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The Decline of RadioShack...What Happened?

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RadioShack has been on a tremendous decline over many years. It's been much longer and more severe than I realized. But what exactly happened? What happened that turned the successful company RadioShack into what it is today? Other Company Declines: Kmart: https://youtu.be/1__Qg1toSSs Blockbuster: https://youtu.be/5sMXR7rK40U Follow Me on Twitter - https://twitter.com/MikeCompany17 ______________________________ My YouTube Channels: Basketball's Best - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcZAZUSUitBEwEbxSEFI5eg Company Man - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQMyhrt92_8XM0KgZH6VnRg Mike's Thoughts - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_DcSvj8aN-vezhvW0-6M5g ______________________________ Intro Made By - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqi0-4XRvQLBo8E5r8bvPsA ______________________________ You May Also Like: MTV: https://youtu.be/p73U5Yfabho Google: https://youtu.be/bm-neMpokqc Vine: https://youtu.be/7vhG9WPsJXQ Harley-Davidson: https://youtu.be/1UF-w1yf894 ABA: https://youtu.be/wcaQHlzjDAA Mars Inc.: https://youtu.be/cuBAZc7loSY Geico: https://youtu.be/EQI2af3So5Q Tim Hortons: https://youtu.be/pfeHgFMYm04 Mac: https://youtu.be/f5wkxOkKDiE
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Old Timer (4 hours ago)
Radio Shack is gone....they brought it on themselves no different than many others Kmart & Sears they will have dwindled down to very few stores across America give it couple more years they will be history..
Timbob Jr (7 hours ago)
I work at an autoparts store, and people come to US now for shit like fuses and, you guessed it, parts for radios. And of course we never have what they need, because we’re an auto parts store. “No, we do not have a 2.5 amp glass fuse. I would send you to radioshack, buuut...”
WeirdWorld (9 hours ago)
Robert Harris (11 hours ago)
they where the place to go for RC toys and batteries in the 90s .
Drizno (13 hours ago)
Rite Aid
Rusty Koenig (14 hours ago)
I see all the "nostalgic" comments about Radio Shack because they have all closed down. Ya, i have all those "memories" too but I guess I am lucky as we still have a RadioShack in our town, thanks to a independent owner. Guy in video said there was nothing really "interesting to look at"..... I went into our local RadioShack recently because I just got an old PowerEdge server and found out how LOUD they really are and when the only solution to the "jet engine" sitting in my room was to tie in a resistor into the power wires of all the 5 fans + 2 PSU fans. I did not want to wait for the mail to deliver them so I went to RadioShack. The one thing that does suck is they stopped selling computer stuff (they used to sell components to build systems and aftermarket stuff) but even today I can get lost in that very small store (and pretty much did). They may not sell PC components anymore, but they did have an extensive Raspberry Pi/Arduino section and the prices like the video said are not "cheap" but competitive. They cannot compete with the prices in China but I think if I need anything for a Pi Project, the shack will get my business. There is STILL no better place to go to get a connector or "magic part" for any electronics. And..... I guess I still get to experience what most of you can only remember :)
Sidney Mathious (16 hours ago)
I shopped at Radio Shack years ago and got my first PC computer there at a store in Little Rock. I purchased primarily radios, and computer components there over the years. When I was looking for RG-7 cable one day and stopped at what was the local Radio Shack store and found them closed I then figured out that they was going out of business. I just ordered some batteries and one TV component from their online store because we don't have a electronics supply store locally any longer. They all closed and there is no Radio Shack store either.
T Markisson (16 hours ago)
When I visited Radio Shack it was for advise. It was mainly an enthusiast hangout/shop. Much like a comic shop or video game HUB. You get a loyalty from the employees that enjoy the hobby and promote the products organically. But like always corporate ruins this experience. They hire managers and executives that only care about the bottom line. So you end up with employees who are not passionate about the hobby and/or clueless about their products in general. For them it's just a way station to their next gig. So now you lose you loyal base customer, and you can't attract a casual consumer. All the while trying to compete with a larger competitor that puts your business in one of their "departments". Attract both customer bases that you've lost or can't contain. When Sprint took over, I Knew that was the death nail. Sprint struggling to maintain its brand as well. Rumor (or fact by now) is that T-Mobile will be consuming Sprint in the near future. Well another one down...
SciFiArtMan (18 hours ago)
For me, Radio Shack became something they should never have become - a mini Best Buy. My memories of Radio Shack was a place for electronics, and most importantly electronic parts, and gadgets. In the old world of tubes, they were THE place to go test your tubes, and buy what you needed to advance your modern world of entertainment. Then the hi-fi scene became a relatively big deal for many, and the need for parts was bigger than ever. Electronic kits were fairly popular with the so-called nerdy set, and RS was right on the mark (just behind Heathkit, which was mail order, I believe). Radio Shack was THE electronics hub! They used to sell brand names, and for me, they started declining when they started changing all the brand names to their own - Realistic, Optimus, etc., and at a time just before brand names were becoming especially visible and important in our society. The Radio Shack branded products were generally OK, but were over-priced! And they carried less and less electronic parts (resistors, capacitors, knobs, adapters, IC chips, kits, PC boards, raw speakers, etc.), and a parts house is one of the services they provided that no other national chain could. Maybe not a huge profit performer, but a true base of operations, for many of us. A place you might kind of hang out at, and stroll through the newest interesting stuff, and chat a little with fellow enthusiasts - like an auto parts store for gearheads, or a music store for musicians, etc.. Then the computer market came around, and the TRS computers were wonderful early PCs. But their relative success with their PCs seemed to make them think they could be ANYTHING, but they should have kept their feet on the ground. Soon their stores were appearing in malls (where they didn't belong!), and rents got higher, as prices rose, and no real online presence (where their parts service world could have shined!). And soon, Radio Shack just seemed like they were always off-the-mark in nearly every way! Too late on emerging technologies, and always with high prices and questionable quality in their silly RS named brands. I believe they could have remained a small, parts-based neighborhood store chain, with some select quality electronic products, but unless they can compete with the prices other retailers are offering they should play in that world lightly, not all-in, as they pursued. I really miss the old Radio Shack quite a bit! A little less clean and sparkly, and a bit more down and dirty electronics heaven. No malls or too many sales clerks, and the few clerks they had actually knew a bit about electronics and how they worked. And stop asking me to blurt-out my phone number in public! They should have remained a humble neighborhood Radio Shack, where the battery-of-the-month card was fun and meant something, and never ventured into the mall-present electronics superstore that couldn't compete with the big box stores. World domination is a fun game to imagine, but sometimes it's good to remain humble and solid and provide a unique service to your community. But everyone wants to be a star!
GrandFunalley Media (19 hours ago)
Radio Schelp
Erik Smith (20 hours ago)
I was a Shack Rat back in high school, but going there in the late 90's, the staff wouldn't let you but anything without convincing you that the product you researched was not what you wanted. I personally don't want to wait a week if I need electronic stuff to be delivered if I ordered it online, and only being able to go to BestBuy at this point, is a major disappointment. Fry's is slightly better, but they've gone to mainstream to be useful to tech people.
Otpyrc Ralph Pierre (21 hours ago)
I have been dabbling in electronics for more than 50 years. The Shack was THE place to go. But new products came out in other outlets, with LOWER prices, and they kept their old stock and old price. I also noticed that no one there knew Anything about the products they sold. They were mostly teens and minimum wage warm bodies. They didn't know, and they didn't care. Then one day I was in training in another state, and I saw one of their signs saying that they had cheap minutes on their cell phone plans. My phone was low on minutes, so I stopped in. I bought a hundred dollars worth of minutes, and as soon as I put it in on my phone, it rejected the transaction outright. The store wouldn't make good on it. I was left holding the bag. I never went back. I . Will. Never. Go. Back.
ericlogos (23 hours ago)
Try and buy a diode or a resistor, or leds, or a logic chip from best buy.
ericlogos (23 hours ago)
It's terrible that RS took a dive. It's sad that things have changed. I'm not some old geiser that's trying to cling to the ancient past, but I'm old enough to know the recent past and of course today and can tell you that things were better 20, 30, 40 years ago. Now young people who didn't live it will dismiss what I'm saying, but they do it from a position of ignorance. I don't know if the future will be better than today, no one can know, but the past WAS IMPERICALLY BETTER than now, and I truly wish it wasn't. Take it from a guy who's lived it and I do not have any issue or axe to grind. It is not nostalgia, it's truth.
Zach W (1 day ago)
Once upon a time, RadioShack was the place where you got the cool tech toys, like RC tanks and walkie talkies and electronic keyboards (the music kind). I also used to buy most of my electronic bits from them, like resistors and caps and wire, back before they decided that the one thing they were good at was the thing they didn't need to do anymore. RadioShack was better than an online store for that sort of stuff if, like me, you didn't know exactly what you wanted - either you weren't sure what parts would work for your design, or you didn't know exactly what you were in the mood to build, and you could go to RadioShack and browse their drawers and racks of parts for inspiration.
Evan Dover (1 day ago)
I'm one of the lucky few Haha I could walk there probably.
Heavy DropT (1 day ago)
I stopped going in the 90’s because I couldn’t get 5 feet in the door before somebody was annoyingly up my ass about what I was looking for and then came the upsell... Could never just go in there to look around.
notoriouswhitemoth (1 day ago)
It's ironic that Radio Shack was so late to the party when it comes to the internet, considering what they sold was the technology the internet was built - so basically they are to hardware what laser discs are to media storage... except that laser discs still have benefits... (Why would I spend more on a single capacitor at a brick-and-mortar store than I would replacing the device the capacitor is in ordering it online?)
Claudiu Grigore (1 day ago)
tha online .... and tha people ... and shrinking is restructuring and reinventing itself ... and restart one day .
Jake O (1 day ago)
I live next to a radio shack that is actually an authorized Verizon retailer as well. We buy all our phones from them. I had no idea how rare they are
Pat Wasson (1 day ago)
Toms Pizza (1 day ago)
I went to the last RadioShack on the last day
Jan Zagorski (1 day ago)
Wht do they sell? What do you mean - I got my first Pong from there for Christmas - '83 I think it was but it seems like just a couple of years ago (and it was the funnest video game I ever played)
David Brackin (2 days ago)
such a sad decline in a once great name.interstingly enough they still have stores in australia operating under the radio shack name as well as named under jay car electronics.tandy was also operating in australia,but cant find any store listed but they still have a tandy website selling the same stuff
Ed Turner (2 days ago)
we still have one here in columbina ohio has been thure the storm many times. they do a good busniess because he rededid the store and is more on parts now.he is also indepenedly owned, and since people like myself, amuature hams, are getting back to kit building, and needing parts , they are still doing a great job!! i always try to give hime the buesiness . sorry foe my my spelling have inner ear infection not feeling to well. but just want to comment i i do to a point, i somewhat dissagree with the vid .i do enjoy the vids!! but at least for now if i do need some caps, battery holders, ect he has it!! i try to give him all the my buness i can . they still have a service dept!!! bought my relistic dx160 shortwave radio form him in 81. works perfect. just my 2 cents kb8mpr
bsaget98 (2 days ago)
i bought one thing ever from radio shack. it was a metal cassette tape that has an auxiliary cord input so i could play music from my phone in my mercury sable
Pain_Is_Good (2 days ago)
All the Radio Shacks in my area were manned by lazy rude Hispanics with almost retarded I.Q.s.
Dionicio3 King_Of_Skiddos (2 days ago)
I live in Hollister, CA, and they still have a radio shack walking distance from the High School. It's nice, I like going there when I need some parts and don't want to wait for shipping. They have maybe 3-4 staff members there, so you'll always see the same person. However, I still like it, and hope it doesn't close down any time soon
bogdog999 (2 days ago)
What happened? The microchip killed the transistor and capacitor hobbyist for the most part. Notice that RS had dropped all of their speaker kits and the like? Remember being able to make your own strobe light?  But Radio Shack's biggest blunder to me is dropping the paper catalog. I use to flip through them like a Sears Christmas Wish Book, seeing what was available and getting all kinds of project ideas (many were fullfilled). I just can't get that same feeling scanning pages on the internet. Sear made the same mistake.
lolkatiekat (2 days ago)
My first job was at RadioShack, back in 2015. I worked at a franchise, who managed through the bankruptcy. One thing you did miss was the full details of the 2015 buyout. While 2/3 of the company was bought by the company you mentioned, the remaining 1/3 was bought out by Sprint. This led to a way that you could tell a corporate store apart from a franchise: every corporate store was remodeled to give Sprint 1/3 of their floor. While a lot of franchise stores dealt with Boost Mobile, a company owned by Sprint, none dealt with Sprint directly. In the 2017 bankruptcy, RadioShack actually tried to sue Sprint for not holding up their end of the buyout contract. I'm not sure of the ending of that lawsuit, but the company's survival really depended on the lawsuit being decided in RadioShack's favor.
Jamesisawesome Dab (2 days ago)
The rise and fall of dick smith?
SergieeGreenBean (3 days ago)
They used to feel hella home like..... very “small town” feel........ paired up nicely in the role of small town and A tech-ie store vibes.
Dimitri Borozny (3 days ago)
Sallus is a crooked hedge fund non standard lending capital company owned by the Bush family!
John Kyle (3 days ago)
1970 RS was were we went for our Heathkit type stuff. Loved the place.
KC0FZZ (3 days ago)
Greed. Greed is what happened. Radio Shack tried too hard to compete with big box stores like Circuit City and Best Buy. They oversaturated the market with locations in just about every small town. The worst part, though, was when they charged close to 350 to 400% markup for merchandise. To put it simply, they shot themselves in the foot.
Marie K (3 days ago)
People stopping buying cb's, home and car sterios... cell phones and computers could be purchased elsewhere and i wonder how high of quality their circuits and capacitors were. Stuff they should excel at. Stuff that electonics builders could have a field day with... and most importantly they had no online presence when a company that big should have amazing buying power. And there were just too many stores. I did get a usb cable there for half what best buy wanted for their over priced Monster brand. I wasn't impressed with their soldering irons either.... some the Shack should cornered the market on.
cdorman11 (3 days ago)
I teach at a boarding school. I'd implore the students without calculators that buying one is as easy as going to the Radio Shack at the bottom of the hill. Later in the year I was in there for some reason, and checked their calculator inventory. None. So I changed my advice. Get your calculators from CVS in the same strip mall. They actually sell them. That was 3 years ago. That RS has since closed.
Denise Shiosee (3 days ago)
Crazy that this video popped up on my YouTube bcuz I was actually looking for a RadioShack on Google yesterday in Albq. NM where I'm from. There was about 20 locations and phone numbers 2 each one, so I started calling each one bcuz I needed 2 ask a question of a device I have that needed 2 b fixed and to my surprise every single one is out of business. There are no RadioShacks in Albq. anymore. Wow! I thought where are they when u need one? Guess I never missed them till mow. Sad but True.☺
Shane Feather (3 days ago)
The UK's equivalent to RadioShack (Maplin Electronics) has recently gone to the wall, for surprisingly very similar reasons. People always went in there to look at things, then get their phone out and order it from Amazon at a much lower price.
Mike Truculent (4 days ago)
MR TRUCULENT SAYS !!!! It is like "MAPLINS" in the UK. Same sort of shop. They went bust earlier this year, (2018)
Mikej1592 (4 days ago)
they were assholes that charged $2.59 for a $0.15 transistor and sold garbage speakers
Jack Bruce (4 days ago)
In the early 2000s this was my favorite store. I would probably have chosen a different career path if I did not have a local electronics shop. After a while they stopped stocking most of their parts, and started marketing more cell phones.
Darcey Nicholl (4 days ago)
In Canada we still have ‘The Source’ which is the latest version of Radio Shack here. It broke away in 1986 and went through several versions but we still have over 700 stores here in Canada. I think they had better management and sold better items with more online presence since they did not have to follow the US stores. I still use a Radio Shack/Tandy alarm clock that I bought in my teens (over 40 years ago) and am dreading the day it finally gives up the ghost.
Bob Jones (4 days ago)
A sad tale, I dare say some shareholders took a fe4w bucks along the way. I'm in the UK, they had a store nearby as Tandy, they were ahead of the game, the CB radio boom helped. We had until recently a similar company, Maplins, loads of electronic parts, DJ gear, knowledgeable staff, a bit pricey but loads of stores, if I want a mini-jack to stereo phono lead I have to pay twice as much at Dixons/Currys (the next to go bust I reckon) or buy off the net.All those jobs lost.
Aurelio Ramos (4 days ago)
If it wasn't for the 160 in one kit from RadioShack I would probably be a car mechanic in Puerto Rico instead of an audio signal processing engineer in Boston.
Bob Bastion (4 days ago)
Unlike Blockbuster, I was actually sad when the last Radioshack in our area shut down about a year ago and yes the employees would ignore you if you weren't buying a phone or other top shelf item. That was fine with me, I didn't want their help anyway. I only came in for components which they knew little to nothing about and were more of an annoyance than a help.
Wolfy Streak (4 days ago)
I live near a radio shack and go to them like once a month so I think I am there like leading provider... .___.
Javi (4 days ago)
Empires rise and fall! 🤓 RIP RS
Koua Vue (4 days ago)
Good thing it closing down, I spent $15 for a .50 cent headphone.
J H (4 days ago)
Here in Canada they were renamed The Source.
Tmanaz480 (4 days ago)
Request: the Godfrey's Supermarket scandal in the 80s. I can't find any info anywhere.
Gator Chomp7321 (4 days ago)
I say 1 in SD in June
Ocrilat (4 days ago)
Radio Shack used to be known for changing their products to meet the changing needs of technology. The internet was a bigger problem...they didn't see it getting as big as it did. They suddenly decided to not change, and the tech and techies left them behind.
Rob Furney (4 days ago)
Also, you mentioned in your video about Tandy owning Radio Shack. At one time, Radio Shack was the only place you could actually purchase a personal Tandy Computer. One of our first PC's was a Tandy 1000 from Radio Shack.
Rob Furney (4 days ago)
Radio Shack in the 80s was amazing. Just like Sears, Wards, Service Merchandise, and many others, the Christmas "wish lists" made as a child always included something from Radio Shack. I can remember that weekend after Thanksgiving when Mom would bring home the various catalogs. Sounds crazy now but that was one of the most exciting times of the holidays. Getting together with friends from the neighborhood and looking through them and comparing all the new toys and various things. As I got older, my Father and I both became interested in R/C Cars, and trips to Radio Shack were like going to a toy store. We were lucky that there was a store just down the road from us. I remember mowing lawns all summer one year to save up and buy an awesome 4x4 Pickup. But as with all of us, I grew up and by the time I was in high school fishing, cars, and the beach quickly replaced those hobbies. When cordless phones became a thing, our family always bought them from Radio Shack since it was so close to where we lived. Then, much to Dad's frustration, we were always going back to replace batteries in them that frequently would go bad. It wasn't until I began working at Montgomery Wards in high school and could get that employee discount that they finally stopped shopping at Radio Shack for small electronics. Additionally our first Answering Machine came from Radio Shack, along with our first "mini" Cam Corder. I can't say that I'm surprised to see the decline in Radio Shack given their quality issues, current trends, and their inability to adapt properly, but I am sad to see it go all the same. As time went by we found places to get better quality items for less money. The last thing I purchased at a Radio Shack was some RCA cables in the early 2000s to finish setting up a surround sound system in my home. Ironically now that I am older, I have gotten in to the hobby of restoring old electronics. As I've added a few antique radios to my collection, there is a great appeal for me to once again have a "neighborhood store" in order to purchase replacement parts. However unrealistic that desire may be.
Terry Thomas (4 days ago)
Electronic parts from Amazon? LOL! www.Banggood.com makes a lot more sense.
Ace1000ks1975 (4 days ago)
Radioshack used to sell Tandy computers in the 1980s, and that was a unique product they sold. They sold Radioshack radios in the 80s, and I still have it. It still works even now.
Kenneth Inman (4 days ago)
I think the biggest reason for Radio Shack's decline was that they turned their backs on their key demographic which was the electronics hobbyist. Had Radio Shack jumped on the kit computer craze that's exploding right now and carried brands like Raspberry Pi, Asus Tinker Board, Banana Pi, Odroid, BeagleBoard, OrangePi, NanoPC, etc., they would have given people such as myself a reason to rush into their stores and more importantly, keep coming back to see what latest boards, accessories and gadgets were being featured. If it revitalized their stores it could revitalize their own brand and permit them the opportunity to create their own products yet again. Shopping online is great but it just doesn't have that same excitement as seeing the products in person, being able to discuss them with knowledgeable sales staff and maybe buying various accessories right then and there for that immediate gratification you just can't get from online stores. Not only would these kit computers sell like hotcakes to the electronics hobbyist (a demographic that is more alive today that it was at the stores beginnings), but they would create demand for their electronics components which they have always carried.
ayla lanman (4 days ago)
I go to radio shack as often as I can but that's because they are the only place in town that has instrument supplies.
R Jonboy (4 days ago)
Radio Shack used to be The Place before websites that didn't have to charge tax undercut them. I think that and throwaway electronics really started their decline. When I was a kid in the 70s I loved the place. Had a little transistor radio that would last about one 9v battery each month. Then I started seeing all this stuff I wanted, quality hobby kits like "Learn to Make 200 Circuits". And they had the "Trash 80" a pre-windows home computer we drooled over. My dad bought three nice CB radios from there, two car units and a really powerful base station. Then they stopped seeing the customer as a relationship where we're often in the store for small items (like cassettes or batteries) to pushing the big ticket items. They kinda seemed to lose interest in you if you came in with a list of parts that would total $20 but weren't interested in the $100 RC car toy or toy keyboard. And what was that creepy $h1+ with the address fetish? No mention of THAT as the cause people stopped going. It still bugs me when they profile me and monitor every little purchase. Violates my privacy. Save a tree, stuff your circular!
rahorin (5 days ago)
Radio Shack went bust because nobody buys/fixes radios anymore. People stream music now or download. Not to mention everything electronic can have a radio receiver from a tiny chip for almost free it cost almost nothing.
Tony Iocca (5 days ago)
Plug adapters is what I found in the shack I bought my first PC in the shack IBM Pentium with bose speakers built into the monitor.
Jonathan Vargas (5 days ago)
The RadioShack where I live became Sprint
Eric Therrien (5 days ago)
Yeah, 6ft hdmi wire 28.50 radio shack. 3 for 6 dollars Amazon. rca to 1/8 y splitter 11.99 radio shack, 2.99 amazon. etc, etc, etc....
Ray Rooney (5 days ago)
I remember RS from the early 60s. They were incredible! You could not predict what they would pop up with. They carried the expected stuff - tubes transistors, cable, etc. but they also got discontinued and surplus stuff. They even sold rifles via mail at one point (pre-68 obviously) and I still had a flyer to prove it a few years ago! I got my first stereo tape recorder there before they started offering their own (yeah, I'm old.) They had National (now Panasonic), Cipher, and other brands. They carried experimenter's kits for learning electronics, degaussing coils for early color tv, all kinds of antennas, stereo gear, speakers (both hi-fi and replacement), you name it! The slide started in the late 70s. By then they had gone whole hog into CB and the whiz-bang word - DIGITAL. They were selling their own line of computers by the end of the decade. Various iterations of low-power computers in the same vein as Sinclair or early Commodore items. The big noise was their Coco line - Color Computer. Then came the TRS-80 line that would be their flagship for several years. By then competition was heavy and the field was shaking out into two major camps: Apple and IBM. Clones of both were appearing. Coleco (ironically a leather company - Connecticut Leather Company) came out with the Adam that was software compatible with the then-current Apples and various IBM clones were starting to appear. RS was sort of hamstrung with their non-compatible stuff and had to compete with low enders like Commodore for market share. Texas instruments decided to get out of the business in 1982, seeing the writing on the wall. Low-power computers were doomed. RS started offering IBM clones made for them by Compaq and others but prices were high as they had to mark up the stuff while their suppliers sold it for less. By the early 90s chains like CompUSA had appeared and were underselling them massively. that was when they jumped on the cell phone wagon and whipped the horses. Each year after that there was less and less computer stuff. That would have been bad enough but they also neglected the audio and video world that was booming around them. Pretty soon, speakers disappeared, following amplifiers and receivers. Even CD players melted away, except for portables. Parts? They had been cutting them down for years. Educational lab kits? almost nothing. By the 2000s they were selling bottom-end stuff like RCA vcrs and the same junk as low-end Circuit City sold at better prices. There was no reason to go there anymore. Their once-core business had been given the boot. Even phone gear was ridiculously over-priced. The last few times I went into one they weren't even seriously selling flat-screen TVs which should have been a natural at the time. Left that to Best Buy and Walmart. All they were concentrating on was batteries and cables and you can't run retail stores on that. The last thing I bought there was a soldering iron needed for a quick fix. I had no reason to go back after that. The only surprise is how long it took to finally end. Meanwhile, their smaller competitor - Fry's - kept going and is still around. They stuck to offering the things RS discontinued or avoided and are still around.
123chargeit (5 days ago)
I bought some thermal paste once and an aux cable one other time and thats about it. My town has maybe 5k people that the store was within driving distance of and most of them worked in the city about 20 miles away that had big stores like CC and Best buy. Im like you its more surprising there still around then that they failed.
Omega2064 (5 days ago)
Radio Shack was where I got my first computer. A Tandy and ran my first business on it. That was back in the mid to late 90s. They were great for the home electronics crafter and amateur RC builders for a long long time before that even. Friend of mine used them extensively to get parts to build computers or repair them so yea they had alot of value to certain people.
Barry Fitz (5 days ago)
Problem was when their employees became absolute bloodhounds, a lot of stores have this problem, and turns me off from even entering the store and just walking around and taking a look. So many business's are like this now, it's as if they don't even want you in the store they jump on you so fast. IF you jump on me that fast you eliminate me walking around and maybe picking up a couple other things. There was nothing wrong with radio shack, or circuit city, they let employees ruin it.
John W (5 days ago)
Okay, I'm old. But I bought my first stereo, amplifier tuner at RS, when I was 16, with my first paycheck. I would add different component upgrades when I had the money. A cassette deck, a turn table. Now if I want to listen to a song....dont laugh, i got my iPod nano. I remember that when the horizontal or vertical on the tv would go out, I would take the tubes out of the tv, go to RS, and use a tester to find out which tube was bad, then buy the tube, and fix the tv. I still got my stereo tuner, it's in the garage, I haven't played it in 30 years..
Sputterbugz (6 days ago)
i had one in my mall for like a year at the most. never went inside. almost forgot they existed lol went to their website around 2015 and i was like "what the hell is all this shit"
Nicholas Brown (6 days ago)
Company Man - you obviously do not DIY electronics - maybe google it lol. I fucking hate that I have to order this shit online when I used to be able to go to a brick and mortar and pick it up. Sure electronics components have gotten smaller - which is odd that you never added that - but yes - a lot of people DIY electronics - old and new. Being in South Dakota - it's a hobby - having to wait for shit to come from china or some con artist that doesn't send you shit - sucks. I dont have anywhere local to get project enclosures - led holders or even led's - breadboards - circuit boards - component pc boards - to get things i like to use such as LED's - i gotta go to menards / home depot and but led light bulbs and take 'em apart. If you're missing that light you had on your porch - that's why ;) - It's places like radio shack that gave inspiration to the people that sent us to the moon. Remember that. If everything is pre-made - where does real invention come from ...
Dennis Menace (6 days ago)
When the radio shack closed in my mall it was the canary in the coalmine to the closing of the anchor stores and now my Sears. I can't like the changes occurring.
sitdowndogbreath (6 days ago)
They got greedy! Like Toys R is, fuk 'em!
2010HarleyDynaFXD (6 days ago)
I remember going to Radio Shack growing up we bought our first PC there the Tandy 1000hx I bought car amplifiers and sub woofers I remember the Optimus brands and Realistic brand. To bad Radio Shack didn't focus on radio equipment instead of cell phones I think they would of been alright.
Lt Darkstar (6 days ago)
I'm surprised you didn't go more into the cell phone issue of the store, which I think was the killing stroke. The sales people were VERY VERY pushy about selling cell phones - to the point of turning people away from the store. The reason is because Radio Shack was dumb enough to implement quotas for stores on how many they sold and even went as far as firing managers who didn't meet their very demanding quota -- even if that manager was the best there was! This happened in a store in my home town where the manager knew all of the customers by name, would go out of his way to help you and was the nicest (and best) employee the chain could ever hope for! He also trained all of his employees to be knowledgeable and helpful to people as well. They fired him for not meeting their impossible cell-phone quota and brought in some dumb teenager to replace him. The teenager didn't even know what half the products even WERE in the store, showed zero customer skills and couldn't answer even the most simple of questions! I walked out disgusted after giving them a few chances after this happened... it went SO downhill. When your employees can't tell the difference between a power plug and an Ethernet cable, you shouldn't be in business.
nicholas dean (6 days ago)
Why are you not talking about the investor that invested in it enough to not ship anything to RadioShack stores on Black Friday so the person could buy stock cheap and he eventually was caught and charged...
Archie Thomas (7 days ago)
A guy told me you can't quit, you're a company man.
Chris Z (7 days ago)
I was a manager for Radio Shack at age 20, in a town of 60k that had 3 stores. The mall had all the stuff and the 2 smaller store across town from each other had 50-60% of what the mall had but it was not a rushed experience like the mall. We had time to spend with people and get them to talk about what they wanted to do down the road or even soon. We could offer suggestions for products that matched their needs. I used to solder battery wires with the end onto replacement rechargeable batteries for the early cordless phones. Around mid 1991 our District Mgr told me I couldn't do that anymore. I had gone to school ( and was still going at night ) for electronics and I was also big into computers. I was able to do warranty computer repair in the store many times rather than send it out to TX to the repair location. I actually got yelled at for helping people. I was not the mall, I didn't have customers just because they were in the area. The reputation and friendships I built in my 2 years there are what made these people come to me. Once that was stopped ( I got moved to another store after sales declined- a bigger mall store in the next state as assistant Mgr. ) and that didn't work for me so I left.( I made more money there working far less hours but the vibe was bad ) Not many years later RS started selling Packard Bell crap and stuff made by other companies, all at higher than normal prices. The salespeople were not trained as well and for most locations, it was Best Buy with 10% higher prices. Customer service stopped being the important part and selling phones and extra warranties were the big thing. I opened my First retail Computer store in 1993, I sold 4x$$ at my store what I did at radio shack and made 20x more money.( my costs were much lower - store rent alone was 1/3 ) I was able to help people and give the time I wanted. I had 1 customer track me down and buy a new computer from me after he found out I wasn't at RS anymore but had my own store. I had to close in 2000 when prices dropped so low. I built custom machines with 2 year warranties ( parts and labor ) and gave all the discs/books for Dos/Windows and any software installed, all for $100 more than Staples. After the price drop of 1999, people got super cheap and that $75-100 more for a much better machine and the 2 yr warranty vs. 90 days wasn't enough. I refused to sell lower cost junk so I closed and went back to other sales jobs and electronics repairs. I knew in the mid 1990's RS was doomed. I am honestly surprised they stayed around as long as they did. They went from being the place to get oddball stuff and computers/stereos/speakers, to mimic Best Buy with the same unknowing sales people but at a 10%+ price addition.
XxstupidgamerxX Yo (7 days ago)
Radio shack ack ack ack we remember that vine
Frank A (7 days ago)
There was a time in the late 70s when it was the greatest toy store for nerds on earth. Being 18 in 1980 I experienced lots of cool little adventure from one electronic hobby to the next. 150 kit; battery of the month; CB craze; speaker building. I have the hard and soft cover copies of the Weems books and thanks to this video just now bought the little, original red cover version.
Hans Zarkov (7 days ago)
i rarely had a positive experience at radio shack
FuckYouGooglePlus (7 days ago)
Do we really need an in depth analysis why a store that catered to the people that would be early adopters of technology (like the internet) saw a big decline is sales FROM the internet? It's simple. The things that Radio Shack sold do not need to be tried on, or felt, or whatever. So there is no reason to pay more to buy it at Radio Shack. And the former customers of Radio Shack know what they are buying. They don't need the help of the Radio Shack employees since most of them know more than the employees in the first place.
James Roberts (7 days ago)
My 1st dealings with R S was through mail order catalog. There were no electronics stores in my area and I wasn't old enough to drive. When I started electronics school, I got my first in store experience. I was like a kid in a candy store! Then I discovered a store called Lafayette Electronics and liked them better. I also shopped at 2 stores in my area, Midstate Electronics and Dee's Appliance Store. Those were the days for me.
Cam (7 days ago)
I recall when digital television broadcast displaced analog over the air transmission, and the much weaker digital signal required amplified antennas for optimun range.........Radio Shack did'nt carry shit. THAT was their chance to once again get customers into the door, but like most distressed companies, their management couldn't see the forest through the trees.
Chris Z (7 days ago)
They use the same antennas and RS had big or small antennas and AMPS if one was needed. My store carried 5 different sizes and the big mall store call all of them, about 10 total. I bought my currant antennas from a RS 8 years ago and still have it. It is a big 120 mile range version. Digital TV uses some of the same VHF and UHF frequencies as analog tv used and none outside the range the older analog antennas picked up. You don't need a "HD antenna" any regular antenna with the required range will work the same as for the analog stations.
Milky Way Laniakea Superclusterite (7 days ago)
"Axe, cut all my positions in Radio Shack in 2011"
2 Cents (7 days ago)
I remember the last thing RS was good for (at least for me). RC toys. I had the Green Machine and the Flash-Tron. I got those as a kid for Christmas. I'm in my mid 30's now and have rarely went into a RS since. When I did, I was disappointed. Either they didn't have what I thought they'd have... ie: radio parts for my HAM. Or, whatever I found interesting at the time in their store, I could find online for half of what they were asking. Just close the rest of em and ReSt in peace.
Polymathic Perturbations (7 days ago)
Radio Shack was awesome back in the 8's and 90's
Zachary Mellinger (7 days ago)
I went to a Radio Shack One time in my life, years ago. We bought a inflatable Raft and maybe some other things, I can't remember. I thought it was fun experience. Our Local Radio Shack also closed years ago. I would say at least five years ago. Between five and ten, maybe.
Tim Holmes (7 days ago)
Back in it's hay it was great. People that worked there knew what they were talking about.
The Omar’s Channel (7 days ago)
I remember having a RadioShack near my house before my store closed.
Kuripo Hirusama (7 days ago)
I just went to Radio Shack... er... "RadioShack" ...'s website, and sure enough, there were those damn AM/FM headphones for $55 lol
AcronymKAI (7 days ago)
Yeah didn't take them long after the second bankruptcy to finally close out.
Tim Lewis (8 days ago)
Same thing happened to Maplin near where I live, was wondering to get in on the heavily discounted drones although I was short of money at the time.
Chris Saindon (8 days ago)
I don't think..even in 2018..that having a classroom full of kids building a radio piece-by-piece would be such a bad thing at all.
Will Hostens (8 days ago)
I bought my first car stereo amps from Radio Shack, it was 2 "2x80" max watts amps prob 25 watts RMS but they did the job. I think they were 79.99 each. They didnt last very long, prob cause I over drove them. I can still remember what they looked like with the cooling fins on the side. After that as I bought bigger and better I went to Best Buy. Then I discovered wholesale sites and realized how much the markup was.
john kelso (8 days ago)
Look at the ads for Radio Shack in 1980...when electronic games and toys were in their infancy. Radshack had all kinds of exciting toys and games. Radio controlled cars and robots. The massive exponential growth of electronics in the 90’s and 2k’s surpassed their model. They were slow and obsolete by then.
sr633 (8 days ago)
At Christmas if you wanted a neat battery toy RadioShack was a good place to look. Get batteries for them somewhere else, where they were cheaper.
Angelique Jones (8 days ago)
Well when NASA reaches MARS! They will think! OH! Radio Shack sold the Best Rocket Sprocket and Long Cables and Doo-Dads for a long Distance Hook-up! DARN! The Good OLD Days! Mmmmmmph!
Angelique Jones (8 days ago)
Actually it would be nice if Radio Shack could come back during Winter! As Radio Shack - State of an Emergency! These Storms take your Power OUT! Them Old Fashioned Electronics on a Seasonal Basis would help! No Power, No Cell Phone or Nothing at ALL! Look at Nintendo's come back! The shelf is EMPTY! Think about it! AMEN
c182SkylaneRG (8 days ago)
Growing up in a semi-rural town, Radio Shack was the only electronics store of any sort in town. I assume my parents purchased their early 90's cell phones there (I even remember Dad having an old Bag Phone for awhile), but my own memories were of oogling the remote controlled cars and other electronic toys, and we always purchased batteries there. Even right up until 2016, when they closed most of the stores near me (part of those original 1800 stores closed), I was going there regularly as my primary source to purchase things like automotive outlet adapters, cell phone headsets, batteries, and other electronics. They had a great warranty system for the headsets, and as life span didn't seem to be affected by the brand I bought, it was a really great deal getting a new one every 9 months or so. I was disappointed when they closed, and most of the business that I gave them has gone to Amazon in their wake. I refuse to shop at Wal Mart after learning about the extent of their business practices...