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The story of the Instant Karma Machine; Noisy Neighbor Retraining Device

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The history and explanation of the infamous Instant Karma Machine, a noisy neighbor retraining device. The IK Machine was devised as a way of dealing with some horrible upstairs neighbors by returning their noise back to them in triplicate... This all happened years ago before Youtube and smart phones with cameras everywhere. I didn't think to video this at the time but took some stills of the set up. The SoniScape Natural Noise Neutralizer is a healthier way to get through the night, but the IK Machine was a blast... For more info about Soniscape http://bretthouston.com/creations/soniscape/ And you check out this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cagJ7ruy0as For a video of what it was like living beneath the horrible neighbors. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PX2rO6n7lOk&feature=youtu.be Please "like" and subscribe!
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Sara S (3 days ago)
Whenever anyone lives below me I actually think about them and make a conscious effort to step lightly. At first you have to remind yourself to step lightly, but pretty quickly you’ll just do it automatically. Plus, it makes you more stealth. It’s a win win everyone’s happy
gaskins2077 (4 days ago)
I had the same idea... Even with the echo.
Nathanile Miller (6 days ago)
Right now I'm in a state of mind, I wanna be in like all the time
Nigga it’s the Kidd (8 days ago)
Dealing with the same shit right now
Abed Bob (10 days ago)
So I'm interested in this setup that reproduces sound and sends it back.
Lorie Goetz (13 days ago)
I'm Jay (14 days ago)
PRHousequake (17 days ago)
First of all I DIED on the earthquake part, LOL, secondly, YOU ROCK!
Louise Barker (18 days ago)
Mathew Aaron....
Louise Barker (18 days ago)
Justin lake. Boy. Paedovores video now folks. Enough is enough tooth killers. Alien thudder I do not like your AI satelitte synthetic telepathy. And your common council chip.
Louise Barker (18 days ago)
I have a chip in my side. Which is hurting me with AI abuse. From the above flat. Pls help .
Louise Barker (18 days ago)
Common AI.
Phoebe Raymond (22 days ago)
I wish i could do this. I live in too crowded of a building for that. But i get my revenge in other ways.
Richard Cranium (24 days ago)
Looks like an EMX 5000 Yamaha. nice board. I got one too, good for 1000 watts, paired up with a set of Behringer 15" and a 1000 watt amp running 2 Behringer 18" subs. Pounds! Plus 1000 watt amp for monitors, I like the Behringer spkrs cause it takes alot of watts to really get them working. Says 500w on box but they take alot more.
Northeast Reaper (26 days ago)
I had awful awful neighbors living upstairs when I was in an apartment. They would allow their small children to run, jump and scream at the top of their lungs until 3 am, sometimes later. I started blasting the nazi march music, slamming the ceiling over and over with the broom and shouting obscenities through the vents in the laundry room. They canceled their lease 😂
Jerry Jerry (26 days ago)
So it turns out your "Karma machine" didn't work, it didn't teach them anything, what worked is eviction. This might be usefull only if you leave your place for a month and set your machin up and running, cuz I imagine it would be pretty hard to sleep with all that noise neighborse and karma device produces.
Oscar Zavala (29 days ago)
In spanish please
Brett Houston Tube (28 days ago)
Best I could do would be French... or Texan.
Manisha Dhiman (1 month ago)
I need that machine. My upstairs neighbours are so bad
Peter Walsh (1 month ago)
ChrisWojoDotCom (1 month ago)
This is what THEY want for ALL Americans. Oh yes, the spectre of climate change will have us all herded into these generic multi level housing units of about 600 square feet per unit. Private property will be outlawed, especially cars and single family homes. Every other citizen will be this guy, and every other other citizen will be his upstairs neighbor. All of your needs will be met in your new government housing unit as you walk up 20 floors when the elevators go out; there will be a starbucks, wal-mart, and mcdonald's on the first floor of EVERY government tenament building and you won't have to leave... EVER. Not just a prison for your mind... Not in my lifetime our yours; but maybe your kids' kids' kids. Blessed be Neil Peart and if you've never heard the song "Red Barchetta" by the band RUSH please do give it a listen. Very prophetic stuff. Point is: over half of the population will be telling this guy's story in just a few short generations. But the ending will be more like, someone else telling the story of how his neighbor got stabbbbbed to daeth because he complained about his azzwhole neighbors loud shitty music and elephant gymnastics above his head. Oh, and the district attorney of whatever shiiitwhole city you happen to reside in won't press charges on the murhrduhrer and the bronx jury would aquit him anyway...
Brett Houston Tube (1 month ago)
RIP Neil.
Brett Houston Tube (1 month ago)
Uh oh, someone read the fine print on UN Agenda 21. Yes, it's a brave New World Order. May the odds be ever in your favor.
Alexandria Arnold (1 month ago)
“I don’t know what they were doing, playing basketball in the living room” 😂😂
Olando Anônimo (1 month ago)
Wow 56 times you moved.
Olando Anônimo (1 month ago)
Brett Houston Tube Wow.
Brett Houston Tube (1 month ago)
57 now...
gardensofthegods (1 month ago)
His for neighbor was a 4.4..... and if you don't listen to his story it's not what you think it is
Unofficial Rap (1 month ago)
This guy reminds me of a adult version of the Reverb stand from JOJO
David Hutchinson (1 month ago)
People are so damned inconsiderate anymore. Just be respectful for pete's sake
Jason Carey (1 month ago)
If you have ever herd of gangstalking their are horrible people who stalk people with microwave sound and silent sound, they terrorise people with a noise campaign, would you have the exsperience to some how record their sound signals and be able to record their noises It’s similar and feels like synthetic telapthy, because some of it bypasses your ears but your brain senses their words They are evil people and torture people to drive them to commit suicide or make them insane Is their anyway you can reverse their sound broadcasts, they use very low and also very high frequency’s
Jason Carey (1 month ago)
Thank you Brett. Appreciate your efforts
Brett Houston Tube (1 month ago)
Yes I am very familiar with gang stalking and electronic harassment technology. To document attacks, you can only use audio recorders to capture audible sounds within 20hz-20khz. Otherwise you can use a Trifield meter or others to register microwave/EMF/RF energy. However if one is using scalar energy that is more complex. Most are using microwave energy from what I understand. 5G is actually based on the weaponized military tech and employs the same freq range the human neurological system operates in, using microwave and millimeter energy. As this rolls out across the world these issues will be more prevalent. As far as protection, Faraday cages can be constructed, or certain paints can be used to protect from exposure of many sources with the exception of scalar energy. One important mechanism to consider is using your mind to change your frequency and energy field. Focus on "love" energy. Many frequency attacks can be neutralized by altering your own energetic field. That's difficult to explain and will sound batshitcrazy if you are unaware of the various supporting information and elements that were not included in our factory installed operating systems… Regardless, one need not understand this or even believe it, for it to be effective. If you resonate with the frequency one is using to attack you, your field/body will change to that destructive frequency through sympathetic vibration and amplify the attack freq. This can easily stop your heart in a matter of minutes. Concentrating on “fear” can have a similar effect. If you generate an opposing “love” energy it can help repel and counteract the attack. The immune system works in a similar way. If you are vibrating consistently in a love frequency/energy, it will activate and work on healing you. If you are operating in a fear energy the immune system shuts down to activate your fight/flight mechanisms. When they say “love conquers all”, it wasn’t just a snappy feel-good idea for a song or bumper sticker. It is powerful. Love has a frequency. It is different from fear. You can tune in to either one as you choose. The law of cause and effect is important for understanding the results. Aside from controlling your own frequency generator, playing a recording or generated tone of 528 hz loudly will generate a field and help neutralize the destructive energy/freq and alter your energetic field. You can find these tracks on Youtube or make a recording yourself. These techniques can help with electronic harassment attacks or those of a spiritual nature. Tesla gave us a hint, if you want to understand the universe think in terms of “energy, frequency and vibration”. It is the everything. When you break it all down, that is all we all are… Learning to control our energy/frequency is one of the biggest challenges we all face. Neil Chevrier is the man you need to find/contact for more info and help with gang stalking and electronic harassment. I wish you the best!
Robrony Hoodlum (1 month ago)
the woman didnt even know you live under her thats why she jumped up and down. Shes real smart.
Brett Houston Tube (1 month ago)
Oh they knew. They flooded out my place when their waterbed broke on my birthday. I had to take them to court to get them to pay the damages. The apartment prohibited waterbeds in the contract...
Cee Cee Bluebell (1 month ago)
What about neighbor who has dogs? I asked nicely, they said who cares about your peace. We went to court they Iied. Literally keeps the dogs in the house but near my bedroom window. No sleep, no relaxing moments. They come home it's peaceful for them but when they leave it's not 😭.
JD C (1 month ago)
Ok, now what if you neighbor is a hoarder of junk? Make me a machine for that
Laurent Ruiz (1 month ago)
✅ Hello ! "sweet music" for your neighbors 👅 lol 🤣 link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuDAtuDGN4U&list=PLP96Y0drOvncNGAxv6C5aLF3QK9I1xTVV
Brett Houston Tube (1 month ago)
Ha, that would be great for the airplane as well.
Forch100 (2 months ago)
Love this vid: Nightmare neighbours who stomp & make a load of noise are the worst type of people ever. In my experience the only option you have is to move. Landlords do nothing ( wheather it be private or a housing association) I`m from the uk & landlords only care about one thing....`The Rent`. Environmental health will do nothing, police will do nothing, keep telling the neighbour to sort it out does nothing. Landords also don`t care if the neighbour is a crack addict, trash their properties or treat it like a squat, they are only interested in....THE RENT. After watching this you now have only two options 1. Move. 2: build an instant karma machine
Mike Kleinsteuber (2 months ago)
Tried transducers ?
Brett Houston Tube (2 months ago)
Yes, they work quite well. I used a Mighty Dwarf when I travel but it died on me... https://www.amazon.com/Mighty-Dwarf-26W-Vibration-Speaker/dp/B00HZ1Z3HC/ref=pd_sbs_147_9?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00HZ1Z3HC&pd_rd_r=c0eae437-fa5d-4fa2-8f4a-f64631ef6f79&pd_rd_w=YeYH5&pd_rd_wg=yaq0a&pf_rd_p=5873ae95-9063-4a23-9b7e-eafa738c2269&pf_rd_r=VZKCME7701JPDF76RZ3E&psc=1&refRID=VZKCME7701JPDF76RZ3E
BMW W. (2 months ago)
I love u dude ty. Fuck neighbors
mjt11860 (2 months ago)
we lived next to neighbors who had a college aged son who was an asshole. i called the cops on them a few times for making noise at night after 10 pm for their loud parties. 1 night, this asshole is watching a baseball game w/his friend, outside in the backyard, yelling & screaming & cheering. i called the cops. after they left, he starts yelling & screaming, "f u! f u!, my team lost anyway!" then i hear his mother say, " i can't believe that i can't do whatever i want in MY own neighborhood!" i had no idea that she owned the neighborhood, lol. 1 day, there was a drive by shooting on their house. the cops were called of course. i would have charged the shooters, not for shooting their house, but for not killing them & ridding the neighborhood of these inbred idiots.
Di Ro (2 months ago)
I live in a 55+ Mobile home community...and the neighbor snowbirds are either my age (55) or younger (they allow 45+ here)...and it seems he must have mental issues. He is constantly starting up his motorcycle, revving it several times, then shutting it off. This is daily act...sometimes multiple times a day. I've already dropped and broke two dishes because of the loud sudden noise. His motorcycle is approximately 8 feet from my livingroom window. I've asked him only one time if he could not do that.. because the noise goes right through my head. But he continues to do it. Does anyone have any idea why he feels the need to do this several times a day? Any advice? Thanks.
Kenneth Akin (2 months ago)
I would just create a high voltage EMP gun and blow out the speakers if they played their music loud.
A'Doris A (2 months ago)
Just when I thought I was the only one going through living with loud, inconsiderate neighbors!
John Doogan (2 months ago)
Someone should make one which makes ghostly sounds &c like a real haunted house.
Phillip Cheese (2 months ago)
2:46 That deviant and diabolical chuckle😉 You're a legend my man.
Maran L (2 months ago)
Idiot parents raising idiot youngins is where the cycle started back in the 1800’s!!
FlatEarth Mic (3 months ago)
Your grin is PRICELESS! Good on you!
Chaotic Nipples (3 months ago)
Never live under a manatee, thats rule #1 buddy boy
INNERCORES (3 months ago)
I thought it was her.
CoolDudeClem (3 months ago)
Would this work against a neibors loud stereo? How would I stop the sound from my own speaker feeding back into the microphones?
Brett Houston Tube (3 months ago)
I don't recommend it. Feedback loops are the challenge. I buried the speakers in the ceiling and used hypercardiod mics.
Leslie m. Dowden (3 months ago)
Noisy neighbors border terroristic abuse..
Leslie m. Dowden (3 months ago)
Keep it up with those loud trucks ...
tylean210 (3 months ago)
Jonathan Cherry (3 months ago)
willpowerwins (3 months ago)
Sounds good, but unfortunately doesnt work quite well if your demonic neighbours listen to music
MsJinkerson (4 months ago)
You didn't loose it you used it
M.Lee Cthulhu (4 months ago)
U sir, are BRILLIANT! Im dealing with crackheads above me...all I need are a few mics. Thank you
Bear Future (4 months ago)
Thanks, I'm pretty sure she lives next to me now!
Prags Prajs (4 months ago)
May God bless everyone with good neighbourhood
Ember2460 Harrington (4 months ago)
My heart goes out to you! Why are there Soooo many assholes in this world!!!
Ja Tall (4 months ago)
And even worse..., they don't make these apartments, condos, and highrise buildings out of nothing today.... and sometimes the walls are so thin you can hear their whole conversation.., every move they make.., every door they open..., and once the tv or music comes on... or have sex or something... they may as well be in your house..., because it is SOOOOO LOUD. And it is also super embarrassing if you have company over... and they can hear everything your neighbors are doing...
c0ldc0ne (4 months ago)
0:13 GGG-orrible
supermelodia (4 months ago)
The question is did the woman left because of your device, or because of the eviction. All this peace disturbance happens because the management does not take action. The manager is the one that has power with a few words, the management can put out the hell person by saying "either you stop that or we will evict you" the woman is violating one the clausulas of the contract. or another way to persuade the monster is saying: "all the tenants has right to enjoy quite moments in your place"
mitch h (4 months ago)
for all you wanting to do this!! buy a raspberry pi 4 and or a arduino! could replicate this easy
Damien Abney (4 months ago)
Ima a kid I was playing music pretty quit and they were blasting music so I turned everything up to 100 but I've never heard it so loud
Sara Sara (4 months ago)
You’re my ultimate Hero
Brett Houston Tube (4 months ago)
You're a sweetheart!
E M (5 months ago)
My trash bag neighbors below me and and next to me make noise on purpose all the time to upset me. They think being assholes is going to make the situation better, management doesn’t believe me of corse.
granny sweet (5 months ago)
My Hero.
8-18-88 Lee LooMis RoleModel PowerRanger (5 months ago)
seconds Time i watch This video amazing story and it Funny when The police was Laughing also 😂
Zymondo (5 months ago)
It was 1987, my cousin and I had rented a house in (what we thought was) a decent neighborhood. The problem was the house next to us but on the same lot kept a large constantly barking bull dog in a shed that was actually attached to our house. We tried talking to them, negotiate with them, called the cops on them. NOTHING worked until they met our friend Frank Zappa with a 200 watt amp into a 200watt Gause speaker. It was good that we could run the CD any time we needed Frank ! ps... I am a musician... the gear... I got ! ! Don't you just I hate asshole neighbors ! !
Renee de Graaff (5 months ago)
Guys help i.should be dead already people hanging like snakes around me help need find safe place
Sare Bear (5 months ago)
You’re my hero
Brett Houston Tube (5 months ago)
You're the wind beneath my wings!
s t r a w b e r r y (5 months ago)
My neighbor cussed at me for playing outside super quietly and then a few weeks before she screamed cussing all over and they scream and party edit: and*
Cosmic Upgrades (6 months ago)
I thought the eartquake was jussst her" whaaaaahhahahhahaa
teddy pendergrass (6 months ago)
had a horrible neighbor once. like from hell. well our two houses were the same exact model. So I went into my attic with a sine wave generator and did a full sweep in the lows until I found the resonant frequency of the attic. and boy did it resonate. sounded like a ufo landing.. so I brought up into my attic the biggest subwoofer ever, took out my attic window (small oval glass) and pointed the sub at her roof. When she started acting up at night I would fire up the tone and within minutes she would shut up. worked every time. I could only imagine her wondering why her house was pulsating with some serious brown sound ha ha..
Larry M (6 months ago)
Pay backs are a bitch aint they? I loved this video. Great ideas you got there.
Rom3 (6 months ago)
and people wonder what causes a person to go buck crazy and shoot a Walmart out, this could be one of those reasons, Horrible neighbors and people of sorts
Seth Morris (6 months ago)
Brett Houston deserves a Nobel Prize
Think Tank (6 months ago)
I'm going through simular situation. But I'm upstairs, so have upper hand. Guy below is one of those permanent residents who thinks the world is his oyster. He's never done anything, One of those liars. I now have sensor to play my MTX loudspeakers (over 3000 watts). On sensor to blast drum solos into his unit, i have one speaker in cabinet blasting right into his kitchen. And i sure blast it... Love what youve done.... my situation was resolved when a German shepherd police dog arrested him. It's so much better.
Telena Rogers (6 months ago)
Your video made me crack up. I wish I had that equipment to do this. Genius
Diamond Antenna (6 months ago)
Is this a radionic device?
HotGlassHam (6 months ago)
For anyone interested, many years ago a friend had a neighbor with a dog they kept outside. My friend worked nights so he slept during the day. These people would put the dog out during the day and go to work. The dog would bark and howl all day. My friend talked with them several times with no results. He even called the sheriff and was told that if he shot the dog, even though it would have been legal, type could still file suite against him. So, my being an electronic tech, I put a high power (100 watt) siren together modifying it to operate in the dogs hearing range. We mounted the horn under the eave of his garage. We tested it to ensure it worked as designed. Did it ever. Since he worked nights, he would turn it on as he left for work. His neighbors never figured out why their dog would howl all night. Even if they took it inside. After about three days the dog was gone and everyone was able to sleep once again.
KB MILLER (6 months ago)
HandOnTheGat (6 months ago)
i love the title of this video. So good.
beachie670 (6 months ago)
Ohhhh. Awesome. You are my idol! I'm dealing with 2 insolent assholes in my apt complex, after numerous complaints to the leasing office & letting them know my next pushing over the edge, was going to be my calling the cops. That's what I did just before 3 this morning. What a waste of my damn time! They don't give a shit about bad, inconsiderate, noisy af neighbors here in Indiana, I've come to learn over the 3+ yrs I've lived here(in 3 diff places). This sleep deprivation built up over time, & hormones combined with pent up rage, brought me to your video.
A Person (6 months ago)
she wanted to be an earthquake so she got thicc to be loud af
surg23 (6 months ago)
I recently moved to a new area where I bought a house. My neighbors are the spawn of satan, just sub-human. I asked them if they could turn it down politely and they just play it louder now. I have a fiery burning in my stomach from the stress of having to listen to it for hours on end. The only thing I can do is put on headphones and play brown noise so loud it hurts my ears just to block it out. Unfortunately the Soniscape sample was not nearly as effective at neutralizing the low frequency droning of music. I have just decided I'm going to sell, though I'll be lucky to get back half of what I paid due to these scumbag neighbors. I've never regretted anything more than buying this place. Need to beat the clock before I have a nervous breakdown.
Vietboy Gamer (6 months ago)
my new neighbors with kids they run always run and stump their feets . so i play loud music with heavy bass i turn off treble as revenge.
singularity (6 months ago)
Hilarious, awesome story. Right on!
Raymond Gordon (6 months ago)
I had this problem with a little dipshit who lived beneath me who thought I would listen to his loud music any time he wanted. I confronted him and told him that was not going to happen so he got three of his buddies and started it up again. I beat in his door with a shotgun so he called the police. The door cost me $151 but he moved and I never heard his music again.
Kelvin Dijkstra (6 months ago)
Loud Banging Noises. No Sleep. Crayons graffiti on wall. War zone. Dude, that's just called having kids. :D
Jim Lane (6 months ago)
Just subd and I feel your pain! So I'm looking for help. I have neighbors that have a mariachi band across the road. Now I have 2 half Hispanic grand children so I am in no way racist! However it sounds like their jamming in my house. Again not being racist but I'm not going to walk into 150 or so Mexicans and tell them to turn their music down, if you think I'm being racist your wrong! It would be the same if it was a bunch of white guys jamming Led Zeppelin! Bottom line is I get up early in the AM and and when the music is still playing at 2am when I get up at 4 it's rediculous! Will someone please help me
Sean Siedhoff (6 months ago)
I lived upstairs over a neighbor who was on house arrest and "practiced" his guitar at random times of the day or night for hours on end. He couldn't go anywhere due to the ankle monitor so one weekend I put my big stereo speakers face down and blasted the most annoying radio station I could find at full volume - and then I left for vacation.
Sovetskiy Kozel (6 months ago)
Just build one of these out of old microwave oven parts! And blast it through the walls at your annoying neighbors, It will in time FRY all there electronics and give them massive headaches. And Nobody will be the wiser. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fm9PM6qrV9M
Cormac MacArtney (6 months ago)
I had been suffering from PTSD from childhood, because for 4 years my dad had us living in the ghetto and it was like living in a war zone. So, I didn't understand just how bad I was until 2017 when I had shitty neighbors move in above me. The wife, for some reason felt she had to stomp around like she was pissed off all the time. Her husband was significantly bigger but I never heard him, and there was a bigger man that lived on the third floor who would run down the stairs and even he was quiet. So, why does this woman insist on stomping and slamming everything? Then her kids would rip & run all over the apartment, even late at night. I'm working 12 hour days, 5 days a week for crying out loud. I left them a polite note to no avail, then pounded on the ceiling to no avail, after months of this, my job performance was deteriorating and so was my health. I would walk into a room and not even know what I was going to do. I went to my boss and told him that I was losing it, and suddenly I broke down crying, which is not normal for me. I was so damned worn out. But my boss just brushed it off and told me that I'd be alright; two months later he called me into his office and told me he had to let me go. I tried to go back to another field I used to work in and was very good in, but I could not function. It was like I had lost my mind. So, I gave up, I was worn out. I lost EVERYTHING: I had to send my daughter back to her mother, I had to drop off my car to the finance company, then I relinquished the keys to my apartment. I sold most of my belongings, then put a lot in storage, and spent the following month trying to figure out what happened to my mind. Turns out that my testosterone level drop significantly, and so did my iron & vitamin D. This was all the cause of of Sleep Deprivation caused by my inability to cope with the stress these shitty neighbors put me through. And yes, PTSD played a major role in that. Looking back on my life, from the childhood trauma of being subjected to high doses of violence as well as witnessing murder, everytime I heard loud abrupt noises, it would freak me out and I would wake up from a dead sleep. It got so bad that I couldn't sleep around anyone, and hated it when my ex-wife would come home late at night, because she just dismissed it as me being bitchy. But no, it's called hyper-vigilence. Again, looking back, I was the one that always caught criminals sneaking around at night, and this is the whole reason why I was good at surveillance & security. But, I learned the hard way, if I wanted uninterrupted REM sleep, sleeping aids such a drugs and earplugs, even loud waterfalls streaming through my earbuds just doesn't cut it, because the knowledge that criminals are outside my door moving around is enough to raise my stress level enough to make it very hard to shut me down. Solution: I have to move far out away from the city and even the suburbs and build a subterranean bunker. LOL! I laugh, but I'm not going to chance it; just build the damn bunker. I need sleep!
Kiko Bang (6 months ago)
Currently going through this shit with some Pakistani neighbours, every weekend they invite people over & since it's summer they even invite them over during the week. If you know anything about Pakistanis, you'll know they're hella loud. They talk & laugh as if they want to wake up the entire neighbourhood, they also like to turn their tv volume all the way up in the middle of the night and not to mention the annoying ass kids. They make a lot of noise in the evenings and night then go to sleep around 2 or 3 am & wake up around noon so as a solution I've decided to make twice as much noise as them whenever they have company by playing loud music or thunder noises, especially when I know they're sleeping lol
T Cotton (6 months ago)
A few years back my former wife and I moved into an upstairs apartment and shortly after these little 20 year old punks moved in downstairs. They would party evvvvery single night. Loud music, yelling etc. I had asked them to quiet down several times and even went as far as having to call the police on them a lot. The landlord refused to do anything about it. One night they were blasting music at 11pm and I had just about had enough. Everyone in the entire building had had enough of this too. I made a few calls to some friends who compete in car audio bass competitions (whatever they’re called lol) and they called their friends, their friends called their friends. Before I knew it we had four or five car audio subwoofer boxes in every single room all facing the floor, amps, and everything. I think they were powered by car battery chargers? Anyways every night they were blasting their music, I would play the most obnoxious stuff I could find and would literally shake the entire building. Pictures were rattling off the walls, things were falling and breaking and it was just great lol. A few nights later and after about the 10th time of listening to Limp Bizkit “The Nookie” on repeat a couple of them actually came upstairs to ask ME to turn it down and words were exchanged and I thought we had a truce.... so everything was dismantled and the audio equipment went back to its individual owners. I had won! It was finally over!!! Until one night a few days later. I had come home from a 15hr shift working on the hot sun to a car in every parking space (they even took my spot and I was forced to park on the street) and this HUGE rager going on in the downstairs apartment. They were louder than ever, there was more people than ever and their music was bumping louder than ever as well. I walked into my apartment with my heavy steel toe boots on and could hear the loud music and the majority of the noice coming from the kitchen area. All 220lbs of me walked into my kitchen and proceeded to jump up and down as hard as I could BOOM BOOM BOOM!!! All I could hear was screaming lol. That’s when this heffapotamus stomped up the stairs banging my door down and screaming “you wanna come down here and clean up all the glass you just broke!?!?” And that’s when I realized we all have huge hanging glass chandeliers in our kitchens lol. According to the police that came shortly after, I had broken their chandelier and sent shards of broken glass raining down on everyone in their kitchen. HA! Nothing ever came of it except for a mail out from the landlord about being respectful to your neighbors and blah blah blah. Shortly after they moved out and so did we as we were already looking at a house. Just the image of broken glass raining down on everyone still makes me giggle a little bit to this day. Since then I’ve only had my one recent sucky neighbor I share a wall with. Every night he has his sound system blasting. So I bought a saxophone... I have no freakin idea how to play one but it’s still fun to “practice” as loud as I can while facing his bedroom wall every night he pulls that crap.
Caroline Beltran (6 months ago)
Section 8 recipients.
Nic (6 months ago)
The earthquake comment really did make me laugh!
GibsonLesPaul2273 (6 months ago)
lmao, I dont feel so bad now taping a drill to my ceiling on a timer, dont ask its a long story but it worked. Another one I did is tied a nut to string and taped it to my ceiling with a fan blowing the nut into the wall every few minutes, that worked too.
dave arch (7 months ago)
great man I like it
Natasha Bettridge (7 months ago)
I am here because I am experiencing noisy neighbours.
Alam Shamma (7 months ago)
I got here because I have the same suffer that you once had You couldn't distinguish the earthquake from her stumping, well... that's easy, hear my story, I live in Damascus, Syria, a once war zone with explosions, bombing, and occasional mortar shells. one day a massive explosion took a place, and I swear I thought they were horsing around. The upstairs animals are 4 Mulls and three little donkeys. BTW, it's 5 am here and they've just stopped the noise, probably their hoofs went bad for now... I think you should make your instant karma a product that would regenerate the noise through vibration, and in this case, the entire ceiling will reemit noise to the upstair pigsty
Susan Kennedy (7 months ago)
And 1000 nightmare neighbours disliked the video 😂😂
MitchMb14 (7 months ago)
I had a neighbor who dealt pot and yelled at his girlfriend a lot. I always thought it would be fun to play a recording of police pounding on the door and yelling "Police! Open up!"
Charles McCauley (7 months ago)
Really! I thought to record then play back from my own studio, their own noise... excellent!!
conrad b (7 months ago)
Genius idea👍