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Five Amazing Facts About Alaska Airlines

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Text Comments (108)
Jim Jeffcoat (5 days ago)
Also the only airline with a picture of Bigfoot on the tail.
Erik Herrmann (22 days ago)
swallow hug after wood firm beside battery secret cholesterol angel rebel.
jabba0975 jj (24 days ago)
#1 Amazing Fact: Alaska Airlines remained in business after criminally negligent maintenance failures lead to the crash of flight 261 and the death of 88 people. Well, since this is the US of A, maybe that's not so amazing, just sad.
Handy Tanuwijaya (1 month ago)
I tought Lion Air from Indonesia was the launch customer of 737-900
Virtual Pilot (17 days ago)
This airline is awesome!
Nommadd75 (1 month ago)
#6: They didn't go bankrupt from lawsuits after the crash of flight 261 (off the California coast) and the subsequent investigation!
YUPYEMYEP (1 month ago)
What's the song you've used in this video???
Gavin Austin (1 month ago)
My mom flew Alaska Airlines to Washington state
Aarow Thomas (1 month ago)
I mainly like Alaska airlines just because of how cool their MD:80 series planes looked.
Xavier Chan (1 month ago)
Pardon me for commenting, but the Eskimo in the Alaskan Airlines logo really looks like a lion to me
Preston Gale (1 month ago)
That creepy face god
xXAskJeremyThatXx (1 month ago)
Great video!
Wendy Kurnia Widjaya (1 month ago)
5 amazing facts about Garuda Indonesia :)
Azeem Nagir (1 month ago)
One of their MD-80’s crashed in the Pacific Ocean, January 31, 2000, killing all 88 people onboard too.
Flight Sim Vids (1 month ago)
I think it’s ok to be using trees for fuel, but that’s just removing things that take away the carbon from our atmosphere to help global warming, so we need to invest in something else such as electricity
BruceMagnus (1 month ago)
Where do you think electricity comes from? Most of it comes from burning fossil fuels.
Edgar Gallegos (1 month ago)
Like if you want him to do southwest
Pewsquirrel Aviation (1 month ago)
Here are my facts of Southwest https://youtu.be/sepD0_M1feg
MAS_ pilot (1 month ago)
0:36 whoa whoa whoa... did you mean the 737MAX9?
MrJakob11 (24 days ago)
the 737-900 is like the MAX-7 but with the -800 engines
SJ Navaid (1 month ago)
MAS_ pilot The 737 Max 9 is the newer version of the 737-900
MAS_ pilot (1 month ago)
SJ Navaid what? I don’t understand
SJ Navaid (1 month ago)
no -900 is a real variant
Ayan Das (1 month ago)
Five facts about air india
RationalThought (1 month ago)
6th fact, they're the leader in gundecking maintenance.
Blue Pearl (1 month ago)
So they use trees instead of fuel? Isn't that like twice as bad towards the environment???
James Dillion (1 month ago)
The fuel, according to the Washington state-based airline, is composed of the limbs and branches left over after the harvesting of managed forests.
WORSTXB1PLAYER Tyler Tee H C (1 month ago)
MAS_ pilot (1 month ago)
James Dillion cool
James Dillion (1 month ago)
Trees are harvested for use in a variety of products they are then stripped of their branches and limbs. It's those stripped branches and limbs that are turned into fuel.
MAS_ pilot (1 month ago)
Like the branches and leaves that is almost decayed during the fall season?
James Dillion (1 month ago)
Worstxb1player - The fuel, according to the Washington state-based airline, is composed of the limbs and branches left over after the harvesting of managed forests.
MarEpor (1 month ago)
i LOOOOOOVE alaska!!
Gianluca Badejo (1 month ago)
Allec, I don't know why you make these weird little promotional videos every few weeks ? We only love you when you bring us death and misery (with a cool soundtrack). :-)
Pratik chheda (1 month ago)
Worth Watching this particular Video has a good information
Bwyan (1 month ago)
Hi there. New subscriber. Love you videos so far. Just one tip... You should really add a background shadow to your font. It's very frustrating often not being able to read the subtitles, especially when there is no narration at all. Cheers.
Jahaziel Ibarra (1 month ago)
We need more biofuel for all airplanes. Like if u agree👍
adib mouhanna (1 month ago)
This music is amazing
Joshua Aponte (1 month ago)
5 facts about Air Serbia
Sky’sTheLimit87 (1 month ago)
Wow! Haven’t heard from you in a while.....
JohnTanner214 (1 month ago)
*30th* *Hi check out my channel please i am working on a new video*
Christopher Freitag (1 month ago)
Supported deregulation so they could skimp on maintenance and crash into the Pacific killing all 83 on board. Amazing!
BruceMagnus (1 month ago)
I agree that we shouldn't be subsidizing any companies. We give farmers and various other industries tons of subsidies and there were those massive "clean energy" subsidies that turned out to be a huge failure because they were given to companies that had no way of actually being profitable in the market. Regarding capitalism working for everyone, the poorest in America are way better off than the average person in a 3rd world country. There are also plenty of charities and welfare so that even if you have absolutely no money, you can still get your basic needs met. In some cities like Seattle, you can even live a middle class life off of all the benefits they offer you (I've seen "affordable housing" in a really nice neighborhood that's way better than my current apartment). And in a capitalist society, there is opportunity for even the poorest person to advance into the middle and upper class.
Christopher Freitag (1 month ago)
BruceMagnus additionally, the United States is not a pure capitalist economy, not by any stretch. If it were OUR TAX dollars wouldn't be subsidizing big oil to the tune of $18 billion annually. That's not capitalism, that's socialistic wealth redistribution from the middle class to rich corporations.
Christopher Freitag (1 month ago)
BruceMagnus that is absolutely false! In the richest country in the history of the world, half of the country makes $30 thousand/year or less and would be bankrupted by a $1,000 emergency. Up to this point, you've made some logical points, even though we may disagree. But to say that "capitalism works for everyone" is completely absurd. Tell that to $150 miliion United States citizens that struggle to meet their basic needs. What a totally fucking ludicrous statement, based on some alternate reality. Unbelievable.
BruceMagnus (1 month ago)
Capitalism works for everyone - it's how poor people can rise to the middle and upper class. And it's how new inventions are created and prices go down so even the poorest in America can afford more than the median person in a non-capitalist society. You see poor people today with smartphones, internet access, and cars. That wouldn't be possible without capitalism. Not to mention all the donations, non-profits, and volunteer work that the "greedy 1%" do. Deregulation and tax cuts aren't responsible for the boom-bust cycle. The Fed's artificially low interest rates, the government subsidizing various industries, and various other factors are responsible for that. In the 2008 recession, government regulation made banks too big too fail so instead of shitty banks failing and smaller ones taking their place, like they would in a free market, they got propped up with billions of dollars of taxpayer money and still exist today without any competition from small banks. I agree that corporations are flush with cash - that's because the Federal Reserve's interest rate is super low. So it creates an incentive to borrow money and then spend / invest it in things like the stock market which currently has inflated prices. Interest rates should not be centrally controlled - they should be dictated by the free market which will help reduce the boom-bust cycle. I don't get how you are for tax incentives but against crony capitalism - tax incentives and subsidies are crony capitalism. The government shouldn't be picking winners and losers - consumers should. Regarding bank deregulation, you do realize that there are already laws against fraud, theft, etc. If a bank takes your money, they'll be prosecuted for that. If you are for bank regulation, you are making it easier for big banks to screw you and the economy over.
Christopher Freitag (1 month ago)
Really? You want banks to be deregulated? Hell, yeah, you'll get my vote on that! I'll open a bank tomorrow and be sitting on a beach sipping umbrella drinks within a week. California cool
Nadif Railfans (1 month ago)
The airline will merged with Virgin America on the next March
gomphrena (1 month ago)
Bad taste in my mouth from the past wicked corporate environment encouraging cutting vital corners in maintenance and upkeep. Pfffft.
gomphrena (1 month ago)
No, sir, not my loss. The families whose loved ones died indeed suffered huge losses. But good on Alaska Airlines if they've changed. The airline industry and customers win.
Bradley Peterson (1 month ago)
Its now a totally different company with great service. Your loss.
Real SupremeMan0964 (1 month ago)
What is the music plz it's not Darude Sandstorm
imAayan (1 month ago)
Darude Sandstorm is a dead meme from 2014 lmao
Real SupremeMan0964 (1 month ago)
Llewell and Chelsia Tan lol I know da wae and it's not the music it is what Ugandan Knuckles says
Llewell and Chelsia Tan (1 month ago)
Real SupremeMan0964 it's called Do you know da wae and also that darude meme is dead. That's so 2014.
GHANDI PACUL (1 month ago)
Try garuda indonesia
Oli Baillie (1 month ago)
Can someone tell me about the livery on the tail?
Edwin Robert (1 month ago)
Bob Marley airlines
Super Trini Gamer (1 month ago)
I like this!
Beefcs (1 month ago)
Still haven't learned to use black outline on white letters...
Olive Anderstein (1 month ago)
The dislike is from Hawaiian airlines
Exciter (1 month ago)
Jayvee Santos (1 month ago)
Try do five facts about Hawaiian Airlines
reymark isaguirre (1 month ago)
Hey Allec! Can you get more about Philippine Airlines' air disasters?
Reise taking flight (1 month ago)
Our home airport airline!
Mr. Shadow (1 month ago)
Reise taking flight same here!
illi Boo (1 month ago)
Nice facts thx
illi Boo (1 month ago)
Wow nice alaska is a good airline
Exciter (1 month ago)
illi Boo https://youtu.be/Jbf1vbxsB2Y
Mr. Shadow (1 month ago)
Hello I love your shows what is your flight simulator?
Basem Benyamin (1 month ago)
Mr. Shadow (1 month ago)
Basem Benyamin thanks
Basem Benyamin (1 month ago)
Joe Meyer (1 month ago)
Jackscrew Lube lost in the innovation
General Relativity (1 month ago)
Exactly what I thought about. That's the first thing I think of when I hear or see Alaskan airlines. "Cutting corners" followed by jackscrew
C Maugel (1 month ago)
More like extended maintenance intervals because we're cheap assholes innovation.
Gianluca Badejo (1 month ago)
LOL thats what also comes to my mind when I think of Alaskan ! So fucking tight that they scrimp on jackscrew lubricant ! :-) Nothing else, just this. I'd certainly NEVER fly on their lubless aircraft !
Exciter (1 month ago)
Joe Meyer https://youtu.be/Jbf1vbxsB2Y
Joaquin Wells (1 month ago)
It’s not a dedicated cargo fleet.. they are called combis which transport both passengers and cargo
Bradley Peterson (1 month ago)
The Combis are all gone now.
Angel Arroyo (1 month ago)
The Coolest 27 (1 month ago)
Awesome S5 guy (1 month ago)
Got it?
Preston Gale (1 month ago)
Awesome S5 guy oh ok?
Awesome S5 guy (1 month ago)
Preston Gale and he would earn nothin for it
Awesome S5 guy (1 month ago)
Preston Gale sorry for that but he should not say it its just nonsense
Preston Gale (1 month ago)
It wasn't a plane crash video so how would be disrespectful