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Sam Beam interview with KEXP's Greg Vandy

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Greg Vandy, host of The Roadhouse on KEXP, talks to Iron & Wine's Sam Beam at the first ever No Depression Festival at Marymoor Park in Redmond, WA, on 7/11/09.
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Text Comments (53)
Naylikeh (2 years ago)
This little beardy dude should have smashed his guitar on this cringe-ass interviewer's face.
Redsock (2 years ago)
"not really you gotta be kinda dumb" haha XD
lastofthemohicans1 (4 years ago)
Vandy seems like a dou...
Kevin Conner (4 years ago)
These interviews are garbage.  Compare this to the KXEP recording takes that happened a few years ago... come on.  It's about getting to the heart of it all.  That's what those recordings did, and that's what I hope to see more of.
Jopert Gavino (5 years ago)
are they wearing the same shirt
Benlafin (6 years ago)
The shirts aren't the same. The buttons are different and the pockets are. Not to mention the color's (obviously). They're just button ups... And I'm pretty sure Sam said "At the toilet store." Which would be an Anchorman reference I believe.
peachtable966 (7 years ago)
oh, now i get it... makes the question at the end less awkward. Sam was funny. It was a good interview, even though the interviewer was a bit odd..
David Dupont (7 years ago)
i don't really mind the interviewer, but the camera man good god
LORENA CASTRO (7 years ago)
Greg Vandy is a fuckin' tool
Blaze Call (7 years ago)
anybody else notice their wearing the same shirt just in different colors?
Blaze Call (7 years ago)
sam is a very shy and awkward man. that's why we love him
lastofthemohicans1 (7 years ago)
Such an awkward interview
uttermeamumble (8 years ago)
Why do people always think everyone looks high? Just because YOU are high doesn't mean everyone else is I'm sure he's just tired.
Naylikeh (2 years ago)
Wow... At least you tried man, at least you tried..
wardc03 (8 years ago)
@DawnpatrolTrev Oh believe me, I could have been much more extreme.
John Carey (8 years ago)
This interviewer is sooo awkward.
Nico (8 years ago)
I want to smack the interviewer in the face every time he does that shit eating grin.
cody soileau (8 years ago)
He wants to grow a beard so bad. He's even wearing the same shirt as Sam.
tabber87 (8 years ago)
Anyone who wears a hat like that is trying too damn hard.
Matt Johnson (8 years ago)
that guy is fawkward
Brandon Mckinney (8 years ago)
I love how Sam's accent randomly gets stronger and weaker as he talks
Brygelsmack (8 years ago)
4:16, fucking owned. xD
Brygelsmack (8 years ago)
Sam Beam is brilliant.
SuperNoobTroll (8 years ago)
omg 4:19 is as funny as Between Two Ferns!!!!
TheCompleteGuitarist (8 years ago)
I don't know why everyone is on a downer about the interviewer. He asks some good questions. What are you reading are you still making movies etc? The douches are the douche makers.
felixramsey (9 years ago)
This is so awkward.
Melty_wave (9 years ago)
"I was a hardass man. Yeah. I'll show you."
pgrooves (9 years ago)
"I wasn't all that cool..." Sam Beam, you're so damn cool.
zappafan136 (9 years ago)
you can tell that Sam had no idea to respond to his eyes popping statement lmao this is deliciously awkward.
Andy Kawabata (9 years ago)
hahahaha "just Florida films"
Justin Ainsworth (9 years ago)
I don't see what's so wrong with the interviewer?
Dan Somerville (9 years ago)
damn, Sam is such a cool, laid back guy. I'm glad I listen to artists with genuine personalities.
Auldhelm (9 years ago)
I thought it was a good interview I really liked hearing Sam Beam talk about his beginnings. I liked the interviewer too.
Rachel J (9 years ago)
this is horrid. and they're wearing matching shirts.. ???
icemanguitar (9 years ago)
hahaah hes like "dam ur gttn married to this guy!?"
Tyler Notaro (9 years ago)
I don't think the interviewer isn't listening to him as much as he is just plain awkward, and i really wanted to hear about Sam's take on the trapeze swinger as well as many other songs, but i guess just talkin about the general stuff is important too......
acebrawler73 (9 years ago)
Its funny how much the interviewer is getting trashed. And he has multiple interviews on this channel. He's no good because you can tell that he's barely listening to the answers sam is giving. He's just thinking of his next question and waiting for sam to finish talking. He needs to work on that.
Ti K (9 years ago)
wats wrong with the interviewer??
Caitie Z (9 years ago)
They are wearing the same shirt!! Do you think they planned that?
tucker20333 (9 years ago)
"It makes your eyes pop" What a creeper! This interviewer is such a perv!
Derek Witten (9 years ago)
The expression on Sam's face when the interviewer says "it makes your eyes pop" is the funniest thing I've seen all day. Talk about awkward moment.
CrimsonEmpire (9 years ago)
I love how down to earth he seems. Like a guy you would meet at the grocery store or something like that.
Tadhg O' Tuama (9 years ago)
zack galifinakis anybody?
Taylor W (9 years ago)
wow. this guy....not sam. the interviewer. sam is amazing. this guy is just....weasly. i wish i could hear what sam is thinking during this. "what did he just ask me? and why is his nose making that noise?"
Mic S (9 years ago)
I need a beard...
Tatiana Barabash-Bunda (9 years ago)
To the people commenting on Sam being short; Hes not thaaaaat short. I hugged him and was the same size, which is 5"7'
emakne (9 years ago)
@logandc123 hahaha, seriously!
logandc123 (10 years ago)
I just kept waiting for 'greg' to ask him out on a date or something.
wardc03 (10 years ago)
Good God... What a douche bag interviewer.
7tilsleep (10 years ago)
i love this. sam is hilarious.
M Mulqueen (10 years ago)
So, is Sam really short or something? I never noticed.
Suzanne Schmid Music (9 days ago)
He's around 5'11" I'd guess .. after meeting him at the mall
farubino (10 years ago)