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Baltimore Cop & Skaters

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Skater keeps calling cop dude and he does not like it very much. http://www.videospills.com
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Text Comments (411)
Roakesamus (5 years ago)
"Taking property of another another civilians is an offence to their privacy."
Y Y (6 years ago)
wow hes a dick he can get arested for doing that!
Leon Jin (6 years ago)
"is that camera on" lol
MRsjovealek (6 years ago)
Only in fucking america...
MagicFireDragon66 (6 years ago)
You going around doing this kind of stuff (skateboarding) somebody's gonna kill you!! Skateboarding is bad ass
tom thomas (7 years ago)
fucken pig beating up kids and bullying them aint tough you fat piece of shit.
Aaron Patchett (7 years ago)
he'sone of those though guys that can punch, threaten, and hold kids but if you are a grown man he will bend over show his butt and be ready for a raping.
MBC1975 (7 years ago)
What are you gonna do DUUUUUDE?! I hope the kids father beat the SHIT out of that PAUL BLART BITCH
theskatingkidbennett (7 years ago)
I would've beat his ass.
kdavidmcd (7 years ago)
Assault on a Minor, Terroristic Threats, False Imprisonment. Put that cop in General population and see how tough he is then...
Damien markus (7 years ago)
This is old. But the cop here is a criminal.. They are brainwashed. That was all he had. It obviously got to his head just like alot of american cops.. They are criminals.
VTwinty (7 years ago)
I saw this on ET and the bitch narrator was with the stupid cop, not seeing the wrong parts about this video.
madferny (8 years ago)
Henry Halvorson (8 years ago)
somebody is going to kill you!!
francoise brossseau (8 years ago)
This is how police abuse there power
onlylightyears (8 years ago)
@415REJECTskate no fuck You, You little piece of shit!
krazedkat (8 years ago)
If my parents put a foot in my "butt" (to quote the immature cop) I don't think I would understand respect, maybe pain, but not respect. The officer gets pissed at the kid for calling him "dude" (so much so that he PUSHES him, a violation of the kids rights and the officer's permit). "I am officer Riveari, the sooner you learn that the longer you're..." Maybe the fuckhead should have stated his name, it KIND of allows you to learn peoples names!
Noah von Heyden (8 years ago)
Officer Riv, Dude Dude Dude Dude Dude Dude Dude Dude From Noah :D
onlylightyears (8 years ago)
i respect officer revieri, those little punks needed to learn their lesson and not skate their boards on a metropolitan step, good for him,
SHITitsLULU (8 years ago)
After he said call me dude one more time see what happens, I would have said sorry is ass wipe better? Ferreal that cop didnt need to pick on that kid, the kid just said sorry didnt hear you and the cop had to start Pmsing, He needs to pick on someone his own size, dont know why the kids were so chill about it i would have right back in the cops face
Jackinator13 (8 years ago)
man ,he didnt have to tell that cop shit
juggernaut0701 (8 years ago)
Spiker0Jess (8 years ago)
I'm so fking pissed off who does tht cop think he is He doesn't have the Right Officer my ass's I don't care if he is a officer I would've kicked his asss for being a btch Aren't cops suppose to help ppl not attack or give attitude lesson like come give me a break who r we going to trust now after seeing these kind of videos
Ferrarifanlellewtc (8 years ago)
stop doing this ore some one is going to kill you.... in my as wtf
al821 (8 years ago)
they were both wrong. the kid should have shut the fuck up, and the cop shouldnt have put his hands on him.
Ed Gomez (8 years ago)
this cop needs to be beat by some big fucker.
Marshall Bliss (8 years ago)
some ppl take their job WAYY to seriousley
Do za (8 years ago)
i forget where, but I remember seeing a news report about this cop getting fired because of this video, thanks god
The Sinner (8 years ago)
dumbass cop lose some pounds fatass
timsix561 (8 years ago)
i would have laid that DUDE with my board hahahah
Vindicator58 (9 years ago)
@praiseUP2 ---------he should have had the parents come down there and kick their asses also!
Vindicator58 (9 years ago)
@xXBMXEMOXx --------the cop did a good job with the little shithead.
Vindicator58 (9 years ago)
@superman11111000 ---------sued for what dumbass?
BeatSquire (9 years ago)
cop=he should be sued
jawad00003 (9 years ago)
Pikeman50 (9 years ago)
@Aresolar690 Well said!
Aresolar690 (9 years ago)
@praiseUP2 Way to totally misread the situation. yes, the kid was a snotty little turd, but it's not in the officers place to physically harass and bully anyone who isnt resisting arrest or breaking the law. Officer Rivieri was dismissed because of this little stunt, and rightly so. Whether the kid "deserved" it or not has nothing to do with the officer upholding the honor of his profession by not bullying a fourteen year old.
ThaClownStudios (9 years ago)
that cop is a fucking ass hole
Gabi (9 years ago)
cops are bad ppl xD and wtf xD i would've kept calling him dude nd then i would 've sent this to teh other cops nd got him fired fer abuse
Ryan (9 years ago)
not fond of cops but the kid totally deserved it
BOREDPERSONFUL (9 years ago)
im fat gimme a twinke
Devin (9 years ago)
fuck tho po po they think they can do and say what they want just cuz they got the sirens the cuffs the pistol and the badge. fuck them
Tony Flynn (9 years ago)
dude that cop is a total deuch bag. Eric used to live in my neighborhood and damn he didnt give a shit wut the ppl there thought about him.
modymoo2 (9 years ago)
he is write the kid is disrespectful
CEO JGD (9 years ago)
"police officer pig ass" hahah,,,,i think this dude wish to fuck the boy in the ass.what a fag....
MKPAK93 (9 years ago)
@enamal1 no i just hate the way they complain, they're fucking redneck hillbilly dumbass(this not directed to all, you know who you are)
AJ Enamorado (9 years ago)
what my point was is who cares? let them do what they do they face the consequences, not you. No reason to let it ruin your day.
MKPAK93 (9 years ago)
@enamal1 no 17, im not saying all skaters, you know the ones im talking about
AJ Enamorado (9 years ago)
what are you five?
MKPAK93 (9 years ago)
i hate skaters in my school, they're the stupid ones making all the trouble but then complain when they get detention
matt hennessey (9 years ago)
i would kick his ass hard
Declan Carrington (9 years ago)
I don't know about america but here in england what that 'cop' did was illigal its called a common assault and he could have gone to jail for 6 months.... ouch...
SNOW SOS (9 years ago)
he was the fat kid tht got picked on at school u should take him to court cuz u got it on video
cartman934life (9 years ago)
I fucking love it!!! If cops could treat little smart mouth punks like little smart mouth punks, maybe we would have less of these assholes growing up thinking they can get away with being assholes all their life!!!!!
LemUUU (9 years ago)
pigs do NOT get respect from me. They are to "protect and serve"... we dont serve them they serve me we need a separate police force to protect us from the police...
Dale G (9 years ago)
fat cunt
Dan Amayo (9 years ago)
aha what a dumb ass rent a cop. dude means a man excessively concerned with his clothes, grooming, and manners. or a slang word. aha
Allen Rockwell (9 years ago)
Officer Rivieri is a douchebag. "Given the extreme nature of that incident, we thought it was important for the officers to brush up on their interpersonal skills," said Sterling Clifford, a spokesman for the city Police Department. After the video surfaced, Rivieri was assigned to administrative duties and his police powers were suspended.
Brian Walker (9 years ago)
@muleonmushrooms that cop is under investigation
Deformed Asphyxiator (9 years ago)
Fuck that cop
Jacob White (9 years ago)
"Its OFFICER RIVIERI AND THE SOONER YOU LEARN THAT, THE LONGER YOULL LIVE IN THIS WORLD. You go around doing this stuff and someone gonna kill you!" Wow lmfao
Ashley (9 years ago)
i would have egged the c*nt on and made him hit me and got him fucked up
biscuit0luver (9 years ago)
He didn't have to go that far but that kid was acting for it and you could so tell he wanted to cry
blueboy31086 (9 years ago)
hes sooooooo fired
muleonmushrooms (9 years ago)
anyone know what happened to this piece of shit cop? tell me he got fired to charged with assult for what he did to that kid.
Austin Autrey (9 years ago)
why the fuck would someone kill someone else because of this shit, god dam, hes an asswhole, you should repot him, do it! i dare you!
BorderWarrior (9 years ago)
Cops hate it when people call them dudes
NPC 0987778 (9 years ago)
u can look at it 2 ways hes being a dick or if he dident scream at them they would just walk allover him and show him no respect every 1 knows they would lol
the_ganjfather (9 years ago)
as a cop, you cant tell someone how to fucking speak. i mean, yeah, he had every right to tell them to leave, but no right to tell the kid how he's supposed to speak, or all this "do your parents put up with this?" it's none of his fuckin business what that kids parents do. do your fucking job and get them to leave, don't go prying into the kids life, and criticizing him for stupid shit you have no right to address anyway. assholes like this make all cops look bad.
INJproductions (9 years ago)
your allowed to say whatever you want to a cop as long as its not a threat... freedom of speech...
Ashni Kumar (9 years ago)
realvirtualinsanity (9 years ago)
I lol'd at that too
Mr. Northman (9 years ago)
if skaters needs to respect him he must respect skaters, and i think MC donalds have destoyed him
Mazi__Supa (9 years ago)
i hate cops just because we're 16 doesn't mean we cant skate in the middle of the night, asking for id and shit, fuck u mr police men!
shaq donovan (9 years ago)
tht cop is an ass hole let me see his ass on the street
Giancarlo Garrido (9 years ago)
henrys2cool (10 years ago)
normally i hate skaters, but this cop is takin it too far lmao. i wonder if he still got a job
Tosh (10 years ago)
yo if that pig tried to do that shit to me word to mother id stab that fat fuck
7454ILY (10 years ago)
that cop needs too take that stick out his ass and stop PMSing .
reepermaple (10 years ago)
Wrong things on both sides. Kid called him dude and disrespects his elders. However, what the cop did completely outweighed what the kid could have ever done. Plus, he criticized his parents. He did offer some advice on the real world though.
Franky Baby (10 years ago)
1st of all this asshole threatens to smack the kid upside his head. If a citizen did this we would be arested for making terroistic threats.WOW, does this dumb fuck think that he'll gain respect by trying to intimidate these kids. When I see cops like these it makes me wonder how would they react if a cop treated their kids like this. I ONLY RESPECT THOSE WHO RESPECT ME. So if you can't show some respect then you can't expect people to respect your fucking badge.
skate0211217 (10 years ago)
hey did you got in trouble for filming did he got you????? nice video
crystaldimand (10 years ago)
cops need to fuk offffffff hes a assssss
Jacob Valencia (10 years ago)
i bet he has not gotten laid in like five years
TALINK101 (10 years ago)
cops just dont like skaters @ all dis almost happened 2 me but i became really good @ jus runnin away from them skate 4 life
Jordan rann (10 years ago)
jeeez someones on the rags LOL
saul goodman (10 years ago)
Ah shit..He would had to take my ass to jail...Punk ass RentaCop...
lazarus beard (10 years ago)
I wouldnt id be like suck mah bawlz
xagainstxallxoddsx (10 years ago)
I think it's Riviari or something, But I'd be like "Sorry, Officer Retardari" xD
xagainstxallxoddsx (10 years ago)
lmao "You call me d00d one more time!" I would've been like ...d00d. xD
Martin Jansson (10 years ago)
haha i wouldnt done anything that he tooled me to, just to annoy him. and deffenently not let him take my board like that.
Jakaflaka123 (10 years ago)
Officer who? Rambi or Rambo? More like Officer dickwad... Plus if the kid is direspecting his badge...i think not tbh, his clothes say it enough
ootbyaknow (10 years ago)
haha this cop is such a prick... i hope he got fired or something
leo dazzara (10 years ago)
ooooooh dear hahah
Jonatahn14 (10 years ago)
thats cops name is officer asshole
Joey Rez (10 years ago)
Dude ...... you look cute in those shorts.
windkook101 (10 years ago)
I am officer Riviera, haha whata looser
David Bers (10 years ago)
Kevin Gluys (10 years ago)
It seem's as if to fit in a metro police uniform, you have to be shaped like Tweedle dee or Tweedle dum.
Sabrina Digiandomenico (10 years ago)
woa! that stupid police officer didn't even let you speak!!!