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Google timelapse: 28 Years Of The Earth From Space

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10 May 2013 A glacier shrinks, a rainforest disappears and a major U.S. city expands before your eyes in the new Google Timelapse project. The partnership blends 28 years of satellite imagery and Google Earth Engine technology to show the impact of human activity on the planet. A new Landsat satellite launched earlier this year will add its leading-edge cameras to the project.
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ilan veldman (2 days ago)
כדור הארץ נושם כעור נחש נושם.
Trippy Buisness (7 days ago)
damn were good at fucking the planet
Adventure Guy (13 days ago)
Appalachia? Is that the Appalachian Mountains in the US or somewhere else
Raj Tated (20 days ago)
Hello @extraworldnews- with your permission we would like to use the few glimpse from the video with the existing background score, please let us know.
Agung Budhi Satriyo (27 days ago)
what the fuuuuck,Washington DC is drowned?oh goood :[
Agung Budhi Satriyo (27 days ago)
i mean (oh god)
Chetan Vengurlekar (28 days ago)
Track:- Dan bull , fuck content ID.
TheTNTerminator (29 days ago)
Yeah, Vegas! Look at that shrinking Lake Mead!
BuilderBoy2701 (29 days ago)
Now 31 years.
Edward Davis (1 month ago)
yea boi yeaa boi
Negnav123 (1 month ago)
Zypher Gaming (27 days ago)
Negnav123 then do something!
Nicholas Mazur (1 month ago)
Развитие городов, очень похоже на разрастание колонии бактерий в чашке Петри... Человечество - это плесень, на теле планеты и раковая опухоль грозящая всему живому? Но если учесть размер амебы, в районе одного миллиметра, которые по сравнению с ростом человека меньше в 1800-2000 раз, а человек ростом в 1,8 м меньше, в сравнении с диаметром Земли, в 7 миллионов раз, то исходя из этого, человечество скорее не плесень, а вирус :))
Blaz Cigale (1 month ago)
does anyone know why the closes we can view is up to a mile? Even if you look for the year 2016... Something tells me that this was limited on purpose...
Blaz Cigale (1 month ago)
and in google maps you can zoom really close, but here I can't even see my street, heck not even the town
Electron GD (1 month ago)
We are idiots.
Hannan Surya Findawan (1 month ago)
so the global warming is a myth afterall
Faris Spear (1 month ago)
We have advanced so fast and one day we will end
Nicholas Piovesan (1 month ago)
That Amazon timelapse though :(
Nutellawh (1 month ago)
This video disgusts me..... looking at us destroy nature....
The Black Mamba (1 month ago)
Our Earth is long gone.🙄
THE BOSS (9 days ago)
That's bullshit.
Mr.Matt (1 month ago)
YAY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hamzein (2 months ago)
Music = Dan Bull - Fuck Content ID (Instrumental))
Mr. Kraft (2 months ago)
Well looks like we gonna die all pretty soon
Harleen Quinzel (2 months ago)
we human destroy everything!
Robinch4n (2 months ago)
WiN BuRgO (6 days ago)
Robinch4n then you're a rat
Antolk in (2 months ago)
to see Amazon dying :(
Uglypenguin (2 months ago)
Pfft low key global warming video
Uglypenguin (1 month ago)
Andrew Davis what a non believer
TheRudyextreme (2 months ago)
Uglypenguin yes
black man (2 months ago)
1 - life will find a way 2 - nature will take its course when ever it is time
phanic ! at the 5sos twenty øne crybabies (3 months ago)
i live in dubai oh
Politics from an 802 POV (3 months ago)
How can anyone look at this and not see the devastating damage we've done to our home? 8^(
THE BOSS (9 days ago)
By scrolling down the comment section.
Dian Firebearer (3 months ago)
Lord Of The Flames (3 months ago)
its like the earth is a fruit and its rotting because we are the bacteria
Timmy K (3 months ago)
DH Productions Inc. (1 month ago)
Timmy K shut up
Lief Cano (3 months ago)
Ugh I HATE the human race.
Lief Cano (1 month ago)
Oh okay, nice to know, ggood advice thanks!
If you want to help, kill yourself.
whyguitarguy1 (3 months ago)
am I the only one who liked that lit music
Venom n Carnage (3 months ago)
it's a youtube track
XxAtomic646xX (3 months ago)
shanghai water looked revolting
optimine (3 months ago)
Considering there are no satellites, I imagine these pictures were simply taken by aircraft.
Shahin Montazeri (3 months ago)
we're killing earth :( What should we do?
Marijn29M (3 months ago)
Shahin Montazeri we are not killing earth we are destroying everyting On it
Hey Wassup (3 months ago)
Ahhh the cancer its getting worse
Justin Reilly (3 months ago)
how was this made, this was amazing
Marcelo Nascimento (3 months ago)
Aquecimento global onde?
JoeMom (3 months ago)
This video just reminded me of how much I fucking hate people.
Tesla Cumba (3 months ago)
If you think the Earth is not going to respond and defend to this kind of treatment, your about to have a rude awakening.
THE BOSS (9 days ago)
I guess this so called "rude awakening" has been slightly behind schedule huh.
Aeropoison (2 months ago)
Tesla Cumba It did before
Alan Ward (3 months ago)
Less than I expected. The earth looks fine to me. No obvious changes to the atmosphere or oceans. Just the ebb and flow of life. Humans are having a small effect on the landscape but we haven't found our equilibrium point yet. That is the point at which the development process has matured and any further development would be counter productive. The things that would truly endanger our survival are beyond our control.
BLAIR WITCH (3 months ago)
poor earth too many deforestation
Тот Самый (O-Gamer) (3 months ago)
f(x) = sin(x)
Luren Deed (3 months ago)
there's a shovel sound in the music, just like the sound of humans digging up their graves
Matthew Tang (3 months ago)
Shows that global warming is man made.
Trent Fereday (3 months ago)
please bring a bible to the rainforest while they are destroying it and tell all the animals losing their homes, to trust in j.c. and all of their animal sins will be forgiven
THE BOSS (9 days ago)
Do animals even go to heaven?
Trent Fereday (3 months ago)
I forgot....give them all a sheet of paper from their cut down tree so they can write a letter to Santa.
Dan Van Duren (3 months ago)
Just a few more years! Lol
Luren Deed (3 months ago)
What's the music ? I just want to hear it everyday to remember this video
Mark Arellano (3 months ago)
Wait? Was that a Walmart in the Amazon?
John Schaeffer (3 months ago)
It wasn't that long ago when scientists claimed you were crazy if you didn't believe in Global Warming but now after going over the evidence they realized they were wrong and have changed the term to Climate Change. It's far too often that science is wrong and yet if you ever question it you're considered a nut. Did you know a recent study shows the biggest contribution to climate change is COWS... but wait, not cow farts, cow BURPS lol. It's true, look it up. So yea, of course "climate change" is real, the climate has always been changing on Earth. What they want you to believe now is that the climate is changing mostly because of humans but if you look at the evidence it's like throwing a rock in a lake and saying that's the reason the lake flooded over. Go look at the evidence presented by Randal Carlson. Also one of the big unconsidered factors is the sun itself, like all Suns it continually gets hotter until it explodes. Stop listening to the media like a sheep. Haven't we already established the media is owned by Elites who are trying to brainwash people? You know the media is owned by elites, it's not that crazy, wake up dudes!
Vomit The Soul (3 months ago)
"progress of a dying planet" seems like a proper title.
P14Media (3 months ago)
holy shit, if you go from 0:35 to :55 then back to 0:22 and skip over to 1:15 you can start to realize at 1:20 is not the same as 0:35 then it means that.. dicks out. #dicksoutforharambe
Devil's 9 Questions (3 months ago)
jim buchens (3 months ago)
we're fucked.
franzengold (3 months ago)
track id anyone?
Bodak Klack (3 months ago)
to anybody that really thinks humans can/will destroy earth.. you are straight up stupid
Dolan Tramp (3 months ago)
Bodak Klack that's not the point..... obviously the earth will turn back to normal in a few million years, but people don't really care about the earth; they just care about how the earth treats us. I could give two shits about the earth if I were an alien, but since I live on this planet, and there's no where left to go, I have to treat this plant well so I can live. Anyone who actually cares about the planet without caring about themselves is a stupid ass hippie. To sum it up. I care about the planet because I care about myself and all the other humans, but I don't actually care what happens to it after any form of intelligently life is gone.
Bodak Klack (3 months ago)
you just regurgitated alot of obvious, we'll known info no offense. earth has survived many ELE's man. just need to have more faith in this planet.. it will heal itself as it has b4..whether humans are still here progressing or extinct or somewhere in between
Tech Fags (3 months ago)
How is it stupid. Deforestation keeps getting worse and we keep fucking up the ozone which is causing global warming which is melting the ice caps which is raising the sea level which is sinking small islands. In about 100 years the earth isn't gonna be the same and its gonna be fucked up.
rzh4uh (3 months ago)
oh mahn.... the environment is in a serious risk
IanHoopz (3 months ago)
We're like a cancer to this planet.
Jon Carte (3 months ago)
it must be global warming with all these glaciers melting
Warren j (3 months ago)
when you look at the real map of the size of continents those patches of trees are still pretty small. considering the Congo jungle is as big as half the us
JustusCows (3 months ago)
To all the naturalist pigs on here. Go live in the Amazon. Yeah I'm sure you'll enjoy the endless amounts of large deadly insects and very scary large spiders. Fuck the Amazon, no one cares about it, they only pretend to.
MrAlen61 (3 months ago)
in 25 years, las vegas and shangai will expand 4x the size they are now and amazon rainforest is already cut in half... in 50 years it will be nothing more than a small forest 100 miles wide
Leggon Arm (3 months ago)
The glaciers didn't get any smaller and the Amazon barely has a scratch out of it.
Joseantonio Garcia (3 months ago)
get rekt mate
Hunter Simmons (3 months ago)
energy is neither made nor destroyed.
Road To MD (2 months ago)
Hunter Simmons okay there Avatar fan
Brodot (3 months ago)
Anyone wanna save the planet ? Step 1 Go back to the 1300s
locrates (1 month ago)
Nothing to save, really. the earth has been transforming since it was first made.. just go with the flow. it will be fine
DestinationMan (2 months ago)
You need to build time machine first. That's the step 1.
Pii12⅓ (2 months ago)
You really want to go to the time when black death was raging?
Kimi Kimikio (3 months ago)
stop "accepting" that we ruin the earth WE NEED TO MAKE CHANGE. not "well, we are natural,so.."
poodtang1 (3 months ago)
Message coming in from Earth. Get the fuck off.
Brodot (3 months ago)
Message from humans Only when we are done destroying it
crystal liu (3 months ago)
omg thats horrible!!!!!
Ivan B. (4 months ago)
so many people bitching how we are destroying earth yet arent doing anything to help stop it
Jude Abijah (4 months ago)
To think that a good part of that deforestation in the Amazon is illegal...smh
MartyParty (4 months ago)
Casey Neistat
Ayy (3 months ago)
is a dirty jew
Jude Abijah (4 months ago)
Ghost Staxs (4 months ago)
Y'all are pathetic in this comments section. No vision. No faith in humanity. Idc how much the earth gets fucked up as long as we can advance technology to the point of terraforming. Just think we could fuck up the world fix it back and fuck it up again. It'll be like tortuous the earth. Oh dear. We will be the Jason to earths kaneki ken. Ooooo. I can't wait for the day.
demon of the fall (4 months ago)
This is sad to watch
Zypher Gaming (27 days ago)
demon of the fall well, do something instead of typing
Lyra Jones (3 months ago)
katten elvis you got that right 😔
katten elvis (3 months ago)
I though this was really awesome, no other animal can do this except for humans.
balf1111117373 (4 months ago)
Humans are a virus on the Earth. If global warming is true it's just Earth curing itself. Totally natural nothing to worry about.
MoonBoom Channel (4 months ago)
1:08 ...
The Lopez Way (4 months ago)
Next thing you know we'll lose all of oxygen from deforestation and start suffocate. Plus food resources will decrease and will be scarce while population growth increases which play a roll on the amount of resources we use. Please don't kill the earth and switch to Direct TV.
Daniel Caskey (4 months ago)
This just goes to show that the weather obviously fluctuates from year to year. The greatest issue the world should be concerned with is the destruction of the rainforest/the earths lungs.
Matthew Wainwright (4 months ago)
This is why we can't have nice things.
Nick (11 days ago)
Matthew Wainwright so this is why I cant have chocolate for breakfast
Stoned Mcgee (4 months ago)
its time time for a new epidemic
Gen opD (4 months ago)
Humans are killing the earth
Zypher Gaming (27 days ago)
Gen opD I guess you type instead of solving the problem
redstonegeekman (1 month ago)
One can not kill that which does not live.
Aeropoison (2 months ago)
Gen opD
Gen opD (3 months ago)
+Svenska Soldaten youre right I'm doing nothing about it. acceptance is the first step towards the solving it move
Private Baconn (3 months ago)
OHOHO I wuv the interwebs
Luis Garcia (4 months ago)
humans are like cancer.
THE BOSS (9 days ago)
This thread gave me terminal cancer.
Adventure Guy (13 days ago)
Luis Garcia they are. Why do you think ISIS is the thing.
Zypher Gaming (27 days ago)
Luis Garcia does that mean you're cqnce3?
paws mcgraws (30 days ago)
+Chill Solo ppl who tell other ppl to kill themselves deserve to be taken out in a murder-suicide.
eagleye161 (4 months ago)
What happened in 1994?
Virajasaur (4 months ago)
it hurts the to see a rainforest dissappear like that
Full Natty brah! (1 month ago)
+Brodot What a great idea to tell animals to stop eat meat NOT! And from what i know, animals aren't the ones that are deforesting the amazon forest!
Brodot (1 month ago)
+Full Natty brah! Maybe tell "mans best friend" our pets to stop eating meat or other animals to stop eating meat
FannomacritaireSuomi (1 month ago)
Your channel's not something I expect to be encouraging to veganism
Robinch4n (1 month ago)
or start massproduction of meat and food and stop organic food
Full Natty brah! (1 month ago)
maybe you guys should stop eat meat: https://www.google.se/search?q=amazon+deforestation++reasons&rlz=1C1MSIM_enSE672SE672&espv=2&biw=1920&bih=974&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjH39vBpPvQAhUDkCwKHSq-DtIQ_AUIBigB#imgrc=qK2-5Bolkk2fIM%3A
cocacolawins (4 months ago)
"Spreading like a cancer" was all I could think of as I watched this.
Kog6943 (4 months ago)
Humanity is really like a parasite, huh?
Cortster (4 months ago)
Nah, life is. But since the Earth isn't alive, it hardly matters.
The JoKer (4 months ago)
in this video only dubai improved rest all didnt
nonamer600 (4 months ago)
why is this music so fitting lol
Anthony Lopez (4 months ago)
pattern beats
Gerald Eullaran (4 months ago)
We are an invasive species in earth!! it was ok when were just small in numbers and respect the ecosystem but we got over populated,now were an invasive species other scientist find ways to get rid of invasive species but we ourselves are invasive species (if only we controlled our population
Gerald Eullaran (4 months ago)
We are an invasive species in earth!! it was ok when were just small in numbers and respect the ecosystem but we got over populated,now were an invasive species other scientist find ways to get rid of invasive species but we ourselves are invasive species (if only we controlled our population
Dolan Tramp (3 months ago)
Gerald Eullaran OK out current population is 7.6B....we put up airplane banners saying ,"STOP HAVING SO MUCH SEX! YOU'RE HURTING YOURSELVES!" in over productive countries like India, Some parts of Africa, and China which (only those two) contain 35% of the world's population! I feel bad when I see an already starving Indian/Chinese family that has decides to have 7 children and they starve even more; You're putting your selves in a deeper hole. Then when the population drops to a manageable 4.5-6B, we can bring lots and lots of resources to those countries and make them as wealthy as the US, UK, Dubai, France, Japan, and other successful countries. Less life means deforestation. MOST energy production habits are non renewable, but we are working on highly absorbent solar panels that orbit around the earth, air compressors, environmentally friendly biofuels, and antimatter particles that create energy with *100% efficiency!* Though, This might not be available in at least 30 years. anyways, point being I'd everything will become better if over population is a law lol. no more than 3 children (unless natural purposes like quadruplets or other things).
KronosReeper (4 months ago)
+Coach McGuirk A lot The main reason the amazon rainforest dissapears so fast is because there needs to be food cows can eat which we then eat. http://greentravelife.com/the-production-costs-of-1-kilogram-beef/
Coach McGuirk (4 months ago)
what would that help??
KronosReeper (4 months ago)
or be vegetarian lol
Diced (4 months ago)
I'm contributing to the wrecking of earth by this one comment :)
A Random Comment (Hugh G. Rection) (3 months ago)
Diced me to m8 :(
Mat Rambo (4 months ago)
iss images space 5 nasa/nato
Bill Marty (4 months ago)
HOODED MAN (4 months ago)
This is happening every second people Time is like a fuse short and burning fast
Dalibor Stojanovic (4 months ago)
Like cancer
The Gray's Gaming (4 months ago)
Good thing our Canadian government is working on climate change
c0nfused Max (4 months ago)
Ants be like
megawrecker107 the boss (4 months ago)
shake 58 your wrong humans dont fully destroy the world and arent planning to idiot!!!