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Obama says Fox News viewers are living on 'different planet'

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Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich reacts on 'Hannity.'
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Text Comments (1986)
Justin S (3 hours ago)
Holy fuck dude, the pure lack of knowing how to spell words in the English language here is all the confirmation I need that Fox news loyalists are mostly comprised of half educated degenerates.
David J Gill (1 day ago)
Gingrich's remarks on Obama are totally made up nonsense. It's been a long time since I bothered with FOX News but if anything its worse then ever. These guys are totally divorced from reality. Either they live in a pretend world of make-believe OR the things they are saying are an intentional fiction concocted to mislead the public and do a hatchet job on Obama.
some body (2 days ago)
Actually we are living on another planet from the Demo-Rats. He's right. In our world, the republic is healthy and Trump is our president. In their planet, they rip the Constitution, all humans are state property and cattle and they enrich themselves and control everything. They corrupt THE NSA CIA FBI, EPA, FDA, AND ALL OTHER ACRONYMS YOU CAN THINK OF.
Dinahsoar (3 days ago)
Obama doesn't want to get it.
tigeroll (4 days ago)
Why is Obama STILL using a stolen Social Security number? That's a fact.
Cary Revels (5 days ago)
Come on Sean President Obama is correct Fox News Folks are living on a different planet. They live on planet reality where a mind is a terrible thing to waste... He loves ass kissing networks like CNN and MSNBC ABC NBC CBS PBS on and on.where they bow down to his far left agenda He is very weak no policies to help America just a socialist ideology sad!!!
rigidfinger (6 days ago)
I like to call it Reality Land as opposed to the Fantasy Land 0dumba inhabits.
Mike Day (6 days ago)
Obama is headed for planet Guantanamo.
Billy Misir (6 days ago)
Obama..... he bobs around like a hoodlum whilst GITMO is anxiously waiting. Where are the handcuffs??????
Marilyn Dillard (7 days ago)
The Truth (8 days ago)
The CIA needs to set up extermination death camps somewhere in South America. The government needs to advertise this in Blue states and liberals as free overseas college and mortgage deductions retreats with health spas. As soon as they arrive, ask them to take a shower,..... You heard of awstwitz, you know the rest. >;-] Gitmo with a twist. Hahahaha
Epi Harriman (8 days ago)
I think is better than the planet of the apes where Obama come from
John R (9 days ago)
OB is still a slave he sold his ass to a WHITE MAN named George so he needs not 2 talk about getting rid of slavery
Goh Eng Hong Stephen (9 days ago)
So obuumaa, how many planets in the universe, since you are GID supreme angel?
Willie Coles (10 days ago)
This bastard need tobe assassinate.
One Sixteen (11 days ago)
I swear if Trump turns out to be a Nazi and is impeached y'all will still praise him as "The Best President in U.S History". x3 Know that tbh Trump is doing the same thing Obama is doing but spreading more hatred in the U.S making y'all think he's actually doing something.
Leonard Wong (13 days ago)
Well.... I'm not is USA.... soooooooo........
kay manning (14 days ago)
Obamahell is a traitor treason hang him
Andrea Brozek (18 days ago)
You all must get your "news" from that insane clown Alex Jones.
Andrea Brozek (18 days ago)
My husband watches Faux and I tell him this almost daily. BTW, I think that Barack Obama would kick the ass of anyone on Faux who dared to debate him.
Pernell Parham (19 days ago)
You prejudiced mother--ckers make me sick!
Thomas Kennedy (19 days ago)
Newt Gingrich like trump can't stand that an African American did more for the American people than the both of them combined.
John Miller (20 days ago)
Thank god we are. Living on another planet you fucking Satan worshiping baby killing globalist Are a bunch of sick ass Satan worshiping mother fuckers
sandra burke (20 days ago)
Obama is a radioactive monster who has stirred the "POT" of WITCHES' BREW 1 too many times. He is no longer President!
Freedomrun32 (20 days ago)
And I say to you Obama that you are living on this planet but your a thug. : )
Slowdwood (21 days ago)
Gingrich. Another sellout
Paul L Mowers (22 days ago)
No we are living in a world you and your cronies made and its over for you all OPHY boma..
GalaxyTraveler (22 days ago)
Fun fact: He is throwing up the 666 hand symbol in the thumbnail.
smokeythehobo (23 days ago)
Fox FAKE news stories are for brain - dead trump turds!!!!!
Timothy Fiala (24 days ago)
As the corruption comes out the dumb fucking porch monkey Odumbdumb thinks 69 million people are crazy and he is the messiah. LOL what a friggin moron! Go back home to Africa!
SwordofManticorE (24 days ago)
I can remember when i was a liberal, i would only watch cnn and i can remember when Obama attack Fox news, and i sided with him. Now i no longer watch cnn and i do follow Fox, and i see real news. What i have to point out is that I have to give it to President Trump. Obama says that i am living on a different planet for watching Fox and Clinton called me a deplorable because i am a white man that supports Trump, yet has Trump accused any one who voted for them anything? He did call out cnn for what it is fake news, but did Trump say anything about cnn viewers or accuse them of anything? Think about that.
Drill Sergeant (25 days ago)
That's funny coming from Bahrack. When he was in office, it was like he was on another planet. One good  thing came out of it though. Al Sharpton is no longer lounging around the White House.
Mi2cents (26 days ago)
MSM ,ie CNN refuse to report positive news about President Trump because the Globalist are still clinging on for dear life. This is the last hold they have over Americans and only the retards watch them. They picked Obama out from a line up of jihadi criminals and made this Idiot President. There is no way we can let the Globalist survive.
Mi2cents (26 days ago)
EAT SHIT OBAMA. Swing your jungle bunny Ass back to Africa! No wait, we want to execute your black Ass.
Jeanetta Young (27 days ago)
Hey Obama Fox news is the only place we can get fair and balanced news,you don't like them because you and the democrats can't control them
Krishna Govender (29 days ago)
if i want a good laugh,i watch this shithead hannity for a minute or two,this guy is utter rubbish.
Oldliver Goodhag (1 month ago)
Obama got some kind of idea he's better and smarter than us common folks we don't like lying cheating politicians..like him..
El_Eme (1 month ago)
Fox news is conservative but, airs liberal shows🤔🤔
Truth Hunter (1 month ago)
Obama is for the globalization of America so America would die and he thought he be the leader of his leftist liberals He a delusional nutcase Obama you in the Wrong country asshole go back to Africa or Planet X where ever Trump 2020 and 2024 too
Rickey Floyd (1 month ago)
Fox news is a racist station
mtrycity (1 month ago)
President Trump is not a great orator. He's a straight shooter and just gets shit done
mtrycity (1 month ago)
Obama was charismatic but worthless
Laurie Van Tuyl (1 month ago)
Cause we're not living in the Obama's socialist new world order planet
Paul Myro (1 month ago)
Duck you Obama.
Jeanetta Young (1 month ago)
Hey Obama We like Fox news because we get news that is true instead of fake news the other news channels are democrats and give us bullshit news,American people are not as stupid as you and your news channels think we are
Patrick Sanders (1 month ago)
Fox is msm
2nd Life (1 month ago)
Hope obama goes 6ft soon
Shawna Howard (1 month ago)
I think you've all fell off your rockers! The USA has really turned into the best reality TV show ever!
The Truth (1 month ago)
That’s grade school stuff. When you cannot let the facts speak for themselves, the brainwashing takes over. That’s what people do when they have no argument left. He’s attempting to put a label on Fox News because he wants that to be someone’s immediate thought (to have it ingrained in their head) when they think of Fox News. That way they are so emotionally involved, they won’t stop to take the time to hear what they have to say. He doesn’t want anyone making rational judgements. Instead, he is making himself look like a fool because with everything so transparent nowadays, we all know how polarizing a president he was. Over 1000 seats lost in the house during his tenure. How he culturally identified as being black and then used it as a political weapon, so that he could do whatever he wanted. Check it out! http://www.trueactivist.com/criminal-in-chief-78-times-president-obama-broke-the-law-during-presidency/
Chloe Coughlin (1 month ago)
Obama you are from another planet...corrupt liar can’t stand him...Obama hates Fox News because they are finding out all the corruption that had been going on with him and his puppets he hates that...
cowofthemonth (1 month ago)
you guys are just so fucking stupid
Robert Clute (1 month ago)
Obama lives on the planet Gayhole located behind uranus.
Black Swan (1 month ago)
BHO needs to be admitted to an institution to treat his "I yam still the Prez syndrome"!
Leroy Stingley (1 month ago)
Obama I Watch FOX NEWS.And Your The One On Another Planet?
Debby Orourke (1 month ago)
We wish you were on a different planet obozo
Pradumann Graham (1 month ago)
Hate to break it to you guys... but he's right. Just look at the two goons talking here 😂 I mean, come on Sean Hannity, go to journalism school... or any school
Globalism Is Good For Peaceful World. (1 month ago)
Obama is Top 🔟 Best US Presidents and Top 25 Greatest Leaders in History. Look it up.
Bev Power (1 month ago)
Great job Sean Go Fox Telling The Truth
Bev Power (1 month ago)
Wish Obumner would move somewhere another planet would be great .Hes an arrogant ass but watch out Karma will do him in .why doesn't he just shut up he spent 8years ruining the USA so why why doesn't he get it .Get Lost Barry
Leanna Heil (1 month ago)
Obama was the MOST RACIST PRESIDENT OF ALL TIMES! And NEVER STOOD FOR ALL OF THE USE! And I am so glad he is gone!!! Go TRUMP GO!!! You are rocking the house and blowing the non producer out of there!
Dispise Cons (1 month ago)
I'd rather live Alone, on a "Frigid, Oxygen Starved and Desolate Planet" than...One of o'bummer's making!
Jana Best (1 month ago)
Ticotech Houston (1 month ago)
Sean Hannity: One pussy supporting one graber pussy. hahahahahahahahahahaha
Ticotech Houston (1 month ago)
Former national security adviser Michael Flynn is the fourth person connected to President Donald Trump's campaign to be charged as part of an investigation into possible collusion between the Russian government and members of Trump's team, as well as potential obstruction of justice and financial crimes.
Dragon Personal Training (1 month ago)
You trump supporters are trying to tell me that trump is better than obama? Now that is out of touch with reality
ignorantnflplayers obummerthetrannyfucker (1 month ago)
Obuma the tranny shagger
Patrick McIsaac (1 month ago)
Obama is so right! Fox is the worst news broadcaster in America full of fear conditioning. They have a production team full of immature people just like there viewers, absolutely sickening!
Eric Allen (1 month ago)
Obama, "Donald Trump will never be President".
Patrick Dickey (2 months ago)
Obama is just an actor(puppet) for the corrupt Anti-America NWO Demonrat party.
Patrick Dickey (2 months ago)
He is right we live in the real world. leftist live in a holly wood fantasy world.
Donald Harvey (2 months ago)
Obama was the sickest minded president america had ever had since bush Obama did more than bring down two tower billings and a few more around for his agenda no Obama braught down the whole of america to its knees and killed of the navy defences and scraped it all for the metal it could cost america two trilon to replace it again
Thomaso Schettino (2 months ago)
Gingrich is an idiot. Welfare does work, European Companies make billions in Iran. All delusional morons
TheNuggetshooter (2 months ago)
Well, at least Obama is consistant. He was an arrogant ass when he was President, and he has not changed one bit. If anything he has become more arrogant and more of an ass. What a loser.
Walter Knight (2 months ago)
I only believe Fox News when it comes to reporting politics. President Obama says that those of us who watch Fox live on another planet. I absolutely agree I do not live on the same planet as Obama. Then there are a bunch of so called journalist dedicated to the socialist Democratic Party. Yes, Bernie Sanders an avowed Socialist ran for President I the Democratic 2016 primary. Anyway these men and women are advocates for the left and I do not live on the same planet they do. Let me be clear I live on planet earth third planet from the Sun. Obama, HRC and their advocates live on a planet known far and wide as fantasy planet. Everything is different on planet fantasy. On planet fantasy anything a liberal/socialist says is the truth. On planet fantasy the leaders of the liberal/socialist know exactly what we the people need. And like a good parent they want to take care of us. Part of taking care of us means they make the important decisions in our lives. Yes, they want to restrict our freedoms just like Mommy and Daddy did when we were children. I know all of you little socialist want free stuff. Free medical care and free undergraduate education. But you are also living in fantasy land. You see nothing is free, nothing. Also, our federal government has absolutely no money that is zero money. O yes I have heard all about Sweden. Have you? Are you sure? First way more then half of the working man and women’s paycheck goes to the Swedish Government. Then there is sales tax generally less then 10%. Go buy a knee car in Sweden that $30,000 car will have sales tax added to it. You will have to pay $70,000 to drive it home. 150% sales tax on automobiles. Now you can walk to that free school. This folks is the real world. Obama has never been here.
Mark Murphy (2 months ago)
Stop calling Obama President He a fuck whack job Barack we know who's on a different fucking planet you should really go back to Africa we have a long jackass
Craig Diamond (2 months ago)
Send obama back to the planet he came from and let us have ares back
19brandon66 (2 months ago)
Barak Husein, whatever...STFU! nobody cares what you think.
Josh DeMay (2 months ago)
He’s right, Sean hannity and his fans are loons.
Rick p (2 months ago)
We the People want the whole Obama Administration in GITMO !!
john folsom (2 months ago)
He still is a fucking Muslim.
lee steven (2 months ago)
Obama has increased the fly population
Dennis Gebo (2 months ago)
Obama belongs in prison and then in HELL
Rave 1997 (2 months ago)
This news are so good i watch them in Colombia. I need to stop doing that.
Steve Eisenhower Eisenhower (2 months ago)
Barak Hussein Odumbo
KillYourLovedOnes REN (2 months ago)
Yeah its called Earth you dumb fuck. Obama was an idiot. I love how people take his word like its gold but its about as useful as a poopy flavored lollipop. Liberals are the ones who believe their imagination trumps science and facts and that hugs will save the world. So whos on what planet? Im so glad Obama isnt president anymore. No more islam loving america hating snowlflake in office anymore. He really should be brought up on charges for treason
F Huber (2 months ago)
Yes, we live on "Planet Reality" while he lives on "Planet Liar"
maurice McCoy (2 months ago)
Fox propaganda has been pandering to the dumbest people in the country since 1996, and we wonder why so many conservatives can be so blind by nationalism and false patriotism. They are traitors who are too dumb to see it, and actually believe they are patriots. Blinded like the people of Germany's past. History will not look kindly on them. Ignorance is no excuse.
Chromozome1205 (2 months ago)
The Jews fund leftist hate b/c they know what their political policies create. Their political policies benefit them, and them alone, and no one else. Why would a group need such a moralistic radar when they consider themselves chosen by god? Their own holy book tells them to steal from any non-Jew. They know full well what their policies create so it's only natural they wouldn't want a repeat of history and thus quell dissent, and then there's useful idiots like yourself, who either benefit from their game or are too stupid to not play right into their hand. Grow up and grow a pair useful idiot the MSNBCs, CNNs, and ABCs of the world can't and won't save you from the truth b/c the truth is so far above you like the different between a human and an ant hill.
Chromozome1205 (2 months ago)
The German people were Patriotic asshole. Of course you probably don't know a fucking thing about what the international Jewish community was actually doing to Germany, it's people, jobs, and economy before Hitler, and you also don't know it was that very same Jewish community that created the monster known as Hitler. You see, when you gain a foothold in other people's country, fire them from all of their jobs, hire your friends and family and force the indigenous population out on the streets to the point they are unable to feed their own children (just like what the Jews did to the German people the years leading up to WWII that you won't read in history books) Then you will understand how monsters are created and why evil is allowed to thrive. Because it is in your nature to be greedy and self-serving ALL THE TIME. Just like a certain demographic. Cue the anti-Semitic rant.
D N (2 months ago)
Not everyone is hypnotized
D N (2 months ago)
It's called Planet Reality. We are AWAKE
Kid Goku (2 months ago)
Yeah Obama I'm from another planet. I'm from earth, what planet are you from? Must be a planet that is 180 degrees out of phase with earth I guess.
Nordic Alien (2 months ago)
the ONLY things Obama accomplished was putting men in little girls bathrooms and a healthcare scam that fines people for not taking part...biggest turd ever
Edmund Banks (2 months ago)
Obama Get lost.
Baby Turtle (2 months ago)
Stop calling him "president" Obama. He's not president anymore.
12th Man (2 months ago)
Fox News "The Conservative Network" enough said
Nordic Alien (2 months ago)
better than the whiney crybaby libturds
tidepod challenge (2 months ago)
Hahahahahaha!! OBUMA! MAGA!
Donald Johnson (2 months ago)
I hate that fag
Patricia King (2 months ago)
Obunghole u are irrelevant to real Americans... u were elected only cause u were black. U hate white ppl. u destroyed America and trump will need 8 years to clean up of the most corrupt administration in American history!!!
Mos Hi (2 months ago)
He is never going to be President. That’s his reality.
Lord Man (2 months ago)
The Comment section here proves Obama's point . There is a reason why all polls reveal fox news watchers are extremely ill informed about their own country and the world at large., and fox news cannot air outside America because it is not a news station but a propaganda network.
Djur2844 (2 months ago)
The American Democratic Party with Hillary, Sanders & Obama is communist unlike the Russian Republican party with the world's most powerful man, Putin chosen by a Christian orthodox friendly people ... Scandinavian views !!!