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UPS Drivers Leave the Station

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Thought of doing this a while back. Theres a UPS Station close to me and at 9am they all drive out their trucks for their daily deliveries. This was a test. It was very windy and I had just received my P3P. I will do this again with a better vantage point and with the Sun out. And hopefully a LOT less wind Oh and Yes, its been sped up LOL Phantom 3 Pro with Integrated 3 Axis Gimbal
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Zach Wachs (2 months ago)
Here in az we own the us 60 in mesa.
Jax Turner (10 months ago)
That’s ups for sure, I can tell from the way they pull just outside the door and then park, jamming up the exit oblivious too anyone behind them trying to use the roads for non commercial purposes. Yep that’s definitely UPS, trucks could be pink golf carts, we would still know.
Zach Wachs (1 year ago)
callofdutyguy9 (1 year ago)
What with all those drivers parking outside the building doors and creating traffic/egress issues.
Dusty Bowhunter (8 months ago)
Pre trip
Nicole Cote (8 months ago)
callofdutyguy9 they probably couldn’t connect to their scanners while in the station so need to pull over to get situated before they take off. I work at fedex and many people do that there too.
StandingAgainst TheEnemy (1 year ago)
It’s like watching cockroaches running when you hit the light switch
Jim Caneda (1 year ago)
The brown army
Mike Akins (2 years ago)
nice to see from a different perspective. this isn't my center, but it's basically the same.
B. Duello (3 years ago)