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Google timelapse: 28 Years Of The Earth From Space

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10 May 2013 A glacier shrinks, a rainforest disappears and a major U.S. city expands before your eyes in the new Google Timelapse project. The partnership blends 28 years of satellite imagery and Google Earth Engine technology to show the impact of human activity on the planet. A new Landsat satellite launched earlier this year will add its leading-edge cameras to the project.
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Text Comments (1287)
Goat (1 day ago)
It's not about population, it's about mindset...
GamEditor13 (1 day ago)
The one. (2 days ago)
Dubai slave country disgusting place.
sebbe239 (3 days ago)
Anderson Videomaker (4 days ago)
Em 0:53 me mostrou que essa história de que o aquecimento global está derretendo geleira é só #MiMiMi.
Cygeniks (4 days ago)
Disabler (7 days ago)
This is clearly not satelite photos. This looks more like model clay..
That1TechDude (10 days ago)
wait, they've used the same cameras since 1984?
lotuz A (11 days ago)
what happen with amazon??
Michael Gillette (12 days ago)
sad video but one must remind themselves......... Nature ALWAYS laughs last! and it will
Teemo V2.0 (12 days ago)
Instructions unclear, got dick stuck in Earth in 28 years
Afandi Fathurrozi (12 days ago)
B.A. Chan (12 days ago)
"Humans are like a viris" - Agent Smith
Alexandru (13 days ago)
is not us the major factor in global warming seriously... all people blaming global warming on humans that's pretty dumb.... we are a factor indeed... we could contribute to stop polution but even if we do the earth will get hoter... but deforestation that's pretty idiotic... but even if you cut down tree... the problem is not us cutting is that we don't plant it back.
Jomari Guioguio (13 days ago)
This timelaps says that we are destorying our planet
Александр Блоцкий (13 days ago)
Google In 1984? What??
Ohn™ (13 days ago)
the music hurts
xiPriImez (13 days ago)
Stop Vegans
Carlos Ruiz (13 days ago)
now do Detroit. it would be the opposite direction.
A Boeing 727 (13 days ago)
God the speed at which Dubai developed is ridiculous
EElectric_M (13 days ago)
Dubai is a waste of resources and should not even exist. Show how retarded humanity is.
AbriTheAmazing (13 days ago)
The amazon one is sad tho...
A Tube Video (14 days ago)
Andrew Godfrey (14 days ago)
This all happened because of humans
MaxiiBoii23 (14 days ago)
I blame it on liberals and their multiplying useless babies.... oh wait there grown.
Okami Jubei (14 days ago)
can't believe Dubai was nothing more than 23 years ago. and look what it become in the last decade.
beckmala (14 days ago)
climate change is fake as you can see...
Abel Desing's (14 days ago)
this is sad
Angel Fernandez (14 days ago)
humans are the equivalent of a std to earth by the looks of this
Noe Horowitz (14 days ago)
wait.... but Google was invited in 1998 how could they have had Google satellites in 1985?
cesarrekt99 - Making Trance great again (14 days ago)
we are cancer
Jerry Starr (14 days ago)
not too surprising
to tosh (14 days ago)
Now watching this in 2017...
Hernan Jaime (14 days ago)
PackOfWastedTears -Official (14 days ago)
Was I the only one mesmerized by this?
General Nazrin (14 days ago)
???: its appear you have a rare parasites on you which can cause you have multiple symptoms, even with current treatment will have severely damages on your surfaces to kill the parasites, but a few of it already survive throughout space and spreading across other.... sorry earth, we have to extend the dose... Earth: proceed it... ???: activate the project supernova.... "to be continued" meme
NoOne! (14 days ago)
look at river gonna lose the water in future!
bimayoga pratama (14 days ago)
so sad to watch
Snoi Med (14 days ago)
Poor Amazon, always attacked by Sigma...
Sabari Nadh (14 days ago)
Sorry Mother Nature
Junior Edosa (14 days ago)
A lot of cities being built man.
Ashless (15 days ago)
That Amazon one saddens me.
AG Games (15 days ago)
Literally thought that Dubai was sandy shores from GTA 5 at first look
Eric Jay Ilao (15 days ago)
there's still hope for humanity but for businessmen they're hopeless!
Schnellski (15 days ago)
This looks like humans are a fricking parasite invading planet earth...
toxic reaction (15 days ago)
so it went from green to clean... . . . ok😥
PopsiclesInMyCellar (15 days ago)
Now I know how Mars was made.
emboltic (15 days ago)
the saddest part about this video was the amazon
Jaxmany (15 days ago)
Human metastasis!
Irawan Cahya Permana Parma (15 days ago)
from space? actually all the pictures taken by drone not satelite hoax
Espinal Photography (15 days ago)
We're a virus.
La Vieja (15 days ago)
what kind of game of trones intro is this? :V
kitez123v (15 days ago)
lo único que se ve es la deforestación y el derretimiento de los glaciares, puras desgracias
Joaquin Hernandez (15 days ago)
Esto realmente debería concienciarnos como especie, estamos acabando con el único hogar que tenemos por ahora 😢
SUGAKOOKIE529 (15 days ago)
earth is getting bald
Jorge Ramos (15 days ago)
somos un virus
benJi Othman (15 days ago)
YourDeath (15 days ago)
wow everyone literally walks past the Amazon and doesn't say anything? what a world
Abd El-rahman Atef (15 days ago)
Shanghai is crazy though
MAXZONE47 (15 days ago)
Damn this new Civilization gameplay trailer looks amazing.
Ariex (15 days ago)
well we are destroying to pur world and we are going to die soon
Kombiice (15 days ago)
How does this work?
IPhaZe. (15 days ago)
My fucking ears!
Ikkei Ootetsu (15 days ago)
David colina (15 days ago)
we are on 2017 why is this in recommended?
Clorox Bleach (15 days ago)
I swear that's sandy shores
Sanskar Tripathi (15 days ago)
Ahh.. Development.
Uğur Akarsu (15 days ago)
before the oil after the oil
Dragon Ball Z (15 days ago)
what are those linea occuring near Amazon
Donald frog (15 days ago)
if u want to fell happier after watching this Norway has band chopping down trees
Phil D12 (15 days ago)
Global warming my ass
terms2privacy3safety (15 days ago)
The Amazon :(
Flow State (15 days ago)
I thought it was gta
Aurja (15 days ago)
Omfg please guys tell me whoever saw the thumbnail thought it was gta 5
Jinx a.k.a,ARGHA (15 days ago)
forests disappeared like it was some god damned magic..
Armadilyo (15 days ago)
it's like a timelapse of my head going bald ..
Ti_Na (15 days ago)
just imagine watching a video like this in 1000 years
Benedict Anims (15 days ago)
were there really HD Sattelite Cameras In The 19's like AMAZING its REVERSED BUSHIT
Thyself (15 days ago)
The amazon one though...
Konrad RandomGuy (15 days ago)
Venetia pls
Ken Peerapairoj (15 days ago)
yet, USA has a president that doesn't believe in Climate Change and Global warming
Scott Smith (15 days ago)
we are a plague slowly killing our selves
yuan evan (16 days ago)
that little voice in your head saying "nooo" when you saw the amazon
Derpy Nerdy - Minecraft And More! (16 days ago)
Best part 1:51
Roger Lopez (16 days ago)
I want south china sea time lapse
Wilson Renderos (16 days ago)
nosotros le llamamos vandalismo cuando dañan nuestra propiedad.,pero me pregunto yo como le llamaría nuestro planeta si tuviera una forma de expresarse.....triste que nosotros utilizamos todos los derivados de esos bosques y causando el calentamiento global y el efecto invernadero
Michael Robert (16 days ago)
Poor mother earth. We are biting the teet that feeds.
LandenNation's Music (16 days ago)
Humans are fucking pathetic
TheNugget Bacon (16 days ago)
rip amazon
john adam (16 days ago)
Sims city in real life
Andrei Tun Lopez (16 days ago)
pero mira esa sobre población ¡papá!
Saiyan Hokage_YT (16 days ago)
The Amazon is growing?!?
Jeremy Greiss (16 days ago)
Wow, the amazon rain forest took a beating. That's pretty sad.
Nathan Morrell (16 days ago)
Take a bath, hippies.
Zefram Cochrane (16 days ago)
Comments section: Bastard humans Hey guys, remember that dufus Al Gore who tried to make us believe in "Global Warming"? Welcome to Global Climate Change, where humans are only maybe 25% the cause. How quick everyone forgets all the good we do too
Sean (16 days ago)
It's like destroy build destroy
Felipacho (16 days ago)
Dre2383 (16 days ago)
Imagine what it will look like 20 years from now.
Dre2383 (16 days ago)
Imagine what it will look like 20 years from now.
ClashingWith Josh (16 days ago)
i guess amazon is now amazoff