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Best Fails Compilation January 2019

81503 ratings | 5333726 views
The Best fails compilation January 2019. Compilation of the most epic fails and funny videos, funny fail January 2019, Funny Vines. TRY NOT TO LAUGH. Like fail army (failarmy, will really enjoy this fail compilation 2019). Best Fails January 2019 and 2018 #BestFailsCompilation
Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (1712)
E EE (2 hours ago)
I am greedy
khilua kenshin (4 days ago)
Why no sounds?
Master of the Universe (8 days ago)
451 that is a tough little kid!! By the way, what was the age restriction about?
Guilherme Garcia BR (16 days ago)
0:47 R.I.P TV
Master channel ALESKEROFFF (26 days ago)
im really followwing you please touch like and follow my channel help me im aded videos thanks for watching my comments ))
Davyjone Ferenal (1 month ago)
1:29 🇵🇭 of the Philippines...
yoyoyo7080 (1 month ago)
lol Ed Sherron in a trash bin
B3RT (1 month ago)
Diego bruynseels (2 months ago)
4:29 Is not funny
Erhan Gonul (2 months ago)
Erhan Gonul (2 months ago)
Vina Ines (2 months ago)
so funny 😂😂😁😁
James Pegg (2 months ago)
Officially jayda (2 months ago)
Why is no one talking about the thumbnail? I’m shit scared!!😰😰
ROSES ARE ROSIE (2 months ago)
4:44 ouch
Samaah Khan (2 months ago)
00:54 to impress ur crush like:
Ahmad Mirza (2 months ago)
RICHARD TV (2 months ago)
Omg the dog!! 😠😠😠
Jerry Tripp (2 months ago)
Jerry Tripp (2 months ago)
It's funny
Salim Reza (2 months ago)
Proud to be a greedy
LauW (2 months ago)
putting "like, surbscribe like, like like" every 30sc only makes me dislike the video
Chandan P Gowda (2 months ago)
Now Trending (2 months ago)
I CANT STOP LAUGHINGGGGGGG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5XWscHtPOo&t=52s
Sumaiya Syed (2 months ago)
Itna kmzor furniture h
Chris Cactus (2 months ago)
Why are some ppl so dumb 😂
HACKER GAMING (2 months ago)
Lk ok f ok fk
ជ័យ ព្រូfire (2 months ago)
aura kayru (2 months ago)
aura kayru (2 months ago)
Debasish Samantasinghar (2 months ago)
JHUAN FF (2 months ago)
Tumb fake
eillm 17 fortnite (2 months ago)
What dog
XD Gamer (2 months ago)
13:10 THAT POOR PUPPY. 😭😭 13:58 INSTANT KARMA! 😂😂🤣🤣😂
lxca29. 3 (2 months ago)
MALLU glitch studio (3 months ago)
https://youtu.be/HdsyLDRROBs Highest Kills on
PhantomPanic (3 months ago)
0:26 Mclovin at 12 years old.
Slam Jack (3 months ago)
Чёт ничего смешного я не увидел,чисто тупость и глупость не более............
#Dpàñkr wørld (3 months ago)
5:40 🥚🍳
Conor Sullivan (3 months ago)
That trampoline park is at Supercharged in foxboro
Vishvaa eswaran (3 months ago)
2:55 anyway he defended
Russ Boyes (3 months ago)
Holy shit man. The kid @ 3:15 on the treadmill!!! Can't stop laughing!!!!
Victoria Caddy (3 months ago)
The entire reason I am scared when I do more than body weight workouts is the fear of hurting myself
Deden deden (3 months ago)
ADRIAN FRANCIA (3 months ago)
1:28 Phililpine flag
Mohssan ali (3 months ago)
The most funny video compilation in the world
vic kieth (3 months ago)
10:50 That's the old lady from the shinning laughing.
yKirito (3 months ago)
Caroline P (3 months ago)
6:23 WHEEeeeeEEeeeeEe
Caroline P (3 months ago)
4:33 Poor Doggo 🐶 😦
SULLYSAUSAGE 08 (3 months ago)
All of these people are soooooo stupid
Khaleesie (3 months ago)
Useless mirrors.
Rexie Pimentel (3 months ago)
1:28 there is a flag of the philipines
Roniel Suerte (3 months ago)
1:29 the Philippines flag
The Difference (3 months ago)
What was that fat slut tryna do 😂 5:12
RAVI RANJAN (3 months ago)
Artvil (3 months ago)
4:27 off off off off oooooffff From roblox
Kermit Kardasion (3 months ago)
Me: sees the thumbnail of lady with a gun to her eye Also me: sees best fails, O GOD NOOOoOOoOooOoOoOoOooOoo
Jonathan Swinford (3 months ago)
So yea I'm gonna take the flak from the Peta faggots for this but hey .......since when did people start carring more for animals than humans this is a real shame an those people should be ashamed I like animals but if I've got a dog needing rescued on one side an a human of any age needing rescued on the other I'm gonna save the human
Frank Castle (3 months ago)
tumbs down old stuff
T (3 months ago)
Their stupidity is my amusement...
Miguel Angel (3 months ago)
Humor gringo. .... very stupid
music player. Kerry (3 months ago)
am greedy av not liked
The Plague Road (3 months ago)
Nothing about this shit is funny.
why me (3 months ago)
Why so many tredmils? 🤔
Lachrimaeus (3 months ago)
Why would you EVER upload someone who might have paralyzed a dog! You find that funny? Because I dont That dogs probably dead because that happend
A P (4 months ago)
13 reasons why😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Skvrt Liiix (4 months ago)
GippyHappy (4 months ago)
Like 90% of these could have been avoided if people would stop screwing around on treadmills. Here’s a helpful guide for people who are thinking about playing on a treadmill: >Don’t Also: there’s a stop button, use it!
JustRajco (4 months ago)
5:38 holy sh*t that roll was smooth as hell
Sonica Henriquez (4 months ago)
Aww poor doggy
The General Jens (4 months ago)
Rashmikant Tank (4 months ago)
Who all are reading while seeing
denny tats (4 months ago)
5:22 it went in the trash can so technically a win
Szabolcs Varga (4 months ago)
1:10 the dog made a new door for himself
michael howell (4 months ago)
That's not a lot funnier than a fat girl going down
3 bros (4 months ago)
anyone come here for the thumbnail?no just me?Ok.
Katherine Dogger (4 months ago)
Fails of instant regret ;)
Kevisaur (4 months ago)
7:18 good luck finding that WHITE piece of chair that flung off in that WHITE snow
jordan5221 (5 months ago)
hate it when i see young kids playing around on treadmills.
Justin Rashad (5 months ago)
11:40 how did you get this video of me 🤣
Dominic O'Conner (5 months ago)
why are all these videos in portrait mode?
Tyler smith (5 months ago)
12:13, did he farted after he fell or was it the treadmill ?
劉品妤 (5 months ago)
Andrés (5 months ago)
0:00 only white people 😂
Unstoppable GamerYT (5 months ago)
And that dude who failed to jump that thing that stops cars from driving into stores forgot his fly was down
Jazzy Gurl (5 months ago)
Treadmill fails are the BEST!!
Addison Carlson (6 months ago)
Omg hahahahaha
Simon Kelly (6 months ago)
Child doing a Superman over the little hurdle was brilliant.
Phaly Phaly (6 months ago)
MC Mc (6 months ago)
Oh 😲
SuperRetardedgoose (6 months ago)
Why arent me and my ex in this video 🤐😂
Ibrahim Nejood (6 months ago)
There's a flag of Philippines😍 Im from the Philippines who else?😍
TRENTSAVAGE 45 (6 months ago)
Watch the dog at 13:13
LleNn koNq (6 months ago)
Just how clumsy these people are??? 😂
Heri Prasetyo (6 months ago)
Petakilan berbanding lurus dengan banyak gaya = tolol
Smash Clash (6 months ago)
2:11 that dog said ur in danger, but he ignored.
Tân Đẹp tai (7 months ago)
o my god
LuX Fe4Rz (7 months ago)
That baby probably got washed away in the ocean that’s not funny
Demon Does the Dishes (7 months ago)
0:41why did she think it would be a good idea to do it in front of the TV 😂
Fighting Lion (7 months ago)
1:13 When you steal John Wick.