media mastermind behind Sandy Hook
Joshua Lois (20 days ago)
Tighty Whitey (21 days ago)
*eats popcorn*
Noob-Zero (22 days ago)
+C. Michael You need to give up on your worthless bullshit, it is getting old and outdated.
C. Michael (22 days ago)
Noob-Zero (23 days ago)
+Missy J No it definitely isn't.
Hope Smith Polk (1 month ago)
Why hide Pozner's face? We all know what he looks like!
JMP (1 month ago)
1. Because he is actually an imposter. 2. He assumes It helps his false narrative that he is harassed, when in actuality, it is he who is the harasser.
Nick DeAngelis (1 month ago)
victor furnadjiev (1 month ago)
Hoax or not a hoax this is what happens when u make everyone equal, some people aint mentally stable so dont get surprise when it happens again
Awkward Occurrences (1 month ago)
+victor furnadjiev smh
victor furnadjiev (1 month ago)
+Rich Panini if a handicapped guy goes nuts and does a masacre its because he is equal and that gives him the right to have shit, to be in the street where we have to treat him as if he is one of us, ignoring the fact he has mental issues, generalize a group of people its bad but a massacre its worst
Boudicca’s Wrath (1 month ago)
victor furnadjiev I can tell that you know EXACTLY what you’re talking about... by the use of the word Ain’t.
Boudicca’s Wrath (1 month ago)
🤔 WTF? lol
Rich Panini (1 month ago)
how has it anything to do with equality if it was a CIA hoax? How has it anything to do with equality if a mentally handicapped guy goes nuts?
someone else (1 month ago)
Are they talking sandy hook and showing pictures of NZ? Why?
Robin Banks (1 day ago)
Kallisto Exactly! At least Vegas has photos and surveillance yet dumbfuck hypocrites who forgot their snickers believe in this but don’t believe the Vegas story.
Fake AssYoutubers (7 days ago)
+White Lily Haha look another scumbag politician. You should go hang yourself by a tree until you suffocate and can't breathe no more and everyone will be happy including your mother
White Lily (7 days ago)
+C. Michael you are definitely 5 . go hang yourself white supremacist . Go is going to throw in the pit of hell
White Lily (7 days ago)
+Cody 14 year old whiteboy right here
Grey Falcon (1 month ago)
Sandy Hook was so fake. Show me the dead bodies. Oh, you can't, because there were no dead bodies.
National Autistic Socialism (19 days ago)
You don't show dead bodies. Do you have any knowledge of human decency? Would you want your dead kid's body to be shown to the world? What is wrong with you? If the world ended I would be happy knowing people like you would die.
Kadie Johnson (1 month ago)
If you are curious as to why people think something is very wrong with SH see the attached: https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=2497 https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=34GN3H8X6SDO
ahmed King (1 month ago)
Complaints of families that not only made thousands of dollars off this fake tragedy, but has a vested interest in gun control. If you look at the back ground of these people. You'll see their life long fight for gun control
ahmed King (1 month ago)
It's a shame that these people are censoring free thought and free speech. So much evidence has been removed, proving that Sandy Hook was in fact a big ass hoaxs
ahmed King (1 month ago)
Sandy hooks a hoaxs
Harris Anne (1 month ago)
My toy poodle knows it was a total HOAX at this point. I mean who falls for this manure?
Got Game (5 hours ago)
Harris Anne people like me knew the families and the kids and your delusionals and assumptions are stupid
Harris Anne (5 hours ago)
+Got Game and people like you will continue to believe what the NWO Fake News media feeds you. Learn to think outside of the box. Don't be an NPC droid. Dr. James Fetzer.investigative journalist "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" !!!!!
Got Game (8 hours ago)
Harris Anne not really u are a troll that has been convinced by the media that it isn’t true. Reporters need to get paid they don’t care if they have all the facts before making a story public. Media outlets only care for your ratings and viewership. The owner of this video only cares for your viewership too. In most school shooting near towns media outlets will report the story without all the facts intentionally because people like u will continue to watch
White Lily (7 days ago)
+Theo Fulk why do people believe it's a hoax like man people with autism man .
Theo Fulk (19 days ago)
probably 75% of the innocent dupes who are involved with just 'making ends meet'
cedoman1 (1 month ago)
Search: " Andy Parker The Actor "
HMS Daedalus (1 month ago)
They really have no shame, they are being caught in their web of lies and wants to censor the internet. What a bunch of lying pos.
Joshua Lois (20 days ago)
C. Michael (22 days ago)
I 💘 it when the stupid electric rabbi trolls are outnumbered by real people calling out these hoaxes-false flags. Use the donations to get those stupid crisis actors some acting lessons, for fuksake, greedy fucks. Here's that shithead Robbie Parker (probably a stage name) https://youtu.be/sino1wwm3cs
Harambe Harambee (28 days ago)
undergroundjohnny seriously Jewtube purged the whole conspiracy videos and all false flag shootings! You can watch the videos on reddit
Noob-Zero (1 month ago)
+Hod D Go away heartless loser!
cedoman1 (1 month ago)
Search : " We Need to talk about Sandy Hook " ..
Noob-Zero (21 days ago)
+C. Michael No, morons like you BELIEVE its a hoax. Smart people like me KNOW this is real.
C. Michael (22 days ago)
Why bother everyone knows its a hoax! 😂🙄🙁🤓😝
Noob-Zero (1 month ago)
Ziggy Bowie (1 month ago)
Nezello (1 month ago)
Ex State Trooper Threatened for Questioning Sandy Hook... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SQpKOiVcgg&t=23s
bearfan3417 (1 month ago)
Wolfgang is fat load with dementia. So funny you fools put your faith and money in him.
Stew Field (1 month ago)
This is text book lying propagandists in action. Quit watching MSM and let it whither on the vine.
Kneegrow 72 (1 month ago)
Thats actually fucked. The internet crazy
JMP (1 month ago)
More FAKE AF propaganda pieces by CNN. Sandy Hook was a total hoax and an assault on the American public. CNN WILL ALWAYS BE FAKE NEWS. Just as fake as the "HONR" NETWORK that imposter "Lenny Pozner" secured years before the hoax.
White Lily (7 days ago)
+Joshua Lois kill yourself right now drink bleach just do it
White Lily (7 days ago)
+JMP why are you that stupid . God will put you in hell
Joshua Lois (20 days ago)
+kidgroup everything YES MORON I LIVE NEAR MOSQUE
C. Michael (22 days ago)
I believe n it's time for another expulsion order, what are we on now #110? https://www.biblebelievers.org.au/expelled.htm
Barry M (1 month ago)
Here is a better idea. Instead of censoring the whole world, lets just stop reporting all this shit. If these shooters are just looking for fame, there would be no point in doing it. If its all bullshit, we wont hear about it either way. But, sadly, this isn't going to happen. The media is owned by the shills, who have an agenda to fill.
Tony Mead (1 month ago)
There are no "shooters" - just psychological operations
Eric Nick (1 month ago)
Hopefully alex jones dies a slow and painful death.
National Autistic Socialism (19 days ago)
Yes, look at the comments here, majority are by conspiracy theorist idiots who troll CNN videos and these deplorable people who like to mock shootings and dead children. I hope they all die. Why does the US possess the dumbest people in the world?
Jason Swenders (1 month ago)
Donate now !
C. Michael (22 days ago)
Yes the crisis actors badly need acting lessons.😜
Nina (1 month ago)
Lol @ cnn covering this...