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Best of How To Not Drive Your Car in 2018

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Best of How To Not Drive Your Car in 2018 #739 - Enjoy watching, be careful on the road! Submit your videos: evgeniyas2007@gmail.com Subscribe! http://goo.gl/YjCTrJ Offer your subtitles and translations! https://goo.gl/NvkuAl The best collection of car video caught on Dash Cam from around the world. On this channel you will find a large selection of videos on various topics of car: idiot drivers, road rage, driving fails, close calls, instant karma, and many other collections. All pleasant viewing! Recent compilations every day!. Dear viewers, if you own the copyright to any video posted on the channel, and you are against placing your videos on the list, and if you want to see your video in the compilation please write us: evgeniyas2007@gmail.com Featured Playlists car theme !!! Ultimate Driving Fails Compilation - https://goo.gl/SjS8bs CRAZY ROAD RAGE - https://goo.gl/Q3RvpW INSTANT KARMA, INSTANT JUSTICE - https://goo.gl/b9LjvX Incredible luck // CLOSE CALLS - https://goo.gl/sSQpKh Driving Fails Compilation - https://goo.gl/XawRNA Random acts of kindness || Humanity restored! - https://goo.gl/DyG3wW USA ROAD RAGE - https://goo.gl/NnJE3K **************************************************************** DISCLAIMER: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing." #cctube #car #roadrage #drive
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Text Comments (72)
C G (3 days ago)
7:53 is totally the camers fault. They shouldn't have pulled out so quickly like that.
Tkachenkoksu1 Ткаченко (6 days ago)
Ничего не поняла, что с последним??? Вышел и обратно зашел
Marc René Yvon (6 days ago)
The death rate on Russian roads must be staggering: Speeding Drunks, clueless driving - including bus and truck drivers, shit old Ladas made from paper thin (Russian) cheap steel on decades old Fiat tooling ( ! ), communist era bad tires... No wonder Putin gets elected and re-elected again. Third world country...
MagicD3VIL (7 days ago)
I think this should be how to not drive every year not only 2018
Barbara Ann (5 days ago)
MagicD3VIL amen! Wish I could punch the like button more than once!
Niek de Jong (7 days ago)
childhood performance lung handle bold liberty street terms machine governor consultant
Jump N´ Run (8 days ago)
5:38 hua
Janika (10 days ago)
4:08 to be continued...
Aristeo Juarez III (10 days ago)
I love hearing people honk on many of these clips. It’s almost like they expect the vehicle that lost control to say “My bad. I’ll stop sliding uncontrollably towards you.” I kinda chuckle in a far out kind of way.
Walking Zed's Push Bike (9 days ago)
You are better than me, I complain to the monitor / computer every time I hear a horn, unnecessarily, which is most times. :')
899800801 (10 days ago)
Russia.Did you all pass your test on a dodgem ride? Is it compulsory to have a large Wodka before driving?
D90Girl (10 days ago)
Rajvardhan Patil (10 days ago)
Where are brakes at??!!!
Adam Schroeder (10 days ago)
What do the symbols mean on their back windows?
Barbara Ann (5 days ago)
Adam Schroeder according to Google, if it’s a w, it’s the Cyrillic symbol meaning they have winter tires. Not sure of the others.
Servus Bratans und Sestras (10 days ago)
qui s'adapte parfaitement tube de succion de tube de cc
stickloaf (10 days ago)
i cant believe these people control america
John LaFrance (10 days ago)
Driving in Russia. Drink a fifth of vodka. Make sure you have more for the ride. Grab your keys and head out on the road. That's what these videos seem to show.
Red 13 (10 days ago)
I don't think I would want to even try to drive in Russia.
Mahesh Odedra (10 days ago)
Amazing collection
jarotex (10 days ago)
All foreigners. All shitty drivers! Even the ones doing the filming.
Zach Hart (10 days ago)
The fuck does everyone drive like 60 in the snow?
Dr Pina (10 days ago)
Russians can’t drive lmaoo
DoctorBohr (10 days ago)
8:00 what the hell is that? Mortar fire?
Barbara Ann (3 days ago)
DoctorBohr I am so sorry for being so late responding. We’d left right after my last reply to go to an area called Lake of the Woods for a few days of ice fishing. Fishing was slow, but fun & we did catch some walleyes & sauger to bring back. The resort we were at had no WiFi, though (lol). Yeah. I bet that guy needed to change his underwear! We had a squirrel that got up in the little one we have for the house: all I heard was a loud BANG & we lost power. Don’t know if it was trying to nest in the box or what.
DoctorBohr (5 days ago)
He was lucky to survive for sure. I hadn't a clue what was going on until the Russian posters told me. There was quite a debate going on in the comments of that vid as to who fired the mortars: Ukrainian dogs, or Russian dogs :/ I wasn't in the military, no.
Barbara Ann (5 days ago)
DoctorBohr no kiddding! Moms always say to make sure you’re wearing clean underclothes. It’s scary enough when lightning strikes (though, it’s awesome to,see). And, to see that happen with that driver: he must’ve said it and then did it right? Were you in the military?
DoctorBohr (5 days ago)
Fire in something! I'd have pooped myself seeing that. Interestingly, I did see one Russian dashcam vid where the motorist DID drive into actual mortar fire. That was in the part of Ukraine where that war is. Never seen a chap reverse so fast. He was OK, but wow....
Barbara Ann (5 days ago)
DoctorBohr fire in the hole?
Grankof (10 days ago)
ух ёпт твою налево,сказала королева
Good ole' Hardworkin' American (10 days ago)
Yes these people are shitty drivers, but many people filming also have horrible reflexes/awareness. Many of these collisions wouldn't have happened had more people paid better attention.
Lesleyt58 (10 days ago)
Eh gads Russia looks dangerous to drive in.
Italian Diecast Unboxing Channel (10 days ago)
Like se c'è qualcuno Italiano che ha cantato "La felicità" al minuto 7:47
Dean Cutler (10 days ago)
Lol your mirrors are not ornamental dipshits
SmokeDogNY420 (10 days ago)
love how the worst drivers are the most aggressive, like the last clip....good way for retard man in fuzzy coat to get himself shot
UNdashcamNRW (10 days ago)
*_COOL VIDMIX CCT_* ... ^^ LIKE #179 😎
Ayoub ALShamali (10 days ago)
Good 😊
Мама Детей (11 days ago)
7:52 video from 2004
Мама Детей (11 days ago)
1:30 "ух, еб твою налево, сказала королева" XD
Shadow (11 days ago)
So i can drive like that in 2019?
irokatcod4 (11 days ago)
"How To Not Drive Your Car in 2018" First video is from 2013
Walking Zed's Push Bike (9 days ago)
Get Schwifty, mine too. The quality of the videos / clips of my rear camera are quite good, so no reason to buy a new camera, but the camera is about 3 years old, so the battery only last about 10 seconds. I have reset the time many times but it keeps showing 2013 for every video because of the poor battery life. So, irokatcod4, as Get Schwifty said, it is the battery that causes the mistaken date, not that anyone has made any time travel to cause it.
Get Schwifty (10 days ago)
irokatcod4 That is new, when the battery runs out on dashcams they rest the date mines on 2014 unless I can be bothered to set it again.
Sliverbane (11 days ago)
Headphones users...beware high pitch noise. 1:50 Ouch!
Richburg Doblo Deskobar (10 days ago)
Too late I've already gone deaf from that sound
Mannard Mann (11 days ago)
And again I ask, are there ANY newer single family home neighborhoods in Russia or is it ALL stack & pack high density apartments??!?
Gam3rGh0st5654 YT (6 days ago)
They can controll the weather
Marc René Yvon (6 days ago)
Serious ? Because this a poor country, ruled tightly by Putin and the 1% rich, corrupt minority. There is no middle class in Russia. Either you are in the Putin Billionaires club or in the low waging, barely surviving majority. Period. No choice. A second revolution is brewing down there. Blood will be shed. Again.
Walking Zed's Push Bike (9 days ago)
Most times Google is really bad, but this time it, or you got it quite good.
Александр Лавров (10 days ago)
The links are examples alongside my city. Houses for one family are built, next to the cities of the main sources of land for settlements. The prices for such a house are different, depending on the area and location. Not everywhere there is a centralized water supply and gas. The cost of a piece of land also depends on this. Sorry for Google Transliate;) https://www.google.ru/maps/place/%D0%91%D0%B5%D0%BB%D1%8F%D0%BD%D0%B8%D1%86%D1%8B,+%D0%98%D0%B2%D0%B0%D0%BD%D0%BE%D0%B2%D1%81%D0%BA%D0%B0%D1%8F+%D0%BE%D0%B1%D0%BB.,+153033/@57.0340802,40.8936787,1328m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x414d15e4e97e2185:0xe4214001a793f56!8m2!3d57.0234588!4d40.8956769?dcr=0 https://www.google.ru/maps/place/%D0%91%D0%B5%D0%BB%D1%8F%D0%BD%D0%B8%D1%86%D1%8B,+%D0%98%D0%B2%D0%B0%D0%BD%D0%BE%D0%B2%D1%81%D0%BA%D0%B0%D1%8F+%D0%BE%D0%B1%D0%BB.,+153033/@57.0499813,40.8599622,1323m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x414d15e4e97e2185:0xe4214001a793f56!8m2!3d57.0234588!4d40.8956769?dcr=0
Red 13 (10 days ago)
Mannard Mann That's the way it was under Communism. People weren't allowed to own private property. Everything was owned by the state. However, since the collapse of Communism, the gov't has allowed people to own individual homes and those who wished to own their apartments could too.
Barbara Ann (11 days ago)
Winter driving: definitely not for the faint-hearted nor those with little to zero common sense...
Boli420 (11 days ago)
Like children on a playground...
Name Change 94 (11 days ago)
4:08 umm.. whys this clip get cutt off ? uhh ouch btw
Christopher U.S. Smith (10 days ago)
Name Change 94 I was wondering the same thing. :?
CHINMAY SYBIL (11 days ago)
Following traffic rules are necessary
Barbara Ann (10 days ago)
Dean Cutler I thought I’d recognized it from somewhere...lol
Dean Cutler (10 days ago)
Barbara Ann (10 days ago)
Dean Cutler isn’t that from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’?
Dean Cutler (10 days ago)
I thought they were more...like...a suggestion man. Guidelines, ya know...
Monique Carter (11 days ago)
This is why I don’t drive
shot forshot (8 days ago)
Monique Carter. How old are you (about) Do you live in a city with public transportation or rely on others?
Good ole' Hardworkin' American (10 days ago)
RedAvenger terrible comparison. Driving definitely INCREASES the risk of dying...
RedAvenger (10 days ago)
By living you risk dying, do you not live as well?
Mikey Anglin (11 days ago)
Monique Carter actually if u get into an accident and it's not ur fault, u will get quite a bit of insurance money
jbrylinsabresfan (11 days ago)
Monique Carter driving is easy. These people are just bad drivers
وحش الخدع والافلام VFX (11 days ago)