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Obama says Fox News viewers are living on 'different planet'

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Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich reacts on 'Hannity.'
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Alexander Wells (1 hour ago)
FOX News is going to hell when i'm done with Hannity
Douglas Waitkins (6 hours ago)
What makes this moron believe that people watch only ONE NEWS SOURCE? His ASSHOLINESS can't concieve of being found out. BARRY: Take responsibility for YOUR OWN ACTIONS! You caused this mess, now own it.
Jay Walker (10 hours ago)
Obama an his wife are every sick
DayOld Donuts (13 hours ago)
A planet called reality.
Liberal Larry (14 hours ago)
Yes! Bama is right. You guys cwazy he ha he ha
Greg Chapman (14 hours ago)
Obama is the true Racists. The Democrates were racist against Indians, the African Americans and now they are racist again Repulicans
Anna Nymous (15 hours ago)
Obama was the Manchuria candidate became the puppet president with fake birth certificate. He is a scammer who won with the support of another scumbug Soros.
David Clark (18 hours ago)
ye Obama foxnews views live on plant fact
Jay Million (19 hours ago)
Obamanation is the absolute worst president ever in U.S. history
Bankhead 1 (19 hours ago)
The Planet where his party lost and has rhetoric that's irrelevant.
Hector Del Moral (20 hours ago)
Because they do live in another planet. A fucked up one tho
Dee Cee (21 hours ago)
Because to him, anything is better than examining the information to examine its truthfulness. If he can keep the narrative going with his followers that those who think differently than he/they are stupid, then those on his side will never arrive at any facts (because who looks when they already assume they have the truth). All in all, the media should be ashamed of itself!!! Their job was to impartially report the news based SHEERLY ON FACTS. They have failed miserably...
corp acct (1 day ago)
Obama is a cockroach
Peter Green (1 day ago)
O bum er
Allan Wafkowski (1 day ago)
One hopes that Obama's planet will be in prison.
kenneth rock (1 day ago)
Is.obama is living in a fool world a planet that doesn't exist look at him sooop old he is 56 why his mind killing him all the corrupt this he know about , president trump is in his 73 looks younger then obama well well .
Mark Mazer (1 day ago)
Why does Fox News always put on washed up drunks like this asshole. When he was speaker of the house he was kindly asked to leave by his Republican Brethren's, he asked his second wife for divorce while she was dying of cancer so he can marry his current wife, the Bird. He's an embarrassment to the human race.
Collin Hennessy (1 day ago)
Obama is such a scumbag. Newt Gingrich hit the nail on the head when he said it sums up B.O. perfectly. The contempt he has for the American people, the lack of respect for us, and the arrogance this statement reveals is sickening, when you think that this guy spent 8 years as our President. Does he really think that people only get their news from one source? What kind of bullshit teacher of constitutional law would advise Americans to limit the sources of information they have available?
John Vlaho (1 day ago)
Coming from a guy who used a YouTube video as an excuse as to why the American Embassy in Libya got destroyed by terrorists. He is a lying liberal puke.
xeedoll B (1 day ago)
Yes we are and it's called "PLANET SANE"
Paul Smith (1 day ago)
Obama is the one living on a different planet.
wise grove (1 day ago)
CNN, FOX NEWS, MSNBC are all bought and paid for news channels. They divide the country with there propaganda more than Trump, Bush, or Obama could ever do. Why watch these millionaire journalists who have nothing in common with the average white and black Americans
David Holzapfel (1 day ago)
Obama's planet will be Gitmo, and soon!!!
Ernie King (1 day ago)
Hopefully Obama will be spending his time in prison gitmo 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👈MAGA
Time Master (1 day ago)
Obama is retarded as hell
TheGeminianic (1 day ago)
fox news is trump tv fake news
Time Master (1 day ago)
Fox News is right
Neil Corbitt (2 days ago)
Obama or whatever his real name is.. Is the aliwn here. This is a crystal clear example of what evil people do. They set a trap for someone and fall into it themselves. Berry is blinded by his own wickedness. You can read about that in Psalms and Proverbs.
Alan Zan (2 days ago)
I am living in Australia Mr Ex President what universe are you in ?
Mark Bodder (2 days ago)
All the scandals ie Clinton, IRS, DOJ, FBI and the list goes on. They all happened on Obama's watch and I think some with his approval. The overthrow of Libya, Bengazi, the fake war with ISIS, allowing Hammas to run drugs into America. Support of Iran, the pasification of terrorism all on Obama's watch. The racial divide, guns to drug cartels. I am sure I missed a lot. In my view the worst President we have seen period. I would take Tricky Dick over Obama any day.
Richard Head111 (2 days ago)
Obama is the worst president we have ever had but he will pay the price when he goes to prison but will probably enjoy the ass rapes.
gertrude aparecida (2 days ago)
it's so accurate this existencial ideological war.. he's speaks perfectly. who holds the truth keep strong, we must win
Ima sheep (2 days ago)
Yeah Barry, I live on a planet where there are only two genders.
Red Carvette (2 days ago)
yes the fools are.
Richard Upyurass (2 days ago)
Obama can go f himself as soon as he finishes blowing his hubby Michael
James Rockford (2 days ago)
Dems still in denial
john walczak (2 days ago)
Yeah we live in the real world.
Galagoz (2 days ago)
who gives a shit what Obama has to say
Bushwhacker (2 days ago)
Obama will soon be in prison...
G-Mack, 58. (2 days ago)
🇺🇸 America first.
Bob Sullivan (2 days ago)
Newt nailed it. His assertion that if Obama and his minions were to admit that Trump's policies were working would cause their belief system to crumble is correct. This cuts both ways. As a conservative, I have to constantly be on guard against being mesmerized by the genuine brilliance and insights of Trump, Gingrich, Hannity and our other drivers of political opinion. I don't trust. But, I will conditionally accept until I can verify or dispute. To do otherwise is to be paralyzed to inaction. And inaction of good people is the goal of a very manipulative Left-Wing who do want us fully confused and mesmerized.
Mark Lofgren (3 days ago)
Obama needs to return to bathhouse obscurity
John Hansel (3 days ago)
Obama f** boy you're living in the sewer the gutter not with regular Americans you piece of s***
Antonio E (3 days ago)
Obama needs to shut-up and go away, as President Trump is attempting to clean up his mess. The American people does not love Obama.
Forskolin Reviews (3 days ago)
Hannity uses terms like “the media” and “msm”. And his idiot followers fail to recognize that fox IS part of the media. Newt ginchrich is representative of the Republican party and he is right... as,old white farts like him die off, the Republican party will die.
john norris (3 days ago)
I love my planet you must hate the planet you're on because you're constantly complaining about the one I live on.. hey aren't past president supposed to keep their damn mouth shut up oh that's right a different set of rules for the Clinton's and Obama's
Debra Frey (3 days ago)
Bummer is so stupid and he knows it our Great President Donald Trump has the intelligence and the ability to make America Great and is doing Great Job and bumner is so embrassed that he is grasping for anything and he sucks at it!!!!
Debra Frey (3 days ago)
He and the demos has lost and their affraid of disappearing so sad but they already have their game is over and their loosing face!!!!
Julio Solorzano (3 days ago)
hahahhaha gingrich and hannity wants obamas money but don't ask daddy trump for it hahahahaha hypocrites losers.....
Egidio (3 days ago)
The comments below, indicate that Obama should be rocketed to Mars, But I disagree, polluting Mars would be a disservice to humanity, please re-direct the rocket to the Sun!
H S (3 days ago)
Obama is scared.
Jestermon1 (3 days ago)
I guess he's trying to act like the current  President since he sees it works well.  I guess we still got Obama is the Democrats stance in the next few years.
772 Ninja (4 days ago)
All he did was divide people. And he's still doing it. So sick of it.
John S. (4 days ago)
Our greatest Muslim president ever.
Alexander York (4 days ago)
fema camps fake b news too he is full of it his self sucking trump cock
Alexander York (4 days ago)
o shut up obama best president this a throw off trump is the wicked one fema camps really obama did a good job stop sucking that clown trump nut sack take your old santa Claus looking ass on somewere
Ruemann (4 days ago)
Thats cos Obama is from the Planet of Apes hahahaha
Radha Das (4 days ago)
O bam a lam will never get it. He is an idiot! Along with the queen of Hollywood Meryl Streep!
Emanuel Terzian (4 days ago)
Every once in a while Hussain is right ... we are living on planet Trump ... and that's because planet Hussain is disintegrating by a black hole just like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNoErHIfrGU
Jack MeOff (4 days ago)
Really and they aren't sucking on his d**k
DAY IN THE PARK (4 days ago)
Now we are all illegal aliens Racist comments coming from a black Muslim against Americans
Lloyd (5 days ago)
Fox news viewers are definitely out of touch backing a 73 year old senile TV star as president of the US.
Greg (5 days ago)
The comments on this video show just how incredibly correct he was. Nothing but hate, bigotry and misinformed ignorance.
coop awhip (5 days ago)
yep Planet Trump you stupid fuckin nigger
David Calvin (5 days ago)
Obama is somewhere between a monkey and a common street nigger
Max The SNL Trump Loving Dog (5 days ago)
On my planet I have to PAY for everything myself. So, I'll watch whatever I want.
Hessen Lee (5 days ago)
I would live on any planet in the universe as long your fake Kenyan imposter face isn't there
David Flynn (5 days ago)
And he s right hannity is the great sssssssssttt pice of shit on this planet and anyone who watches him
Vlasta Molak (5 days ago)
Barry Soetoro-aka Obama was known in Chicago as BATH HOUSE BARRY...who liked to attend gay bathhouses with older white men...he ended up as a BATHROOM Barack from Washington DC, as he imposed new bathroom rules that would let men into women's bathrooms if they feel like women one day...
Peppered 88 (5 days ago)
I'm not sure Obama has $100. of his own money left. Obama is our 1st President that is not a natural born US citizen. Biggest Hoax ever. It will be one hell of a battle if they try to make us disappear. The Patriot.
Peppered 88 (5 days ago)
TRUMP 2020
Willie Speirs (6 days ago)
If Newt carries on the way he does he may be asked by "papa" to head for home.
Grumpy Bear (6 days ago)
Worthless pos of a president
Antony Smyth (6 days ago)
Sad to watch guys like NG calling names, so childish the senior republicans and their Fox supporters. I hope for the US but, these approaches don't build a better world
CCJJ160Channels (6 days ago)
That's odd, l thought Conservatives liked sticking to the media?
Trump did 9/11 (6 days ago)
How's mars guys? I bet you can just taste the maga
Anthony Lum (6 days ago)
Obama, the catylst of false news and information. Obama the biggest: Shit head Piece of shit Worthless piece of shit Shithole Worse shit ever Lying piece of shit Bullshit artist Arrogant shithead What the shit Not the shit Dumb shit
Mary Mccarson (6 days ago)
it's called reality....
The Voice of Reason (6 days ago)
Obama is a hero! He had the future of the world on his hand on 2008 and the right wanted for him to leave our auto industry to their own but he made the right decisions and he left a booming economy. Fox News will never say any of this.
u2good2b4gotn (7 days ago)
Haiti/Nigeria: Good people, shithole country United States: Great country, shithole people
Icon (7 days ago)
This tells me the investigation is starting to point his way. Collusion?!! YA !!! Hiliary & Obama. URANIUM ONE !!!
Icon (7 days ago)
DESPERATION !!!! The elites are melting down.
Reload Fire (7 days ago)
Obama is a Bomba (the one that do everything his master ask), on my island thats what they call the nigger snitch . I heard many stories from my granpa about these cunts , Obama is a pothead and what not did he smoke.
Charles de Gaulle (7 days ago)
Obama will be known as the food stamp president. He is the worst president.
ann hendrickson (7 days ago)
thin skinned, sanctimonious bigoted , egotistical, foolish fraud.Obama, the guy who hates Americans.
ann hendrickson (7 days ago)
Obama, it's called the real world.
Madkawzx10r (7 days ago)
Thank God, I wouldn’t want to be in his poo slinging monkey world.
Jerre Geary (7 days ago)
I heard a Patriot say last week that, We need to understand that the division in the US is being caused by the Dem's and the Left. That being said over 1100 indictments are going to be handed out very soon. The Dem's and the Left aren't going to be able to believe the amount of corruption in the highest levels all being served and/or arrested in a short span of time. Their jaws will be nailed to the floor for days; the media will be utterly speechless. At that time the Dem's and the Left are going to need our support, not attacks of "see I told you so." They are going to be devastated. They will have to rethink their entire narratives, views, and judgments. The entire Democratic party will need new leaders ( 7 of them are about to be indicted for fraud). I'm just saying that we don't need to kick them when they are down just because that's what they would do to us.
Larry Stran (7 days ago)
Obama/barry proved his 3rd world chithole class
Larry Stran (7 days ago)
barry soetoro  go back to Kenya .
Derek Johnson (7 days ago)
Obama whacked? Lol
Ken H (7 days ago)
IDIOTS backing one another is a sad watch,.
Joe Likewater (7 days ago)
Obsama bin President and his, "God Damn America," preacher hate America and don't belong here. Everything about him was an empty lie and betrayal of our country. And, now he wants us to build a temple to his greatness... a $100M Presidential liebarry in the shit hole of Chicago. Betrayal, deception, partisanship above country and false judgement are Obsama's legacy.
Randy Doak (7 days ago)
You're missing the context, Sean and thus making America a little less great. Here's the full quote. "If you watch Fox News, you are living on a different planet than you are if you, you know, listen to NPR." So people watching Fox are on a different planet, metaphorically, than people who listen to NPR. This doesn't imply that one is better than the other and is not at all controversial. Fox viewers definitely have a different frame of reference and set of facts than NPR listeners. That's why it's important to pay attention to both. Try to determine the facts.
maninthemiddle55 (7 days ago)
Hannity is a lowlife propagandist, I get it. But why sink even lower by always trotting out Newt to just nod in agreement to whatever Hannity has on his script that night? Newt is losing it. He's slurring his words more than ever, and he's just become a caricature of his former self. It's sad really.
Catherine McCandless (7 days ago)
Yeah but we all know where your going to be living when all is said and done, it's very very hot and dark and there are many demons there who have the appetite for human flesh and souls. You will be meeting your beloved Muhammad there, because that other anti-Christ has been there along long time. Too bad for you fool. You have chosen your bed, and your going to lie in it. Sooner the better.
13v950 (7 days ago)
I think Obama was some guy who tried to place America on welfare. All history of him has been erased in the past year. 🤦🏻‍♂️😂!
Adam Johnston (7 days ago)
Is Newt drunk?
Nanda T (7 days ago)
I'm very very happy living in my Fox world Mr. Obama. #MAGA
stop button (7 days ago)
That poll smoking Muslim ass hat saying that to the Majority LEGAL Voters in America and we proved that . Wherever he goes the people around him will be seen and be worth nothing instantly
ferm65 (7 days ago)
No shit, I thought that was obvious.