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WTF MOMENTS ON THE ROAD and ROAD RAGE 2017 Caught on Dash Cam, Epic Retarded Drivers Fails 2017 #638

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WTF MOMENTS ON THE ROAD and ROAD RAGE 2017 Caught on Dash Cam, Epic Retarded Drivers Fails 2017 #638 - Enjoy watching, be careful on the road! Offer your subtitles and translations! https://goo.gl/NvkuAl Subscribe! http://goo.gl/YjCTrJ My second channel! https://goo.gl/w0WJkB The best collection of car video caught on Dash Cam from around the world. On this channel you will find a large selection of videos on various topics of car: idiot drivers, road rage, driving fails, close calls, instant karma, and many other collections. All pleasant viewing! Recent compilations every day!. Dear viewers, if you own the copyright to any video posted on the channel, and you are against placing your videos on the list, and if you want to see your video in the compilation please write us: evgeniyas2007@gmail.com VK: https://vk.com/club78812535 G +: https://plus.google.com/u/0/117141528068534842716/posts Ok: http://ok.ru/group/53321223766246 Twitter: https://twitter.com/evgeniyas7 Featured Playlists car theme !!! Ultimate Driving Fails Compilation (Car Crashes & Road Rage) - https://goo.gl/SjS8bs CRAZY ROAD RAGE || ROAD FIGHT - https://goo.gl/Q3RvpW INSTANT KARMA, INSTANT JUSTICE (Compilation) - https://goo.gl/b9LjvX Incredible luck // CLOSE CALLS (Compilation) - https://goo.gl/sSQpKh Ultimate Driving Fails Compilation - https://goo.gl/XawRNA Random acts of kindness || Humanity restored! - https://goo.gl/DyG3wW USA ROAD RAGE & CAR CRASHES - https://goo.gl/NnJE3K **************************************************************** DISCLAIMER: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing."
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Text Comments (478)
Mike Oxbig (27 minutes ago)
Brits could avoid many accidents if they learned to drive on the "right" side of the road.
Sambath86 (3 days ago)
At 6:12 and 9:34, are these guys pulling out knives? Do all people hide a blade in their socks? My only ability with my socks is to get them smelly and sweaty
Magnus Wettermark (10 days ago)
The first woman..wtf!she needs a big dick up her a-hole..
shreddder999 (18 days ago)
On that first one I wouldn't have said anything.  I would have let her go on talking.
Sabbath maiden fan (20 days ago)
Russia is one fucked up place!
ITS MUSIC TIME (20 days ago)
1st woman dumb
iamlsusam (22 days ago)
Once again people , the laws of physics cannot be broken!!!!!
Doubtful Guest (30 days ago)
Did you ever notice how the most retarded behaviour _always_ comes from the superpowers - the USA, Russia and China?
Tomislav Pavelić (1 month ago)
Honestly these Russians should not even be on the road in the first place. I mean, where do they even get their driving licence? From a cerial box??
Language Experts (1 month ago)
2:05 this guy is from Iran. طرف دزد حرفه ای هست
Clam Clam (1 month ago)
1:20 legally the pedestrians have the right of way but what kind of dad sees a car about to speed across a crosswalk and still goes with their child. Don’t take risks like that with a child.
shubh singh (1 month ago)
One thing is for sure. Foreign country are the developed country without humanity. Seen many videos as such no one gives a shit about the accident or the injured one. Shameful...!!!
KARINA SEIBEL (1 month ago)
Самое первое видео мужик идиот
XpoopinyofaceXz (1 month ago)
Cross walk is both ways. Yes the dad had the right to walk and whoever driving should be slowing down...but the dad should be looking both ways!!!! You have a child!!! It is just as much of a responsibility of you and also the driver!
alex seioo (1 month ago)
If some asshole tries to pull me out of my car, he will find himself with a combat knife in his chest. Some people think that assault and invasion on the road is somehow trivial.
Bianca Caba (1 month ago)
5:33 is everything I wanted out of watching these videos lmao, save what parking spot? Not this one and now imma kick your ass 🤣😂😂
maddingo (1 month ago)
Everyone in Russia is one vodka shot away from goin' off.. and everyone in Russia has just had a shot of vodka.
MiMiB__ _ (1 month ago)
So what did the guy in the very first video prefer the woman to do...run over the person on the scooter?! I hate when people honk at other drivers because they wait for a pedestrian or cyclist.
LiftedX (1 month ago)
So many Russian videos are no longer surprising or entertaining to watch. The stupidity of the drivers, hooligan behaviour, and the complete disregard for human life continues to be the central significance of Russian people.
mister white (1 month ago)
06:40 that biker hope you die later haha
labutchi (1 month ago)
0:20 First her man ran away from her, now her car.
R. Z. (2 months ago)
The first one... a whiled feminist appeared in the wild.
ronny hagendorens (2 months ago)
so we clean up the world from the assholes
Noel K (2 months ago)
4:16 that was their fault for being impatient
Noel K (2 months ago)
3:18 thats why you dont enter roundabouts at the same time as other vehicles especially a semi . dumbass
Benjamin Grimes (2 months ago)
Russians...the world's BEST drivers!
Bob Dollins (2 months ago)
@1:22 - Wow, that was close but the dad did not even "look both ways" before stepping into the crosswalk with his daughter. Partial fault to the driver, too for not noticing the dad and his little girl were entering the cross walk.
balsa breaker (2 months ago)
1.38. Funny as fuck , the twat smacked his head straight into a concrete wall didn't feel a thing , what a thick shit.
BarronVonSchnoot (2 months ago)
In Russia, you are only allowed to drive black SUVs, silver sedans and blue vans
jujubegold (3 months ago)
4:40 like a boss
Chetan Medsinge (3 months ago)
2-54 trees saved him...lol.. Tress saves life
Joey Trimble (3 months ago)
LMFAO WOA you don't just sneak in a clip of some heman mother fucker bending his car door open and unlocking the door like that's normal! that shit was cool!
Mr. Popo (3 months ago)
Did the man not see the hole at 2:22?
Adamantium Pimmel (3 months ago)
thank god i never drove a car
Junkman2000 (3 months ago)
Guy at 2:22. You're driving 2 MPH. How do you NOT see that big ass hole???.
Junkman2000 (3 months ago)
The first clip, the guys says in Russian, "Go catch your fucking SUV you stupid bitch!" My Russian is a little rusty but I'm 99% sure that's what he said.
Peter Pirich (3 months ago)
7:17 Did you see the size of that "keg"? I want to go to his party.
Peter Pirich (3 months ago)
0:55 maybe that pole knocked some sense into his head.
Lord Belial (3 months ago)
Indicators are not for decoration. They have a purpose.
Rip Van Winkle (3 months ago)
yea bouy (3 months ago)
This is why Darwin needs to be able to claim his people
Im FabyxD (3 months ago)
Paul Persaud (3 months ago)
girl in blue is dumb
Tim Tsarev (3 months ago)
2`23`` - феерично!!!! )))
craig domville (4 months ago)
Oh wow did she really let her car roll off
YJ Chang (4 months ago)
Im scared of fighting poeple or i have to run!!
Enrique Jauregui (4 months ago)
2:22 me when I see my chance to sue the city lol
martinz1540 (4 months ago)
This proves that foreigners are bad drivers.
Ottoman (4 months ago)
That first chick was a man
Phoboska511 (4 months ago)
I can't believe how stupid some people are. You have to always look on both sides of the road. Always! They really thing pedestrian crossing is some magical place which will protect them from impact? Moving car cannot stop on spot and I can't believe some people just don't get it.
Galaxy Sauce (4 months ago)
0:56 ate shit
Queen Leo (4 months ago)
2:12 the coolest thing I've ever seen 🤣😂
Martin Schwaikert (4 months ago)
80% of all accidents could have been prevented if the tires were not from ww2...
MegaChallanger (4 months ago)
7:46 WTF? how the hell are those cones still up? there like ghosts going through walls. except the cones are going through the car
John Sears (4 months ago)
The guy that hit the truck and then left the scene why was this license tag blurred out?
Ilove markharmon (5 months ago)
Ahhh..lots of Russian drivers, what a surprise!!!! Grumpy Hermit was right!!! 😁😁😁
Alecs Ivan (5 months ago)
1:21 OMG!
Lankey Bastard (5 months ago)
That warning is so good. God, you'd have to be an idiot to actually post that.
Henry Ward (5 months ago)
A lot of these are either driving on the wrong side of the road or rushing through a intersection
dcar 430 (5 months ago)
The guy that walks into a crosswalk with his daughter right in front of a car was wrong. You are supposed to teach your kids to look both ways before crossing the street. While the car should have seen them and stopped they probably didn’t see them. You have to check to make sure a car is going to yield before crossing the street even in a crosswalk!
Jess John (5 months ago)
Russians and chinese need to stop breeding
R Bee (5 months ago)
2:23 HOW
LeviathanRX (5 months ago)
People talking about Russia when half of these were in China...
Tainowarrior00707 (5 months ago)
3;01 this guy is an idiot you could see the driver in front looks like a woman had the left blinkers 2:56 on half a block away you could see it on the video.
Transgender Twilight Sunrise Brigade (5 months ago)
2:07 okay, run that by me again. HOW the F did this guy do that???
Transgender Twilight Sunrise Brigade (5 months ago)
0:53 THIS is why alcohol is bad for you. NEVER drink that horsesh*t
Joseph Eckles (5 months ago)
Dumn ass 😂😂😂😂 first lady
The Manager (6 months ago)
I think it time the Russian government gets what they're asking for. Its time to wipe those scum off the map and take Putin and his oligarchs back to the stone age.
david yen (6 months ago)
Rofl gotta love china
Jack Cade (6 months ago)
Important rule of the road rager, put your car in park first. Dads, LOOK BOTH WAYS! OMG, how do you not notice that the road is gone? 2:52 And THAT is why don't run ORANGE-RED LIGHTS! Those people may have died or been permanently injured all because that Piece of Shit driver was in a hurry. 6:35 few things more foolhardy and stupid than an 18-26 year old on a fast motorcycle.
Ragavanandam K (6 months ago)
the first clip is epic!!!! dumbest women award winner!!!!!!
Michael Armstrong12342 (6 months ago)
You know the sad thing is you were walking normally to your work or the mall or someplace and all you hear is a car going straight towards you and all you see is a car from Split Second and blackness and that's really really sad because you are very unlikely to survive a vehicle hitting you so please be careful out in the road
Umang Jindal (6 months ago)
Adil Sid (6 months ago)
ladies don't know how to drive ... car only for men 😂
phydeauxddog (6 months ago)
Love the blue dress.
Cheebo27 (6 months ago)
Oh wow that Peugeot has a major security issue.. what's the frame made if plastic?!
Zinger (6 months ago)
2:10 French "quality" right there, LOL
Ilhuicamina De La Cruz (7 months ago)
Los rusos son pendejos para manejar
Minecraftletsplayer57891 (6 months ago)
Ilhuicamina De La Cruz chupa mi juejos hospanico
ぺニス (7 months ago)
Fuck me !
SGN (7 months ago)
Первая, эталонная тупая пизда!!!!!
ScarabChris (7 months ago)
1:36 ...Ahhhhhh...hahahahahahahaha
720 Nonstop (7 months ago)
I love that lady in a blue dress
John Wilburn (7 months ago)
1:23 Not defending the driver not paying attention to the crosswalk, but that dad was an idiot for walking his child in front of a car just assuming it would stop.
notafeminist lady (7 months ago)
The Russians don't play around. omg they go crazy
Dean Cutler (7 months ago)
That first lady was super dumb, she didn't realize it will move if she leaves it in drive? Road rage ghost riding fails?
Callie Masters (7 months ago)
Memo to self: don't drive in Russia.
Pablo V (4 months ago)
Callie Masters There are dash cam videos from America too, and they are as bad as these.
Ottoman (4 months ago)
Aus Explorer remind me how Australia was formed? Shit Cunts
Aus Explorer (5 months ago)
Don't even go to Russia, its a corrupt, poverty-stricken, shit-hole with no redeeming features that can't improve until they stop letting despots run things. It'd probably have been better off if they never got rid of the czars. Just look at how grey and dirty everything is, they have no self pride, happy to live in that filthy surrounding.
Donna Peroche (7 months ago)
and they same americans are idiots
DR OLDS (7 months ago)
Love the leggy chick in the beginning, so pissed off she forgets the emergency brake!
Olga Ivantsova (7 months ago)
1:20 как можно переходить дорогу не глядя!!! Да ещё с ребёнком!!! Выскочил как черт из табакерки перед самым капотом. А водителю ещё глаза слепит
Stavropo1ec ////////// (7 months ago)
7:20 Мияги
Elvis Best (7 months ago)
2:12 is amazing lol
Annon lel (8 months ago)
God damn.. Russia looks like a shit miserable place to live.
Minecraftletsplayer57891 (6 months ago)
Annon lel and you had to edit your shitty one liner.
kalle tobin (8 months ago)
Watching Russo idiots draiving cars is the most funniest thing that I know.
Minecraftletsplayer57891 (6 months ago)
kalle tobin watching morons with broken English is the funniest thing I read
Smokey McJoint (8 months ago)
What the fuck is going on with people in Russia? I know that you can find idiots in every corner of the globe, but these people seem to have a special kind of stupid going on.
ilovesheenaeaston (8 months ago)
dumb "suka" in the first snippet does not even know how to put the SUV into PARK before exiting and starting a Road Rage fight! :-)
joe woodchuck (8 months ago)
While dashcams would seem to tell a full story, in fact the visual aspect of the cameras eye is but one element. For a greater understanding of the situation there would need to be more information embedded in the recording. Such information as vehicle control including but not limited to, whether the brakes are applied, speed, throttle setting (not necessarily coinciding with speed, turn signal, etc. Only then can the resulting video offer a fuller comprehension of what was going on, especially in more complex incidents. Some are straightforward for video alone, but there are many where more information could be useful for settlement of a case.
Bunsy (8 months ago)
Russia is the European version of Iraq. so dangerous
robert hanney (8 months ago)
1:22 was 100 percent the dads fault
the dude (8 months ago)
That blonde just validated the fact that blondes are dumb as hell
Michael Schofield (8 months ago)
Watching people get hurt makes me laugh. Humans are a cancer on this earth.